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Found 39 results

  1. So today I ran into this bizzare bug where rain quite litterly froze in the mid air when picking up items. Few minutes after playing around I narrowed it down to my inventory which caused the rain to freeze. Observe: Rain would freeze only at close proximity of me, however some of it would continue to fall. It should be noted I do use reshade with following two features: "Adaptive sharpen" and "Clarity". Reshade could be cause of the problem. This however is first time happening to me.
  2. Hi, I install the game 2 weeks ago. Every 2 or 3 games, my game crash when I try to equip a object (like scope, silencer....) the game freeze and crash few seconds later. I try to right click or "drag and drop" but the both solutions made the game crash. Do you know how to solve this ? It's boring to crash every 2 games :(. Evenmore when you are 2 one the map and the game crash >< Thanks in advance for your help !
  3. Whenever i open my inventory, the game freezes for a couple seconds basically this issue "Opening/closing inventory causes freezing / severe game lag when the inventory has multiple items in it"
  4. Hello Read that the inventory lag should be fixed, that is not the case for me however. The lag starts when I open my inventory and lasts for about 5 seconds, sometimes it never stops and I have to restart the game. I get okay FPS otherwise, not good but playable. Settings: medium, a few on high. Game installed on SSD. i7 4790K GTX 960 16 GB RAM
  5. So, I am playing pubg on a 1600x1200 resolution and can't see the guns totally in the inventory, so that means I cannot remove a scope of an weapon.
  6. So this bug happens wean i open my HUD like my invetory/MAP/menu, these HUDs open instantly and work just as they are suposte to but wean i try to close these HUDs they dont close. And i am pretty sure that its not lag because they work just fine and wean i press to close the HUD and wait it still does not close i need to hit it like 5 to 7 times for it to close. please help i dont know what is the problem or how to fix it. pls halp
  7. hi, i'm playing at 21:9 aspect ratio (2560*1080) and since this weeks update my mouse is off 50 pixels to the left of where i accually click. this applies to the menu, the inventory and the map. removing attachments, placing markers and closing the game become hard to do. thx for fixing that soon, Sangpur
  8. Fullscreen: Uses SLI, runs without lag. The existing problem is that the menu's are almost not usable. All menus, being inventory, startup menu, everything. The mouse is way off the icons, ex: to exit the game, I need to click 2 full buttons upwards, and 2 full buttons left on the screen. Borderless: Fails to use SLI, providing lag on one GPU. Ironically, all the menu's work in borderless mode. Specs: Intel I7-4710MQ GTX970M in SLI Any solutions or fixes appreciated, Thanks
  9. Hello guys, first time posting here so please bear with me (and sorry for my bad english) So i recently upgraded my graphics card to the Radeon RX 480, which seems to be working as intended. Though one pretty annoying thing since i have this card is as follows: When i jump into a game of PUBG (no matter which queue), after some minutes some red/green/yellow bars/points start building on the bottom and right border of the screen. If i then open my inventory, those bars/points extend and the ones on the bottom fade out the further they go to the top. But this happens only for a fraction of a second and then it disappears. If i open my map tho, the bars/points stay extended and don't disappear. So in order to get rid of them, i have to open and close my inventory, which is pretty annoying, especially because sometimes they reappear a second later. My PC Specs: - Mainboard: M5A97 R2.0 - Processor: AMD FX 8320 - Graphics Card: Radeon RX 480 (previously R9 280x with no such problems) - RAM: G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1866 MHz - Power Supply: Cooler Master G750M - Hard Disks: 128gb SanDisk SSD, 1TB HDD (Game installed on SSD) - OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit I've already tried updating my graphics drivers multiple times, which doesn't help. I hope someone can tell me where the problem lies (pls let it not be the graphics card ). Here is a YouTube video of the bug occuring (slowed down with screenshot in the end): Greetings, TheMurph.
  10. "Made some improvements to address the issue of FPS drops when opening the inventory UI" this fix dont work.
