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Found 44 results

  1. Greetings everyone. I have played about 50 hours in PUBG, and am certainly enjoying the game. This type of game is actually the first of its kind (a multiplayer battle royale) that I have actually played, but I do have quite a bit of experience in other shooters such as CSGO. Now, after playing this game for a decent amount of time on solo and duo, I have suggestions and opinions that I feel would be a great benefit or change to the game. I just joined these forums, so these may of been suggested previously, or are currently being worked on, but I'll bring em out anyway. Clothing as loot - I honestly find this to be completely pointless. While it can be cool to find a trench coat and leather gloves (if you don't have them) to match your level 3 armor and helmet, I find it rather annoying to find a striped shirt in a heated situation when you need ammunition or a first aid kit. Melee hit detection - It may be a bug, lag or a performance issue on my end, I'm not exactly sure, but it could be something being worked on. I find that many of my melee hits do not register, even on matches that it does not seem laggy. Sounds of some guns - The sound in this game in it's current state is pretty good in my opinion. The only guns that I find sound pretty bad especially on full auto are the UMP9 and the Kriss Vector. I would think that they might update the sounds over time. Balance with certain guns against armored opponents - This is also something that might be lag or something on my end, but I feel that when using certain weapons, more specifically weapons chambered in 9mm, it takes a whole magazine to kill an enemy with decked out armor. I'm sure this has been discussed times o' plenty, just wondering if others may experience something similar. Wonky FPS view - TPS view is obviously the optimal choice in this game, but this is for those who would prefer to stick with the FPS view. I honestly feel that the FPS view needs fixing. It just feels weird and sometimes the butt stock of some weapons will stick out into the view into your face while running. Competitive/Hardcore mode - A possible mode being worked on for the future. If it does release, the mode should ONLY be in FPS view. Different types of ammunition - An idea I got from playing Insurgency. Might be a possible idea being worked on. I would like it if the game had regular FMJ/ball (standard damage), hollow point (more damage to flesh, less to armor), armor piercing (more damage to armor, less to flesh), and tracer rounds (standard damage, traces) So this is my current list of feedback. What do you guys think?
  2. Something seems to have broken the RSS feed on the web. The last post in the RSS feed was this post: and it was previously found at but now it seems to be gone entirely. I really liked it, and a lot of people are still using RSS.
  3. Picture this: A gamemode that has nearly identical rules to vanilla gameplay. However the 100 players are split into two teams of 50 each. The round starts normally without indication of which team a player is on. Players drop as they typically would, thus not grouping teams from the start. As players land, you receive your team designation, where half the lobby is enemy half ally. Allied players perhaps show their name above their head in blue, when in direct line of sight and do not show up on the map. (Or they do, both could be interesting, as you could see groupings.) Circle enclosed proceeds as normal, or possibly slightly slower. Players could spectate their teammates (adding more usability to the spectate function.) All players on the winning team receive a small victory bonus. Winning players who survive get slightly more. The gamemode has the benefit of allowing for larger scale defenses, assaults , and group combat I would imagine as well that this would not require especially large tweaks to the game, considering group mode and the base game already exist. The gamemode would have an especially large effect on replay ability however. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback. No cucks allowed.
  4. --Mod Edit-- Use this thread to leave your feedback on the forums It would be nice to see Greek section in Other Languages forum.
  5. I currently have over 100 hours and I did not regret any second playing this game, well maybe sometimes, but that's because I am a noob. There is so many things that make this game unique and non-repetitive. So many strategies that let you become the last survivor. Sometimes you even have the possibility to survive without killing anyone, if you play smart. The community base started great and has become even better, it is awesome that every week a highlight compilation comes out on youtube instantly making me wanna grab a beer and enjoy all the great plays/mistakes that have been made and even showing some unwanted bugs than contain funny situations. All the mods and admins that work on maintaining the forums and keep it tidy so no report/suggestion gets lost. And the hidden programmers and engineers that work all day long just for that we can have a place to stay and have fun at. I am not getting into the mindset to expect alot in the next few months. Even though I must say that I have really high hopes for Brendan Greene's genius idea. Originally the game was just another modifcation for ArmA but he had the dream and made it come true, I respect him so much for that. The promise to release some of the PUBG assets, if not all, is also one of the greatest ideas a developer can have. We, the users, get inspired and have also the chance to create our own ideas out of battle royale. I am sure that the game will flourish even more and hopefully inspire other gamecompanies or modders that we never heard of. It is about time we get out of the zeitgeist of regular games and experience unique games again as it once used to be. Very much thanks for everyone contributing to the game and especially the ones who work and do not get the gratitude they deserved! Keep it up everyone!
