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Found 76 results

  1. Since I will likely be showcasing many videos in the future I should probably confine them to a single topic instead of spamming a bunch of them. First and foremost I would like to welcome everyone to my Channel and invite all to please have a look and Subscribe! Now we can move onto the content! I've showcased some other videos in other topics so for the sake of decency I will not re-post those videos, but I do have others that I would like to share with you all! First we have my latest upload which is actually a re-upload of gameplay from a couple weeks ago. I have improved my editing skills a lot as well as the overall layout of the tags/description so I wanted to bring this older video up to my current standards since I think the gameplay itself is still top notch. Next we have one of my more Popular videos, the awesome AWM Massacre! This video is again older but it withstands the test of time due to the mayhem I unleash on the poor Asians (lol) And lastly (for now) We have another Duo win this time with some awesome clutch moments and a crazy kill combo with UMP/Nade in a shed! be sure to check it out! Thank you all for stopping by and viewing my videos! If you like them please let me know and please don't be shy, leave a comment and Subscribe to my Channel!
  2. Let the experienced server hosts and providers starting deploying their own custom hardware solutions. This will: Reduce the amount of servers needed. (This will cut down on cost for dev team and also increase performance on servers, less congestion) Allow for customer servers. (Sniper only, 1st person only, Zombie, etc...) This will increase selection of things to try and thus will decrease "Mode Burnout" Allow hosts to employ custom hardware configurations that will rival that used my AWS. Allow clans to manager their own servers and police them with policies more strict than those on official servers. Faster recourse for hackers/cheaters. Make for a common server for people to play on to increase the fun factor of dominating friends or people who also frequent that server. Take some of the harsh rules made my dev team out of the equation. Want a server with alliances? It is your server do it! Just make sure it advertised as such. Downsides Dev team will have less say and power on these servers. Performance increases will make AWS server seem sluggish Server owners can make their own rules which can conflict with the dev's own rule system. So the only reason at this point to not release the server for public download has to do with the dev team wanting greater control and say. The benefits are in everyone's best interest. The downsides have no effect on players, but are reasons why dev team is probably hesitant. What is the populations opinion? Would you like to see public server client becoming a priority? A lot of the issues dealing with dsync and hit reg could be band-aided by a good high powered server. Drop me a comment on your opinion. If you do not agree.. tell me why not. If I missed something.. tell me what.
  3. Pretty much every community of game that has this mechanic despises it, It's a cheesy strat that takes away from actual positioning and movement in fights not to mention depending on how accurate the hitboxes move with the mesh provides a pretty ridiculous advantage and by definition should make it an exploit. A simple solution would be to make it unable to shoot during the prone anitmation, or at the very least have a massive accuracy debuff. Just to be clear crouching and shooting is fine, but diving to prone while moving and shooting is pretty ridiculous.
  4. После просмотра видео у меня в голове засела мысль о том , что было бы неплохо создать механизм в игре позволяющий преодолевать более высокие препятствия или те которые одному в принципе не преодолеть, за счет взаимодействия двух или более человек. Например забраться на контейнер/гараж/балкон с помощью своего тиммейта. Или быстрее преодолеть высокий забор , быстрее чем одному. Естественно чтобы это сопровождалось соответствующей анимацией. Мне кажется это бы позволило более полно реализовать преимущество игры в команде, появилось больше вариантов развития событий. Хотя наверное игра от этого стала менее предсказуемой и не всем это понравиться. Но это добавило бы немного реалистичности , который тут многим не хватает. Могу предположить, что не я один об этом подумал и кто то на англоязычном форуме уже писал об этом , но я не вкурсе.
