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Found 12 results

  1. Following situaiton: I was inside a shed after being revived. An enemy was outside the shed reloading. i went out and moved around the corner and stood with my back against the wall of the shed while aiming at him. At this moment I saw my head filling the wole monitor but not my crosshair! I was unable to kill the reloading guy cause i could just not aim. A second later he killed me! This would hve been an easy kill but the camera was totaly weird in that moment. p.s.: Also can you please allow us to prone when we are directly standing at a wall? It takes time and highers risks to step back before we can prone! Well in generall everytthing needs to feel just smoother but priority has the camera views while aiming plus the wall glitch thing! And why do we have to wait a second before we can enter a car? Make the "F" to enter the car visible when its ready to enter at least!!!! otherwise people enter and leave and enter the car again.
  2. During the game I had no crosshairs. I believe I didn't have them due to the fact that I held onto the gun i had on my person while in the lobby. I kept holding it by dragging it while I got into the plane when all items are supposed to be taken away. Hope this helps! Here are some key times to look out for in the video 00:40 - Holding on to gun when getting on plane and items are supposed to be taken away. 02:00 - Picked up gun and can clearly see no crosshairs. 04:46 - Started to aim at a gun and finally notice that I have no crosshairs. Youtube Video Link -
  3. Hi guys, yesterday I noticed that when I am viewing in spectator mode, the crosshairs will sometimes come up double. I noticed it when my friend switched from a Shotgun to a Rifle. The shotgun crosshair stays in screen. Searched the forum for similar topics, couldn't find them. Sorry if this is already reported. Screenshot is an example of what it looks like. Also, I noticed when I started switching between teammates, the shotgun crosshair sometimes would appear double (don't have a screenshot for this). Hope this is any help.
  4. Is there or will there be any cross hair customization when in 3rd person ...cause the cross hair now is sometimes hard to see
  5. What does everyone think about the 3rd person crosshair shooting mechanic? I feel like it needs to be nerfed a bit or have the crosshair taken out for 3rd person. This will give more incentive to aim down the scopes/iron sights and give a more real and immersive gameplay experience. Theres all these cool iron sights and reticles to attach on the gun for a reason So why not? Anyway, thoughts on this?
  6. Hey guys, my suggestion might be an impressive improvement to 3rd-person close combat gameplay: instead of the red dot on a wall that your weapon is pointing to the crosshair could blur, fade out or any other appropiate style of indication. Imho that would be a lot quicker to realize that your weapons not on the target, because you are always watching your crosshair rather than the wall in front of you. If someone says that would be another addition to the game making it "easier" I will point out that everyone in reality would know if the guns pointing in some concrete... much love
  7. Look at those images. It is very annoying, very often shooting in 3rd person in the walls... This is inacceptable bug...
  8. custom crosshair

    Is it possible to include crosshair colour change in the game. I battle to see the dim white crosshair when firing from the hip. Americas Army Proving Grounds is a good example of crosshair colour change from the menu.
  9. There should be an option to change the RGB values of all the text on the hud, crosshair, healthbar, and the letters and ticks that make up the compass.
  10. I think it would be a cool addition to add A selection of cross hairs to use for when in Third person, not only would it make the game feel more complete bbut it would bring a bit of personalisation to the game. I dont mean like Counter strike where you can type commands and make stupid cross hairs, I mean make a few cross hairs which are similar to the default one which some players may prefer. Just an Idea just trying to improve an already great game!
  11. I opened the inventory for items on the ground, when i closed it everything was gone, except for the mini map. No life indicator / direction / magazine info / crosshair / player count / kill feed. Unfortunately i did not know the key binding for making a screenshot in game, windows only made a screenshot of my desktop, not that it would be of much value though. I was able to open inventory and map, but with no visible effect after closing. I opened and closed all menus several times. After a few minutes everything suddenly reappeared, after closing the inventory i think.
  12. Please!!! Emphasize the color of the crosshair in 3rd person! Some players can't see it very well.