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Found 150 results

  1. Specs: I7 3770k 3.4Ghz - GTX 1050 -DDR5 - 8GB RAM. I get 60-80 fps with low&medium settings but it always drops to 30-40 whenever I drive, I open inventory and while in plane. Is there any way to stop these? I tried YouTube stuff but none works. I can't play a match with 60+ fps. Can someone help me
  2. There is another thread about this same issue and from what I know no staff have responded even after they used the correct bug report format. So hopefully some staff can help us out with this issue. Bug Description: Whenever you open your inventory you have a 5-10 second lag spike, shorter & longer for others. Video of Issue Date Seen: Ever since I bought they game which was last month so from 6/20 - 7/20 Server: This is the main server (not test). Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried using FPS tweaks with launch options but I have found that none of them really help they just cause another problem that I stopped using them, and I would have put my settings lower but I already play at the lowest possible settings. Other Information: No, none that come to mind. Launch Options: I have no launch options set. System Specifications: Operating System: Custom Made PC Graphics Card: GTX 750 Ti CPU: i5-6500 Ram: 8GB Thank you and any comments by any staff will be very appreciated
  3. FPS Problems

    Let me start by saying that I understand that this game isn't completely optimized yet. That doesn't mean that there aren't any solutions to the problems people are having. Maybe someone has been having my same problem, and then tweaked some settings somewhere and was able to get it resolved. There are sometimes ways of getting passed optimization problems. So I bought PUBG around a week ago and ever since then, I've been plagued with FPS problems. Here's basically how it works: I load into the game where everyone is stranded on the island (I also encounter an audio glitch here where the gunfire shots sound very choppy and loud for like the last 20 seconds of the counter) and proceed to get around 50-70 FPS on ultra and more than 100 FPS on the lowest. Then, towards the last ten seconds of the countdown timer my FPS dips to around 5-15 FPS until I get into the plane. Once I jump out of the plane and land my main issue starts: For around 10-20 seconds I am able to get pretty high frames (more than 60 FPS regardless of what graphics settings) but then I dip into the 5-15 FPS range for around 40-60 seconds or somewhere around there. I'm basically spending more than half of my game just playing in this 5-15 FPS range with the occasional highs of above 60 FPS. These frame drops occur absolutely randomly and with no reason it seems. I could be in a large open field with clusters of trees or inside a small house. One second I can be getting very good frames and then the next I can have dips for no reason (regardless of my graphical settings). I've spent hours look for solutions. I've tried basically all of the launch commands, messed around in NVIDIA Control Panel, set my graphics to the lowest, then highest, and tried a few in between. I've also seen blame coming from the fact that the AMD FX processors are poorly optimized with the Unreal Engine 4 or that you need an SSD to play this game. However, I've seen the absolute contrary as various systems online that are using an FX processor or just an HDD are getting perfectly fine frame rates. I know that my system is also up to the task of running this game as there are YouTube videos and online posts of the GTX 970 as well as my processor running this game perfectly fine on ultra. That also wouldn't explain why I'm getting basically the same frame rates no matter what settings I put the game at. Thank you for any help and I appreciate any responses. Date Seen: Since I first bought the game around a week ago. Server: Live server NA Error Message: No error messages. Other Information: See above. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried launch options, messed around in NVIDIA Control Panel and changed graphical settings around. Launch Options: I have tried -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -d3d10. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: AMD FX-8350 RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. M5A97 LE R2.0 (Socket 942) Graphics: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (MSI) Monitor: VG248 (1920x1080@144Hz) Storage: 931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-00RKKA0 (SATA)
  4. Insane FPS Drops in CQC

