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Found 46 results

  1. This error on the screenshot became more frequent pop up. 3 times in 8 rounds today! settings in game - all high
  2. Just got the game today and tried logging in, but it's giving me an "Unknown login error (service unavailable). Asked my friend if servers are down, but works for them.
  3. For some reason an error occurs when I try to view any leaderboards and if I go to statistics my games that I have played do not get recorded. This happened after the recent update. By the way, my internet is fine as I do not lag when I actually play the game. Please Respond! Thanks!
  4. The game cursh sometimes in the lobby and rare in the game... now, my game CRUSHED IN DUO IN THE LAST 7 PLAYERS..... My system: i5-4460 AMD R9 380 (4GB) 8GB of RAM TsLGame.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x0007GGEA8FOD9D5 referenced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to debug the program
  5. error

    Can anyone help me out? I'm not very tech savvy. This happens every game, some times in this screens in the picture, and in the start of a game after landing. Thanks!
  6. Bug Description: I've experience this bug once on the live servers since the latest monthly patch and it just occurred again tonight on the test server. I was about 20 minutes into a game and it suddenly crashed giving a 'TslGame.exe - Application Error'. Attaching the screen shot which gives the entire error. Date Seen: 4-26-2017 Server: This happened on the test server, however, this happened earlier this week on the live server as well. These are the only 2 times I've seen it happen. Troubleshooting Attempted: I've tried changing my settings between high and very low. Hasn't happened enough for me to say one way or the other if it helped. Other Information: None Launch Options: I am not using any launch options for the game both on the live server and the test server. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Ram: 8192MB
  7. Hi! Today i bought the game, and I can't run, because it doesn't do anything. I also tried run TsIGame.exe and it gives me an error message. (0xc00007b) (Sorry for my bad English).
  8. Hello, game crashed 5 minutes into the match. Could not get the match ID
  9. Hello I am making this forum post about a very urgent serious matter. I am experiencing a very odd and annoying bug/crash with the game, I will clearly outline the issue for you to understand. I launch the game and all works perfectly fine, I can be on the lobby of the game without any issues at all BUT as soon as I enter a match my computer completely crashes/restarts (without any prompt or reasoning) this always occurs as soon as I either eject out of the plane or run around in the starting zone. This crash is also ONLY occurring within this game and no other so I'm very confused to what this may be, Obviously from reading this issue you'd assume it would be a temperature issue or simply reinstall the game to fix this odd issue. I have completely ruled out the issues of temperature or faulty hardware as I have monitored my CPU and GPU temperatures while playing and they are completely fine. I have also ran multiple hardware stress tests such as Prime95 (Torture test), Memtest, memory diagnostics test, reset the bios and ran multiple bench marking services which have all come back completely positive with no issues. Due to all these tests I assumed it must be a software issue so I have COMPLETELY wiped ALL my drives including my SSD and reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 10 onto my SSD and proceeded to reinstall drivers, steam and PUBG of course. After doing all of this the game still crashes my PC exactly how I stated before. Computer Specs: CPU: I5 4670k (not OC'd) GPU: GTX Nvidia 770 2GB VRAM RAM: 16GB of Vengeance Ram SSD: Corsair Force 128GB SSD Due to the sheer amount of fixes and approaches I have taken to solve this issue you can clearly see why I would be very confused. I'm fairly certain it's either the games software/coding clashing with my hardware or potentially could be my PSU however I doubt this would only occur in this game if it was my PSU. Thanks for reading, I'd appreciate the community's thoughts and ideas
  10. error

