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Found 117 results

  1. I love this game but i cant suffer the lagging issue in the JP server of AS channel. - Firstly, the ping's always delayed and lagging everytime. Can you image i press F to open a door, after 0.5s, the door open? This cause the disadvantage in gameplay. Especially for versus and close combat situation, we have no chance to beat JP players. - Secondly, the JP is on far east of Asia? why you choose JP as the server for AS channel? not HK - mostly in the center of AS ? They have better servers, stable ping than any other server. Please make change for this. We dont want to see the base players from SEA, and other country which is too far from JP quit this game.
  2. 1) Specs: Laptop MSI GE60 2PC Apacher + CPU: Intel Core i7-4710HQ + RAM: 16Gb + GPU: GTX850m 2) Game Settings: 1690x900, Everything is on Very Low, Texture Medium, Getting 59-60FPS no Lag (Got Some FPS Drops sometime Everybody's issue) MIND: THIS IS AFTER THE SECOND UPDATE (TODAY 28/5) 3) Problem: Got Instant Lag when shooting face to face like, 1-4 meters away with somebody As seen in the tittle. I'm playing very carefully, saw a guy behind a wall, come to him, shot him, he is shooting me as well, got Lagged out, Like STUNNED, everything on my screen just stayed there like a picture, i died, everything becomes normal. 4) Footage: I will provide as soon as possible after this post
  3. Hello everyone! We've experienced a short outage on our forum server in the last 48 hours and as a result a few recent posts were lost. Some of you may also have to register again because of this. We are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The forum is currently stable. It is safe to post : )
  4. Alright so this first clip, i suppose it could be possible he had an angle from the top of the building but it still looks like a considerable amount of desync to me,. This second one is just infuriating to me. If it's going to stay that way then i suppose I'll just have to "learn" But it seems like the hitboxes of the door when trying to go out sideways cause some collision push back, along with the table. This whole clip is just really frustrating to me of how jitter it became in this house. If i was able to finish off his downed team mate faster i think i could have turned and got the kill on the second guy.
  5. Hello Read that the inventory lag should be fixed, that is not the case for me however. The lag starts when I open my inventory and lasts for about 5 seconds, sometimes it never stops and I have to restart the game. I get okay FPS otherwise, not good but playable. Settings: medium, a few on high. Game installed on SSD. i7 4790K GTX 960 16 GB RAM
  6. Hi. After the update, I experienced some bugs. First one, when the blue dome (i don't know if is that in english, the blue wall) reach the safe area (with a white circle on the map), the blue dome continues advancing to the center. And I'm having more lag than usual: shooting players, opening doors, catching things from the floor, even in my own movement.
  7. I don't even understand what happened...But that is some pretty sweet lag right there!
  8. So i was playing and i found a motorbike and i drove it for awhile and then all of a sudden the game stutters and i fall of the bike and died. I was on even ground so there is no way the motorbike flipped or anything. So you know, get wild ?
  9. Hey! So I just read over the patch notes for the most recent monthly update and within the notes, the servers were briefly discussed. It was mentioned that the server being used are top tier AWS servers with the most compute power. This would go to show that you guys have chosen vertical tech growth, as in you have increased compute power to handle load. However, in my work with AWS, I've learned that a mixture of vertical growth (more power) and horizontal growth (more compute nodes) is the key to ultimate performance. So while I don't know your exact infrastructure, I'm assuming you have a couple servers for each match. For simplicity, let's say you are currently using 2 x p2.16xlarge per match. That would be about 50 people per server, assuming perfect distribution and assuming its a full match. I'm thinking that it may be better to cut some of the vertical growth and increase your horizontal growth, as in cut some compute power, but add more nodes to better distribute load. Again for simplicity, this would mean instead of 2 x p2.16xlarge per match, it would be 4 x p2.8xlarge which would be near identical total compute power, but distributed across 4 instances as opposed to 2. So instead of 50 people using a server's resources, you only have 25. Obviously this is an extremely high level example, but it demonstrated the point I'm trying to make. While you may be using the most elite AWS servers, there may simply just be too much load for them to handle efficiently. Spreading that load across multiple servers per match would help distribute load evenly across more available resources. Just a thought. Again, I don't actually know the actual infrastructure.
  10. Can anyone here explain how this player kills me instantly with a headshot from an AKM while wearing a level 3 helmet at full health and boosted? I'm just floored by the situation and find it ridiculous that something like this is possible. Sure you can toss it up to lag, but out of 300+ hours, I've never experienced lag to a point where I just die instantly. Maybe there's more to this...
