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Found 173 results

  1. I've just gotten into PUBG recently, usually place in the top 10 in Solo matches. Have 2k + hours in Rust and Arma3. Add me on Steam or reply here. Cheers!
  2. All of us have played in a random squad of 4 where the comms in it between teammates are so bad you might as well just be playing solo right? One of the most advantageous things you can do to better your Duo/Squad experience is to learn to Shot Call properly. Here is my more indepth video guide of what I dive into below - There's several key things that go into calling shots: 1. Leadership - If you're playing with randoms in a discord etc...establish yourself as the leader early. Directly say that you're going to call shots to help organization so there's less confusion. Let them know their input on decision making is valued but keep it to a minimum unless there's imminent danger to the team. Have a ton of certainty in your voice so people will at least think that you know what you're doing and less likely to nit pick every decision you make. 2. Give Clear/Concise Instructions - Clear instructions are KEY, instead of saying"somebody cover our right flank to watch that hill" Specifically name a player and say "Player A, move out to the tree about 30 meters to our right flank and watch X hilltop for enemies." People in game will typically respond in a much more positive and beneficial way when you give people tasks that they can accomplish and feel like they're contributing something specific to the team. 3. Awareness - This is something that will develop with time/experience in the game - right now squads play very differently than in solo/duo so the threat levels of doing different actions increase dramatically because you know 4 sets of eyes are looking for you rather than just 1-2. You need to be able to quickly asses any situation, whether its moving form point A to B, or how to ambush an enemy, and figure out how to go about doing said action. 4. Decision Making - This goes hand in hand with tactical awareness, but this involves quickly analyzing the situation your group is in and making the decision that is most beneficial for you team's survival at the time. Many situations there will be no great decisions, but there is always going to be a lesser of two evils scenario you're forced to take. Many team leaders put themselves and squads into needlessly reckless situations without taking all factors into play; e.g. when you're choosing to engage another enemy team, many people fail to take into considerations how many other teams are around them, and how exposed they are to ambush from all directions before firing their first shot at a team. Sometimes choosing to kill another squad will all but guarantee your squad is put in a bad situation. 5. Controlling Teammate's Communications - Enforce communication discipline throughout your team. If you're about to take contact or in those last couple circles, just call out "Battle comms" and state that the only chatter over the radio should be in game related. You don't need to know your buddy just picked up a red striped shirt with 15 people left. Encourage people to be as specific as possible with their call outs, tell them to call out directions and distances, and even place a map marker if they feel they can do it accurately.
  3. Sevgili oyuncular, Birlikte oynayacak oyuncu arıyorsanız bu sayfada dile getirebilirsiniz. Lütfen şahsi bilgi paylaşımı ve flood yapmayınız.
  4. Hallo, ich bin Tom, 16 Jahre und komm aus dem Saarland. Hab Battlegrounds seit Samstag und suche nen M8 der Bock hat Duo zu daddeln. Bin auch interessiert an Sqauds Kontakt : MFG Tom
  5. Looking for players that are committed and wont get mad after a loss. I record on youtube as well. steam tag youtube | entotun
  6. Im Kellen, 27, and from the West Coast US and have a lot of fps exp. I have been playing "hunger games" style games since the arma 3 battle royale. I actually bought arma 3 for that mod. Ive been very successful in other titles, like csgo and rainbow six recently. (Global Elite / Diamond). I am looking to be a professional and win tournaments in this game, and need some1 who is serious, easy going, and driven enough to push for it with me. I currently have 552 hours played in this game. ~70 solo wins between 2 accounts, rank 11 - NA - 2728 pts atm (L2P_Lush) --- Highest rank this early access season was rank 5. ~30 duo wins, rank 25 - NA - 2568 pts atm (L2P_Lush) If you are serious about this please contact me. I currently play with some friends from other games however none fulfill the parameters for a duo partner I am looking for atm. TSM already picked up Viss/Smak in hopes of an e-sports scene. I would like to be putting in practice now to get ready for any next upcoming tournaments and the actual release. I know this is a gamble at the moment if they will actually solve the desync and latency issues. However, I would like to prepare for their possible success of bluehole making this game competitive ready. Please add me at
  7. Hi I'm Simon. 21 from the uk looking for some people to play with. Have a mic, discord and ts3 and a pretty good game understanding.
  8. Hi there! Casual player from Austria is looking for people to team up with. I'm playing mainly in the evening (9 to 12 PM; UTC+1) Please: Only people with headsets! Answer with steam-id and i will gladly add you. Thanks and happy hunting!
  9. Tj w tytule szukam ludzi do gry mam 23 lata posiadam ts/discord. Śmiało zapraszać
  10. Hey guys, NA player looking for some duo partners or squads to run with, I play most days whenever I've got time. Add me on steam ArcherRanger if your interested!
