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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I would like to suggest a slight rework of the inventory UI. No drastic change, really, more of a "quality of life" improvement. Description: As of now we could divide the Inventory UI into four sections (starting from the left): 1. Loot that lies around the player character 2. Backpack contents 3. Player character 4. Equipped stuff Suggestion: Swap the 3rd and 4th sections so that the player character is to the right and guns equipped are between the player character and the backpack sections. Reasoning: Many people prefer to right click on loot but others prefer to drag and drop. Due to obvious reasons, more often than not looting needs to be carried out quickly. While consumables, ammo and all backpack items can be dragged and dropped relatively quickly pretty much anywhere in the UI (as long as it's to the right of the 1st section), weapons have to be dragged all the way to the appropriate slot in the 4th section and to the 4th section only. This becomes an issue at times where one is in a rush and needs to quickly grab a particular weapon and move on, especially later in the game. While I appreciate that the way the player character looks is important and I do not want this feature to be removed, it certainly is not a number one priority in terms of survival. When one opens the inventory, the player character usually renders a few seconds later and by that time the player may have been done looting already in the first place (or not even looking at the character at all but at the loot). I think this renders the entire current 3rd section slightly "superfluous", so to speak. Again, I do not suggest this section being removed, just swapped with the equipment section as the latter is a bit more important - guns are frequently looked at while customizing. The fact that one cannot drag and drop the weapon anywhere (just like the consumable items, as there are a few specific slots which makes total sense) should be slightly facilitated in my honest opinion. In the end during late game one worries mostly (only?) about picking up the one necessary item. Attached are two pics presenting how I believe the UI might look (Sorry FVagabond for choosing your pic! :P). I appreciate the other one is a crude paint work but I think you get the point. Hit me with your thoughts Cheers, Adam
  2. So, last update broke the inventory for me. It was fine before but now i can't see 80% of the weapons i have equipped when i press TAB. If anyone got a fix for this i would be very happy. i am playing on a 1200x1600 4:3 screen so telling me to change resolution is not a option.
  3. As you might already guessed by title, my suggestion is to add inventories in vehicles (cars) and motorcycles. This would be helpful if you want to share your items with your teammate in party inside, instead of doing it outside of your transport. P.s. Sorry if my suggestion is duplicated, I just didn't found anything like that.
  4. If you spam tab (inventory), my ram slowly rises up. I'm usually at about 50-70% ram usage with 12gb of ram. When I spammed tab, my ram slowly rose up to 85-95%, and then the game crashed as my windows reported that I was running out of videomemory (crash report here: My ram rose even faster if I spammed tab + map key at the same time. Could it be possible that using tab clogs up your ram with no way to clear it besides restarting your game?
  5. Hello everybody ! So since this new update has arrived my Inventory screen has been like this. No display settings or anything change and the game was running fine before this new update. It's literally just the Inventory menu that goes big nothing else not even the game itself in background. Anybody know how to fix this ?
  6. --- Bug Description: Right side of the inventory is cut off. Date Seen: 2017-04-20 Server: EU server Troubleshooting Attempted: - Other Information: I play with 4:3 monitor (resolution 1600x1200). Problem appeared since new patch. Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit Graphics Card: AMD HD 7850 2GB CPU: AMD FX8350 Ram: DDR3 16GB
  7. Admittedly my gfx is terrible, but it gets really slow when trying to bring up inventory. I'm blaming the rendering of the character. could you add an option in the gfx settings to not render the character in inventory and just bring up the slots/equipment. Really enjoying it otherwise. Regards.
  8. Hey. I have a concept for a better inventory interface. And the reason behind this because when you use the inventory to loot, the mouse is always centered, and you need to move it to left corner every time to loot. So having the loot in the middle with make it much easier. And some easy color indicators for slots would help me at least. Instead of going trough everything.
  9. Hello, I just bought this game, and I have this odd issue, I am not sure if this is common or something, but when ever I open up this game, it seriously just crashes.. It gives me this error message : "The instruction at 0x00007FFB9D39E1E4 referenced memory at 0x0000019333DB3FFC. The memory could not be written" So i thought I had low memory, even though I am over the system req. So i tried to put everyhing on the lowest it did not either. Is there anyone else having this issue ? Is there a fix to this issue, its really annoying, that I have to play the game not looting (Cause that will bring up the inventory and crash) Not looting enemies (Cause that will bring the inventory up and crash) Not even putting on gun attachments which is super essantial. Help would be really appreacited. Incase this even matters : Amd FirePro D700 4gb. 12GB Ram Intel Xeon Quad Core E5 3.7 Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
  10. Hi everyone, been playing this amazing game for a few days now... I seem to have difficulty making enough room in my inventory to be capable of holding more ammo, even with a lvl 3 backpack. (Not even sure if higher lvl backpacks allow for more inventory space) Anyways but I'm not sure if it is possible to do, but how do I empty a few amount of an item and leave in a certain amount of my choice in my inventory. For example... if i have 40 bandages in my inventory and i want to take out 20 and leave 20 in my inventory... how would i do that? similar with ammo... how would i empty a certain amount of ammo of one type and leave in a certain amount? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I preordered this game and got the code from the release of the game in my email. I used the code to redeem the special clothes that was offered when purchasing the game when it was in beta and I've received no crate. When I try to redeem it says that it has already been redeemed. Was I given a faulty code? How do I get a new one? I purchased the more expensive version For the in game items and am unable to get them. Help.