  5. Hello Pubgers, I just started a new youtube channel the other day and already got 2 pubg videos waiting for you to watch them! And if you like what u see feel free to hit me up with a comment, like or even subscribe. Any rewievs are appreciated! The channel: one of my videos:
  6. Case 1: I am AKM equipped, I'm on a corner of a wall a guy runs past and starts running 180 away from me at maybe 10m I start single tapping my AKM: 1, 2, 3 he 180 spins and headshots me with a Kar98 Case 2: I am prone, and start taking shots at a enemy sniper at 75m ish I start shooting, he simply tanks rounds without even bothering to find cover -1, 2, 3 boom I'm dead No player should EVER be incentivized to simply tank hits No level of "skill" should allow a player to absorb hits and quickly and accurately return fire. Your health is there ONLY to buy you some time to seek cover. THAT IS IT This is NOT CSGO The appeal for me, and I believe a lot of others is the generally quite satisfying and semi-somewhat realistic gunplay. However, these notable exceptions definitely spit on all of that. And for those worried about it, look at a VERY good example of hit flinching being implemented: Red Orchestra 2. That game implements it VERY strongly and I LOVE how gunfights play out. You flinch from NEAR rounds, not even hits (You usually die in one) But the result is: Pinned down by automatic fire? You better stay down- you cant simply stand up amidst a torrent of bullets and take an accurate shot A sniper land a shot really close by your head? You better seek cover It creates gameplay that feels much more like you are an average, actual dude in a gunfight. Not some superhero I'm not asking for RO 2 gameplay here, but definitely being HIT should cause some repercussions, and that should AUTOMATICALLY give the shooter an additional edge over the person being hit. If you are hit first, chances are you will die first.
  7. I was unable to find a complete explanation of how boosters work, exactly: Boost bar is divided by four parts - 20%, 40%, 30% and 10%. Each part has its own effect - the higher boost tier you gain, the more positive effect it will provide. Boost effect wears off as time passes. As soon as it drops to previous (lower) tier, its effect will reduce. Energy drink boosts you by 40%. Painkillers boost you by 60%. Syringe boosts you by 100% (found only in airdrops). But actual effects are somewhat unclear: First tier heals you by 1% per tick Second tier heals you by 2% per tick, and increases weapon accuracy Third tier heals you by 3% per tick, and increases your running speed Fourth tier heals you by 4% per tick Here are the questions: - In second tier, what's the magnitude of the accuracy increase? Why it doesn't have its own indicator, as healing/running do? - In third tier, how faster will you run with weapon holstered / equipped ? Does it only affect sprinting, or usual running too? Does it increase weapon accuracy even more? - In fourth tier, are there any additional effects, except faster healing?
  8. Sometimes I drink too much and enjoy PUBG a little too much. So I made a video out of these times and although I didn't win many (the only one I did my audio recording was off) you should always drink and drive in PUBG... Any feedback or how I could make these better would be appreciated! Also check out some of my more sober gameplay:
  9. Olá sobreviventes, estou passando por uma situação um pouco chata, tenho um computador MID-END e não estou conseguindo jogar o jogo com um desempenho desejado, creio que seje por parte da otimização do jogo, alguém está passando pelo mesmo ou sabe algo a respeito ? Config: I5 6400 + GTX 970 4GB MSI + 16 RAM DDR3 1600Mhz
  10. New Highlight Vid!
  11. gameplay

    Hola gente. ¿Cómo va? Los molesto dejandoles mi primer partida completa subida a mi canal. Así también mi compilación de fails, y esas cosas locas. Pasense, comenten y sus críticas serán bienvenidas. Gracias, Saludos.
  12. car handling

    Hey there, I was wondering why the speed of vehicles only varies at gradients and is not influenced by other factors, maybe there is a slight change when the server is set to rain. Yet, I feel like there is no reason to use roads, when you can have the same speed on grass, sand etc. I would love to see changes regarding those, making the use of roads more profitable and changing the gameplay elements of driving more focused on places which are more realistic than driving a dacia with speeds of up to 110 Km/h on high grass or wet acreage. That could make roadblocks more frequent, and driving more dangerous. Here is a screen of what the car handling could look like. Yet the idea needs more discussion, because there are more factors existing. I am only mentioning ground conditions. The numbers on the picture might sound off, and I hope to have enough feedback in this topic to make it more fitting. Thanks to @unknowngg for letting me use his picture.
