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Found 181 results

  1. This is the second time I'm posting about this. My game is fine until about 20 left, and then I get "Network Lag Detected" and can't move. Once this happens, all of my internet is being seized up and I get about a 30 second delay on my discord comms. I can't navigate to Google, or use my internet for anything. The only thing that fixes it is leaving that game. Once I'm back to the lobby, my internet returns to normal. Here is a video of the issue. This happens every single game. Here
  2. There is another thread about this same issue and from what I know no staff have responded even after they used the correct bug report format. So hopefully some staff can help us out with this issue. Bug Description: Whenever you open your inventory you have a 5-10 second lag spike, shorter & longer for others. Video of Issue Date Seen: Ever since I bought they game which was last month so from 6/20 - 7/20 Server: This is the main server (not test). Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried using FPS tweaks with launch options but I have found that none of them really help they just cause another problem that I stopped using them, and I would have put my settings lower but I already play at the lowest possible settings. Other Information: No, none that come to mind. Launch Options: I have no launch options set. System Specifications: Operating System: Custom Made PC Graphics Card: GTX 750 Ti CPU: i5-6500 Ram: 8GB Thank you and any comments by any staff will be very appreciated
  3. At the start of the game at the same time every game (roughly when im in the plane) my fuckin game lags out and freezes till im halfway across the map, this obviously fuckin sucks because i can't drop where i want. If anyone knows why or has a fix that would be greatly appreciated, i have heard some people say it is because bit defender or other anti-viruses, i paused my anti-virus and it still happens. Here is a video: ate Seen:I have noticed it since the 16th of july, it happens at the start of every game Server: AS Error Message: no Other Information: it sometimes happens in the lobby if it takes a while to get 100 people, and if we get in the plane faster than normal it happens about halfway through the plane ride Troubleshooting Attempted:I Verified game files, restarted pubg and PC, looked everywhere online for a fix and disabled my anti-virus Launch Options: no, i run re-shade though System Specifications:Operating System: Windows 8 Graphics card: GTX 960 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz RAM: 12GB ddr3
  4. Good day sir! I just want you to know that i have this bug on my account. My currency or bp is negative. it all started after i changed my look. As you can see on the picture i attached, it's -3199 but the original is -8000+. I play every day thats why it only has -3199 now. please fix this.

    also, clarify me what's live or test server. thank you!!


    1. Tuesd4yy


      In addition to my problem, i play on live server. Thank you

  5. Lag Spikes abundant!

    Game Lag??, I keep getting network lag in the lobby, flight to zones, parachuting to zones as well as landing and the houses are distorted , also while trying to gather weapons and ammo etc, and I am unable to even enter while glitching miserably and that means a kill for someone. This has happened around say 25+ times.Why is this happening as of recent, and when will it be fixed?? I have a gaming PC that is is : i5-6600 CPU with GTX1070X Video card@3.30GHZ 3.31GHZ 8.0 GB RAM 64-BIT OPS, X64-BASED PROCESSOR AND A 250PS INTERNET connections. So it snot on my side of the game. Please let me know whats up?
  6. So, the patches are making the game run much, much better. I still get slideshows and it is nearly impossible to aim when people are near me and we're in a firefight. Graphics definitely aren't the issue as the can be set to anything and the same behavior occurs. When people aren't nearby, the game runs like candy. Really need to work on the problems when players are nearby each other, as I can unload 3 magazines without being able to actually keep my crosshair on the person at all because its so bad. Every so often it won't do it but 9 out of 10 fights are a struggle just to force the aim to move somewhat accurately.
  7. I saw there was another old topic in the archives, but I didn't think my note would be seen in the archive so I am posting a new thread for this bug. Please see below: Bug Description: When I bring up my inventory using tab, there is a 1-2 second delay / freeze in the game Date Seen: 2 months ago, mid-May Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: I have tried the launch options as well as multiple different video cards. The issue did not appear with the GTX 1080 card when I tried that on my system, but it has been present with all AMD cards I've tried (R9 Nano, R9 Fury, Vega Founder's Edition) Other Information: The issue does not happen on my wife's machine using the same video cards with the same drivers, but her machine is an Intel machine, mine is AMD. Launch Options: I have tried with and without -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications:
  8. So, I've bought PUBG recently and been wanting to play but whenever I try to play, I just keep teleporting. It's really annoying as I have no chance to do anything other than leave the match. If it helps, I live in the UK and my down and up speeds are in the title. Someone else I know (who lives close to me) plays the game fine. He has 100mbps down but I'm sure that 20 down would still be completely fine. If you think you might know how to go about fixing it, please let me know.
  9. Hi, since the last major update (27 Jun) that I get a lot of lag in every match. When the patch came out, I didn't experience any problems, but, as time went by, the textures started to have rendering issues and I started to get a lot of lag. I have formatted my PC and the problems remain. I have a GTX 970 - I5-4460 - 8 GB RAM
  10. Micro Laggs