  6. feedback

    We have a thread for this. Thanks
  7. TL:DR: I think loot needs to be spawn more in high traffic areas to reduce the RNG aspect of this game. What I love about this game is that, contrarily to other BR games, all players get the same spawn opportunities and it's up to strategy to decide whether you want better loot at a higher risk because of more players or less loot but more immediate safety. But the problem is, it doesn't work like that. You can spawn in some of the highest loot areas in the game and not even find a pistol before you get shot by someone who happened to be more lucky than you. If you would make loot more uniform in high traffic areas, it should work, you should know that if you take that risk you'll be rewarded for it and it comes down to your individual skill if you're going to come out on top, not luck of the draw. It ruins the purpose. I love what you guys have been doing with this game so far, love the frequent updates, love the PR, but please, do something about this?
  8. General Summary So I have played the game for 64 hours on and off now. Throughout this time I have noticed a number of bugs and things that cause me to have to take a break and compose myself. Overall I think the game is incredibly well made and far outdoes the competition of any other similar title such as, 'King of the Kill' , 'Arma 3: Battle Royale' or any other title appropriately matched with this genre. The main pull to this game is just how damn fun it is and how good it looks. I thoroughly enjoy the plane drop system as well as the loot. However sometimes I feel loot can be here nor there, I will get onto this later on. I find the aspect of killing other players in this game to so far be reasonably balanced and fun, Other than the various hackers I have come across, but I know that the Devs have acknowledged this and are working on fixing it, to which I greatly appreciate. I like most other modest players respect the fact that this game is in early access and it needs time to improve, so without me going into great detail I would say this game is very fun and enjoyable. This is however clear by it's currently huge popularity with streamers and other content creators. Bugs and Glitches During my time in game I have experience a fair few amount of glitches and bugs. These are as follows(I will list them for the sake of saving time and ease of use): Getting stuck in between rocks Getting stuck in between doors Getting stuck in between players Random vehicle flipping Guns not reloading properly VOIP sometimes not working at all Helmets providing no additional protection against rounds Inventory capacity not increasing on picking up higher level items Crosshair placement not being in place with where the bullets land(I'll expand on this later) Players seemingly not dying after numerous headshots or chest shots Players not making any sound(I'll expand on this later) Friendly players not being clearly visible(More a personal complaint than a genuine issue) Characters sliding along after spriting(Often causing me to be shot due to overcompensation) Players appearing out of nowhere, seemingly These various things listed above are just what I could come up with off the top of my head after what I have experienced so far out of PUBG. Not a great deal I understand but more than enough for people to comment saying they've experienced the same thing, or for people to comment saying I am speaking a load of a certain substance. Gunplay So gunplay being the main part of this game it is only right that it gets it's own section in my slightly over worded rant about the game. I have to say I am very very unhappy with the gunplay in this game. Time and time again I am seemingly caught in this eternal loop of deaths that should not of happened and kills that have failed to happen. My main and biggest issue on either side is the spread/spray of weapons in particular the shotguns. I came over to the sight very recently and whilst having a look around found the quote 'Realistic gunplay mechanics'. This really annoyed me. Because whilst I am no gun master, nor does my knowledge amount to much, I know how guns behave and what is right and what wrong. I will list each gun and explain what personally I think is wrong. Before that I am going to generalise what I see as an overall issue. Going back to the Crosshair placement mentioned above. I believe it to be incorrect that if my crosshair is placed on somebody's head/chest/arm/leg wherever and I shoot whilst stood still that my bullet misses, Not only does this then cause me to look like a bad player it also causes me to be shot and die due to them now knowing where I am and therefore having the advantage. I am no expert, But the general feel I get of this game is it is military-esc therefore gunplay is key. If I were a military soldier stood still with my sight on a man and I pull the trigger, I am going to hit that shot. Distance obviously being the determining factor. But considering the average modern day combat engagement range is around 500 metres I think that the in game portrait of a military male and female are more than capable of hitting a shot. If this is not the case then let me know and I shall fully accept that I am wrong. This is simply how I see it. I do also think that the silencers in game need addressing, Simply because time and time again I have tested them and they barely suppress the guns noise as in you can still hear a shot miles away. I will say they're however very good for throwing people off about what gun it is you're using or they're using. I also think that gunplay can be improved more in terms of bullet ballistics and damage. For example almost all of the guns discluding the 9mms should be able to tear holes in walls if enough rounds are put into them. Equally I think that 7.62x39 should be able to tear through level 1 helmets and vest which they don't seem to be able to do. So