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Found 236 results

  1. Procura Parceiro para Duos / Squads? Deixa o seu comentário com o seu nome no jogo e/ou o link do seu profile na Steam. Vamos crescer esta comunidade ficando mais fortes!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for an duo partner for EU (GMT+1). So far my K/D has been around the 1.50 mark all the time. I am used to play a lot of shooters including Arma 3 BattleRoyale mod. I have to say i'm playing more for the kills than for the win. Meaning, i feel more satisfied killing 10 people in a game and die, than i win with only 1 kill. Looking for someone who is 18+ and available most of the evenings and is from EU. You can see some of my winnings on my steam profile, also you can add me on steam. But please state that you are from the forums. I do have an working microphone and my own discord. There is no problem for me to join your TS or Discord. I will be streaming from time to time, i hope you are cool with that. Feel free to ask anything if something is unclear. Cheers, Elecks
  3. Hi there! I'm looking for a (few) motivated player(s) who wants to have a laugh and mess around in PUBG, whether it's to go for the win or just to mess around,, I'm a Dutch person myself so if you're dutch that'd be great although I am more then understandable in english so If you speak either one of these languages add me on steam! I do prefer to communicate through discord, teamspeak or whatever medium you use to make our communication while playing a lot easier. Do notice that I have just started playing, I do know my way around the game already but don't expect much of me unless, ofcourse, you're reading this a few weeks after it's been posted. I hope we'll be playing in the future! Steam:
  4. Sevgili oyuncular, Birlikte oynayacak oyuncu arıyorsanız bu sayfada dile getirebilirsiniz. Lütfen şahsi bilgi paylaşımı ve flood yapmayınız.
  5. Steam id : Looking for players to play some late night PUBG. ** 11PM-5AM Eastern time ** It's my first survival FPS and any constructive criticism is appreciated. A working microphone and discord ( or ts ) is a must.
  6. Witam, mam 18 lat i szukam kogoś do grania na jakimś znośnym poziomie, komunikator ts.
  7. SeekLast - PUBG Jouez avec les meilleurs Est un serveur Discord composé d'un BOT unique permettant de rechercher un ou plusieurs partenaires de jeu automatiquement et en fonction de ses statistiques en jeu. A votre arrivée il vous suffit de lier votre compte PUBG à votre compte Discord et vous vous verrez attribuer un rôle (Top 1000, Top 10.000, etc... ) en fonction de votre classement en jeu (#ranking). Ces statistiques sont récupérées directement depuis le jeu par le bot et rafraîchies toutes les heures! Différents channel de recherches sont ensuite mis à votre disposition : Recherche Auto Top Duo, Recherche Auto Top Squad, Recherche Auto Duo, Recherche Auto Squad. Une fois dans un de ces channels vous n'avez plus rien à faire, le Bot s'occupera de vous trouver des partenaires et de vous regrouper dans un channel dédié. Un joueur quitte la partie? Aucun problème, continuez à jouer, le Bot complétera automatiquement votre équipe! Le Bot propose bien d'autres fonctionnalités toutes aussi agréables et efficaces les unes que les autres! COMMANDES /link (nickname) permet de lier son compte Discord avec son compte PUBG. /find duo [ranked] permet d’être automatiquement basculé dans un channel duo avec une place de libre. Si personne n’est disponible, un nouveau channel est créé en attendant un last. /create duo [ranked] permet d’être automatiquement basculé dans un nouveau channel duo et d'inviter ses amis. Si activé, l’option "ranked" permet de limiter les joueurs à un niveau similaire au vôtre. /stats [player] permet de visualiser en temps réel ses statistiques en jeu et son rank. L’option player permet de les afficher pour un autre joueur. COMMUNAUTE Nous proposons un système de partenariat avec les streamers. Nous leur assignons un groupe spécifique sur discord et informons en temps réel nos membres lors du démarrage d’un live. ⇒ N'hésitez pas à venir tester par vous-même le système Seek Last - PUBG - FR déjà plus de 150 joueurs du Top 10.000 ou à simplement venir nous soutenir si vous aimez l'idée. En vous remerciant. DISCORD Site WEB Facebook Steam
  8. Hi Guys I am 25 years old from South Africa, until now I have played a little over 200 hours in PUBG and so far have only player casual. However I am tired of playing with randoms and people who doesn't care about placement on the leaderboard. I am looking for good tactical players to grind the leaderboard. I play on EU server. Core qualities i seek in a player : 1. Speak English with a working Mic for TS or Discord 2. Tactical team player 3. Be at least 21+ of age (no kids) 4. (Optional) Stream on Twitch 5. Must be HUNGRY for some CHICKEN DINNERS! Regards Wulfe
  9. Currently even if you make it lets say top 20? You will only get like under 40 BP sometimes. I just feel like if it had a little less than single Duo and Squad would feel more rewarding, its the same difficulty as doing solo in a sense you just have to worry about a larger group at a time. I love the game don't get me wrong but it just feels so belittling to do so good and get so little. I got into top 10 with buddies we reached probably 8th? And got shit for BP meanwhile solo you'll get all the money. Just increase it by a good bit not a crazy amount but enough for us to feel like its worthwhile.
