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Found 102 results

  1. When I try to play with my friends in-game, it says that their "offline" and there is no option to play with them even though they are online in steam and playing PUBG. Anyone else has this issue?
  2. Bug Description: Occasionally while playing PUBG in squad (not tested in duos or singles,) I hold right click to increase my accuracy without using iron sights. However, sometimes when I do this, it rapidly switches between iron sights and regular view while occasionally shooting, as if I was spamming both the right and left click buttons on my mouse. I've tested this with other games, and it appears only to happen in PUBG. When I restart the game, it sometimes seems to be fixed, but randomly it comes back (however, it seems not to persist through restarts; it only has a chance to develop once every time I start the game, not during a game.) Date Seen: May 12th, 2017 Server: Regular squad Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting repeatedly, then playing a single game to test if it's still there seems to be the only way I've found of temporarily fixing it. Other Information: Video Evidence (NOTE: During both videos, I'm only using the right mouse button) 1. Taken April 30th, 2017 (I didn't upload this at the time because the bug stopped happening for a while. I didn't reencounter it until May 12th, 2017) 2. Taken May 12th, 2017 Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1) Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST (yes, it's old) CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K CPU 3.40GHz ($ CPUs) Ram: 16GB
  3. ground

    I was driving out of Malta, by the warehouse, when suddenly my bike flipped and me and my teammate were thrown from the bike. We were both killed instantly by a passerby. My teammate managed to capture a photo of the culprit, that caused the flipping.
  4. Me and my friends we're playing and suddenly, we stayed behind the door and a friend crouched at the corner and saw people camping inside the 2nd floor through the floor. Here are some screenshots. PS: These screenshots were recreated for report purposes
  5. You can walk around in them, but you will be lagging around, and falling. If you see another player in the house they just seem to float, fall, float and fall again, over and over. You can shoot them through the walls, but you cannot walk through the walls. This happend 20 min ago, and was the first time ive seen it.
  6. Hi again! I discovered a new bug that I've managed to happen twice now. It all has to do with the parachute landing as far as I can tell. Basically what happens is a weird chute landing results in the third person camera being angled in a weird position, basically it latches a meter to the right of the character instead of where it should be. Notes: First person, aim down sight and vehicles seem to work as normally. But what happens when this bug occurs is that the camera attached to the playermodel is ahead of the player, so you can see through any object if you stand close to it. Computer specs: Intel i7 4790 16 gb ram AMD R9 390x2 Video: Hope you can fix this, 'cause not only can it be misused a bunch but also it's so awkward to play with! Hate it. //Esoeth
  7. Ive market where it is on the map, basically you can just walk into an area under the gun range which gives you wall hack over you, you can olso jump up there when your under there but sometimes you die from fall damage which makes no sense, you should be able to fix it by just putting a wall there.
  8. Bug Description: I was going to loot a person next to a tree and then my body apparently began running very fast(like sonic) and killed me. Date Seen: May 11th, 2017 (Early Access 2.2.33 - B54143) Server: NA Public Server (SQUAD) Troubleshooting Attempted: Did not attempt anything for a fix. I died and could not do anything. Other Information: I was looting while it happened and was next to a tree/object. Launch Options: Have you changed any launch / command line options for the game? If so, which ones are you using?. No (tab key to loot?) System Specifications: My perspective Video: My Teammates Perspective while spectating:
  9. Whenever I load into the game, I cannot get into the main menu. I'm stuck on the "All Rights Reserved" screen. Any suggestions? My Reddit post:
  10. As you can see from these pictures, I have won 3 games total in solo mode. However, my stats say I have only won 2. This matters to me because at one point I was ranked within the top 500 in Solo Rating/Win Rating, but now am only within the top 3000. To top this, my game crashes nearly 1/5 of the time I play so that also has been lowering my Rating. Here is the evidence, I hope my stats get updated:
  11. Hi. I wanted to report this bug because of how often it's happened to me now and I wanted to see if I could report it here to maybe have it fixed. Basically what happens is whenever I'm holding right click to hipfire. After releasing mouse 2, My character suddenly starts ADS'ing. Aiming down sight. Which in situations has gotten me killed LOADS because I didn't want to ADS or NEED to ADS. I hope you can investigate this further and find the cause of the issue. Kindest Regards. ClassicalMemer <3
  12. I was playing battlegrounds... Then this happened. I wanted to see how long it would last, so I stuck it out until I died. Turns out, the way the game was made makes this seemingly small glitch INSANE. I couldn't traverse through walls, but I could pick up items through them. If I ran into a wall I would do a weird jitter backwards. I thought "Man, this blows" But then something amazing happened. I figured out that hit registry... is clientside. This allowed me to shoot literally anyone, behind anything that I couldn't see. In the middle of a city behind 4 houses and 28 walls? Too bad, you just got headshot. At Georgepol behind 13 shipping containers? Too bad, just hosed you down with a Vector. I stuck it out until the end of the round and ended up killing 8 OTHER ENTIRE TEAMS ON DUO AND HALF OF THE REST OF THE MEMBERS ON 3 OTHERS. And I still died at #9! Needless to say, this is some crazy stuff that needs to be fixed immediately. People probably thought I was wallhacking, botting, something. Nope. Gotta fix this one ASAP devs, I almost won an entire match all by myself, my partner died 5 minutes after we landed. Sincerely, A Concerned Gamer.
  13. I was able to open and close a door fast enough on my way into the door that it closed with me in the middle of it and I got stuck. I couldn't prone, crouch, etc. or break the door by shooting it. This happen in one of the three story apartment buildings in Yasnaya Polyana at the NE side (the south eastern one of the five).
  14. Hello Aldawgs here, Awesome game just a minor bug when you walk over this loot area in Mylta Powerplant it is isn't displayed via tab or by pressing "F" on the object. Keep up the good work with the game
  15. bug

    Found a glitch that I know some people have had over the days. Talked to a few people and I know this is not a common bug, but it happens from time to time. Just wanted to shed some light on it.
  16. Got stuck in map between pillars in old ruins.
  17. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I will give it a shot anyway. I was casually looting the swimming hall, when suddenly I happened to walk through the fence and found myself hovering without being able to move at all. My friend tried killing me, but I was still stuck after being knocked out, and could not be revived. I will attach a screenshot below;
  18. Found this glitc in Yasnaya Polyana where the church is. You can go through wall but can't shoot a guy on the other side.
  19. I've killed 5 people in 1 game simply by looking through stairs, they couldn't see me but I could clearly see them. this needs to be fixed
  20. glitch

    Not sure if big or I had too much loot haha
  21. I think this picture is enough. needless to say, he was stuck and couldn't get out
  22. Found a wall in the church at the ruins which anyone can just walk through its pretty effective if someones going in you walk through the wall and shoot them in the back near the entrance
  23. Images of un-scoped and scope in the same position. happened while prone also.