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Found 47 results

  1. Olá sobreviventes, estou passando por uma situação um pouco chata, tenho um computador MID-END e não estou conseguindo jogar o jogo com um desempenho desejado, creio que seje por parte da otimização do jogo, alguém está passando pelo mesmo ou sabe algo a respeito ? Config: I5 6400 + GTX 970 4GB MSI + 16 RAM DDR3 1600Mhz
  2. So i just played a game, got inside the circle just as it stopped the 2nd time. it spawned ALL THE WAY on the otherside and i had no car, there is NOWAY to make that run. I started straight away but still had to use meds and boosters. its a 2:30 delay on that circle moving, and i had to run almost 1/4 of the map. i survived that circle, but i had no way of making the into the next circle as i was lacking meds. The progression of the circle is way to fast for the 3rd-4th update, slowing them down abit could atleast be a temporarly fix.
  3. What about some kind of C4, some areas maybe accessible only with the explosives like in the bunkers for example or in the military base.
  4. I really wanted to like this game but so far I've only have negative things to say. With every game I find myself enjoin the game less and less, i'm only 50 hours in and it feels more like a chore than a game. Apparently the main reason they can't keep up with content changes/updates is that the development team is small. I remember seeing a post by a moderator that they work 15+ hours a day which has to be strenuous. But the game has made its money, enough to hire more people i'm sure. If there is a big enough demand why not have the means to produce the supply? If the problem truly is the size of the development team why not hire more people, they have the means and resources to do so, so why not make it easier the development team and more enjoyable for the players? The whole reason a game becomes popular is because of the community around it. I feel that if the team was expanded they would be able to have less stress and increase the size of the community because of obvious things such as bug fixes, more maintenance, and popular fan feedback making it into the game.
  5. gameplay

    Uhh what? Could someone possibly explain to me where this person was that they could instantly hit me no matter what side of the tree I was on?
  6. Hey all, So I had been under a rock for the first 2.5 weeks this game was released. With all truth this is the best gaming investment I've made in years. -in love the following are some ideas I'd like to see: -the option to see a recent players list and or quick add for friends on steam. -the option to spectate in solo ques to watch how others play and learn from a match. Maybe if you make it to the top 25 or less you have the option instead of returning to lobby. -add breathing apparatus drops to allow underwater breathing for double the time -add a text chat feature with channels /s for squad, /d for duo, / w for open world. Those are all for now but I feel like I could sit for hours and brainstorm. -saioson
  7. I would love to see more distinct treelines and denser forests in game! Adding more trees deep in the forest and more foliage would be huge. It would add a lot to the immersion of the game, and would be better cover for players. Also better treelines to give better call outs to teammates, and better cover for players. Would encourage more players to hang out in the woods I think. Suppressed gun, in a tree line popping off rounds at people would be awesome! What do you guys think? Here is an example picture at what I'm thinking. In the distance you can clearly see a line of trees on a ridge. I don't know, would be awesome to see. Keep up the amazing work, Bluehole!
  8. Hi Guys, Are you struggling with PUBG? Well check out my new videos to make yourself feel better We're not all Pro's Hope you enjoy
  9. What is the difference between the vertical and the angled foregrip? Searched the forums and didn't see another thread... There are no tooltips so I also don't know what the supressors really do other than reducing volume (such as perhaps reducing range/damage etc.) or what the compensators do at all. If anyone has a link for a comprehensive guide containing this stuff that would be much appreciated as well I haven't found anything.
  10. So to start, many people compare this game to H1Z1, just don't, ok both games are BR genre but other then that the games litterly has nothing in common. I'm going to list up a few tips and advice on how you might up your odds of winning games in PUBG. I'm a small streamer( ) and all these advices comes from playing a lot of survival and BR games like: DayZ, H1Z1(JS & KOTK), RUST, arma2 BR, arma3 BR, Nether and counter strike. Each game has different playstyle, and the advices im giving below is what I think suits for this game as it is in the current state. THESE ARE JUST SOME ADVICE AND TIPS I HAVE, I'M NOT SAYING IT'S THE BEST THING OR THAT YOU WILL WIN EVERY GAME BY FOLLOW THE TIPS, USE THE ONE THAT YOU CAN AND EVOLVE YOUR OWN PLAYSTYLE AND ENJOY THE GAME! 1. BE TACTICAL Don't run straight for people like you do in H1Z1, the mechanics in this game is totally different. You want to be much more tactical. Know your surroundings, where have you heard people, what buildings or area are the highest chance of getting into a gun fight? Always plan ahead! Even in the start, where are you going to land, and what area are you gonna try to be moving towards after the landing zone is cleared? 2. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN You always want to have a backup plan in case your plan dosen't work out and you get into a gun fight, can you go backwards into cover without having people to spot you? Always make sure you have a exit strategy, it might meaning taking cover in a shed or just behind a wall, or maybe running through a field with bushes you can hide behind. 