the guns and what is wrong: M249, AWM and Thompson: I haven't had chance to have a go at these yet so I am unable to comment on what these guns are like and what needs adjusting or addressing about them. M16A4: To me the gun is good, has good power, range and overall a nice amount of attachments you can add to improve it. However I know that the burst fire for this gun is horrible inaccurate. I understand that it would have some kick to it but if you're a trained shooter then you'd know to lean into the burst and this would therefore lead to a more consistent hit chance. M416: Now I am biased to this gun as it is one of my favourites but I will sum it up as I see it. The gun is very nice. Great amount of attachments all offering an improved functionality to the weapon, meaning more kills for me but larger ammo usage. I think the gun could do to be nerfed in one respect but buffed in another. I think that it is far too capable at long range shots than it should be. For example I have been using this as a substitute for a sniper in most cases and come up against actually snipers and won, So the damage drop off for this gun I feel needs to be increased. I do however think that this has the same issue of spread. At close ranges I will switch it to full auto to shoot my enemy or single fire and trigger finger it only to find my sight placement has no regard whatsoever to where the bullets appear to land. I think the bullet travel time for this gun is a little bit slow and therefore could be increased and the spread adjusted to be more consistent. AKM: This gun for me has it's good and bad times. First time I used it I took the similar root I now take with the M416 and I used it as a sniper with an ACOG type deal. Now I have found that it isn't really good for that and is only really suitable for single fire and medium range, and then full auto at close. The worst point for me on this gun is how accurate it is. It's just god awful sometimes and I really regret picking it up. That said it is an AK so therefore this isn't far wrong from the real thing. So in some respects not a bad thing, in others it's horrible and I wish I'd of not picked it up. I think that this could have some additional stuff added such as a DRUM magazine for it as well as interchangeable stocks and handguards since the real version has options for these areas. SCAR-L: This gun for me is very similar to the M416 and I honestly choose it a lot if I cannot find an M416. I think this gun really is very good. It is in keeping with it's real life counterpart and I can't see much wrong with it in all honesty. I would say same as the AKM though. I know that there are a lot of specialist attachments that this gun can have due to it's very versatile body and manufacturing process. I also think same as the M416 that the spread can be addressed a little bit more as it is a little bit stupid where the bullets sometimes find themselves. Considering that all of these guns will using rifling in the barrel bullet spread and first shot misses shouldn't really be a thing for the wise and experienced players amongst us. Kar98K: I would say as guns go the Kar is by far the best and also the worst. This gun does present itself as something that you want to get in game as it's damage is incredibly good. However. The fact that this gun is chambered in 7.62mm just like the AKM and the SKS and the M24, Really gets on my nerves as the gun in real life is chambered in 7.92x57mm rounds. These pack far more of a punch than 7.62mm rounds and are really what make this gun so amazing in other FPS games. I respect that the difference in bullet size in retrospect is quite minor but to me it's just poor attention to detail. I don't think it would be a lot to ask for the real rounds of this gun to be added. The other thing that gets me about this gun is the spread again. This gun is awful for missing shots. Despite my crosshair or sight being on the enemy player it just misses over and over and over. It only really becomes useable once I have a compensator on it and even then I still miss and so do many of my friends. M24: This gun is good. First time I used it I was on fire with it. I can't really comment anything bad. It is a drop end of the day so it's meant to be good. Regarding realism I'd say it's damage might need to be a little higher and it's ballistics the same but other than that I'd say it's a perfectly ample weapon that's good in the right hands. Pistols: Since pistols to me all seem the same I will comment on them as a category rather than individually, Saving you lot some time . The 9MM pistol is good has a nice fire rate and good as a quick pickup to drop some people. However I can't trigger finger it. That's fine because realistically trigger fingering a 9MM wouldn't be possible due to the whole system it runs off. .45 ACP is a good reliable pistol my general go to as countless times now it has saved me from the odd fresh spawn trying to punch me to death. 7.62 revolver pistol is an alright pistol I'd say considering the damage I think the reload time is justified but perhaps add something like a speed loader attachment to make the gun itself more of a desirable pickup. I also think that the rate of fire could improve on it dramatically. For example add a feature where the character is thrown into a sort of gunslinger animation and just uses the hammer to slam rounds out of it. A little like the R9 in CS:GO. Revolvers bare in mind are used in real life for competitive gunslinger shooting competitions. Overall I think maybe the damage and fire rate of the 9MM and .45 ACP could be increased just to make them slightly more useful if used correctly against people with bigger guns. Would also allow more player playstyle diversity. Shotguns: First off let me just say that the shotguns are very good and for all intensive purposes do what they're good at well in the right hands. However, I have noticed a few