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Found 2 results

  1. Good day PUBG Group I just want to report major FPS Leakage on all servers that I have play on so far, its random and it happens at any time of the game, start mid or end. I run at 60 to 70 FPS throughout the hole game and then randomly my game starts dropping FPS as low as 15 which makes the game then unplayable and is mostly the root cause of me dying as I can't move correctly. When i move out of that area its back to normal and when i go back to the area where i have to FPS drop I would not notice it again and it will then happen at a different place, It can be at random places even in a open field with not much of graphics to load. Regards Acidbuddy
  2. If you spam tab (inventory), my ram slowly rises up. I'm usually at about 50-70% ram usage with 12gb of ram. When I spammed tab, my ram slowly rose up to 85-95%, and then the game crashed as my windows reported that I was running out of videomemory (crash report here: My ram rose even faster if I spammed tab + map key at the same time. Could it be possible that using tab clogs up your ram with no way to clear it besides restarting your game?