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Found 4 results

  1. The death marker for when a teammate dies is way too big and visible. When an enemy is looting your teammate, the marker renders the enemy invisible. There is a huge need to at least make the opacity go down when aiming in or just making the marker only on the map.
  2. death marker

    Hi, the death markers cover the enemies when shooting at them. Option to make it smaller or hide it.
  3. death marker

    Sometime when my team mate gets downed by someone close range i cannot see the person who has shot him because there is a massive marker in the way that doesn't go opaque when i look towards it....
  4. When ever a player dies, a marker will appear on that dead body stating how he died, how long ago was it and by who. The marker can either look like a cross or a gun with a helmet on it, even a gravestone. This will allow players to know if ppl have been here before and watch out for enemies nearby the dead body. PS: you can also show it on map, but don't know if that's a good idea.