things here and there that don't quite add up. This goes back to the crosshair placement issue again. More often than not I have my crosshair on an enemy player and I shoot only to see the shot miss them and the players fine, I am later killed. I think this might be down to server lag as well as the spread on the guns and crosshair placement not being 100%. Anyway I think the spread could be tightened a little and certainly the damage increased on them. I have had a lot of times now where I have shot someone in the chest at very close range and all that has come of it is a bloody effect and no dead player. I have noticed that they have always been wearing the level 2 body armour, but this should mean that they're at least downed. When I am so close at least they should be downed because of the force from the blast. I can understand at say 20ft away how it wouldn't do anything, But when they're 10ft or less I expect there to be a corpse in front of me after I have pulled the trigger. One major issue I have noticed about the double barrel is there is only one choke slot. With two barrels I expected there to be two. Since this would make sense as in most cases the choke is inside the barrel itself, not outside. That is my overall summary. I won't go into Melee weapons as everybody knows...frying pan OP. Suggestions: Now I have finished ranting and raving about the game I shall give some friendly suggestions based on my experience in game on what I think should be added or change or whatever. For the sake of convenience I'll list them again this will allow quick reading. Also please feel free again to agree or disagree with my suggestions. I just want to help improve the game really. So my suggestions are as follows: Add the correct ammo types for each gun Add extra attachments for guns that can have them Add a few more mid to long range weapons that aren't special drops Add some more 7.62mm rifles Add more realistic building damage models and effects Add more realistic player damage models and effects(such as more accurate armour plating ratings) Add more armour protection such as enabling the full face mask to be bullet resistant like the real life thing Add more pistols with various attachments Fix the suppressors from not suppressing shots at medium to long ranges Fix random vehicle flips Fix player armour not helping at all Sort out the hackers Add a report option on the death screen Add a feedback tab in the homepage with some quick click suggestions Add a better healing effect from painkillers Fix spread on weapons Fix crosshair and sight placement not being relative to where the shot lands Add perk or leveling system to help introduce a larger sense of achievement Add ability to mute selected players Add ability to kick people out of groups on the homepage Fix where the direction you jump out the plain isn't relative to where you were looking Fix gun reload animations not resulting in ammo being present in the chamber Remove spawn area guns and grenades Remove ability to go back to spawn once dropped Fix speed of the deadzone travelling in land Fix damage given by the deadzone at later stages in the game Increase bullet damage for pistols and shotguns Fix melee animation speed, make it faster Allow parachute to be pulled later Fix slow vehicles get in and out animation and functions Enable higher rewards for getting larger sums of kills Punish players who kill players who're unarmed Increase revive countdown on downed teammates Decrease time taken to consume energy drink and painkillers Increase damage done by grenades Increase effects of smoke and stun grenades Add more variations of shotguns and smgs Decrease recoil on smgs increase speed on motorbike and buggy Increase armour rating on jeep All of the suggestions above are purely what came to mind and what I think would help improve the game. Obviously a lot of people may agree or disagree. I hope this is useful for the Developers however to see my view of the game from my point of view and perhaps a few of my points can be addressed in later updates. I do really recommend that the guns are looked over and actually made more realistic. Thank you for reading!
  9. So I've noticed and so have all my friends that your space jump mechanic is really annoying and its damn near impossible to jump over walls unless u have a really good run up and hit it at just the right angle and even then sometimes it doesn't work, so my suggestions and ideas are... *Make walls/fences a touch smaller then re-import them to the unreal engine, this is not just make it easier for your space jump mechanic to work more often but the reduced size will have less impact on everybody's fps and server lag. (i know this will probably not happen since your walls are most likely to a scale that you like and are made that way for tactical advantage in game) *Make the holes in the wall larger or easier to jump through in some shape or form then re-import them into unreal. *Or you can change your jump mechanic all together and we can forget this ever happened... a good way to fix this as well would be to add an animation that would allow you to jump over walls like in Tom Clancy's rainbow six siege, that way we will always have a jump mechanic that worked for walls. I'm not an expert in coding but i have done two years in unreal engine, it would basically be if Character1 is next to HoleInWall1 show text Spacebar and if Spacebar key is pressed play animation WallJump and set the new PlayerPosition. It is quite possibly more complicated then this im sure but that's the gist of it. Anyway thank you for reading this Playerunknowns players and hopefully developers i hope this has given you all insight and ideas and I really hope i see an improvement to this mechanic in the future because it would make this game so much better if you can actually jump a wall and not just float by it and look like an idiot while someones shooting you!