    I've loved playing PUBG ever since i got it and have close to 200 hours. My system is a i5-6600k and an R9 Fury. I play this game at 1080p and have everything set to ultra except for shadows and foliage which are set to very low. I always get 60+ frames the whole game when playing, but when i get into close quarter combat my FPS drops like crazy. My FPS never drops when i shoot or my teammates. This only happens when an opponent is shooting near me and my fps will dive bomb into to 1-5 fps range where my screen wont even move. None of my hardware is overclocked and heat isn't an issue. Ive tried many different graphics settings and none of them fix it. It doesn't even happen every time I'm in a fight sometimes it only happens only 1 out of 4 or 5 fire fights. I've looked for other people with this problem but many of those people have under powered systems and their FPS drops at random. I'm finally posting because i just lost a solo match in the top 10 again because i spot an enemy and we start shooting and i get an fps drop so low that i can do anything but sit there and die or for them to reload for me to do anything. Its extremely frustrating to have to deal with this and it has been the reason I've lost matches way to many times. I don't know if this is a game bug or optimization issues but it needs to be fixed. My system is overpowered for this game but still gets $h!t on when i get shot at. Ive even reinstalled the game and the problem still persists. Feedback from the PUGB team would be very nice and some responses from people experiencing the same issue to see if this is a widespread issue that needs immediate attention. Thank you and i love the game so much its just that this is extremely frustrating.
  5. Всем привет. Вообще я разобрался с настройками игры, на моём компе играть можно, особо не лагает. Однако при открытии инвентаря( нажатии TAB ) фпс просаживается в 2-3 раза, приходится ждать пару секунд чтоб всё прогрузилось. Кто нибудь знает с чем это связано? Вот комп: Процессор: amd fx tm -6300 six-core processor 3.50 ghz ОЗУ: 8ГБ Видюха: amd radeon r7 200 series
  6. Eu comprei o jogo, eu estou jogando agora até hoje, mesmo com fps em 30/40. Hoje, vamos abrir o jogo, na tela de início com 50fps e quando entro no servidor ele cai pra fps 1 e depois não passa de 8. Aconteceu o mesmo com vocês nas últimas horas? Tenho um inte, i5, 8gm ram, placa de video 2gb. Sei que a configuração não é melhor, mas até ontem rodava tranquilamente em 30/40.
  7. PUBG and AMD

    Has anyone found any good info for AMD pc rigs in PUBG, I get insane FPS drops even with adjusting my pagefile. Does anyone know if AMD plans to release a driver update? Or if you guys have any fixes?
  8. Короче родненькие,че с этой игрой не так,вечные скачаки фпс, дома прогружаются раз от разу после приземления в начале игры, постоянно микрофризы,после того как игра заканчивается,если играл на серве хотя бы минут 20 игра зависает намертво и помогает только рестарт компа. Много перепробывал советов по оптимизации,результата нет. Что посоветуете Помогите кто чем может,братья, хоть какую-нибудь из этого шквала проблем решить именно на сегодняшний день,с учетом актуальной версии игры. Скрин хар-к своего компа прилагаю. и еще такой вопрос, сильно ли поможет покупка ssd с установкой игры на него и увеличение озу еще на 8 гб?
  9. Hello, When i first started playing the game i had a horrendous 8-10 fps, after a few optimization tips that were around during release i boosted it up to 20-25 which was playable. When they removed the optimization option through text files i was relying purely on the ingame optimization. A week before the big june patch i got around 15-20 fps which was also playable, now after every patch my fps drops with 3-5 fps. Which makes the game run worse after every patch. I also sit above the minimum requirements for this game specs wise so i have no idea what to do does anyone have any tips? (Apart from telling me to buy a new pc, heard it loads of times the joke is old). Thanks in advance for any help! Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-4500 CPU @ 1,80GHz 2,40GHz RAM: 8,00 GB 64x Windows 10 Graphics card: Nvidia Gefore GT 740M
  10. MSI GE70 2PC-440RU Apache Мой бук Процессор: Intel® Core™ i5 4210H 2900 мгц Оперативная память (Мб): 8192 Емкость HDD (Гб): 1000 Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M Windows 10 Вчера поставил гамку, поиграл, гружусь всегда 94+ на карту Фпс низкий сам по себе 30-40, порой проседает где-то до 10-15 Пару раз за несколько игр вылетало сообщение виндоуса, что оператива загружена более чем на 80% типа осторожнее Все стоит на очень низких, игру поставил на пустой диск D Нвидиа на максимальной производительности Как еще можно оптимизироваться/поднять фпсик? Может в виндоус самом что-то убрать, освободить оперативу как-то, фоновые программы по максимум закрыл.
  11. PUBG FPS - 1060 6gb , I5 6400, 8Gb RAM Please Share Your Experience Or Estimates of FPS , THANK YOU ! HAVE A NICE DAY
  12. Yeah i know my post count is low so why should i listen to you? I can understand this but hear me out. Ive read a lot of threads/post since the start of this forum and Ive seen a trend where people put up the RIG specs but never mention whether they have a SSD or HDD put in to play this game. I have run a i7-970 (1st generation) @2.9ghz, 4 GB DDR3, GTX 660, with an HDD and sounds and loading of textures was horrible. Ive put in a SSD in a 7 year old computer and it now runs like a dream. I currently run a i5 6600k (skylake) @3.5 ghz, 16 GB DDR4, GTX970 with an SSD and since last patch runs like heaven. So TLDR: If you have problems with this game but meet the minimum requirements>>>> put in a SSD (most if not all starting errors will vanish) If you do have an SSD its related to your internet or utilities in the background. Good luck and see you ingame Grtz Rompertje
  13. FPS i te sprawy