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a duo or joining a squad. Fun and semi-serious. Steam name is- Xplicts
  12. I'm a solo looking to be a squad member or a duo partner. I'm experienced and communicating is top priority for me. Steam name is Recoil_oo. I can use any third party chat app if needed.
  13. looking for duo on eu server 2200+ rating please teamspeak adres: no password
  14. szukam do duo 2200 rating+ teamspeak adres: bez hasła
  15. Hi I have a discord server with some people in it but still searching for more! So if you have discord, and wanna play seriously hit me up! NAME: BenteQuickSc0pern REGION: Denmark i got 3 chicken dinners, so you know
  16. Moin Bin der Michael bin 20 Jahre alt Discord Ts vorhanden. Suche jemanden für paar runden chillge duo games Steamlink: Mfg Michael
  17. So I recently lost a match because my friend had tried to revive me after I got downed in a firefight. I thought there was an update to pause the revive timer when being picked up? Is this a bug or do later circles negate this addition to the game? Here is the clip:
  18. Hello, I was recently playing battleground with a friend of mine and we were doing duo's we came to a house with a group in it, so we chucked a grenade and downed one. He was shortly revived by his teammate and they ran out back, they down my teammate and I down one of them as well. I got my teammate back up as they got their teammate back up, we exchanged bullets for a while and my teammate knocked one out. We were about to push when we got grenade-ed... we both died. That said, my suggestion is to make a max health cut when you get knocked down, for example, you get knocked out "once" you can only regenerate 75% of your health instead of 100% and bleeding out quicker. I think this system will become more balanced than the current increased bleeding out system, due to people being bullet sponges only to be revived and 100% back in action.
  19. what up people I'm 29 yrs old and I have a positive k/d in solos, duos, and squads. I've won 3 duos and came close multiple times in solos and squads. 120 hrs played just looking for some chill people with positive attitude that are still competitive. Hit me up on steam
  20. I think the game lacks in teamplay, not because there is no communication tools, more because the unability to split and flank by your own. "Why?! you asking, well, the answer is simple: REVIVE. The revive mechanic is not well implemented, the player sldnt be able to crawl around, and the only way to wake him up, should be using a medical item. and instead of giving us 30 seconds to revive, we should have a nice 3 minutes counter, and it CANT be put down, (i mean, is inmune in this timeframe) so we can actually help our comrade, and we are not so dependent of his company in combat (AKA be close, otherwise i dont have time to revive in the worst case scenario). If its done this way, the solo game play combat would be the same in duo, giving the players more flexibility. To counter this 3 minutes, the player that is down, should have a very blurry vision, so he cant be giving info to the other player in the meantime, and move even slower, plus the requirement of medical equipment, and a longer cast t actually revive him. About the killzone, i think player outside should have a debuff to their vision, more like H1Z1 were you cant see shit outside of it. (Always getting killed from the outside, by players that are so far, that they are actually dead already)
  21. Hey, ich suche Mitspieler, die Spaß an PUBG haben. Wenn man im Team oder im Duo zusammenspielt, stelle ich mir das so vor, dass man pro Runde einen Leader bestimmt, der dann die Taktik vorgibt und sich die anderen daran halten (zumindest solange der Leader lebt :D). Dann hat jeder mal das sagen und man lernt auch die Überlegungen der anderen kennen. Klar, kann man auch mal eine Runde machen, wo man sagt, wir gehen zu viert los, aber jeder tut das, was er für richtig hält Ich bin: - 23, Student - Manchmal beim Spielen vielleicht etwas zu passiv, aber das kann ja noch werden - ANFÄNGER in PUBG. Fange genau heute an. Wenn also jemand schon Erfahrung hat, kann das beim Spielen gerne in Form von Tipps weitergegeben werden, aber bitte kein "Was machst du da?? Das ist soo schlecht!!" - Okay, außer es war wirklich soo schlecht ;-) Du bist: - Über 20 Jahre alt (einfach aus dem Grund, dass ich ungerne mit schreienden 14 Jährigen Kids zusammenspiele). - Deine Sprache geht über den Gebrauch von Schimpfwörter hinaus - klar, auch ich habe mal einen Wutausbruch beim Zocken, aber ständiges "Rumfluchen" nervt ;-) Meldet euch bei Interesse und weiterhin viel Spaß!
  22. Hi there, Im 26 and form germany. Not the best player at all, but want that chicken dinner! Playing on EU most evening and searching for some nice guys to play with. You can find me on Steam: eClicks and discord: eClicks#6264
  23. This was my first video of PUBG, had some epic gun fights then I died in the force field gun fights were a bit too hectic and could not get to the save zone in time
  24. Hello everyone. Matthew here. I'm a somewhat new player to PUBG but really enjoy it alot. Anywho, I have a discord with another friend of mine, and we are currently looking to expand our group. Always looking for new players. We aren't picky but we ask that you try your best every time. Join us here>>> Hope to see you soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask below. And for those wondering about stats. I have quite a few top 10 finishes in solo and duo. With my best solo being top 2.