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Found 102 results

  1. HEYOOO So the title is prettty self explanatory and straight forward. I would love to hear what are your guys's favorite part of the map/hiding spot/looting place and why. I attached a photo to this thread with my favorite spot to camp . Its close to the middle of the map, and from my experience theres always good loot there. The houses are really big and theyre protected by little dunes so you cant get sniped from windows. The houses also have nice corners for combat and camping.
  2. It would be awesome if the layouts of the interiors of some of the more ubiquitous buildings were randomized. It would also be cool to have more cellars. In general procedurally generated elements (that aren't just drops) would add another layer of variety and freshness to the game. Edit: to be clear I think the map layout should be the same, just with mixed up things at each location. I don't want like major landmarks gone or cities in different areas every time. I'm thinking like a subtle thing.
  3. The blood drip occur after you got shot The oil barrel spawn randomly near houses
  4. My friend crashed so I decided to parachute into the ocean before quitting the game. However, I landed onto an invisible platform. I continued running until I fell into an infinite ocean. I didn't try getting back in. I took some screenshots. I still got killed by the border closing in, so it's not an advantages or anything, just something I found.
  5. Immovable Terrain

    At the western base of Novorepnoye Radio, my teammate and I lost because the terrain cannot be moved up. The other player had the sole advantage of having come from the opposing side. Because we could not climb the mountain, the other player secured an easy RNG win. Would appreciate some consideration in limiting possible win zones to only areas that can be freely moved through, or fixes to terrain that allow movement up steeper/higher grades. Thanks.
  6. Immovable Terrain

    At the western base of Novorepnoye Radio, my teammate and I lost because the terrain cannot be moved up. The other player had the sole advantage of having come from the opposing side. Because we could not climb the mountain, the other player secured an easy RNG win. Would appreciate some consideration in limiting possible win zones to only areas that can be freely moved through, or fixes to terrain that allow movement up steeper/higher grades. Thanks.
  7. Spectating while using Map

    While in the map and spectating a member on my squad, they use a med or booster. You can not zoom in or out on map while your team mate is using a med.
  8. I have been experiencing a consistent issue recently where when I open either the inventory or map they will not close immediately when I press the corresponding key. This is really frustrating as going for care packages is a no no since you need to tab to collect and if the inventory will not close you're a sitting duck.
  9. Map Clipping

    I don't even know how I got into this, I think I came in from the top.
  10. Upon entering a bunker, I fell through the map, but was able to swim under the map. I was able to get back onto the map, but I could see through all of the buildings. I was also able to re-fall out of the map, by getting into a vehicle and going back to the same bunker. This is the first time it has happened, just reporting it. SORRY FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE BUG REPORT TEMPLATE!!! Found it after posting this...
  11. Crate Glitched

    Hey Guys, Posting on reddit brought me here. I have never seen or heard about this, and looking at recent posts - can't find anything about this. Has anyone experienced the crate spawning outside of the play circle? Hit the invisible wall and the crate never came down. got stuck up in the sky. video related below. https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakyYummySpaghettiTBTacoLeft
  12. Key bindings