    Hejka wszystkim, mam pewien problem z PUBG, gre zakupiłem w środę, na początku miałem problem z FPS, potem jak je ogarnąłem miałem problem z wczytywaniem budynków, potem udało mi się to ogarnać, gralem do dzis normlanie na 60 FPS na niskich, zdziwiło mnie to bo mam 4gb ram a gra działała ładnie, ale dzisiaj troche z ragowałem, i uderzyłem w kompa, zresetował mi się, właczam gre na nowo, i wszystko znów laguje, albo budynki sie nie wczytują, a nie wiem jak ustawiłem wcześniej ze gra mi normlanie działa, wiec mam do was prośbe, jesli ktos gra na 4gb ram, prosze o pomoc jak ustawić zeby normlanie było mozna sobie grac
  14. A suggestion to all players who encountered like <30 FPS in game, or getting like crazily unfavorable FPS, but still, able to run and play the game well. Below are my laptop specifications, you can refer to it. So I run everything on 1920x1080, which is the recommended screen resolution for my laptop and everything is good. But what FPS I get for PUBG is terrible to me as I run other games at least at the range of 80-120 FPS. So before the Full Access arrives, I found that changing the screen resolution of the game could help out a lot as you know our systems wouldn't have to support too much of graphics if we lower the resolution. But the thing is if you use Window mode in game, and lower your resolution, you're gonna be irritated by the window panel. So you've to change your PC/laptop resolution as well and run the game in either fullscreen or fullscreen(windowed). This helped me a lot in my FPS or even my graphic loading, I got a range of 15-30 FPS previously, and after I change from 1920x1080 to 1360x768, I get minimum 40 FPS and up to 80 FPS. Feedback or suggestion for dev, If this could happen, it would be wonderful and convenient for all players who will or are doing the way I mentioned. Changing my screen resolution automatically when I run my game, for example, I normally run 1920x1080 at fullscreen(windowed) and my screen resolution is also 1920x1080. If I could change my resolution in game from 1920x1080 to 1360x768, then my screen resolution automatically changes to what resolution I've in game, it would be good, as the screen follows the resolution you've in game and it's in FULLSCREEN. Because what I noticed now is, even your game has setted to 1360x768, you put it on fullscreen, the setting of fullscreen will follow the normal screen resolution you've which is 1920x1080 which is in my case. That's my suggestion and opinion, all the best! Best regards, Sean
  15. Pomocy, FPS!

    Witam wszystkich serdecznie na forum tej pięknej gry. Mój problem jest następujący. Nie zależnie jak ustawie kartę graficzną, nie zależnie jaki config, jaką rozdziałke mam ogromy problem z FPSami. Moja konfiguracja sprzętowa to: Gainward GTX 660 AMD A8-5500 8GB Ramu(2x4GB) Wszystkie sterowniki są aktualne, bo aktualizowałem je jeszcze raz wczoraj. Moje fpsy jak nie pada i jestem w miejscu w którym nikogo nie ma to max 35 FPS a jak już pada i jest powiedzmy 5 osób to mam 12... co bardzo utrudnia mi grę. Pewnie wielu z was napisze że to wina procesora ale widziałem że ludzie grają na Core2Quad Q6600 i na 560. Podrzucam jak aktualnie wygląda mój config oraz ustawienia karty graficznej, może ktoś będzie w stanie mi pomóc. Próbowałem już chyba z 10 poradników z YT i tego forum i nic. Oczywiście ustawienia w grze wszystko na Bardzo Niskich. Nie mam już pomysłu co mogę zrobić. Rozumiem to że optymalizacja leży no ale szanujmy się...
  16. Constant lag/rubber-banding