  13. Hey guys! How's it going?! My name is Jake and I just through I'd introduce myself on here as my friends and I have been playing the absolute pants off this game and loving every moment of it. We completely suck ass though and usually end up in chaotic and hilarious situations! I think we have only won maybe 2 or 3 games over 80 hours worth of game time If you'd like to check out our youtube channel here is the link: - the videos are well edited and easy to watch! We also stream on youtube and twitch most evenings at around 6pm UK time - Don't be a stranger, say hello! I won't post any videos in this section of the forum as I'd imagine it'd go against the forum rules! But it's very nice to meet you all!
  14. So, I don't if it's just me but earlier today I got into a situation in which I was healing in a safe spot.When all of the sudden I hear someone runnin towards me and then as I see him I click the shoot button but it doesn't go as I am healing.So I died because I didn't hit the f to cancel the heal I think that if you click to shoot you should cancel the action you are doing. Again It could just be me but this to me seems like a basic function that very well could already be in the game.
  15. Hola amigos, es Nflowgamingpc. Aqui les dejare el link de mi canal de youtube donde estare posteando videos de gameplays de pubg en español, en cuanto tenga un tiempo libre, les agredeceria que pasen por alli y me den un poquito de su apoyo! Soy nuevo esto pero estoy dispuesto a mejorar y aceptare critisismo. Aqui les dejo el link de mi ultimo video. clickea hay abajo y desde ante mano muchas gracias. Gameplay
  16. Gentleman !!!! Hello and thank you for developing and amazing game. Here are a few of my ideas that just might be a little too much but I think could potentially be amazing if done right . -First, and I'm sure it's already being implemented, but if giving the player the ability to climb and hurdle over fences cars boxes and other objects would be amazing and a huge addition to the game. A simple example would be a friend gets a car in duo and drives it but there is a fence in the way. If the forcefield is closing in it's life or death if you have to run all the way around the fence to get you your buddy. Or if you can just jump it and get in the car and ride to freedom. If possible implementing weight into climb speed or your buddy being able to increase the distance you can climb by leaning over the wall to pull you up the side of a building. Both would be unique and add a huge dynamic to the way duos and squads operate. -Second and my main point of interest is the incorporation of zombie servers. I know everyone thinks it's been overdone but i honestly think its just been done wrong. H1Z1, Day Z, and all the other games involving zombie survival in a large open world type multiplayer game lacked speed and intensity. They are boring just like the zombies that inhabit that world. - Heres how my personal opinion on the how to make the game much more intense and unique. First add zombies to the equation. But don't make them slow boring zombies. Make them run the same speed as your character does. Second don't put zombies few and far between make them travel in small to large packs depending on the city. The larger the city and the better the weapon and gear drops the more zombies. Make the zombies blind but sensitive to sound. This will force players to try and move using stealth much more. However high risk high reward. If the zombies hear you they chase you and can break through doors. But they can't jump fences. Thats where jumping/hurdling/climbing come into play as well. In large open fields the zombies will be more scarce. When the circle gets too small there will be no more zombies so the players are left to fight just one another. In the early stages players that die quickly will at random get selected and turn into zombies themselves. Able to kill other opponents still alive and maybe even infect them. In Duos/Squad if a partner is killed by zombie there is a chance they will get infected and and will be forced to hunt his own team ates or other teams in the area. Zombies also wont spawn "crawl out of the earth" until about 5 min into the game. That way players can at least find some sort of weapon. I think this will be a very fun addition to the game but should be it's own entity EX) NA SERVER w/ Zombies /NA SERVER without Zombies -This will force people to think a lot more about the situation they are in. Is it worth attacking the other player and maybe attracting zombies. Is it worth the high risk of running into a zombie mob by going into a large city ? But the reward is too good to pass up. Anyway I hope you guys will at least consider the implementation of these ideas.