3. PROPER LOADOUT Try to plan ahead, where is the game going to take you on the map? Make sure you have the right equipment for the upcoming fights. What that means is, make sure you have proper meds and use then the right way, have you only taken a small amount of damage and quickly need to heal yourself, use bandages, if you need to heal even more use first aids or med kits. But be aware that bandages has the lower using time, then first ands and lastely med kits. And make sure that if you are going to have fights in a large open area you want to be able to shot peope on a far distance meaning that you should equip a gun with a long rage scope, no matter if it's 4x, 8x, or 15x, you most likely won't be needing a shotgun on long ranges. 4. LOOTING Try to be quick and know what you need before you start looting. Many people die because they are looting for too long, you are so vulnerable when looting so you want to spend as little time as possible looting other peoples bodies. Makes sure to plan ahead, do you need meds? ammo? gun attachments? If you have a plan before you start looting you will be finishing looting much quicker and can get back into play. When looting things in the enviroment many people uses proximity looting, this means that you hit tab and see what is in your proximity and loot in inventory instead, you can do this instead of looting with the interaction button(F). However which looting style suits you best is up to each player, I think that proximity looting can be good in some situations, but the thing is that you are standing there totally vulnerable just like looting a body box when you do proximity, sometimes just looting with interaction button might be better because you have more control over your surroundings then. 5. TRICK PEOPLE So when you get into a gun fight, many times they might not end as soon as the first shots are made, try to trick the player you are facing. What that means is try using your surroundings to to tactical and move around the player without getting seen if possible, you might then be able to either backstab or getting an advantage before the next fire fight against that player again. 6. GUNS, FIRING MODE AND AMMO Make sure to use the right gun and firing mode depending on situations. Always try to have a gun for short to medium distance fights and a backup for either long or short distance fights, this means planing ahead of you what is going to happend. For example, you might have a 5.56 gun(M416, M16 or Scar) but you might still want to pick up some 7.62 ammo even though you don't have a gun for it right now you might loot a body with an AKM or M24. The higher caliber means that each bullet will do more damage, so you might want to snipe with an AKM instead of a 5.56 cali gun. Firing mode is a big deal of the game, if you are going to be in a medium/long range fight you want to use single fire to be able to control your shots and the recoil as good as possible. I tend to only use full auto and burst(m16 only) on short to very short distances when i do not have a shotgun on me. Choosing the right gun is up to you and your playstyle, try them all out and pick the one you think it's the best for you! So what about grenades? I don't use grenades but I do think they are very good in this game, therefore im not going to give any advices on how to use them. 7. CARS AND BOATS The cars and boats are supposed to be used for transportations only. Again, this is not H1Z1 but you can use the cards as shields when needed, not recommended though. If you are driving you are very easy to spot, and you can't jump out of them in a high speed(well you can but you might hurting or even worse, driving over yourself by doing that and die). If you spot other people in cars, you can always try pop their tires which will make the car more or less undrivable. My advice is to more or less just use cars as an transportation veichle. So that's all for now, I hope that you can implement some of the advices into your gameplay to become a better player. Remember the game is in closed beta right now, there is bugs in the game, if you do find them, please report them to help the dev team make this game even better, and follow the rules! Solo servers are for solo playing, not teaming! If you want more advice on gameplay or have questions I do stream the game during this clsoed beta, you can find me over at Here are the promised gameplay videos: Win no.1 - 5 kills Win no.2 - 11 kills Win no.3 - 7 kills Win no.4 - 9 kills Win no.5 - 15 kills Win no.6 - 9 kills Win no.7 - 5 kills Win no.8 - 7 kills Win no.9 - 13 kills Win no.10 - 9 kills Win no.11 - 8 kills Big thanks to PlayerUnknown, the dev team and everyone in this great community for an so far awesome game, can't wait to play it again!
  11. The game sometimes freezes for me during gameplay. It works nice with good fps, then suddenly the picture freezes, I can't hear no game sounds either. In task manager I see the game keeps running, CPU usage is changing etc. If I close the process, it closess normally without any errors, if I don't do that, the game will stay in this state forever. I didn't notice such problems in other games. My character stays on the server, I think he stays there until he dies. Once I already restarted the game and played 1v1 when my friend still could see me alive on server about 6-7 minutes after it freezed. I died outside the zone there, playing another game already. I updated my GPU drivers after ME:Andromeda came out.
  12. Tô experimentando esse estilo de vídeo e queria saber o que acham. Qualquer opinião, seja ela negativa ou positiva vai me ajudar muito! Desde já agradeço e bom jogo pra vocês!