  11. optimizasyon

    Sevgili PUBG oyuncuları, Düşük FPS ve Server Lag'ları gibi sorunlar yaşandığınızın farkındayız. Bu post'ta bu sorunları nasıl ele aldığımızı ve gelecek planımızı nasıl yaptığımızı aktarmaya çalışacağız. Umuyoruz ki açıklamalar; oyunu aldıktan sonra düşük fps'ler ve lag'lar yüzünden hayal kırıklığı yaşayan oyuncularımızı biraz olsun tatmin edecektir. Öncelikle, oyunun hala erken-erişim sürecinde olduğunu tekrar hatırlatmak isteriz. Erken erişim oyunun herkese açık şekilde Beta sürecine devam etmesi anlamına gelir. Erken erişim, oyunda bug'ların giderilmesi, grafik ve işlemci optimizasyonları, server'ın efektif şekilde yapılandırılması ve oyunculardan gelen feedback'lerin değerlendirilerek gerekli görüldüğünde uygulanmaya konması gibi uzun ve zahmetli süreçleri içinde barındırır. Bu optimizasyon sürecinin zaman aldığını ve sadece bir patch ile çözemeyeceğimizi bilmelisiniz. Bu sürecin daha önce yaptığımız duyuruda yaklaşık 6 ay kadar süreceğini belirtmiştik. Fakat bu süre zarfında oyun her geçen gün biraz daha pürüzsüz hale gelecek ve ciddi sorunların pek çoğu daha yakın tarihlerde giderilmiş olacak. Sizlerden aldığımız geri dönüşler neticesinde optimizasyon takvimini bir kez daha hatırlatmakta fayda görüyoruz. Mevcut çalışmalarımız: - İşlemci üzerindeki yükü azaltmak ve GPU'nun tam kapasiteyle çalışmasını sağlamak * Yüksek yoğunluklu alanlarda fps düşmelerini engellemek * Bütün grafik seçenekleri için fps 'yi arttırmak Planlanan zaman : 14 Nisan - Bina ve bitki modellerinin optimize edilerek uzaktan görünüş render yavaşlatmalarının giderilmesi Planlanan zaman : 7 Nisan - Sonraki adımlarda: * Zemin ve okyanus gölgelerinde render performansının iyileştirilmesi * Bina duvarlarının oluşmasındaki CPU yükünü hafifletme * Ekran belleğinin kullanımının azaltılması (Şimdiden bu kullanımı 1 GB'a indirdik) Teşekkür ederiz!
  12. So i changed my settings to increase FPS and every game after that i get times where i lag when i walk, just by a couple of meters i get setback and front, its extremely annoying. I checked my internet and ping is normal and it only happened after i changed the settings. Anyone that has the same?
  13. I think i know the main problem with the Lag, Stutter and FPS issues with the game. If you notice when you die the players in the game actually disappear. That being said watch your FPS sky rocket as a result of all the players in the game disappear. Everything in the game stays Buildings, Loot, Dead players loot, Vehicles, Ect. The only thing missing is the players that are still alive. If you were playing Duo or Squad and go to spectate after you die your FPS drops way back down. 25 - 55 FPS when Alive 80 - 100 FPS when they disappear when i die.
  14. Bug Description: I have been having issues since the last update with lag & rubber banding. When I join a server everything runs normal and then all of the sudden while in the plane it is like it is being "warped" along. When I land on the ground my character is running, but he is like "jolting" forward. I wasn't having this issue at all until the most recent update. Every game I have played I experience this issue. Also, my FPS seems to dip anywhere from 90 all the way down into the 30's. Date Seen: I have been seeing this issue since the last update. Server: Any regular server, mostly play on NA. I gave EU server a try and same issue. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have ran DSL Reports Ping Test and got an A+ all three times. I have pinged in my Command Prompt both Google and Amazon with no issues or packet loss. I am running Xfinity Internet with 100Mbps Down/ 6Mbps Up. Other Information: Launch Options: No launch options selected. System Specifications: Intel i7-6700K (Overclocked to 4.5Ghz) Nvidia GTX 1080 TI ASUS ROG PG348Q (3440x1440 @ 100hz)
  15. Hey guys, i havent found this bug on the forum yet so I would like to share it since its really annoying and I cant seem to find a fix. I tried all the suggested bug fix methods already but nothing helped. So when I start a match. The first thing I see after the loading screen is this: After a few seconds more and more models start to appear: After a while I start to hear sounds aswell and eventually I can start moving or the game starts: The big problem is when this happens I have huge lags ingame. To be more exact i have rubber band lags so every 2 seconds i get reset the meters i was running before which makes it literally impossible to play. The strange thing about this is, that this does not always happen. In every 8th game or so i can just play normally without all of this to happen. I also dont lag ingame then. I really dont know what else I cant try.