  12. Bug Description: Everytime I open the inventory the games freezes for 1 or 2 seconds, sometimes but rarely, more. If I open and close it really fast it's frozen until the character image loads and renders (usually takes around 1sec) and then closes. It's strange because the game runs at 60fps average with textures on mid, drops to 30 in big cities. Date Seen: Everytime I play. Troubleshooting Attempted: Always used lowest settings, but it seems to be a bit better when I put textures on mid and everything else very low. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 950 CPU: Intel i-5 760 2.8GHz Clocked at 3.66GHz Ram: OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz 8GB
  13. Are they really necessary? I find it doesn't really add any value to the game. Like, finding a backpack, I get it, but different tiers? What's your opinion on this guys?
  14. Kinda annoying to have things like 2 First Aids at the top of your inventory and then having 1 more near the bottom. Same goes with ammo, just stack it automatically. We can already use Ctrl to split it ourselves if we need to.
  15. When you mouse-over a gun accessory in your inventory, a box comes up that shows a photo of the item and tells you what guns you can add it to. Would be nice to have a sentence or two under the picture explaining exactly how the item will effect the gun's firing, etc.
  16. The inventory system isn´t too bad atm, but it´s kinda annoying that the same items aren´t together in the inventory and can be f.e. the first and last item (especially while looting a dead player). So i would suggest that either the stack size in your inventory should have no limit or the stack sizes stay like this atm, but are sorted and together. At the same time i would love that the inventory would be sorted after ammo, meds, attachemnets, grenades and other stuff.
  17. Hello, Community. So, my opinion of this game so far and those around me is such. This game is insane, which is good and bad. Currently visually everything for the most part is very nice. Guns, players, and environment are looking great, very small issues with occasional clipping but that's something that can be refined at a later time. Onto the main point of this post. 1. Picking up items is very slow and sometimes hard to see. (Visually hard to find items in house clutter, but that's not to much an issue but more of a personal preference) 2. Vehicles for the most part work how they should but like issue one getting into vehicles and out is very slow. Additionally it is quite difficult to get into the drivers seat on the cars.(Namely the bugy) 3. Lastly the inventory seems to have been a downgrade visually since last beta. Not as smooth (Meding now is quite nice) and but overall a couple tweaks would make it perfect. Equipping gun mods now is phenomenal and a huge improvement. Over all, the game is going in the right direction and i do quite enjoy the game play and the look of the game. I understand this is a beta and once a couple things get smoothed out i believe this will succeed very well.
  18. So the inventory clearly has some issues. There needs to be quite a bit of work on it in my opinion. Here is what I'd like to see for the inventory. Ammo should be combined better. Having like 7 different stacks of ammos cluttering the bags is pretty annoying. It looks like max stack is 100, probably should be upped to 200-300 or infinite (all same ammos can stack no matter amount). Some sort of ordering or maybe set positions for medical supplies. Having to scroll through and have unpredictable locations for your healing gear is just not needed. Something like H1 where lets say the top of your bag is healing gear, or there are icons for your bandages, medkits, first aids. Also gun attachments should be ordered together. Maybe a highlighting system within the inventory panel that certain things have different color codes? Like medical supplies are highlighted green, wep attachments are red, body gear and clothes are blue, etc ,etc. I don't know but right now its just a huge cluster of gear that you have to scroll through to find what u need. Vests and helmets should auto equip to the highest level like backpacks do. I dont see any reason why this shouldnt work like this. You should never want a lower quality item on so it just forces everyone to take an extra unnecessary step. Weapons should be able to be dragged over currently equipped weps to replace them. Currently if I have two primary weps and I try to drag another primary wep to replace slot 1, it might replace slot 2 (forget if this is the case or not) Am I a moron or what? Are the vest and belt inventory slots available? Those would be handy so we can sort our equipment. Weapon attachments should have a description what they do to the weapon like other items have descriptions in the inventory. Yes I know what most do, and I can just google it but that isnt my responsibility. The game should be descriptive for new players that have no idea what they even do. Some people might not even know anything about a gun. Oh obviously splitting item stacks (third time I've posted this.. should be high priority...)
  19. Now that, has been added into the game. Now this needs to happen with vest, coats, shirts, etc. I had a vest 1, with a backpack 2 and I literally had to drop everything in my backpack in order to pick up the vest 2. Is this really needed?
  20. When you pick up a gun, whether it's in slot 1 or 2 or your hot bar, you can't switch it when you enter your inventory. I think you should be able to click and drag what gun you'd like in each of the primary gun slots. Currently you have to drop both guns and pick them up in the order that you'd like them to appear in your primary gun hot bar.