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Found 3 results

  1. Full gear

    I believe it would be a really popular game mode if you had an option to select your loot/gear before the game and start the game with that loot. Maybe you could avoid instant kills by not allowing shooting for a limited time e.x 1 minute or so! Keep up the good work i love PUBG!
  2. Loot, Chance or Quality

    Hello PUBG community. I have a question which divides our squad in opinion and it's about loot. One-half says that in places like the Military Base, "military grade loot" drops. They suggest there is a higher chance to find Level 3 quality equipment in these locations. Whereas the other half suggests that the quality of loot isn't affected, it's simply that there are higher spawn locations for loot (thus increasing the chances of higher level loot spawning). The only loot I know is higher quality comes from the drops, but drops aside, are there any official posts or topics which confirm either of these statements? Thanks, folks, ~Sy
  3. My ideas and thoughts

    NEW THINGS TO ADD: #1 New weapons such as some from the pictures shown. What has been given to us from the start is great. Strong simple very well known weapons, but I think more of each would better, make it so that every single player doesn't have the same setup. Maybe adding the P90(common), Spaz(Rare), barret .50cal(Rare), ak74u(common), mp5(common), deagle(Rare), riot shields(Rare), C4(common), claymore(Rare), and other weapons. #2 New cars, adding hummers with mounted gunnars(Super Rare)? Jetski(common)? four wheelers(common)? #3 The currency used to buy clothing, maybe adding crate In-game only worth 10-30points per crate randomly placed around the game. #4 New clothing to buy or find In-game. Adding ghilli suits(Rare), scarfs, beanies, new gloves, helmets that can be replaced by armored helmets. #5 New Items. Binoculars(Common), Tire spikes(Less common but not rare), Decoys(15sec)(Rare), self reviving packs(Rare), night vision goggles(Keybind-N)(common). Suggestions For Current Game Setup: #1 Adding a chat system for people with no mics so that they may also talk to there team. #2 Adding range to markers. For example if I set a marker somewhere let it say the range it is away from the player who set it so the team can have an idea of how far an enemy or place is away. #3 Add car, suv, truck, bike storage in the back so that a team can bring more gear on travel. Also making it so that cars become more useful. Not just used for driving. #4 Add 6 player teams, 8 player teams, or 10 player teams. #5 Allow team knockouts but no team killing, only due to people killing non-mic players. #6 Adding In-game time changing, so basic night and day changing. #7 See picture of map for next add. So this map show the normal white circle and the redzone that sends a rain of bombs appon everything. Well the greenzone would be a zone of which any buildings inside this zone would restock ammo and weapons only once each new white circle. I have more ideas that'll come to me later or as the games gets better and adds to things to it. Let me know what you all think in the comments.