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Found 33 results

  1. I just want to see some crazy kills people got and I it's hard to find them around. Post here your Lucky, skilled and/or strategized kills! Here's one I got, it's not that good but I don't want to leave it empty
  2. Gaboinky is here.

    Yo what's up everyone? Got this game a few weeks ago and been having a blast with THE BOYS. Thought I'd make a little video just cause they're fun to make.
  3. Since I will likely be showcasing many videos in the future I should probably confine them to a single topic instead of spamming a bunch of them. First and foremost I would like to welcome everyone to my Channel and invite all to please have a look and Subscribe! Now we can move onto the content! I've showcased some other videos in other topics so for the sake of decency I will not re-post those videos, but I do have others that I would like to share with you all! First we have my latest upload which is actually a re-upload of gameplay from a couple weeks ago. I have improved my editing skills a lot as well as the overall layout of the tags/description so I wanted to bring this older video up to my current standards since I think the gameplay itself is still top notch. Next we have one of my more Popular videos, the awesome AWM Massacre! This video is again older but it withstands the test of time due to the mayhem I unleash on the poor Asians (lol) And lastly (for now) We have another Duo win this time with some awesome clutch moments and a crazy kill combo with UMP/Nade in a shed! be sure to check it out! Thank you all for stopping by and viewing my videos! If you like them please let me know and please don't be shy, leave a comment and Subscribe to my Channel!
  4. My mate TheGreatOne1337 made his first video. I like to share it with you to surprise him with your feedback and some clicks (since he has no account here so far). P.S. He obviously likes it a lil bit overdramatic Feel free to leave a comment and play with us at twitch.tv/LeMatsch
  5. New highlight video from streamer ninja, hes a monster at this game.
  6. Hühnchen im Duo

    Lasst mir gern n abo da für weitere #1 highlights
  7. YTube #1 Content

    Hi Ich lade nun regelmäßig auf meinem Youtubechannel #1 plays hoch. Manchmal Highlights, Montages oder Gameplays. 3-4x die Woche werden Chicken Dinner hochgeladen. Bei Interesse freue ich mich über follows. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqdGWOg9xINa0xTAHSEk6MA Waidmannsheil Lormex
  8. PUBG-Highlights #3

    I just finished editing and uploading the video.
  9. Hey come check my video out!
  10. The Micro-Uzi Killer

    Quick video I thought I would share with you guys because...why not. The Micro-Uzi Killer
  11. Hope you guys have some laughs and enjoy !
  12. We team up with 2 of our friends to battle it out in squads. Laughs, deaths, and kills. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Duo Tactics - Highlights

    Highlights from some Duo and Squad games tactics. Hope you enjoy!
  14. We team up with a friend to take down some squads! Thanks for checking it out, hope you enjoy!
  15. Some Duo game highlights with some serious close calls and funny moments too. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for checking it out!
  16. I'm the best in the WORLD

    Although I only reached #14 in the world on the leaderboards, I believe I displayed the most consistent skill. People at top 10 are just camping their ranks like little scared children and wouldn't play anymore games, yet I had over 200 games played. If you think you are better please share your clips on this post I will watch them all! I cannot wait for Thursday I'll see you all in the game. Make sure you subscribe to my channel for the best Battlegrounds highlights! All you up and comers go and do your homework Haters on my d!#k but I know why they're so hurt I'm killin this shit so much I'm gettin on my own nerves [yt]
  17. Mostly english but u can hear the curses in arabic
  18. Some may enjoy it, some may not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqzheN1Uh7M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXj4PF7B8Uc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJPaXxRFyo0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEPrTj6ELPs&lc=z23oylgrwrn0znqeuacdp43bjbmptwcclbu2uphnchpw03c010c
  19. 3rd Weekend Highlights

    Ranked 14th in the world [yt]
  20. PUBGshots! #1

    Hi evreyone, First video of my newest playlist, fragmovie montage for Playerunknown's battlegrounds !
  21. PUBGshots! #1

    Coucou les coupains ! Nouvelle vidéo, nouvelle playlist, nouveau style ! PUBGshots!#1 ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl_tCR_5xZA
  22. Highlights fun fail compilation !

    Coucou tout le monde ! Nouvelle video de compilation du CBT2, du fail, du fun, et quelque highlights, have fun !