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Found 3 results

  1. Ideas for new content

    Weapons: -Bow (Less damage than crossbow, higher fire rate, reusable ammo, silent, found in ruins) -Knife (Melee weapon, can be thrown, high damage when thrown, rare, silent) -Gas Grenade (Inflicts damage over time when in radius, can be repelled by gas mask (makes gas mask useful)) -Decoy Grenade (Creates shooting sounds) -C4 (Explosiv that can be manually detonated, only found in military base, can be placed at vehicles, also expodes when shot at, low range, can be clearly seen) -Grenade Launcher (Can shoot Grenades, might be op, very rare, only drop) -Flare gun (creates light, burns stuff) -Tag gun (Marks tagged vehicles on map, tag can be seen on vehicle, low range) Equipment/items: -Morphine (Saves you from death (not damage) for 5seconds (after that you drop dead/knockout), quick use, only obtainable when playing in teams, very rare, only hospitals) -Binoculars (Zooms in, changeable zoom, Three tiers (1; 1-10x. 2; 1-15x. 3; 1-20x) (EDIT: HAS ALREADY BEEN PARTIALLY SUGGESTED) -Flashlight (Creates light) -Defibrillator (Only Airdrop, very rare, revives Teammate, one use) - Lead Bible (Carried over Heart, grants ultimate protection (around the heart, kinda like pan), (used to be carried by american soldiers) only found in churches) Vehicles: -SUV with Machinegun (limited ammo, only in military base, very loud) -Boat with Machinegun (same as above) -Bicycle (silent but slow, speed boost requires endurance, when boosted only slightly faster then zone) Gameplay changes: -Screen should be shaken/ Accuracy should be severly reduced when hit by an melee weapon (buff for melee weapons) -Fast quickdraw option for all melee weapons (buff for melee weapons, important for use of melee weapons) -Crates or doors that can only be opened by a crowbar (Makes it somewhat useful) -Option to climb (Fences and stuff) (EDIT: HAS ALREADY BEEN SUGGESTED) -Damage for Melee weapons as follows; Machete (very high damage, should 1 or 2 shot people)>Knife (throwable> Scythe (very common)> Crowbar (can open things)>Pan (Grants protection). So every melee weapon has its advantages. -Airdrop is marked on map -Jumping consumes endurance!! (To stop people from jumping randomly to evade possible fire, its annoying and destroys immersion) -Only one weapon per kind per Building (for example not two of the same shotgun in one buidling) -Button to automatically put on attachments -Reward after winning a game -More points of interests (special weapons that can only be found there) -Smoke Grenade generate more smoke -Playable scenarios (Certain areas with certain equipment) -Night maps Please tell me what you think and add some more suggestions or improve on the current ones! I posted a similar thing at steam but no one seems to have noticed so I am posting it again here.
  2. Delayed hotkey response

    Hello for every battleground players! I have some unusual problem with some hotkeys in game. This is quite difficult to explain. When im using hotkeys like "m" for map or "tab" for equipment everything is fine and it opens immediately. The problem is that when i am using hotkey again to close it nothing happening. Let me use the example.. I kill someone and i want to loot him. Im using "tab" for equipment and after looting im using "tab" again to close equipment.. Nothing happening. Sometimes i need to click 12 times to close equipment again.. It happens also with map "m" . Has anyone had a similar problem ? It's really annoying for me.. i reinstalled game 3 times. Always the same. Any ideas ? btw I know that my english its not perfect. I deal with it. I hope this is enough to understand the problem ;D