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Found 13 results

  1. First Person Game W/ Big Teams

    Hey guys I got to play a custom game during SepticFalcons stream that was first person only, high loot and 8 man squads for each. Just Curious what everyone else thinks about the first person only modes and whose excited for it to be an option on live servers? Also the big squads was really interesting it made the whole dynamic of the game change anyone else get to play one like that yet? Anyway check out my video if you'd like to see some game play we even won haha!
  2. ???????? if so who is on board!? Moderator Edit. PUBG is happy to announce that First person servers are coming Until then you can continue to show you support for 1PP servers using this thread but if you have any detailed & constructive feedback please continue your discussion in the thread linked below. Thank you for all your patience and support so far!
  3. First person shadow issue

    Bug Description: Whenever I went into first person and looked at my shadow I noticed my weapons were floating in my shadow, I dont know if this is a bug or how the gun lays Date Seen: 7/6/17 Server: North America Non-Test server Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? If so, which ones are you using?. None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Edition Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1070 CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600 Ram: Corsair Vengence RGB 2100x 16GB I
  4. So this game has been apparently in development for 4 years. So why in those 4 years you can't have a higher fov or a fov slider for first person? Your current first person fov is so low that it looks like i'm playing on consoles. This game has so much work to be done. Why not work on the games optimization and graphic setting instead of hiring people to make more maps? Many people have already complained of it's poor optimization, I know this game is new in early access unlike h1z1 but you gotta have priorities in your games performance and settings than creating another large map. The dome as well is rushing everyone too much. this game takes about 30 minutes or 40 to end. but the dome rushes way too much. It needs to give players time instead of rushing everyone to get in a smaller circle. It's annoying. Give it a minute more for people to catch up at least or slow the dome down One other suggestion is to involve a first person only mode, Third person is such a easy way to see other sides of walls without even having to expose yourself. I feel like i've been killed from people using the camera to see me and I can't do anything about it, A first person only could do so well for those that want a legit fight instead of being cheated by some stupid third person camera.
  5. Peeking issues

    Hi! Am I the only one who's got issues with peeking? I haven't played for about a week thanks to my exams and I tried to play a few matches tonight but I've noticed I can't peek in first person anymore when I aim down my sights. If I spam my peek key the arms of my character starts moving for a bit but after that it snaps back to default and my aim stays straight. I've checked my settings, both peeks are binded on my keyboard and I have no issues peeking in third person.
  6. When you are using a ghillie suit in a first person only server (custom matches only at this point, obviously), there is a pretty bad bug. When you return to the standard first-person view after scoping in (I noticed with the 4x and 8x scopes on a SCAR, but I'm sure it happens for more weapon/scope combinations too), the forehead area of the ghillie suit shows across your screen for about a half second. This is distracting enough to make the ghillie suit pretty dangerous to use right now, since not being able to see for that long is enough to get yourself killed. I'll note that this is most likely related to a similar but not-as-bad bug, where when first equipping a helmet, you can see the forehead area of the helmet for about the same amount of time. Luckily, I haven't noticed this after first equipping helmets, unlike with the ghillie suit. Hope this helps..!
  7. Aim down sights bug

    There is still a bug when you are shooting while aiming down sights the recoil kicks down to your feet. This was an issue awhile ago and I haven't seen a post about an update on it.
  8. Bubble Bug (First Person)

    Aloha o/ i had some fun on a custom first person server today (great experience! make first person avaiable for everyone *.* ) and i have this habbit to dive under water to be safe of those starter island punch hackers (dunno how to call them). When you're actually ingame you can see those bubbles from breathing under water back from the starter lobby. TL;DR: Start the round being under water and you have some nice bubbles floating around your face and decreasing your vision while playing in first person (Only if you're walking normal or standing still! Bubbles won't appear if you sprint around) Good Night, Fellas!
  9. First Person and FOV - Zoom

    Probably a premature post. Not sure when this is being worked on. But for when first person servers come and the FOV slider is in, please consider the zoom issues games like DayZ went through. Simply, the issue is that the lower your FOV the further you can see (zoomed in more), and have a much better time shooting people. But lower FOV is irritating to play with. So your left between the options of having a comfortable higher FOV, or being able see further when shooting people at a lower FOV. The solution was when you scope up/aim down the sights, your FOV then changes back to a set number (75 maybe? this is the current FOV?) and that "scoped up" FOV can never change. Just a simple suggestion and a pet peeve of mine from playing first person in Arma/Dayz series games.
  10. Howdy people ! Another day, another video. Today i'll be bringing you a funny montage of my attempt at the FIRST PERSON ONLY CHALLENGE ! I say i nailed it. But thats just my opinion, now its your guys's turn to decide ! If you enjoyed the video, dropping a like motivates me to make more videos ! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Thank you for your time ! Love ya bois !
  11. First Person mode