  10. So i was in a solo earlier and ran into a guy claiming to be a dev in the pregame lobby asking for feedback about the circles and cars spawning outside them. I was instructed to come here and leave my feedback. So here I am. I'm not saying for sure this guy was who he said he is, but it did make me think. what if they upped the car spawn outside of the safe zone so that people had more time to loot before getting slaughtered by someone who had great RNG in the first building? I'm not exactly lucky when it comes to RNG and the safe zone. seems like every time I go to power plant I end up having to rush to the other side of the map. That's a long trek on foot. Sure you can make it, but it leaves no time to actually get decent loot IMO. Also i had a great truce with someone in that match after the drop. we landed and i could hear him a few floors up stomping around, I suggested a gentleman dual. He accepted. I went to the roof and he dropped hid gun. We fought fists only. Nothing held back. At one point he pulled a gun on accident and I waited in the open for him to put it up. He did after apologizing. We continued to fist fight until I won. No heals and no guns. Just an all out BRAWL. It was fun. I do think that there should be a bit more noise when a punch connects though. GG, whoever you were... GG
  11. I really want a reason to keep pistols around passed the five-ten minute mark when everyone has true weapons. This is for Duos/Squads. What if when downed, the person who is knocked out could use their pistol? This would act like downing did in CoD Zombies. You can use your pistol ONLY and what ammo is in it (or a small amount). I'm not saying that killing someone gets you back alive, but killing someone counts towards your overall kills and possibly finishes off the guy you got low.
  12. First off sorry if this has been brought up before but I couldn't find anything on the forums about it. I'm hearing impaired and completely deaf out of my right ear. It's physically impossible to determine the direction of sound... It can be embarrassing asking a person in a parking lot where my car honk sound is coming from, only for them to point directly behind me two lots down. I'm in no illusion that sound is a key element in the game, I understand that simply by planning my camera around to hear full sound of an engine rawring, while a 180° turn would yield complete deafness from my same left earphone. Not asking for a bright yellow arrow highlighting an area. Just the same form factor as how the sound works in the game. A (small icon) pie circle, split evenly in three. This yields about the same form factor as how sound is played in the headphones I think. So a hit to the left of my body can make two of the pies glow red, where 1/3rd of the circle is unhighlighted. At least point me to the 180° direction of where the hit came from. It'll be a very broad point of view, so it doesn't point exactly where enemies are and I will no longer be handicapped in game. Thanks, P.S If there's a way to hear a mild sound from my right earphones to my left, that would also be a whole lot better. As it is, I have to get extremely close to an object to hear anything on my left earphone.
  13. frozen

    Yo! My friend and I have just been playing some Duo's as per, and upon healing my game froze which forced me to exit to desktop. After reloading the game, none of my Main menu buttons worked, at all and neither did my friends as he left the match we were just in. So i restarted again but I couldn't search for a match or invite anyone, it came up with "an error occurred" if I tried. And the moment I left the game to desktop, my friend received all my invites. Anyone else having a similar issue? Just literally now. Possible servers crash? **Included picture for cools, not relevant**
  14. Hello Community, Preface Follows - Not necessary to read I've been playing the game for a while now and I thought it would be nice of me to add my two cents on where I personally would like to see the game go. I understand that not everyone might see eye-to-eye with me on a lot of these suggestions and I think that many of my "wants" while not necessarily universally wanted by everyone can be good quality of life improvements that could be implemented in new game modes if not to the standard gamemode that everyone has come to enjoy so much. What I mention could just be used as brainstorming ideas, or a good way to start conversation amongst the fans of the game, I know that I like thinking about how the game could evolve and I hope that many of you do too, I would love to see myself playing this game for years down the road. Server Options I would love to see PUBG's have a server browser option, it would be great if Bluehole were able to setup a fair and versatile server structure that allowed fans and groups to rent a server and run the game using a number of developer chosen presets such as allowing or disallowing certain weapons, vehicles, map rotation (when new maps are added), game modes (if and when they are added), damage modifiers (2x damage servers, 0.5x damage servers?). I think I read that there are thoughts of adding ranked/casual servers - maybe have two tabs to choose from each? Gamemodes This might be controversial for some players and I'm not necessarily in love with all these ideas but I thought I'd add them in for the sake of conversation. Please feel free to spit poison in my face if you see me in the street. Standard Battleground - This is what we're familiar with already, give or take some advanced options that hopefully will become available when server options are added (fingers crossed). Arcade Battleground - A faster paced version of standard battlegrounds, maybe a smaller map size, maybe a section of the map quartered off using invisible walls or *turn back you're leaving the battle* area. This