  17. Hi Ich lade nun regelmäßig auf meinem Youtubechannel #1 plays hoch. Manchmal Highlights, Montages oder Gameplays. 3-4x die Woche werden Chicken Dinner hochgeladen. Bei Interesse freue ich mich über follows. Waidmannsheil Lormex
  18. Hi PUBG comunity! I just wanted to share a video of me and a few friend playing the game! I couldn't put this topic into comunity content so i'll put it here. Hope you like it! Could use some feedback. (maybe mod can move this)
  19. Всем привет ! Давайте поговорим о дистанции пристрелки в прицелах ? Кто этим вообще пользуется ? На какой прицел какую лучше ставить ? Лично я сам пока не разобрался особо , на х8 иногда выставляю 300-400м когда знаю что будет перестрелка на дальних...Просто вроде хорошая механика, но как мне кажется немного лишняя - большая часть перестрелок происходят внезапно, примерить расстояние на глазок нереально , а пристреливаться , меняя этот параметр тупо некогда)))
  20. We all have been in these situations. You are trying to move in order to stay ahead of the blue wall, but someone is behind you, even more in danger to get killed by zone, but he is pinning you down. This leads to you both getting killed by the zone. I want to disincentivise the player from staying back there and hoping for a kill. Rather both should move ahead and be players in the match going forward. If they continue their fight later all is good. Now the winning player will stay in the running. My first proposal would be, that when you are in the blue zone (taking damage from zone) and shooting at a player not in the blue you do not get points. You get no points for the damage done and for the kill. Maybe a notice, that you are currently not getting points for this would be handy to clear up any confusion. What do you think of my proposal? Do think that this behaviour is a problem? Do you have other solutions for it?
  21. I think it would be a cool idea to have a kind of wasteland mode (From Arma) that differs from just Battle Royal. Not only would this game mode bring a breath of fresh air to hours of playing Battle Royal but it could also benefit new players trying to learn gun control, bullet drop, and leading. I understand the game is still new and this suggestion could probably not be achieved at this point in time, however I do think it would be a cool idea once the game is fully functional. I think the wasteland idea is also a cool premise to try more objective type activities (like the airdrops currently in game) and to let new found friends gain the tactical communication to succeed in the Battle Royal arena. Let me know in the comments what you guys think about this idea and if you have any suggestions that would be cool in a wasteland type gamemode.
  22. In the last few circles in an area with little to no cover players are often forced to go prone inside of the dense foliage. I like the look of the foliage and think it makes the game look very pretty but because of how dense it is and how common the foliage is means players are forced to use it. In the last few circles players are consistently crawling on their front to get inside the play area. I think this makes the gameplay slower and boring in the final few circles to some extent. Foliage is also so thick that players aren't very visible unless they move or you're very close up to which they would've probably noticed you. This is the main reason for everyone crawling because if someone does stand up they risk being shot at by 10 other players most likely prone in the foliage. I think the last few circles gameplay should be intense, heart beat increasing fun but when everyone is taking advantage of the dense grass it really affects the gameplay, this isnt to say the game isnt fun. TL;DR: Decrease the amount of foliage to make the gameplay in the final few circles more fun and less campy, for lack of a better word. Or reduce the amount of grass foliage there is for the same benefit.
  23. Good morning before I start sorry for any broken English i thought of an idea and thought of sharing it with you,as it is now most players know the map and the locations and where every building roughly is. what if the map randomly generated ,well not the map as in whole just the locations of the buildings making the game a bit more challenging,big places like the barracks or school and such maybe could remain where they currently are but houses,sheds,little observatory building maybe could randomly put in different spots each map , I know it might not be possible just because of where the building are currently located as in terrain and surroundings. just and idea, some friends thought randomly generated map would be nice to play in , but im sure that's not the majority that's all hope you have a great day and keep up the good work , we all appreciate what you guys doing for the game it's a really good and fun game to play