  11. So my game crashed mid fight. Some error code with a heap of x's and 0's. I didn't really read it as I was in an intense team fight, so I just closed the error and it crashed my game. I understand that there are bugs and whatnot happening in this early access, but can we get some sort of reconnection setting so that we can still get back into the game? That would be LOVELY!
  12. This error has been happening for a week straight. I literally think I have done everything possible. No one knows how to fix this error. I need this fixed. Everytime I click tab for inventory, I get this error. I can play a whole round without clicking tab and it works fine but when I click tab it shuts down. Please someone help me!
  13. Out of video memory on gtx 1050ti 4gb After test update fps on ultra settings increased to 50-60, but i have that error sometimes
  14. Hey guys, so I'm getting this whenever I load Battlegrounds: 16:20:15: Starting BattlEye Service... 16:20:17: Launching game... 16:20:32: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 16:20:32: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\HMIPCore64.dll". And the game loads, shows the BlueHole logo and then goes to the loading screen of the main menu, apart from is says something like "Front: Battlgrounds[index].html" in the top left underneath "Loading". It stays there indefinitely and doesn't progress. I've run malware scans and everything and have no idea what to do! Any help is highly appreciated.
  15. Interesting Launcher Error, I tried to check the game files in steam and there is still this error ... When I start the game sometimes it Comes up, sometimes twice ...sometimes there isn't problem ... And this is After the Update !
  16. Hi, I have the problem that I am stuck in the loading screen after the Machmaking. I never had this bug before the new patch. Most of the time I have to close the game because it's stuck or sometimes I spawn in the plane. But both is way to late. And I still got the unlucky render bug where I can't see buildings or they look like trash. My fps are quite good when I finally got into a game, but I am in a huge disadvantage after waiting for rendering the buildings or getting into the game. My specs: Lenovo y50-70 I7 4702 HQ (2.5-3.5Ghz) 8gb RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 860m 2gb 1TB SSHD I would be happy if anyone could help me!
  17. when i hit the play button, nothing happened... i already verified integrity of game files, restarted the steam, restarted the PC, reinstalled the Microsoft C++ 2015 try to run as administrator at the folder and it said "The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer." I already search on google how to fix it, and it caused by the Microsoft C++, and it won't work.... I thought its because the Windows 8.1 that i have... please fix this...
  18. in the last 2 updates i'd receive this bug. From the first day (possibly 26/03) all was good and with no errors every time when i try to enter the game i have a drop (crash reproter)
  19. Getting random disconnects. Internet is fine. Pc is fine. Must be server related.
  20. No me alargare con los saludos solo quiero que hagan caso porque estoy hasta los huevos de que ocurra esto: 1.- Las texturas tardan en cargar, de vez en cuando se pone todo transparente de manera que puedo ver a los jugadores y los objetos de donde estoy. Y sí, si les disparo se mueren, no me parece entretenido estar matando gente de esta manera. (No, no son hacks) 2.- Cuando me pongo en 1era persona y, estoy cerca de unas escaleras de madera de mierda, se empieza a levantar el arma de manera que no me deja disparar, van muchas veces que me matan por esta estupidez y encima no se rompen. 3.- Iba a lootear a un tipo que mate, al saltar me quede flotando (Todos flotan), y despues de 2 o 3 segundos me dice que he muerto porque caí de muy alto, vaya mierda. Bueno eso es todo, espero que los puedan arreglar, cuidado con las cajas gente, si puedo tomare unas fotos de cuando ocurra. Un saludo. -Vortex
  21. When I open my game a battleye error and it says that there is a file preventing the game from opening, but that file does not exist on my computer, I'm tired of looking, does anyone know how to fix it?
  22. I recently downloaded and installed the new 4/20 update today. However when I go to launch the game to play I get this message: If there is anything I can do to fix this please let me know, or if you are having the same issue please say below! This wasn't happening to me before the update as well.
  23. Bug Description: This error occurred when I joined a server Date Seen: April 20th 13:25 +2 gmt Server: Main game Troubleshooting Attempted: Nothing. Launch Options: None.
  24. Hey guys.. just a simple question that i hope u guys could me with.. Before, i followed a guide on how to increase ur fps by inserting few lines inside the windowsnoediter part of the game. However, after the recent update. i notice my game would be kinda dark on hills, mountains and even corners. The interior lighting for my game is fine however the problem is only when i am outdoors looking at hills or houses. Is there a line in the guide above that i could take out to remove dark outdoors renders ? Thanks alot for your timeee
  25. Hello everybody, sometimes when playing the game crashes for me and i get the typical error message sometimes it happens when i open the menu, sometimes just when i play and nothing happens in the game, shortly after my screen froze and then i get the error in the pic, i had it like 5 times now and sometimes i just can play games without any error. date seen: 16.04.17 already before but i dont remember when it was, some days before! Troubleshooting: nothing yet, because sometimes i dont get the error. Launch Options: none Specs: Win10 64bit evga gtx 1080 ftw i7-6700k @4.5ghz 16gb ddr4 2133mhz dxdiag in the pics