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Found 1 result

  1. I've seen a lot of people recently joining this game as their first FPS and I have to say, that currently is the worst starting point ever for a simple reason: There is extremely low action in terms of combat. This doesn't mean is bad, but is a hindrance for getting better. Personally, I drop constantly in the military base or Pochinki in order to find some fast fights as a pseudo-deathmatch. But the problem is, that is extremely difficult to keep practicing with some sort of weapon (SMG, MG, snipers, pistols, shotguns, etc...) and most of the fights are fast fight with the first weapon you find (UMP, uzis, shotguns and pistols mostly). Since there are custom games, that I find an extremely awesome option, it would be great, if in the future there is a deathmatch system implemented: Its pretty easy: For example, everyone drops in the military base and it is restricted to the enclosure. A lot of the same weapon in the floor with bullets and nothing more (in case of snipers, the sniper with a 8x near for example). I know that there are thousands of games with this gamemode but since PUBG is completely different in gameplay one cannot, for example, train DM in Counter Strike and then apply his "abilities" in this game. I've seen CS:GO Global Elites that suck hard in this game with KD ratio under 1. This is just a suggestion that could be implemented in some months. I find that currently there are more priorities. This type of implementation could lead to a Pro scene in the future with people taking it really seriously.