is for players that are on a time crunch and just want to knock a game out before heading to their child's baseball game or appendectomy. Land and Sea - Imagine if boats and other more dexterous vehicles were available and there were maps built around their versatility for movement (say an island based map), now think about major jumps in the play area I'm talking about the play area not just decreasing in size but switching from area to area or - as in the example island to island. I think this could encourage some really frantic action gameplay. Sudden Death - Basically the same as Standard Battlegrounds but the blue zone could be instant death. This could even be a server option added to any gamemode perhaps? HPT (High Priority Target) - I'm a little proud of this one, but at the same time I could see it being completely unreasonable. Imagine you could play with teammates, or solo and all the sudden the server decides that one of you or the entire squad is a HPT and you're all the sudden visible on the map - or maybe you're blinking or if you're standing still for too long you'll show up as a blip. The rest of the server has a task to kill you or a team member in a 2 minute timeframe in order to obtain additional bonus points. The rest of the game plays out as normal but with this one caveat. I could see big rushes of players and squads grouping together in a certain part of the map, converging all at once guns blazing - teams taking out other teams, some focusing on the HPTs some not! Calamity. Feast or Famine - Standard Battlegrounds but just a lower drop rate for loot. Death from Above - A helicopter-centric game mode? Yes I want helicopters added - kinda. Another cool idea with "Death from Above" in mind is that teams will gradually be dropped from the transport aircraft - maybe even start with gear the later you are dropped in. This will lend itself to people being shot while parachuting and or being able to shoot those on the ground when parachuting in. Warning Very Controversial Borderline Stupid Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Squad Deathmatch. I only add these because I want to hear what the community thinks of them, I am in no way fond of the idea that these game modes detract from Bluehole's progress towards the foundation of Standard Battlegrounds. I think that these game modes are played out but at the same time, if I'm giving you my laundry list of things I want from the game why not put a golden toilet in my atrium's washroom on the top floor of my beach house in Hampton. Weapons/Attachments If you're anything like me - you're not fussy with weapons or attachments in your FPS as long as they're real world weapons and not some crazy-assed laser devastator experimental weapon from the world war 2124 era. I'm happy with the way things are going, the crossbow and the Thompson are meh - doesn't really bother me, they're just sane enough not to agitate my cynicism and while I think the melee weapons need to be balanced or the mechanics need to be reworked, I think they're fine, maybe add a bat and a broken bottle or something. All that being said I have a few suggestions and I'll throw in a few weapons that I think are one-offs that might be entertaining. I'll also introduce a new class of weapons which people will probably have a problem with and I'm not necessarily hooked on the idea either. Assualt Rifles Galil Ace 23 M&P10 AN94 FN F2000 FAMAS-G2/F1 variant(?) Steyr AUG-A3 Ak-12 SAR-21 ACR G36 Tavor TAR-21 Carbines You can pick and choose the aforementioned assault rifles and swap in their carbine variant if that applies. But here are some I think are interesting: SG552 Hi-Point 995 Kel-Tec SUB-2000 L22 Carbine (My Bae) Sniper Rifles AR-50 M98B Blaser 93 C14 Timberwolf (love to my Canadians) KNT-308 SV-98 Submachine Guns Bizon (Why not?) Scorpion Evo3 (Edgy) Carl Gustav M45 MP5, MP7, UMP whatever from H&K Vector (Too edgy! I don't really want it but if they bring it I know a lot of people would be thrilled) PP-90 FN P90 (Someone wants it) 93R (Please, just for fun) TEC-DC9 (...) PP-2000 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers/Anti Tank This might be a little controversial and I'm not sure if they'd fit into the game, but I'm sure given the right balancing and the rarity they could work - they might also be fun in game modes that are more vehicle-centric if that ever ends up happening. SMAW RPG-29 RPG-7 M79 Attachments Range finder FLIR (On the fence with this one... it would be very hard to balance, maybe make it ultra rare?) Underslung Grenade launcher GP-25 (Gotta make this rare too or have some serious balancing) Bayonet (I guess...) Bipods Speed loader (kind of pointless but thought I'd throw it out there) Sling (Maybe have this increase run speed when rifle is still equipped... hey I like this idea) Slugs and or Hollowpoint (Interested to see what people think of this) Others Please take these with a grain of salt, just throwing shit at the wall seeing what sticks. Lady Pistol (just a novelty) Improvised shotgun (another novelty) Never, please never claymores please. Never. Taser Handcuffs/zip ties/cable ties .950 JDJ AA-12 Vehicles This is just spitballing as well - but I would love to see a helicopter in game as well as more variety for just civilian ground vehicles. Helicopter or Helicopters - R22 Beta, Sikorsky S-300C,MH-6, Mi-17 Motorcyles, maybe even a sidecard motorcycle? Jeep with mounted LMG Gunboat Van Hybrid car (super quiet) ATV 3-Wheeler Anyway, I'm exhausted - this ended up taking way too long my creative juices were flowing and I had the day off but I work so much this was a real drain on my time... I have more things I want to talk about, if this engages a lot of people maybe I'll do another one. Hope everyone is having a great day. Peace, love, don't be a sinner, winner winner chicken dinner.
