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Found 7 results

  1. Everything is OK before matching As soon as the matching is done, my screen turns into something like the image I uploaded I even re-installed my Windows 10 (64bit), but it didn't help I am using GTX1070 with latest driver, i7-6700K CPU Can I fix this and enjoy Battleground?
  2. Hello All . i want buy System For PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS please help me for buy give me name and model ram . cpu . mother board and any need only give me best system for play this game i want fps more than 60 or 60 i want remain stable please Not too expensive ok? sorry for bad engilish regards.
  3. Does anyone try to overclock his Graphic card a bit ... I got Radeon R9 280x 3GB DDR5 384 bit 8 GB Ram 1333 mhz i-5 Quad 3550... I overclocked her with MSI Afterburner and I enjoyed 46-48 FPS in the game ... with Anti Alaising - High Post Processing - Low Shadow Quality - Low Texture Qualiy - High Foliage - Medium / Low (No Difference) Effect Quality - Medium Distance view - Medium Motion Blur - No 1920x1080
  4. Bug Description: When I start the queue to join a match, my graphics turn into the screenshot shown below. I can't hear any sound, and I know that the game hasn't crashed because I can still access the steam overlay. Date Seen: 4/9/17 Troubleshooting Attempted: Reinstalled drivers Checked for windows updates Ran steam and pubg in administrative mode and tried to run in various compatibility modes (Windows 8, 7, vista). Other Information: Sometimes I end up with a different screen besides the one shown below. Instead, the top half of my screen is taken up textures while the bottom half is black space. After waiting a few minutes, the sniper rifle, kar98k model starts to load in the middle of the screen. Launch Options: -noborder -high -windowed System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3gb CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.20 GHz Ram: 16 gb Graphics bug while trying to load into a game:
  5. Would be awesome to share official content using official content graphics. I mean, a wallpaper, banner, stuffs like that. I run a Battlegrounds Fanpage on Facebook, to share official content to Brazilians Players and would be awesome to have stuffs like that. Can you guys also share what is the name of the font that "ALPHA 2 UPDATE 2" is written?
  6. We were driving buggy and then some guys started to shoot us and we got little bit damage. After that we had a damage animation and sound bug in every minute until we die. There were a gun sound then blood and damage sound as ah!. However our hp was not dropping. There is another bug that the view has been broken so I can't move freely around. I was going in walls etc. I could see everything in the world. There is 2 images for this bug.
  7. Hi everyone (sorry for my english) I have a problem with my two graphics cards into my Laptop. I know my game is running with my Intel card because my FPS are very Low in the main menu... I know this because i can't choose my screen resolution as well. Sometimes, randomly the game is running with my NVIDIA 960M because i see my "1920x1080" in my setings and my game runs with 60FPS perfectly ! How can i fix it ? I would like to stay on my Nvidia card everytime... I hvae already change settings in my Nvidia Control Panel but it doesn't works, my game still running with my intel card... Thanks