    Hallo liebe mitsuchtis :)) ich habe derzeit das problem das ich teils sehr starke laggs habe aber keine fps drops!! habe auch schon nach der auslastung meines systems beim zocken geschaut und alles sieht sehr entspannt aus.....trotzdem ist es zb so das wenn ich in ein haus möchte die tür aufmache reingehe mit mal irgendwo außen oder mit mal mittem im raum stehe...auch beim laufen mache ich massive sprünge von locker 2m zwischendurch...ein ändern der auflösung von 4k auf 19....hatte auch nix gebracht habe im schnitt 80fps in 4k. zu meinem system i7 6700k, GPU is ne nvidia titan x, 16gb arbeitsspeicher ddr4 mit 2133hz, spiel ist auf ner ssd und 50k internetleitung mit 20er ping.... alle gängingen internet fixes wurden bereits getestet aber leider ohne erfolg!!!! wäre echt geil mal wieder ordentlich spielen zu können. danke für die hilfe im vorraus!!
  11. my game is rubber banding so much it is unplayable, lagging through walls ,cant pick up loot because as soo as i walk up to it i lag to the other side of the room i usually play on v low but i have tried other settings, ive uninstalled and reinstalled, yesterday i installed windows 10 and formatted the computer (for other reasons) and it still didnt fix anything ive got i7 4790k gtx960 sli 16gb ram just did a internet speed test and it is fine : 11ms ping 77mbps down 5.7mbps up dont know what else to try please heeeeeeeellllp
  12. Alright so this first clip, i suppose it could be possible he had an angle from the top of the building but it still looks like a considerable amount of desync to me,. This second one is just infuriating to me. If it's going to stay that way then i suppose I'll just have to "learn" But it seems like the hitboxes of the door when trying to go out sideways cause some collision push back, along with the table. This whole clip is just really frustrating to me of how jitter it became in this house. If i was able to finish off his downed team mate faster i think i could have turned and got the kill on the second guy.
  13. Hello everyone, I've been having trouble with my internet connection for 2-3 years. For some reason it cuts out several times around 7pm to 10pm (CET) for a few seconds up to a few minutes (I'm still connected to my router but it's not connected to the internet). When this happens I get the "Network Lag Detected" message ingame and I can't do anything. When I regain my internet connection I can see players and other entites repeating the same movements over and over again and I still can't do anything. The "Network Lag Detected" message stays on the screen. A few minutes later I get kicked automatically. I believe this isn't related to a high latency since I'm always able to play a new round without any problems right after this. This has happened to me about 10 times so far. I've noticed that I get the same message when I manually press the button on the router to toggle WLAN. However, I'm able to keep playing like nothing happened when it gets toggled back on in this case. Because of that I've tried reconnecting to my router manually when the internet connection is cut out but that doesn't work either. In other games (e.g. CS:GO) I am able to keep playing normally after this happens. OS: 64-bit Windows 10 Pro CPU: i7 6700k GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Server: Live, EU I've attached screenshots of the "Network Lag Detected" message while someone is crawling in front of me and the kick message. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello there everyone, I'm experiencing a rather difficult issue with the game at the moment. As detailed in my previous post I had some problems with lag when pressing down any button. I managed to somehow make the issue less annoying by disabling key repeat in the Windows settings, however this did not really solve my problem. While I can now enjoy running in the game and picking people off from the distance, close quaters fights still are nearly impossible for me to win as my framerate immediately drops to about 10 FPS when I start quickly pressing keys or clicking repeatedly. I guess that this is related to my previous problem in so far as this happened every tenth of a second or so before because of the Key Press events whereas now it only happens on Key Up or Key Down. If anyone has any suggestion as to what to try out I am open to try anything. I would really appreciate your help as I am kind of lost right now and don't know what to investigate next. Best Regards, The Kaltur
  15. 1st: Title says it all plz inform me. 2nd: It happened to me 2 many times that i spray half a mag from close range on a target (3th p zoom) and the tango just glitch / teleport / laggs out of my cross-hair. Is this a cheat(-er) or... what is it?
  16. Bug Description: There is excessive input lag when shooting. It's higher when a weapon is set to full auto. Here is a link to a video showing the input lag. I was showing off another bug but you can clearly hear me double click before the weapon shoots. Date Seen: 7/16/17. Been this way since April though. Server: Every server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I set all my graphics to low to increase my fps. It had minimal to no effect. Other Information: The input lag in higher when the weapon is set to auto. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU:Xeon X5690 Ram: 24GB DDR3
  17. PUBG laggt trotz ausreichendem / gutem PC