  15. Ok so I joined the forums a few days ago and did notice something that is an annoyance to me but maybe not to others. Every time I go to a diff. part of the site that little pop up asking if I want notifications from here is there please un-tick that from the site settings.
  16. Hello players, I have taken some pictures with the ARX App from Logitech to visualise easier the usage of my CPU and GPU. Note: the Clock speed are false. Spec in my Account description. These Pictures are taken in Georgopool nord in a Soloplay on the newest patch from 20.04.2017. I have an avg FPS of 110. I have an 144Hz monitor so my aim is going for 144 FPS. Settings: Fullscreen @ 1080p. Look at Screenshot So I noticed that my GPU jump all the time between 30 to 87 % Usage. The CPU the first thread is always like 70-80 % and the others jumping like on the pictures. But it is strange that the Game don't increase my FPS to the desired 144 if my GPU and CPU usage are low. Greetings Vlamesneaker
  17. I played a good amount so far with wins across solo, duo and squad. I am fairly knowledgeable of realism games and mods and would like to see if anyone else is experiencing some things I have or agree / disagree. I will try to keep it constructed unlike many crybaby's that come on to just rage about nonsense rather than make any reasonable points / change the game to something it's not. This is a mix of bugs as well but felt this was best post here. A few of my main points or questions start with asking; Does anyone else feel like they're getting shot through trees or walls (not related to the currently known bug where players can see and shoot through buildings) I generally position myself as best as possible to be in my favor, example of what's happened to me, people are shooting me from the right side per say, so I run behind a tree and compensate even a slight bit to the left so I'm fully covered, yet I keep getting hit, same with building corners. This could also be a desync / interp problem but I can't confirm this nor see posts of it. Does it feel like people tank more in vehicles than outside of them? Many times I have shot people in the head 2-3 times, main one that pops up in my head is when I shot something with my sks and they still didn't die and drove on (shot them before vehicle was even moving and was close just to rule out any arguments oh maybe this or maybe that.) Tanking in general seems to be an issue as I've many times shot people at roughly 5-7 times and they don't get knocked out/killed. Possibly hit registration, shows blood but not actually hitting? On the note of shooting people so many times, obviously there are lag issues. Many times I've downed people I get a feel of when they "should" be killed but either don't, or end up going down a few seconds after when I stop shooting and still looking at them ready to fire again but then registers them going down. Same goes for me, I've been shot at and many times I'll have maybe half health and jump to the side to cover or just in general and instantly I go down/die. Sure headshot would make sense, but the times I mention that is not the case. Could be another issue towards desync / lag issues. How many times do I have to stand next to a vehicle or door and press f. Sometimes I press it once, rageface then start mashing it. I actually had a moment where I was on the edge of a door trying to breach a guy hiding on a roof and it wouldn't register me being in front of the door as I was being sneaky and trying to open it from the lower part of the stairs, then climbed on the railing and tried. With that not working I tried leaning while on the railing and still did not work and I'm literally in front of the door, not until I was standing on the steps and humping the door was I able to open it. I'm happy to play a more realistic game and not arcade like games that all the whiners keep wanting this game to be because they get greedy with loot and don't know how to position and try to make the best of the worst situation. I've pulled out wins that you would generally think were never winnable due to circumstances but never gave up and got those wins. I'd actually like to see less "tanking" and people die when I shoot them so many times especially in the head, otherwise I myself though the circle was fine and kept the game moving. I will continue to support the game when I can and continue to play this game as it's the only one I'm playing right now it's so exciting and my nerves and hands/body shake in those end game situations / after wins. It's a memorable feeling and every new match you go into an area, memories pop up and you remember fights you've had or how you won a match. It's a new and refreshing feeling. Have fun everyone, if this game isn't for you, that's fine. Don't try to change it for what it's not though. If you compare it to some other game, or if you like that other game, go play that instead of crying. Learn to enjoy it, play with people who are more experienced, ask for tips or move on is all I can say.
  18. this game is great and id enjoy every second if i could play the fucking game, i get its early release but atleast playing it to give my feedback would be nice. over 140 hours and all of a sudden i cant play after this latest patch. dont get it at all specs : i7 6700k....geforce 1060.... 8 gigs of ram. and plenty of hardrive space. its not my comp by any means. i dont get why i cant play.