    So i tried using an xbox one controller. game let me change the bindings as i wanted. got into a game only to realize that the apply didn't work . went back to my mouse and keyboard and the game will not let me re apply default settings. i can click default but the map and in game menu will not map. i tried to manually map them and it will not let me apply them. help please!! we all know the map is a key function in this game
  13. I was playing earlier today and I got stuck on the tubes of Mylta Power (Warehouse). Thought I'd let you guys know there's a bug here. SKS with 8x and a bunch of first aids, feels bad.
  14. Should we expect it after the game is fully released or in the coming weeks or months?
  15. I began playing pubg about a week ago and my F key works fine while in game but my Inventory and Map keys are having to be mashed repeatedly before the game registers it. I do not have this problem in any other game or when I am typing in a Word document/email so I have no clue what the problem is. I have even tried mapping the inputs to other keys and reinstalling the game to no avail. I have an ASUS GL553 with an i7 7700, GTX 1050, 16 GB Ram. Again, I do not have this issue in any other game except for this one. I know it's an early access game and I'm loving every minute but this was my only gripe so far. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  16. Bug Description: full map automatically and constantly zooming in, I zoom out with the mouse wheel, will automatically zoom back in, coincidentally when this happens, I also cannot control my fire function of shooting my weapons, I'll click, repeatedly click,spam it and nothing, then as i'm moving around my character will randomly start firing as if the previous clicks have some major sporadic lag, this is extremely frustrating. it seems to come up randomly, and when it does it keeps coming up game after game with multiple different troubleshooting steps. Date Seen: Today, several weeks ago before the last major update as well, but it resolved itself when re-installing the game, I can't keep doing that... Server: NA. Troubleshooting Attempted: verified my mouse was not the problem, all inventory drag and drop functions are normal, weapon switching with the mouse wheel is normal, verified game files on steam, didn't work. restarted my PC, didn't work. reinstalling the game once before seemed to work but that is a tedious and time consuming process, I cannot be expected to do that often. Other Information: this has happened before the most recent update as well. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System:W10 Pro Graphics Card: GTX 1080 CPU:i7-5930K Ram:32GB DDR4
  17. N00b intel intems.

    Just a suggestion, I don't really think it's neccesary to make a complete game. Just a novelty thing. What if you could find intel, about locations in game. Not too much intel, because that would unbalance the game. I imagine you could find an item that looks like a small briefcase, or a piece of map. With the rarity of a tier 2/3 item. When you pick it up, there is an icon added to the map. The icon could show what intel it holds, or it will be a gamble and the player will only know by clicking on it. Whatever suits the balance of the game. When you click on it while looking at the map dots will show the position of, one of the below, 'things' on the map. These things could be: - AR locations. -SMG locations - Gear locations - Boost locations - Crate locations - Vehicle locations NO PLAYER LOCATIONS, ever! Or something else like: - Next barrier location preview before it is actually shown on the map. - Bombardment preview, intel on where the next bombardment will be before it actually is shown on the map. - An added timer that shows the seconds you need runnnng towards the next safezone (on level ground, no objects) The intel will pop up for only 3 seconds and then disappear, so the player needs to analyze the intel quickly and remember it him self. The intel will be of the entire map or within a certain disstance of your current location.Whatever balances it out the best I think this would be easy to implement as the server always knows the x,y,z- coördinates of every item in game. There will be an overlay needed on the map consisting of dots and circles (we already have that). Just add designning an item to pick and mix it in with the rest of the loot. Add an icon on te map. What are your thoughts?
  18. I would like some realism from the new desert map. No silly constructions like the huts etc.
  19. When I talked to my Duopartner about the different weapon "Tiers" I came to the idea of a "gamemode" that could look like this: The Map is seperated in different areas like this: http://baumrasen.de/modules/icontent/inPages/drudel/bilder/ch15_3.gif The main thing that makes this mode unique is that you start in the outer ring which might be a more urban cqc styled area and only find pistols and crossbows as weapons and tier 1 clothes + bandages for example. When the first zone starts some sort of barrier opens so people can access the second area while the zone pushes them in. The second area offers a bit more open field and you are able to find tier 2 stuff, smgs and shotguns. The same game, the zone starts and people get into zone number 3 which then obviously has tier 3 stuff + AR's and as rare loot some snipers + the usual airdrops. Another possibility for the finale that I could think of is that snipers aren't available yet in zone 3 but there's another final zone in the middle which is like some sort of arena with a few hidden snipers in it for the last few survivors. As this has been a spontaneous idea I haven't thought of many details but I do think that the core of it offers a pretty fun alternative to the main game, as it kind of forces all participants to fight through the different stages of equipment. Feel free to share your thoughts about it and maybe even add some ideas to it.
  20. ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.7