  11. Bug Description: When opening the inventory with a lot of items the game freezes for 3-5 seconds depending how many items you have in your inventory. I've monitored the FPS when opening the inventory and I've discovered the FPS drops from ~60 range to ~5 range when opening it. Date Seen: Ever since I purchased the game (1st of April) Server: Live server Troubleshooting Attempted: Graphics settings I've attempted to turn everything on very low, low, high etc. it makes no difference. Screen resolution I've tested with different screen resolutions ranging from 1280*720 all the way to 3440*1440, from experimenting with this it seems like I experience the issue as soon as I exceed the resolution of 1920*1080 Other Information: Any other information you believe is relevant to the bug you're experiencing. Launch Options: I've attempted all these settings: -high -MaxMem=13000 -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 970 (SLI and non-SLI) CPU: I7-3770k @ 3.5GHz Ram: 16gb ram
  12. If you spam tab (inventory), my ram slowly rises up. I'm usually at about 50-70% ram usage with 12gb of ram. When I spammed tab, my ram slowly rose up to 85-95%, and then the game crashed as my windows reported that I was running out of videomemory (crash report here: My ram rose even faster if I spammed tab + map key at the same time. Could it be possible that using tab clogs up your ram with no way to clear it besides restarting your game?
  13. When trying to exit inventory and map, takes multiple clicks to the M and I keys to close, and is not just my keyboard, I have tried on my laptops keyboard and still takes as many tries and is very inconsistent.
  14. After the latest client update (2.1.49) I had to hit the inventory (tab) or map (m) button anywhere from 1 to 10 times to get them to close again once they were opened. I tried closing the app, rebooting, resetting my game settings to default. Nothing seemed to work. So I took the measure of uninstalling the game, and I updated my NVidia drivers for I saw there was a newer version. I'm not sure which of these two items it was, but I no longer am experiencing this issue and it was consistent prior to that. I was only able to find a couple of mentions of this in my google searches so I wanted to post something here in the event it helps someone. If there is a better location for this post by all means move it. Thank you!
  15. I can usually open both my inventory and the map on the first keypress, but most of the time I need to press TAB or M up to four or five times in order to exit back to the game view. This has gotten me killed on more than a few occasions, and I've now started to adapt to playing the game without having to use the inventory or map in any tense situations, putting me at a significant disadvantage. Haven't seen this brought up before, so I figured it was worth sharing.
  16. Bug Description: Anytime I open my inventory it drops my fps to single digits. Fps goes back up after closing inventory. Date Seen: Apr 23, 2017 < First day I started playing. Still on going. Server: US server? Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarted pc, changed settings to lowest, updated drivers, used launch options, looked around for solutions on forums but there are only old threads for this problem. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (6.1, Build 7601)Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 seriesCPU: AMD Fx(tm) -6350 Six core processor (6 CPUs), ~3.9GHzRam: 16384MB
  17. If you're on the road with your squad after looting, it would make sense to be able to trade items. However, you must currently wait until the car stops so you can do it on foot, in a more dangerous setting. My suggested solution is to give cars an inventory based on their passenger capacity. Players can deposit and withdraw items to/from a shared public inventory, essentially allowing them to trade on the move without adding any messy P2P interactions. This "trunk space" can also serve as a means for players to lighten their own load, bring backup ammo/situational weapons, store gas, etc. Vehicle inventory access could be limited to passengers inside the car, but I think it would be better to allow access via the tab screen (similar to how you can loot a dead player's stash when nearby by opening inventory, not just interacting with their box). I think this would be a big quality of life improvement. The main argument I can forsee against this is "just trade before you get in the car or right after you get out." To this I ask, how many times have you had to quickly drive off to escape the blue zone or an enemy squad? How many times has your car been ambushed? Doesn't it make sense to trade items with the person on the seat next to you?
