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Found 141 results

  1. Just reporting an area easy to hide in where you clip through the ground and cannot be seen at all when prone. White marker on map is me. 2nd image is me crouching, 3rd image is me prone is same position as 2nd image.
  2. I saw a buggy that someone had obviously had a game crash in, since it sat there most of the round with him in the drivers seat. I shot him dead and got in. Whenever I got into the vehicle, I was forced to something like the normal FPS camera, but it was located behind my helmet and face cosmetics, so most of the time, I was looking at the inside of a ballistic mask. I can't say what happened when I hit my toggle camera button, I died too quickly. But I did confirm that getting out of the vehicle switched it back to 3rd person, and getting back in switched it back to that quasi-first person.
  3. Is there anyway to contact the developers instead of posting the glitch on here? or making a post private? If I posted the glitch on here I feel like people would abuse it, especially since it's so easy to do. The glitch essentially allows you to swim under the map undetected and possibly win you the game. You can also not drop under the map and stay on top of the building and shoot people from under there. Once I fell under I shot at a tree from underneath and the bullet holes connected.
  4. I landed on a building and got stuck. My parachute didn't go away and I was stuck in a wall. My friend downed me and picked me back up, but the parachute was still attached to me. Here are the in-game screenshots:
  5. When your in the gas station behind the counter in the little rectangular room you are able to glitch through the wall and go straight through to the other side of the wall with no issues, This works on all of the gas stations that i am aware of in the game on the test server 28/06
  6. As im not able to load video evidence please see link below to a subreddit i posted showing myself able to look through and loot through walls
  7. Hello, I just got stuck inside a house when jumping onto crates that were infront of a window. I just looted an airdrop and got a sweet sniper rifle. I then proceeded to a nearby house and went all the way up to have a good view for the sniper. I found a good spot ontop of some crates that were covering part of the window so that I could sit behind them and stand up to shoot out of the window. At first everything was fine but when I moved my character near the wall ontop of those crates the character got stuck and I couldn't move nor stand up or jump. I was stuck for good. All I could do was to look around. Needless to say I died due to the blue zone getting smaller. Pretty frustrating as it was the first sniper rifle that I got from an airdrop...
  8. Hello, every time that I play PUBG, I usually can't go more than 10 minutes before my whole screen turning blue or yellow, or both. It doesn't show up in screenshots, it persists onto my desktop, and won't go away until I restart my graphics driver. I have multiple monitors, and it only affects the monitor that has PUBG active on it. This only happens when I play PUBG. It turns blacks blue and smoke/sky/grass particles yellow. I'd think this was a hardware issue, but no other game does this. I have tried re-installing my drivers multiple times. I have monitored my temps while playing the game and they don't get over 64C on my GC and not above 50C on my CPU. I've tried contacting support, but they directed me here. Computer specs: OS: Windows 7 64 Processor: i7 4770k 4Ghz Graphics card: GTX 1070 FE (Zotac) 24Gb Ram (Mixed brand, same speed; 2x4 2x8) Game is played on a secondary HDD. I've included a picture from my phone showing what happens.
  9. Hoped on some Pubg today and while I was in the lobby, some guy shot me with a shotgun for some reason causing a lag spike (I definetly thought I Crashed) so I Shift+Tabbed to exit the program as I hear game audio meaning that its now responding, so i shift+tab back into the lobby to where all of a sudden I cant turn left, keep in mine that I can move my pov around but my character was stuck in horizontal path if that makes sense to some of you, Not trying to be a douche or anything but there is a lot of bugs but definetly tolerable, (keep working hard on fixing these types of bugs/server/client glitches, great game).
  10. Was camping in the second story of a building to avoid red zone explosions, killed by the red zone even with being inside of a building. Known bug?
  11. Hi So whats my Problem? Need help
  12. 7:56 Use glitch 10:22 glitch kill
  13. Here is an album of screenshots I took while I was under the map. I was able to swim over to a building which had stairs going up from the water and onto the surface. The strangest thing about the super long loading times is that I have an i7 7700k, and a GTX 1070 Ti... I can move around and interact with the world, but all I see is the PUBG loading screen (with animated loading dots in the bottom corner). Here is the link to the video I took. The timestamp at 3:46 is where I find the under-the-map staircase to get out.
  14. This issue I am having does this all the time. I have updated my graphics driver and have tried different versions of it. I am running an I7 6700k CPU and a GTX 1080 GPU.While i am moving or looking around I have an issue when every time I look out a window, when i move next to a door frame, down my scope, or by a tree (just to list a few) I get what looks like ghosting... It only does it if there is grass in the background. It doesn't do it while having the sky in the background. I know it's not my monitor as my screenshots and videos capture this issue happening. It is very annoying as it blurs a lot of the ground when it happens making it harder to see people. I will attach a picture showing the issue while using the scope. Thank you for the help.
  15. Bug Description: Since a few patches, I noticed a super annoying flickering rectangle when zooming in with scopes. The rectangle pops up right of the actual crosshair when zooming in - while it being on the right side seems to be persistent, the height seems to vary. Please check the screenshot and the GIF - I also uplaoded a video to Youtube: Server: Normal server, NOT the test server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restart didn't help - this problem becomes obvious everytime. Other Information: I have a gut feeling that this bug was introduced when the 2x scope was first implemented. It might actually only happen with the 2x scope and I just got paranoid and falsly think it also happens with the other scopes and sights. Not sure if this is caused by some Z-fighting of textures using alpha transparency such as the grass or the LoDs of the trees? Launch Options: Never changed or added any launch options or INI files. System Specifications: Operating System: Win10 x64 Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 980 Ti (Palit Super Jetstream) CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k Ram: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 Latest drivers, updates, firmware, bios for everything.
  16. bug