    So I just got PUBG yesterday, and anytime I get in a game and play it I'm constantly lagging and rubber-banding around the place every step I take. Obviously it's extremely, extremely annoying. I checked the minimum requirements for the game and I'm pretty sure I check all the boxes. The only thing I'm not absolutely 100% sure about is my space. If anyone could tell me a good way to check how much space I have I would definitely take a look. Thanks
  17. Sprzęt do gry - pomoc

    Witam! Mam pewne pytanie, czy na owym sprzęcie PUBG ruszy na niskich, oraz czy dość płynnie będzie dało się grać? CPU: AMD A8-5600 Grafika: GTX 750Ti 4GB RAM: 8GB
  18. FPS Improvement Guide!

    Fps Improvement Optimization Guide LAG FIX This guide is not a 100% Lag Fix but will give a huge fps improvement depending on your own specs. First Step: In-Game Settings Make sure your graphics settings in game are all Very Low but if you have a higher-end card such as a Nvidia 1050+ you may have your settings on medium or higher but it is more better to have everything on very low to get the best FPS in game, but most importantly have your SHADOWS AND FOLIAGE ON VERY LOW!!! Why? because having high shadow means LESS FPS high shadows in game drains a lot of your FPS!!! so have it on low! also having foliage on low means you have an advantage seeing other players hiding in grass or bushes! Make sure your playing on Fullscreen! not window mode and not a full-screen window, playing on Fullscreen allows your RAM to concentrate moreinto that one application that is open aka your FULLSCREEN Pub G! Second Step: Adding Launch Commands Now for this step, you'll need to open up your steam library and right click on your PUB G>Properties>General>Set Launch Options after that you'll need to type in -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system the only space is between the S and the -malloc! Last Step: Editing Nvidia Control Panel This step is only for people who have a Nvidia Graphics Card if you don't have a Nvidia GPU maybe try to find a similar guide for your own GPU Right click your desktop and open up Nvidia Control Panel then head to Manage 3D Settings, then head to Program Settings, under Select a program to customize click ADD and Find TslGame if it's not there you'll need to manually Browse for it, the game should be in your Local Disk where you installed steam for example Local Disk C:>Program Files x86>Steam>Steamapps>Common>Players Unknown Battlegrounds>Binaries>Win64>TslGame.exe. After doing so scroll down in your Nvidia Program Settings and you'll find Power Management Mode change the settings part to Prefer maximum performance! (Note you can also do this for other games that you have) after that press apply and your all set! Your PUB G should now have a slight or even better improvement in FPS! Thank You for Reading and comment below if this guide has helped you! also if there are any spelling mistakes I am sorry and I'll fix the spelling mistakes that you guys pointed out for me!
  19. ФПС в инвентаре

    Проваливается fps при включении инвентаря, в обновлении 2.3.34 - в 2 раза примерно... При чем если сцена где фпс 70, проваливается до 40, а если сцена где фпс 40, то до 20-25... что уже очень не играбельно.. Раньше проблема решалась с параметром запуска -d3d10 , сейчас её якобы запретили, и без понятия, что делать...
  20. O jogo abre normalmente mas o video fica travado. Se eu minimizar o game e voltar, da apenas mais um frame e trava de novo, assim eu consegui entrar numa partida pra testar, o audio rolou normalmente, mas o video so dava um frame novo quando eu minimizei. O q pode ser isso? pc config: i5 4690 rx 580 8gb ram windows 10
  21. Problems running the game