  16. If I get the network lag detection warning, it doesn't go away even if I test my internet connection and it's working. It stays forever.
  17. Since last patch i had this issue, no matter what weapon i get the same lag spike, its like the animation of the shoot just lag hard my pc My cpu is: AMD FX Series FX-8320E 3.2Ghz 8X // Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC WindForce 4GB DDR5 I tried with specs at max and with super low, nothing changes.
  18. Just made it to the top 2. Last guy conveniently froze me up.
  19. I have 49 hours in the game so far, but I have only got access to 3G on my phone. My ping jitters but not incredibly. I get <100 pings to all EU servers but now this NETWORK LAG DETECTED happens. Once this message appears I cannot do anything, the game then times out and I lose connection to it. So I can no longer play. Is this happening to anyone else? I'm incredibly bummed out, I was having a lot of fun. I didn't feel like I was lagging more than anyone else and no this means I can no longer play.
  20. Hi So, that's my question Is there a Latinamerican Server? Is it in Brazil or Chile? You guys, those from Argentina, how much ping/ms do you get while playing? Thx for spending your time reading / answering.
  21. Rant, For now, I've stopped playing completely until the game is at a point where it's fun and enjoyable ... For the average casual gamer I am sure they get their kicks and aiming for top 50, but when constantly facing game breaking issues and by some pure chance you manage to get a chicken dinner it's just super frustrating... FPS is utterly poor and FPS drops make it impossible to effectively track and kill targets in dense areas or when there's alot of action.I don't play on a potato, but having to run everything at low just to maintain a playable FPS ( 60+ ) in open areas on my GTX 1080. Hit regs and lag is a REAL bummer ! incosistent and most likely tied to the server tick rates and various client performance issues Movement is clunky and sticky - there's also no ADS option to hold so you are limited in the options ingame to rebind your keys This is starting to turn into another DayZ effort ... Add new content but the core game is still broken ... another year down the line we can probably grow tomatos but still face the FPS drops and poor hit reg. Sadpanda!
  22. Can anyone explain this one to me?
  23. Still lagging in cities, makes the game nigh unplayable at times. Also every now and then I will get disconnected randomly either in the staging area, or right after I hit click to play, I can't reproduce it but the error message has a bunch of Fs like FFFFFFF so I think it's a connection bug that's all I know. next time it comes up I'll try to remember to screen shot it. I do think these should take precedence over any new maps etc.
  24. Some I've come up with two major things holding this game back at the moment. Both of these items appear in virtually every single game, for most players, most of the time. They are the following: Hacking I'd say in almost every single instance there is some type of forced lag/aimbot/wall hacker. I've had people run up to a cottage I've been in for 10 minutes, come up right to the room wall I'm in and attempt to kill me -- no windows to peak, no seeing me travel within the house, just come right up to the wall and attempt to shoot through the wall at me. No my gun isn't sticking out so they can see me. They can see through the walls, they are killing through the walls. Other times I'll have Level 3 helmet, level 3 vest, and someone will pull out a pistol and two tap me for a head-shot. Two-tap. Pistol. Headshot. Level 3 armor. Do something about this. Lag The game right now is unplayable. I understand it's beta. I understand you're working on it. I understand all of that. I write software myself, I understand how long it takes, and the complexity of creating an automated system that matches tens of thousands of players together so they can play 24/7. But the pings we're talking about here are massive. I'll have a 200ms ping, the other player will have a 200ms ping, and attempting a fire fight will essentially be both of us shooting at ghosts of eachother. This is basically a Random Number Generator game. If I wanted to play an RNG, I'd roll dice. Please fix your game so it's an actual game, and not a shell of a game, which it currently is. Thanks.
  25. hey guys i want to know voice chat is working? cuz i cant hear anyone and i thing noone can hear me i dont know whats wrong, my microphon is working fine and i can speak to people in other games but in this game i cant hear anybody!! anyone know how to fix this?