  10. Tach zusammen Ich, M/20 suche nach netten Menschen zum gemeinsamen Duo tryharden. Bin selbst noch relativ unerfahren, aber sehr lernwillig. Gerne erfahrene Spieler die mich an die Hand nehmen würden, oder eben Neulinge wie ich, zum gemeinsam besser werden. Bin eher ein ruhiger und vorsichtiger Spieler, einfach rein und auf das Beste hoffen liegt mir nicht so. Taktik ist meiner Meinung nach das Α und Ω Zu mir: derzeit ~5 Spielstunden TeamSpeak3 Server vorhanden Headset/Mic vorhanden hauptsächlich nachmittags/abends online ruhiger Zeitgenosse momentan nicht am Beitritt eines Clans interessiert Bitte keine "Schau mal hier, da findest du schon wen" Antworten. Ich suche nach einzelnen Leuten die einen festen ingame Buddy fürs Duo suchen. Wer Interesse hat, hier ist der Link zu meinem Steam Profil. Einfach adden und anschreiben. See you on the Battlegrounds
  11. Lf experienced duo partners with above atleast a 1.5 k/d that want to win. I am competitive but i wont get mad at the slightest mistakes. Add me on steam BestofNY is my id and we can play some games.
  12. Hi Everyone, I am AzTruLRD I have like a month playing this game but im looking for new friends to play together. Im from Latin American so i can speak English and Spanish, i also play every day at least 2 hours per day. My Steam User is AzTruLRD
  13. Noticing a lot more people are starting to duo and squad in solo matches. Why not just play duo or squad based matches? Is PUBG going to implement penalties for this behavior? edit: Thinking about it, it's possible that these people prob really suck, so maybe trying to boost eachother's solo elo rankings??
  14. Hi girls/guys! I'm looking for friendly and skilled players to play some duo's squad games! I live in UK and speak English, POLISH and little bit Russian LOL. I'm looking for players who enjoy the game and have a laugh but also have a competitive edge to them and would prefer people with mics for better communication. I look forward to playing with you and feel free to say Hi!!!! and add me on steam!!!! Regards R.
  15. Hello! I'm seeking a duo partner who plays seriously, but isn't a rager, is able to confidently take the lead at times, doesn't have a poor quality or overactive microphone, and won't be distracted by topics outside of the game. These are some other preferences I have for a duo partner. Location: North America or Europe Duo Rank: 5,000 or Higher Duo K/D Ratio: ~1.50 or Higher Game Hours: ~200 or More Duo Most Kills: 5 or More I'm grateful for your time and consideration! ^-^
  16. Im looking for company Greek players for duo or sq . Παιδιά καλησπέρα ψάχνω παρέα , χώρις απαιτήσεις για χαλαρό παιχνίδι . Εχω τα χρονάκια μου ( γκούχ ) , οπότε δέν ψάχνω παρέα με πιτσιρίκια αλλα ένα duo squad που θα διασκεδάζει τα βραδάκια . Ευχαριστώ για τον χρόνο σας .
  17. Hallo, ich bin aktuell wieder auf der Suche nach nem guten, erfahrenen Spieler, der sich mit einem seiner Ratings mindestens in den Top 1000 aufhällt. Selber spiel ich gerade meistens auf den NA Servern (bessere Performance) wo ich in den top 300 im Duo bin. Habe aber auch zahlreiche Spiele auf EU wo ich auch weiter spielen würde. Ich versuche jedes Spiel auf Sieg zu spielen, daher suche ich einen Mate, der auch mal die Füße still halten kann, wenn in Häusern, die nicht direkt angrenzen sich Gegner befinden und nicht direkt losschießt um die Position zu verraten oder eben nen Vorteil abzuwarten. Ich spiele also eher passiv wenn ich es nicht anders muss, bzw. man einen sicheren Abschuss hat. Davon abgesehn können wir aber auch gerne ne offensivere Variante versuchen. Euer Alter spielt für mich keine Rolle sofern ihr nicht 24/7 am ragen oder rumnörgeln seid. Gut ist es auch, wenn man sich nach dem Spiel, egal wie der Ausgnag war konstruktive Kritik geben kann ohne gleich beleidigt zu sein um aus den Fehlern bzw. Guten Situationen zu lernen. Dennoch ist PUBG ein Spiel für mich und keine Arbeit -> Tryharden tu ich gerne aber es soll Spass machen. Wer Interesse hat kann mich einfach in Steam adden: chillyger
  18. Hey my names Nick i have been playing PUBG for a month and some more looking to push rank/rating was around 200-300 until i started LF randoms currently i am 952 and am looking for a duo partner NA servers we can work on time zones In Game Name: Elleos
  19. Hey anybody that wants to invite me to a game or start a sqaud/duo? hit me up!
  20. 21 from the uk. i have 1600 rating atm, climbing relatively quickly in solo. am 1600 rating in duo also looking for people to play some games with. have discord or ts3 for coms
  21. Hier findet ihr PUBG Videos und Streams Kommt neuer Stuff werden ihr Informiert^^ AMHGaming auf Youtube AHMGaming auf Twitch Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Deutsch Facebook Unser Community TS für Solo,Duo oder Squad runden:
  22. Hey guys Phantom here, just wanted to inform the community that there is a new team/ community forming. We are calling ourselves Royal Gaming. Message me on here or on discord for more information. Thanks!
  23. Looking for chill decent player for duo's. I got 1700 rating on duo my steam acc: weerternaar
  24. As it says just looking for some friendly people to play with, semi-competitive and generally just to have fun. Small picture of a moustache wielding man on my steam profile. Just message below to announce you've added. Steam name: KaisarFranz