    I'm speaking on behalf of Break71's chat: We would love for the game to be first person only. Now I understand if this is not the vision for the game, but I (we) would very much appreciate it if the third person mode would not give you (much) more info than the first person view does and that it also isn't viable to shoot from. I (we) believe that third person takes skill away from the players and results in less awesome gameplay.
  12. First Person Looting

    I know this is one of those "realism" factors but I think the looting things off the ground could use a little less head-bobbing, especially when picking up multiple items quickly.
  13. Copy pasted this from a word document, not sure how to disable the grey highlight, apologize. Seems the pasting of things to the forums is really wonky. Wanted to drop some more feedback here after playing again for another weekend, I'm going to list everything in order of importance to myself. Gunplay - I know you guys have heard it already, but I'm going to echo it again. The gunplay feels really awkward currently. I really think removing the 3rd person crosshair and focusing completely on making the 1st person ADS the best it can be would be a good decision. There is little to no reason to use the optics, and the 3rd person peeking with the crosshair is insanely OP. A guy can peak a tree fire off a burst accurately and be back behind the tree before the person is even able to shoot. It has such a huge advantage right now that I really almost never see a reason to even consider using the 1st person ADS, maybe only with snipers and even then you could still just use the 3rd person crosshair. Game Pace - Currently still feel the game pace is a major problem, most games I don't run into people till the final 12 ish players, and that is when Im constantly out running around looking for fights. I really think the game could benefit from having a higher total number of players. It doesn't need to be 100+ but maybe something like 80, I really think it could help the feel of the game. If you guys really don't want to do that, then I think speeding up the circle is the next best thing. It's just currently there is so much down time that the game does get a little boring. First Person - Would really like to be able to test the game in 1st person. I think you could get even more of the Hardcore crowd playing the game. Also I know the general feel right now among the 1st person crowd is that they are being ignored, that currently you guys are catering to the 3rd person players. Personally, I don't think you guys are wanting to cater to any one crowd, but that it what some people in the 1st person community are thinking. Sensitivity - Would really like a option to be able to set everything to one sensitivity Grenades - Currently it feels really hard to ever get to a time where a grenade is worth using. I saw in a post on one of the forums a guy talking about how CSGO is such a great game for throwing grenades. That you have the different styles of throws, a long throw, medium, and short. If you guys would be able to pull something like that off, it would be amazing. Currently the max throw distance is really short, personally I'd like to see grenades be able to be thrown almost triple the distance. Also, smoke grenades, the smokes right now don't do enough to be much use. I think the area of effect the smoke has needs to be increased, and it needs to smoke the area quicker. CSGO and Squad both do a great job with smokes. Splitting Stackables - I know this is something that is coming, at least I hope, but if it would be possible to get this in for the next weekend, it would be great! Currently not being able to split a stack of 100 7.62 so you can't take any of the ammo really is a downer. Gun Balance - Most guns seems to be pretty good, only 2 I currently have a concern for are the Saiga, I think it might be a bit strong, maybe lowering the fire rate a tiny bit wouldn't be a bad idea. The 2nd is the Kar98, currently the kar doesn't do enough damage, maybe you guys want it to be a lower tier weapon, not sure. I think the damage needs to be increased, got hit by one and only lost about 30 health. Had to shoot a guy with a lvl 1 vest 3 times to kill him. For it being a bolt action rifle with low fire rate, it needs to have some advantage. Maybe what you guys want is for the advantage to be in the accuracy of it? if so, that actually could work out, but the gunplay needs to be there so a player could get to the point of being able to accurately go for headshots. Parachuting - Currently I really like the feel of the immediate drop from the plane, that feels good. I think more people would like the parachuting if they had a little more control of it. Right now it feels like you are steering a boat, maybe that's the feel you guys were going for. But i think if you just gave more of the control to the player that it would be better. Map/Enviroment - Feel like the map really has improved from the 1st test, but something still is off to me about it. I know that as time goes on the map is probably going to keep improving, as far as im aware the visual stuff comes later in developing a game. Right now it just kinda feels dull. Like the colors or really bland or something, don't know if this is planned but having a saturation slider in the game I think would help some with this. I guess a person could always turn up digital vibrance in the nvidia control panel. Sorry for the book, but wanted to get some of my feedback to you guys. I played the game quite a bit the last few weekends, definitely had some fun, but at times really worried about the game. I want the game to be the best it can be, I've really grown to love Battle Royale games and hope that when this is released that it can be a home run. It might be perceived that I'm being overly critical, but i definitely have some concerns.