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Found 60 results

  1. Please implement a patch that makes it so you cannot shoot while outside the playable area. Players should be penalized for getting caught outside the zone. It eliminates the strategy and safety net of following the circle in and being inside the zone. I have been killed more than several times by someone who stocks up on healing items and just picks people off from sniper distance outside the playable area. This is especially annoying later in the game when you're in the top 10 and get into a perfectly good strategic spot, only to be gunned down by someone who is scrambling to get back in. You should still be able to get shot while you're trying to run back in, but that's part of the penalty for being stuck outside.
  2. i has 6gb ram and a gtx930m... im so sad... well i think i will can´t never play this game, i´m waiting for some patch with fps fix and faster render textures, not everyone has a pc gamer to play with 16gb ram and gtx1080 just waiting for something i dont know what. someone pls tell me if i wait some optimization or just delete this game because i never can be play it with this pc.?
  3. I've tried every single step in this guide posted here with no solutions as to what is causing the problem. I can get into the game just fine. i created a character, dressed them up, and sent them off to battle royal... kinda. when i press the button to start the game a join a server it works fine and loads up as expected until i see my character on the island for about one second. This is the point where it freezes up and shoot me to the screen provided in the screenshot where it obviously reads that BattEye did not work correctly. Again, I tried every single step in the guide above multiple times and I know my way around a computer. I can't seem to find out what is going wrong here. Please help me!
  4. Здраствуйте , не знаю или там где надо пишу... . Но! Сегодня играя примерно в 18:00 - 19:00 нашел текстурку , которая вылезла из стены. Город "Mylta" и скриншот: если можно , пофиксите :) Спасибо.
  5. I think the redzone mechanics should be changed to be similar to what they are in A3 BR. Now its is simply unfair, you can get killed immediately when it spawns upon you. I think the intention of the redzone should be to force the players to move and only kill them only if they stay at the zone intentionally. You can be number 1 player and still get killed not because of a mistake or good play of an enemy, but just by bad luck. Such randomness shouldnt be in a competetive game.
  6. Hi, i'm a streamer and i just wanted to ambush a guy in EU Solo server with my Kar98 but i got stuck in the rocks and i've got a video of it, which i can also upload some screen shots. I also uploaded the video of the problem to youtube, you can check out the link below. I think those rocks shoulb be streched a bit, for any further problems.
  7. This error has been happening for a week straight. I literally think I have done everything possible. No one knows how to fix this error. I need this fixed. Everytime I click tab for inventory, I get this error. I can play a whole round without clicking tab and it works fine but when I click tab it shuts down. Please someone help me!
  8. You know what's not cool? Getting out of a vehicle and when my friend STARTS to reverse into me (UNDER 5 F**KING MPH) I should probably not go from 75 health to downed instantly. It's 5 F**KING MILES PER HOUR for the love of god! Fix that s**t. Thanks.
  9. After using the x2 x4 x8 scopes or driving a bike with side car all of these actions lately have had a chance to stop Q and E from working the camera moves but you cant tilt in first person or anything so you cant peak
  10. I have no idea if this is a bug or meant to be a feature but i was spraying someone with an ump underwater full auto none of my shots hit even when he was on the surface of the water. Could it be the gun i was using?
  11. As the title says i cant update to the newest client version (2.3.30) i get no update thing on steam either so how do i fix this? Fixed it by verifying files
  12. For the past 2 days I have been recieving a lot of lag in PUBG. It like rubber banding, but it doesn't make the game unplayable, just really really annoying and not optimal. I just ran a speed test and I am getting (19 ping, 39.35Mbps down, 9.13Mbps up). My old build/ISP was running the game fine, but I moved. Before my speeds were (36 ping, 34.56Mbps down, 6.79mbps up). I also changed my PC specs. I now have: i7-7700k, Upgraded from 4790k MSI A Pro z270, Upgraded from some random micro ATX Intel board. 16GB ddr4 Ram, Upgraded from 12gb ddr3 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, Upgraded from EVGA 980 FTW This game and Overwatch lag a lot, but Overwatch doesnt rubber band or anything and just lags. It lagged with my old internet as well. My FPS stays solid when the rubber banding happens, so I dont think it is a issue like that. I have the game installed on a Samsung SSD, so no issues there. I have a wired connection to my router. Games like BF1, H1Z1, CSGO, and LoL dont have any stuttering or lag issues. Just this game and Overwatch. I have a the latest drivers for everything on my system, and I have restarted my PC multiple times This is what it looks like (Not my video), but my FPS is good (above 90)
  13. Hi guys, I keep freezing randomly and it's getting really really frustrating. I sometimes can play hours without or 3 games in a row. There is really no log or something of what went wrong so I don't know what I can do.. This is the error I got last time. I either get this memory shit or no error whatsoever and it just closes the game.. Please help!
