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Found 2 results

  1. A UI suggestion for the controls - Off the bat after launching the game and heading to the controls menu. Each control like on-ground and vehicle needs their own tabs like in Battlefield because they have so many key binds. This also makes it where multiple keybinds can be used and not cancel each other out. For example, having 'jump keybinded space' but then 'hand-brake keybinded to space' as well but for the vehicle does not work at the same time.
  2. First off, excellent work on the game so far! I really enjoyed my short time experiencing the alpha for the first time last weekend. Never played ARMA but I'm a big H1Z1 fan and this game feels like a carefully balanced hybrid of both. Coming from H1Z1, some of my favorite features include: great character customization, detailed minimap & map zoom, weapon mods and large variety of weapons, aim punch, and a very healthy amount of brush and foliage all over the map that allows for more tactical gameplay. Here's a list of some things I hope to see implemented or improved upon in future builds: General Include more cross-hair options. Include separate sensitivity options for third-person camera and third-person ADS. Add numerical representation of health under health bar. This will be of particular use since you can't use some healing items past 75% health. Add at least 1 or 2 hotkey inventory slots specifically for healing items similar to H1Z1. Make all healing consumables able to restore health to full. Currently, do any of them actually do this out of med kits, first aids, bandages, painkillers, and adrenaline syringes? Allow player to change stance while using healing items. I get not being able to move, but you should at least be able to alternate between standing and crouching. Using sprint (shift key) raises player up from crouch/prone position. This is pretty much a standard feature across all shooters now. Parachuting movement mechanics feel very clunky and poorly responsive, definitely still needs some more polish. Haven't tried swimming myself, but from watching streamers it looks extremely slow at this point. Also, totally aesthetic, but that swimming animation looks a little ridiculous lol what's wrong with the classic breaststroke? Loot Make all loot have a brighter outline, shimmering gleam, or try to make items and environment have more contrasting colors. Weapons being 3x the size they normally are is quite a bit jarring for a BR game more grounded in realism. Implement a system that allows dismantling of loot for scraps that can be used to craft new items or augment existing items. When picking up higher tier helmets and Kevlar, make them automatically replace lower tier helmets and Kevlar that're equipped. I believe this currently only happens with backpacks. Map Implement a countdown timer for map restriction events and include some type of sound notification whenever the electric field begins advancing. Implement a feature that allows for target zooming on main map by double-clicking instead of only mouse wheel. I currently really like the zoom feature and highlighting of nearby buildings. Reduce the visibility on the outside of the restricted area. Currently allows players inside restricted zone to safely camp around the border and snipe other players who are already taking damage from the electric field while sprinting to get inside. Gunplay & Weapons Give numerical values to the damage, accuracy, and range specs of each weapon. Currently I have to put more effort in comparing two weapons side-by-side than I would like. Allow players to swap already equipped primary weapons between slots 1 and 2. Currently if I want the weapon equipped in slot 2 to be in slot 1, I have to unequip both slot 1 and 2 and then reequip. Implement a hotkey or simple clicking method that automatically removes all mods from a weapon and places them in your inventory if you have space. Not sure if this is intentional, but please fix the half-second stuttering of the player model whenever switching/scrolling between weapons. Weapons feel like they take a little longer to reload than they should. By the time the reload animation and sound effect is finished, it seems to still take a whole second for it to register in the game as having a fully loaded magazine/clip. I haven't used too many, but grenades seem to take too long to explode after throwing them. Is it currently set to 3-4 seconds? I feel it should be 2-2.5 seconds at most. Vehicles Acceleration with all vehicles I've tried is extremely poor, even while holding boost. I'd like to see acceleration increased at least for some vehicles like the buggy. Handling has noticeably poor response time. It feels like there's a half second delay between my input translating to an action in the game. Similar to the issue with parachuting mechanics. Implement extra inventory space for item storage inside vehicles. Misc Energy drinks have the same in-game item description as bandages. Painkillers have the same in-game item description as first aid. Please fix. Those are all the points I have for now. Will include more if any come to mind. Would love to hear thoughts from all the other testers! And a huge thank you to all the members of the development team for all of their hard work on this project and particularly for listening to the testers and taking all of their feedback into consideration through this alpha/beta phase. I truly believe you all have created something special here that will take the battle royale world by storm!