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Found 4 results

  1. This game needs to sort out the problem of people using hacks or it will die a quick death like all the other games before it. Infestation: Survivor Stories is a classic example of what will happen to this game if they don't put in serious anti hack software. There are already multiple YouTube videos of people hacking and because a lot of younger kids play this, you can guarantee when they start t get owned all the time my experienced 1st person shooter players they will turn to hacks.
  2. I just bought this game and my friend and I love it. The only problem is that I've caught people gettin crazy wild headshots on me through walls, and I've also caught a guy not looking at me, yet he shoots me. Now I know the game is laggy and that could be part of the problem, but I looked into it and... Aimbot/wallhacks is a thing, and I feel like if something isn't done to fix hacking, then this great game will turn into another hacked pvp game. If anyone has played minecraft pvp games (especially during 1.7.6 days) than you know what I'm talking about. I'm curious what others think about the problem.
  3. Just quick 2 things im hoping someone has awnser to. 1. when finding a gun, 3 boxs of ammo and a helmet all in 1 pile. instead of pressing "F" like 10 times pressing "tab" will show things in the vicinity (helpful) But can we add a TAKE ALL button at the top of something? small suggestion just would make it easier when looting large piles of gear. 2. Are there any plans on adding a system like FAIR FIGHT or something to counter act the number of hackers????
  4. So was in a duo and made it to the top 3 people and the last person was nowhere to be found. So when the gas closed all the way here is what we saw.... basically the bug either hacked or was bugged and was still alive sitting in the gas for 2 minutes while we were the last ones alive. once we died it said he died outside the play zone and gave us 2nd place... can we please figure this out. comment if you've experienced this problem before please