  14. The first time I picked up the VSS I had no prior testing of the actual weapon and this was my first time using it and zooming in with it. I noticed that their seems to be two "10" marks on each side of the crosshair that is either the exact same size as the crosshair or a little bigger. This made me aim at the player incorrectly. I hovered one of the "10" markers over him thinking it was the center of the crosshair. When you zoom in your are looking at the player through the scope no necessarily the "red dot" your unconscious perception is using the reticle most visible to judge where to aim. Having those two "10" marker than are just as dark and just a large as the reticle makes it very hard for me anyways to correctly and accurately shoot someone while in a fast gunfight. This is a video of how I inaccurately shot my first two bullet because I hovered the "10" marker over the player instead of accurately hovering the center marker over him. It also shows how under powered the VSS is lol. Please let me know how you guys feel about this... Similar feelings or is it just me? Also, if any of this is unclear please let me know! I am willing to elaborate because it was hard to explain. MUTE THE VIDEO. MY RECORDING DEVICE SEEMS TO BE MAKING A CONTINUOUS BUZZING NOISE.
  15. I don't think this is fixed in the upcoming patch, correct me if I'm wrong. A few games ago, I was in small house 2 story house with the mini balconies on each level, and there was a player above me. I was on the stairs and could see him in 3rd p holding an angle on the stairs. I strafe left and pump 2 shotgun blasts right on him through the tiny (what looks like wood) railing. I see no blood, and his shots do nothing to me. I pull out the AK, get a few shots on him again through the bulletproof rail before he gets to the top of the stairs and lays into me with the UMP. I get 2-3 shots into him before he kills me because ya know UMP > AK unless you're at like 100+ meters. This has happened to me more than a dozen times with many different railings on stairs. Plus another few dozen if you count the thin outdoor walls and shacks that are bulletproof. Also the chain link fences. I understand that a bullet could change it's path if it hit a metal link fence, but really? There are many holes in it, and I'm pretty sure most guns would just tear through that np. Also, most of the time people are right up against the fence, so even if the path changed, it still hits them. Please can we at least shoot through stairway railings sometime in the near future? Thank you. -Toob.
  16. Hello, I was recently playing battleground with a friend of mine and we were doing duo's we came to a house with a group in it, so we chucked a grenade and downed one. He was shortly revived by his teammate and they ran out back, they down my teammate and I down one of them as well. I got my teammate back up as they got their teammate back up, we exchanged bullets for a while and my teammate knocked one out. We were about to push when we got grenade-ed... we both died. That said, my suggestion is to make a max health cut when you get knocked down, for example, you get knocked out "once" you can only regenerate 75% of your health instead of 100% and bleeding out quicker. I think this system will become more balanced than the current increased bleeding out system, due to people being bullet sponges only to be revived and 100% back in action.
  17. I think i know the main problem with the Lag, Stutter and FPS issues with the game. If you notice when you die the players in the game actually disappear. That being said watch your FPS sky rocket as a result of all the players in the game disappear. Everything in the game stays Buildings, Loot, Dead players loot, Vehicles, Ect. The only thing missing is the players that are still alive. If you were playing Duo or Squad and go to spectate after you die your FPS drops way back down. 25 - 55 FPS when Alive 80 - 100 FPS when they disappear when i die.
  18. If I go to the match with PUBG then I only see the PUBG logo with the slogan but the game runs in the background Intel core i3 Nvidia gforce GTX 950 8 GB RAM
  19. As you can see from these pictures, I have won 3 games total in solo mode. However, my stats say I have only won 2. This matters to me because at one point I was ranked within the top 500 in Solo Rating/Win Rating, but now am only within the top 3000. To top this, my game crashes nearly 1/5 of the time I play so that also has been lowering my Rating. Here is the evidence, I hope my stats get updated:
  20. Hello, I was having the "...could not allocate texture..." crash every second game when playing PUBG. A workaround that I found was to exit and reenter the game every match but this was annoying. I then remembered that my Windows page file was limited/changed by me. I put it back to "System Controlled" and I never came across that error again. I believe its worth noting that and I hope it works for you. Good luck!
  21. bug

    Found a glitch that I know some people have had over the days. Talked to a few people and I know this is not a common bug, but it happens from time to time. Just wanted to shed some light on it.
  22. Hey! I'm in love with Battlegrounds but really struggle to play confidently due to me getting very bad fps. Sometimes, I bearly hit 40fps in-game even though I have a decent CPU and GPU when In other BR's like H1z1, I manage to maintain a good 60+. I understand the game is still in alpha development however I really hope this is fixed by the next test or release! Will this be focused on by the developers? PC specs: Intel i5 6500 Skylake 3.4ghz MSI GTX 1050ti 8gb DDR4 ram 1tb
  23. Bug Description: Random crashes. Everywhere. Date Seen: Just now. 4 fckn minutes ago. Server: Public Match Troubleshooting Attempted: alt f4 while game freezes, had to log out since it froze my entire pc. Other Information: Its not relevant but im fukcing salty rite now. Launch Options: NO System Specifications: Operating System: win10 64bit Graphics Card: Geforce GTX1050 OC 4GB Windforce CPU:i5 4460 qc 3.2ghz Ram: 8GB DDR3 1600mhz