    Guten Tag. Ich habe mir heute PUBG gekauft und es laggt extrem obwohl ich meine Grafikeinstellungen auf dem niedriegsten habe.Es fängt aber erst an zu laggen wenn ich mit dem Fallschirm auf dem Boden gelandet bin.Manchmal habe ich dann auch ein sehr sehr langen Standbild.Wenn ich in der Wartelobby bin habe ich dort keine laggs.Bitte um hilfe und danke im voraus PC SPECS Grafikkarte - GTX 1050 8 GB RAM WINDOWS 8.1 Intel Core i5 4400k - 3.10 GHz 64 Bit System
  18. Network Lag Detected

    Hello! I just want to report really serious bug when I am playing loot houses kill 2-3 guys game says "Network Lag Detected" And that's it game is not reconnecting me in game it is just frozen 4ever. Than I Quit in main menu and start playing again and i get same error all the time. THIS IS UNPLAYABLE.
  19. Date Seen: 7-15-2017 Server: NA Error Message: No Message. Client freezes when loading with a second party at load screen Other Information: Game is very laggy and choppy. Characters are even choppy at the load screen. Troubleshooting Attempted: Undated drivers, Reinstalled the game, Downloaded Visual C++, Windows Defender Disabled, Verified Steam Files Launch Options: -refresh 144-maxMem=13000-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-sm4 As a single player I can load into the game even though it is still unplayable and choppy. I can't load at all if I'm playing multi-player. Help. The fate of the world is at stake.
  20. Unplayable after a while

    Hello, I purchased this game a few weeks ago, and the first couple of rounds that I played went pretty flawlessly, on high settings averaging at about 30 fps. The following games however would begin to persistently become worse in quality, either through receiving network lag every 5 seconds, the weird texture glitch at the beginning of the games (that would lead to me being killed due to me having to stand/prone in one spot for 2 minutes), and other minor issues. I am sure that my computer can handle these issues on other games, as I typically have about 100mbps download, along with 40-60 fps on games such as Arma 3 on high/ultra settings. As you can probably imagine, I am quite frustrated after spending money only to experience persistent problems for weeks on end, that only worsen, let alone be patched at all. Is this just a problem common for early access? Will it be resolved for the most part by the full release? Thanks!
  21. So just now this happened. I was in a gun fight, in a house. Me (Pistol) vs Other guy (AK) I know how this sounds, but I'm not trying to complain about this just confused on what happened here. I have him beat, we get up close, but when I step out of door my FPS drops to 0 and network lag detected and he wins. Here's the thing though: Specs: Ryzen 1700 (OC 3.8Ghz) EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW3 16GB G.Skill (3200Mhz) Internet 100mbps So I have a hard time when I go into network lag (or it says I do) and my FPS drops to 0 and I die. Other then this problem that has happened (10x+) this game is amazing and a lot of fun. Maybe it could be my computer but I doubt it, just looking for any information. Thanks, inb4
  22. Lag Spikes

    I have been getting constant frame drops/ lag spikes for the last 3 days. I have been playing the game fine prior to this with no such problems. I have a high end PC which runs this game fine and have excellent internet speeds. I have tried changing launcher settings, uninstalling and reinstalling game, changing video settings and most other potential fix's with not improvement. Thanks.
  23. So I just bought the game and I go to play it with my buddy and immediately in the first game we're met with "Network Lag Detected". Now I would be okay with this if it was a problem with my computer or with my internet, however, it's not. I'm not having any lag or ping issues in any other game except this one, and neither is he. Maybe if it was just a little laggy we would both be okay with dealing with that, however, the "Network Lag Detected" ceases you from being able to play the game. I'm extremely disappointed in my few hours of playing as I just dropped $30 on a game I was hearing was very good from a lot of friends.
  24. Plane Freezing

    I bought the game about a week ago, and the whole time I have had the game me and one of my friends have had this issue were in about 50% of our games the plane will just freeze in the starting position and not move, not allowing us to get out of the plane. If we wait it will eventually auto kick us out at the end of the flight path but that limits the places we can go quite heavily Would love a fix thanks. If it helps we play on the Oceania Servers
  25. I get to the lobby screen and it lags like crazy, which is weird because a week ago i could could play like normal no lag. any help?