  19. Waypoints: More waypoints (e.g. 1, 2, 3), shared with team would also be good (so color coated) Grenade hotkey, instead of having to switch to grenade have a hotkey. For example, hit G to arm/throw a grenade then go back to whatever you have equiped Team Size: Love to see a 3 man team option, love the DUO right now, but adding one more would be good instead of going to 4 only. *I just noticed in 4 squad that you can enter with 3 and have 'team match' turned off, I am ok with this if this is how it works. Mainly I wanted to be able to play with only 3 as friends without a random person that could tk us. Fantastic game
  20. Hello there, i have to say sorry for my bad english but i'm German so dont be angry with me if i write something wrong. First i just want to say that i think "PUBG" is a very good game, even though its just in an early-alpha-phase. I love the beautiful design and the tons of features like the many ways you can modify youre weapons or the fact that you can drop out of the plane at the beginning alone and not by a the computer. If the movement of the own OP get enhanced and the he performance gets a little better, i think its ways better than games like H1Z1:KOTK or ArmaIII BattleRoyale. For the future i wish test servers or that you can create lobbies for you and youre friends to test the setup or just practice aiming and handling. It doesnt have to be the whole big map but a small arena map would be great (as example this little arena map for Cs:GO ~Thanks for reading ^^
  21. Won't waste time, here we go! Healing. At the moment, I hate the fact that bandages and first aid can't heal you fully. I've played around 15 games and have yet to see a Med-Kit.. if they even exist. In my opinion it just rewards and encourages players who hide and wait until they are the last few remaining. I would want as many player engagements as possible. If that's a mechanic people like, how about bandages heal anything above 75% health, first aid heals anything about 50% and so on. Gas. Gas in it's current state is fine. Lowers health slowly and doesn't punish (too much) players who want to explore that little while longer. However I think if a player is caught in the Gas the amount of health it has taken away should not be able to be regained by any healing items. Apart from maybe some type of pills that are really rare. Make Gas a much bigger threat, forces more people into the circle, creating more player engagements. Spectating. If I've been killed sometimes I want to see what happens to my killer for the rest of the game, if they are killed it should switch the spectator to their killer and so on. One game after another. A setting or option in which to put me into another game on death would be nice, going back to the main menu seems pointless and wastes a lot of time when I just want to play another game. Hit Markers. Pretty self explanatory. The amount of times I've shot a bush because I'm sure it just wiggled is a number I do not wish to share. Encampments. At the moment there aren't many 'Risk for Reward' moments. Perhaps random AI controlled encampments set up in houses among the map that AI defend. Attacking theses encampments and taking their stash could equal powerful or rare items? Quite a big ask that one I know.. Clamber mechanic. My biggest problem in these type of games is always dancing around a fence in hopes of reaching the other side. If my character could just grab the fence and hop over it would be great. That's it.. Only 15 games in but really enjoying the game so far. I do feel though there needs to be something else rather than the standard drop > find guns > survive > kill last guy > win. Agree with anything? Will update as I go.
  22. Hello Battlegrounds fans, devs. Just wanted to post a small list of things that I find strange in the current main menu that hopefully will get changed/fixed in the future! Main Menu: Main menu differs way too much in art style to the ingame UI. Ingame = clean, Main menu = gritty/rusty steely. The ready button in the topleft of the screen is a strange location, make it somewhere at the bottom like in CS:GO? Having to mouse over the leftbottom for a party check is strange, make it a main UI area somewhere center like CS:GO? Or maybe even ready checks above the character heads. Needing to refresh the party list over and over until someone is online is kinda weird (needs better Steam integration likely? Rocket League is a game that has nice implementation) The fact you can't kick inactive party members is a minor annoyance as well. You end up having to leave the party with all members and creating a new party. You can't see which reward you just opened out of the loot crate, you have to memorize which items you had and which you didn't. I can't see which Leaderboard locations my Steam friends are on. These are just some things that came to my mind when thinking about the main menu of PUBG. Hope to see some improvements in the future on this level If you have more suggestions/feedback concerning the Main Menu of PUBG feel free to add them below! I'll try to collect as many points and save them for a future LARGE list of bugs/feedback I'm collecting!
  23. Hello everyone. So recently i posted 2 videos about PUBG, and i need constructive feedback to improve the overall quality of the videos, and im also taking any video ideeas if you guys have any ! VIDEO LINKS (click the text) Battlegrounds - Funny Moments ! Battlegrounds - PISTOL ONLY CHALLENGE *Things im already working on improving* - Microphone Quality (Getting a POP filter to stop the breathing in the mic) - Volume adjustments to the videos Any sort of constructive feedback regarding the 2 videos is welcome here since im trying to improve Thank you !