    In the first 5 minutes of every match the game is nearly unplayable for me. My fps drops between 1 and 10 and the game freezes. Buildings don't render either. After about 5 minutes the game smooths out and my fps goes up to about 50. None of my other games do this and I run them on high/ultra but I can barely run PUBG on medium. Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening?
  22. Fala Galera, Vi várias pessoas reclamando do fps e jogando no full low com vários lags. Então assim como muitos fiz várias pesquisas e tentei inúmeras vezes melhorar o desempenho no game até que, consegui rodar o jogo muito mais liso. Então aqui vai algumas dicas que deu super certo comigo: 1: Instalem o Windows 10! Isso mesmo, o sistema usa menos memória comparado ao win 7 o que diminui o gargalo no game. 2: Atualizem o drive da sua placa de vídeo! Pode não parecer, mas uma versão desatualizada pode conter erros que prejudicam no game. 3: GPU'S que utilizam 4GB de Vram rodam muito bem esse jogo, se pretendem comprar ou trocar sua placa de vídeo, recomendo gpu's acima de 4gb! Porém com 2 gb você consegue rodar. 4: Memória Ram, é incrível a quantidade de RAM que esse game usa, então 8 gb já não são ideais, mas mesmo assim você pode rodar legal com 8 gb! Para quem quer saber a configuração da minha máquina vou listar aqui em baixo, sei que muitos tem a configuração melhor e mesmo assim estão tendo problema, creio que essas dicas possam ajudá-los a terem menos dor de cabeça com o jogo. Porém, vale salientar que o game não está 100%, muitas atualizações estão por vir (espero) e que resolvam esse grande problema de drop de fps. As informações do MSI Afterburner em amarelo representa como estava antes. As de cor azul, é como está agora. Lembrando que antes eu usava tudo no full low e agora no médio com apenas as sombras, vegetação e efeitos no low. Obs> No início do game após formatação do sistema, o jogo pode travar um pouco pela alta configuração que já vem pré definida! Abraço, espero ter ajudado!
  23. Problem z FPS!

    Witam. Pewnie już gdzieś był ten temat na forum, ale nie mogę poszukać. Mam mega problem ze spadkami FPS (dropy fps). Gram na rozdzielczości 1900x, wszystko na low, porobione wszystko co było do zrobienia na poprawę wydajności. Wszystko zrobione pod kątem lepszego działania gry. Dało mi to około 20-30 fpsów więcej. Średnio mam 50-60 fpsów w polu. Między zabudowaniami (miasteczka, wioski, pojedyncze domki) fpsy spadają nawet do 10.. Czasami przez to nie mogę zabić przeciwnika. Strasznie to nieprzyjemne i irytujące.. Praktycznie co chwile mam dropy. Czy mogę to jakoś "załagodzić", zminimalizować? Jest jeszcze jakiś cudowny sposób na poprawę wydajności? Z góry dziękuję na odpowiedź. Procesor: i5 4460, 3.2 Ghz (podkręcone do 3,4) Płyta głowna: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5 Pamięć RAM: 8 GB 1600Mhz GoodRam (jedna kocha, chłodzona) Karta graficzna: AMD Radeon R9 380 2 GB DDR5 MSI OC (stery aktualne) -mam zamiar wymienić na GTX 780 Ti 4GB System: Windows 10 64 bit (oryginał) Monitor: BENQ XL2411 (144Hz) Zasilacz: Zasilacz OCZ ZS Series 650W, 80 Plus Bronze
  24. Weird RubberBanding issue.

    For the past 2 days I have been recieving a lot of lag in PUBG. It like rubber banding, but it doesn't make the game unplayable, just really really annoying and not optimal. I just ran a speed test and I am getting (19 ping, 39.35Mbps down, 9.13Mbps up). My old build/ISP was running the game fine, but I moved. Before my speeds were (36 ping, 34.56Mbps down, 6.79mbps up). I also changed my PC specs. I now have: i7-7700k, Upgraded from 4790k MSI A Pro z270, Upgraded from some random micro ATX Intel board. 16GB ddr4 Ram, Upgraded from 12gb ddr3 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, Upgraded from EVGA 980 FTW This game and Overwatch lag a lot, but Overwatch doesnt rubber band or anything and just lags. It lagged with my old internet as well. My FPS stays solid when the rubber banding happens, so I dont think it is a issue like that. I have the game installed on a Samsung SSD, so no issues there. I have a wired connection to my router. Games like BF1, H1Z1, CSGO, and LoL dont have any stuttering or lag issues. Just this game and Overwatch. I have a the latest drivers for everything on my system, and I have restarted my PC multiple times This is what it looks like (Not my video), but my FPS is good (above 90)
  25. Hello I got some pictures and videos where you see me exactly aiming at people, shooting, and not hitting. But as you can see in the videos or the pictures the bullet or bolt should hit them exactly. Maybe you can correct me if I am wrong, but IMHO all these shots should be kills, shouldn't they? Especially the two last ones where you even see the white dot which is the bullet, before it disappears. Fix that please.