    So, Cae, Slik and Myself were just playing some Pubg when we encountered this glitch: cae and slik being paired with 4 random players and Me being seperated from them.
  17. Hello, I have seen other previous post such as this one: Where people have shot others through walls. This was back in MARCH! The person states this is a known issue, however, I recently encountered the same bug and I caught it on video, I can upload it to youtube if it is helpful? However, I am a paranoid person and would like a guarantee I will suffer no repercussions as this was a BUG by the game and NO doing of my own, it was completely random. I am posting this as I want to be helpful to have this bug resolved. Let me know if you need my PC specs too. I was playing the game, then when it dropped us off the plane no buildings, fences, etc., loaded in. I was able to see THROUGH all walls, seeing guns, ammo, players, etc. I was also able to shoot through multiple walls and kill people. This is obviously a mass game-breaking bug. It was essentially like having a wall hack on, except you can shoot through the walls. It was some-what buggy as entering a house (my friend would guide me) I would start doing the "falling" animation. I caught a full game worth of video on it. When the next round started (we died, finishing 8th), the bug did not repeat itself. Let me know how I can help with reporting this bug/what you need from me.
  18. When I was waiting at the loading screen I heard sounds of movement in water which I thought was weird and when I spawned in, it turned out that I was actually underneath the spawn island swimming in water.
  19. I got to this spot by trying to jump off the roof and get to the ground. I landed in this fence box with no way to get out. The gap is just a little too small. Thanks
  20. For the past several days, every time i try to play duo or squad with my friends i crash either in the lobby or within 1 minute of landing. I have tried verifying on steam and reinstalling, but still crashing. I crash less often in solo. Please help fix this.
  21. shadow

    Hello Team, I wanted to report a glitch I had today when changing my my old monitor to my new 21:9 monitor. Seems like it is caused by the shadow as it ran perfectly once I set the shadows on LOW resolution. I know that your team is already aware of this issue with AMD, however I have never seen that yellow glitch before I thought it could be helpful for the future 21:9 Resolution optimizations. PC SPECS: OS: WINDOWS 10 64BITS CPU: i7 4790k GPU: AMD Radeon 200 series RAM: 16GB Regards,
  22. bug

    I was in the military base looting like a normal player, surviving to at least the top 5 squad on Squads. I was by myself, and I was getting shot at by 2 different squad from 2 different sides. Since I had no cover I decided to go inside a hangar in the Military Base and hide. I hid there until I saw the 1 squad pass me. It wasn't until they passed me until I realized that I was stuck in a bush or something. I was so frustrated that I couldn't continue on with the game due to this bug. I was killed due to the blue death zone eating me up. I even got footage of me stuck trying to get out, I tried everyone I could. Although I got footage I cant upload the video but I have screenshots of where it happened.
  23. I have been having an issue with the menus in the game. I have to put my cursor about 2-3 inches over from what I actually want to click on. It is very annoying!!!! This doesn't happen when I actually play or on anything else. I hope it's not just me and can be fixed. If anyone has any ideas, I would gladly appreciate it.
  24. So let's say I bind my PTT key to "B" for this game. Then let's say I bind my Discord's PTT key to "J". If I press "B" in game, the voice chat works normally. Only the game receives my voice input. Good. If I press "J" in game, both Discord AND the game receive my voice input. Bad. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to fix this problem. No combination of keys fixes it. It's incredibly annoying. If I'm trying to talk to someone on Discord, the game treats my voice as if I'm holding "B", but I am only holding "J". PUBG should not be receiving my voice at all, but it does. To make things EVEN WEIRDER, I've even gone so far as to seperate the audio routing of Discord and PUBG entirely, using two different audio cables, and by some means of magical wizardry the game STILL injected my Discord call into the game. This doesn't even make sense. This shouldn't be happening at all, but it does. Why? I am completely lost on why this happens. No other game does this. I've tested this across several games and PUBG is only one that has this issue. I've tried changing my default microphone to several different ones, and it still happens. Is the game just taking any mic input it can find and using that? Why would PUBG activate it's PTT using another seperate program's key bindings? Something is crossing wires here. I should add that I am pretty positive I am not the only person with this issue. I've actually killed players before who I think unknowingly had the same glitch occur for them, talking to their discord casually about whatever as if I couldn't hear them. Sometimes trying to even talk about hiding from me. It's kind of butts.
  25. All sounds in the game(gunfire, footsteps, doors, cars, grenades) sound like they are coming from THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION..for example I was playing squads, and while my teammates were running next to me on the right, their footsteps and reloading sounds were coming from the left! Another example would be when I was running through the school, and heard really close shots behind me, so I naturally ran away from them being unarmed. The shooter was actually to my front, and this caused me to run straight into him. Another Bug I was experiencing just before the above one: when things like Guns and Vehicles are being used, the sound does not originate from where it is actually at, but where the item spawned. For example, a vehicle was moving near me, but I was looking for it towards the location of its spawn because thats where the engine noise was coming from, and was ambushed. Their gunshots also came not from them, but from the buildings they had gotten them further away, making this even more confusing. These bugs is totally gamebreaking for me...I have validated my steam files and all of my equipment/software/programss are totally up to date, functional and totally able to run the game without any problems. Really looking forward to a solution/update. Would really love to get back to playing and supporting the game rather than being frustated. Alpha is Alpha GO PUBG