  13. Hello all! Here I am looking for everyone's play styles, and what they find is most effective. Whether it be personal experience, or seeing someone else achieve a chicken dinner from their way of play, share it all here! Also, feel free to openly share tactics you use that will help other players out coming into this game fresh and new! Personally I try to breakdown my game play on these basic principles: Stray away from the plane, look for somewhere with looting options, yet not a huge target for the other players to hit. Be aware of your landing. Scout the area if you have company, and look for your next target while still in the air. Loot quickly and access the situation. Did anyone land with you? If so you're going to want to focus on a weapon first, at all cost. Did you land alone? Then focus on essentials. What are the essentials? Primarily you want to find yourself a weapon, ammo, and medical supplies. While finding level 3 gear is great (and quite an amazing start), armor is useless if you can't defend yourself. This however isn't to say that you shouldn't pick up armor if you find some, by all means do, just don't forget about your weapon! At this stage, manage your safe zone. Check to make sure you are near or inside the circle, if you aren't, get there as quickly as you can. Assuming you are still alive, you are going to want to loot loot and loot some more. What I mean by this is - either look for better weapons, or stock up on ammo and medical supplies for the end game. Whatever you do, don't just sit and wait it out, you can always use more loot! "End Game" At this point, you should focus on survival. Always manage the safe zone, and look for the best tactical spot you can, to give you full advantage over other players. If you are closing on on a mountain, look for a spot on high ground with tree or rock cover, if you are closing in on buildings, look for one with a good position inside. Allowing you to have cover away from windows, while still having advantage on a door or a hallway. Finally, keep composed. It is very very easy to panic in a gun fight, especially later on. Just stay calm, and try to approach every situation that way. Majority of people are going to panic, so keep on target and choose your shots. And that is it! That is how I approach every game. Let me know if you play the same way, and if not, how do you play? See you on the Battlegrounds!
  14. Hey, Ich bin der Gründer einer "PUBG Community" Gruppe (Link unten). Dies soll helfen um Mitspieler, Freunde und/oder Tradingpartner zu finden so dass du nie unter Langeweile leiden musst Mich würde es freuen wenn DU uns bei diesem Vorhaben unterstützt ! Ein Teamspeak ist auch geplant. Viel Spaß. Gruppe: MFG Maurice
  15. Olá a todos eu me chamo Fly, estou aqui para apresentar meu canal, agora estou com o playerunknown's battlegrounds, vou postar videos toda semana bem editado das gameplays com foco no entretenimento, divertir os inscritos, vai ser um outro lado de PUBG se é que vocês me entende, é um pouco complicado mas acompanha o canal que não vai se arrepender do resultado. Obrigado a todos e um bom vídeo.
  16. [Português-BR] Olá todos eu sou o Fly, tenho exatas 5 horas de game, to gostando muito fiz minha primeira gameplay, estou quase batendo a meta de mil inscritos, pessoal brasileiro quer jogar comigo e me ajudar no canal inscreve que tem videos todas semanas. [English] Hello everyone I am Fly, I have exactly 5 hours of game, I like the first gameplay, I'm almost knocking a goal of one thousand subscribers, help me channel inscribed, videos Every week Obrigado a todos! Thank's all
  17. Can i actually use the x4 scope and so to calculate the distance from the infan to myself? just like in arma 3 and BF4
  18. I bought Battlegrounds yesterday after playing DayZ for many years and I also started H1Z1 a week back too. I love these type of games and looks like Battlegrounds could be the best of the lot! My concern is my PC seems to be struggling with the game even though its still good spec and can manage every other game on medium/high specs absolutely fine. It seems very choppy, laggy and jumpy - so basically unplayable. Now I have just moved my PC to my girlfriends and her internet is only 14Mb but should this affect it like this? My PC spec is: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.40GHz 16GB RAM 2 x AMD Radeon HD 6950 (Crossfire) That spec should play it fine shouldn't it? My first concern was its Graphics but I turned on Crossfire so I have 2 x AMD Radeon 6950 and its still the same, even if i go to "Ver Low" setting. Arrrhhhh!!!!
  19. feedback

    During the game I noticed an issue. It is impossible to hear the door opening sound when another player interacts with this door. Thus it is difficult to react to a possible attack. Please pay attention to this problem. Thank you.
  20. Just playing around with more video editing and stuff, video 1 is a full round no edit. I spend a bit more time with video 2 trying to fastfoward the running around and looting etc and try and make it not as boring. Check it out them out and let me know your thoughts Very Proud of this round - video 1 Intense Game play - Video 2 I'm working on a high-light type video and also a fail video or when things just go really wrong! - D Twitter | YouTube | Twitch | Steam
  21. This is what happened to me and my friend yesterday in duo game. Never seen something like that, so I figured that it might be interesting for you guys to watch! PS. sorry for my poor editing skills, I'm not a video content creator of any sort
  22. Hey there! So I recently decided to start up a YouTube series for the sheer amount of insanity that happens on a daily basis for my squad and I this is part 2. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed playing and editing it.
  23. Hey there! So I recently decided to start up a YouTube series for the sheer amount of insanity that happens on a daily basis for my squad and I this is part 1. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed playing and editing it.
  24. sometimes when i join game the camera is not locked on the character and i am forced to move only forward. i had to exit game and launch in again to get rid of it. happened twice today.
  25. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to add a Field Of View slider to the game? I like being able to see the area around be in great detail. If there is an FOV slider already in game I do apologise, (If there is one where is it?) Thanks