  18. Allow spectators to view the inventory of the player they're spectating. It's something small, but it would be nice to see what a teammate has to remind them if they have something they could use to their advantage but they forgot about it.
  19. Bug Description: Picking up a frag/flash/smoke grenade by dragging it into your inventory with your mouse will not allow you to select it via hotkeys or 'next weapon' cycle. It simply doesn't appear in the cycle bar. Date Seen: Several times 1st-3rd of May. Server: Not on the test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Drop the grenade and pick it up by either pressing (F) or right clicking in inventory screen. Other Information: This bug might affect other items as well when dragging them into your inventory. Also, dragging items skips the character pickup animation. Launch Options: No special launch options used.
  20. Hi everyone, been playing this amazing game for a few days now... I seem to have difficulty making enough room in my inventory to be capable of holding more ammo, even with a lvl 3 backpack. (Not even sure if higher lvl backpacks allow for more inventory space) Anyways but I'm not sure if it is possible to do, but how do I empty a few amount of an item and leave in a certain amount of my choice in my inventory. For example... if i have 40 bandages in my inventory and i want to take out 20 and leave 20 in my inventory... how would i do that? similar with ammo... how would i empty a certain amount of ammo of one type and leave in a certain amount? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.
  21. As ammunation stays in the inventory when you drop the gun, I think attachaments should behave the same. Annoying when you drop a gun you don't need but after 5 minutes you need (example) a the 4x Scope you know you have but you don't.
  22. Hello, I would like to suggest a slight rework of the inventory UI. No drastic change, really, more of a "quality of life" improvement. Description: As of now we could divide the Inventory UI into four sections (starting from the left): 1. Loot that lies around the player character 2. Backpack contents 3. Player character 4. Equipped stuff Suggestion: Swap the 3rd and 4th sections so that the player character is to the right and guns equipped are between the player character and the backpack sections. Reasoning: Many people prefer to right click on loot but others prefer to drag and drop. Due to obvious reasons, more often than not looting needs to be carried out quickly. While consumables, ammo and all backpack items can be dragged and dropped relatively quickly pretty much anywhere in the UI (as long as it's to the right of the 1st section), weapons have to be dragged all the way to the appropriate slot in the 4th section and to the 4th section only. This becomes an issue at times where one is in a rush and needs to quickly grab a particular weapon and move on, especially later in the game. While I appreciate that the way the player character looks is important and I do not want this feature to be removed, it certainly is not a number one priority in terms of survival. When one opens the inventory, the player character usually renders a few seconds later and by that time the player may have been done looting already in the first place (or not even looking at the character at all but at the loot). I think this renders the entire current 3rd section slightly "superfluous", so to speak. Again, I do not suggest this section being removed, just swapped with the equipment section as the latter is a bit more important - guns are frequently looked at while customizing. The fact that one cannot drag and drop the weapon anywhere (just like the consumable items, as there are a few specific slots which makes total sense) should be slightly facilitated in my honest opinion. In the end during late game one worries mostly (only?) about picking up the one necessary item. Attached are two pics presenting how I believe the UI might look (Sorry FVagabond for choosing your pic! :P). I appreciate the other one is a crude paint work but I think you get the point. Hit me with your thoughts Cheers, Adam
  23. So, last update broke the inventory for me. It was fine before but now i can't see 80% of the weapons i have equipped when i press TAB. If anyone got a fix for this i would be very happy. i am playing on a 1200x1600 4:3 screen so telling me to change resolution is not a option.
  24. As you might already guessed by title, my suggestion is to add inventories in vehicles (cars) and motorcycles. This would be helpful if you want to share your items with your teammate in party inside, instead of doing it outside of your transport. P.s. Sorry if my suggestion is duplicated, I just didn't found anything like that.
  25. Hello everybody ! So since this new update has arrived my Inventory screen has been like this. No display settings or anything change and the game was running fine before this new update. It's literally just the Inventory menu that goes big nothing else not even the game itself in background. Anybody know how to fix this ?