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Found 9 results

  1. So, to begin, I just want to propose the idea that games are , fundamentally, meant to be fun. With that in mind, I would argue that it should be of primary importance for game makers and developers to ensure that their game is fun. Now, of course, fun comes with over coming challenge and achieving success in a given situation. In PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, fun, excitement, and adrenaline highs come from finally winning the fire fight, crashing into the center of battle and securing that sweeeet tasty chicken dinner. My issue and feedback, however, is directed towards the 'gas' or 'force field' that is a key mechanic in this game. Battle Royale wouldn't be the same without a pressure to move and kill to dominate, ultimately, the end zone. Though, is the gas fun? Is it fun to have to cut a firefight short because you just cannot stay any longer? Is it really a challenge when you have zero chance of running 1/3 of the map. A challenge takes skill and thought to overcome, sometimes its plainly impossible to battle through chunking. Or three consecutive force fields that just keep popping as far away as possible from your position. The mechanic is essential to the genre and this game, but can it not be tweaked? There is a line that cannot be passed, when the force field becomes redundant. However, we are currently far from that line, and I think it's time we, as a community, voiced our irritation. I don't know what I would do to change the gas, all I know is that it does need changed. It is incredibly unfortunate that this games intense fire fights can be simply ruined by a big blue bubble of bullsh*t.
  2. Hey Guys, how often do you run into the zone, especially in the end game, when lurker are still hiding and going to die in the gas, BUT killing you before that. In fact, you die because of tactical stupidity of others. The main idea of changing how the system of gas works is, that you are not able to shoot from outside into the zone. What do you think about that idea or what else can you suggest? hugs
  3. It is ridiculous... when you see enemies everywhere you shoot, and the instant blue circle starts moving you have to move obviously, but you cant out run it, and you cant outheal it with full boosts. Just now 3 people left in team fight, and i had full boost on and I literally stopped every 10meters to use first aid because the damage was insane, and couldnt run 50meters to get inside safe area. I ended up dieing in a 1v2 sitauation to gas and not players... it is very frustrating. "why didnt you run earlier" because I was in a heavy fire fight in the middle of an open field.
  4. Let me paint a picture for you. One I'm sure many of you have experienced. You drop from the plane, you pull your rip cord and make your way to what seems to be a clear area. Nobody has spotted you so far, good. You finally manage to loot all you need for an intimate round in PUB. You remain un-spotted, the numbers in the top right tick down, "soon", you you say with much elation. "Soon, the much coveted Chicken Dinner will be mine". Suddenly you notice something, after what feels like a lifetime the number 10 is staring at you from the corner of your screen. Your heart beings to hammer with antici....pation. Heavy shots ring out to your right, a big boy gun, a fast "rat-tat-tat" to your left, a Scar-L. As you sit there, in your cover, what feels like an impregnable fortress, waiting, watching as the time counts down, You down enough pills and energy drinks to kill 5 men. The feared blue wall of gas flies past you, chunking your health at what feels to be a ludicrous speed. Risking death, you sprint to the next AO, praying nobody sees you. Your health, still ticking down, faster, faster! Success! You made it, right to the edge of the gas of death, with but a sliver of health, where not but a mouse could find solace in having such a minuscule amount. You scan behind you, nothing, surely nobody could be in the gas of death in the top 10? You pop a FAK and gain your bearings, it's time to move forward, time for you to claim your crown! "Tak-tak-tak", betrayed by the gas of death that so eagerly sought to end you, a player emerges out of the gas of death to shoot you in the back and thus ending your chance for the sought after Chicken Dinner. TL;DR; The gas of death needs a boost, it feels underwhelming, especially in the top 10. I've played the line game perfectly, nearly getting killed by the gas (as intended), only to have some player who shouldn't be alive pop out to shoot me inside the safe zone. If I nearly died, how could they be alive? If I barely make it, and I watch behind me for a good 20 seconds, there is no reason anything should save a player who willingly stayed in the gas that would have killed me from full health and boosters out the ass.
  5. I like how the electric field or "gas" is at the moment. It's not to fast or damaging the in early stages to punish people looting, nor does it restrict tactics and play in the final stages imo. However, I do find that people like to play the edges as a tactic in the game quite a lot. Which I have no problem with but, I find that they wait so long to make sure they're behind everyone, they get a couple of kills then die to the electric field. Which isn't fun to die to and feels like they play just to ruin the experience of others. Now, I don't want to ruin the tactic of playing the "edge" but I think being inside the electric field should be more punishing. My friends idea was to keep the damage as it is at the moment and the speed which I think is fine, but have the electric field act like an EMP and actually disable the HUD and Optics of people inside the Electric field punishing them for shooting from inside it forcing them to use iron sights. Thoughts?
  6. The actual enemy you have to worry about in game is the wall. It honestly ruins the game. At first, in the beginning of the game, it wasn't bad because you never really noticed it. But it seems like half of the players nearing the end of the game will die to the wall. End game you have to fear the wall more than a guy staring you down with an Kar98k at your forehead, because the wall will mess you up more. It's making the game irritating to where people are just quitting or playing less now. My suggestion is to just have a constant moving wall, at WALKING speed though. So you never have to fear the wall, but you know it's there and you have to keep moving into the center of the map. Then if you get into a firefight, you don't have to fear the wall coming and killing you. You can ACTUALLY enjoy the gunfights, take the game on tactically, and have fun. And the wall shouldn't deal much damage to you. Have it deal insanely low damage so you can heal up and survive it, and have time to catch up to it on foot. Since it isn't always smart to take a car, since that WILL give you away, but you have to take it with the current wall or you'll just die. I love this game a ton, and would love to have a better wall system. I always make it to top 10 or 20 but die with 90% of those players to the damn wall....
  7. I think it would be rad to be able to place and shoot gas cans to explode similar to a grenade. This would make smart playing and timing your game extra interesting. If you have enough cans you could even chain explosions to cover and area?
  8. Me and many Friends all think the same thing, so maybe more of you guys are on the same page. When down to the last few circles, the gas/Forcefield still moves incredibly fast, and I feel as if it should be a bit slower at the end of a game and let people fight it out. I've seen too many games where a team wins by everyone else dying to gas.
  9. i was in a house full health when the circle crossed me (4 players left) and walked to my car which was 20m~ away after 10m i have to use a medikit and after another 10m i was at my car and died from the house to my car was like 20 seconds