    Two versions: ShatterNL's PUBG Map and Caturner's GIS Overlay! You can also find this guide on Steam Clarification on the legend: Garages: Garage buildings that have a High % of spawning vehicles (Dacia/Motorbike-Sidecar) Vehicle Spawn %: Possible locations where vehicles can spawn. Boat Spawn %: Possible locations where boats can spawn. Military Loot: Places where there's a higher % chance of finding Military Grade equipment. (Lvl 3 Gear, Attachments) High % Loot (Red): High Risk, High Reward locations - Lots of players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it. Medium % Loot (Yellow): Medium Risk, Medium Reward locations - Good for a squad of 3-4 players, but can vary based on RNG. Main map legend idea inspired by /u/Pvtjace 0.7 Changes: Reworked the ENTIRE map! 5k resolution, better and smaller markers with new icons and shadows underneath for better visibility. Removed Low % Loot, as it was kinda useless to mark every small building for Low % of loot. Removed "High % Gun Loot". Added "Military Loot" markers! Places where there's a higher % chance of finding Military Grade equipment. (Examples what you can find here: Level 3 Armor/Helmets/Suppressors/Scopes) A few "Vehicle Spawn %" markers have been added, since the last patch there are a few new locations (central Pochinki for example now has a spawn) Changed "Spawn Island" from High to Low Loot. By request on the Steam guide: I've added a version of my map with /u/c_a_turner : Caturner's amazing GIS Overlay!
  21. New Desert Map Train

    Okay this might sound kind of stupid at first but when I was looking at this train I thought it could have more potential than just being an immobile decoration. What if you could get inside the train and start it up going around a track. At first this would sound really OP, but think about it. In this type of game there's only certain amount of open play area due to safe zone/gas. Would it really be that OP to be camping on a train when you'd be a giant target, let alone how loud it would be. It could also be balanced for ramps to be on the sides of the track for people to land cars or bikes on it, also the track could have turns in it that someone would have to stop the train for to turn it to the track they want to go on. It's only real use would be for a squad that couldn't find a vehicle at all or enough seats for all of them and they could use it to maybe make their way to the safe zone. While simultaneously looking bad ass and creating sick firefights.
  22. Hi, i'd like to make a few suggestions that i would personally would love to see in the game, i don't think any of those break the current game or meta, but rather help the player and make things more fun and interesting mark current location on map key bind (pressing the key bind will add a marker on your current position) 'need help' key bind (will either say something like 'backup required' to the other teammates or flash your name @ top left / make it different colour as a sign for help) toggle (show / hide) on the map view that shows you the path you already moved on the map throwing an item i have (extended mag, red dot, sight any spare item i got) as a grenade to make sound somewhere as it lands tracker bullet for weapons, will attach itself to a car or a house or even backpacks (i'd say it will not stick on ppl but rather give them 2hp dmg or something but will on backup which you can drop) and allow you to see a position marker on the map (as an item drop) monocle / binocular with the ability to 'tag' a person i see (add a marker on the map where i saw him while using it (as a keybind)) - will take up melee slot item , will not follow the person, as in the position marker will not update itself unless i repress the keybind while looking at the person a tire repair tool as random loot (like the gas cans), 1 will fix 1 tire a claymore, loot drop item, 1 claymore a drone tool , will launch itself up in the air and give you 15 seconds or so of free look of your current area from 30m height as a loot item
  23. Im sorry if making a new Topic for the ideas that i have had floating around in my head for the last few days but i just wanted to atleast put them out there within this wonderful community Lets start off with the one that i would personally love to see put into the game. Small animals not anything big or too over the top but just small, i think increasing the visual pleasure of players in the game would add a slight increase in enjoyment into the game for instance, adding small schools of fish so when a player is forced to swim from point A to point B for a long time would add a nice touch to the empty and rather boring ocean travel that most players would have done by now, also adding in flocks of birds flying around where you would see them traveling across from one location to another and having the flight pathing set up the same way as air drops so it would add a slight bit of atmosphire. Now with the other things that i had in mind Weather effects or should i say weather effect because i only really see one that i personally would love to see a northern lights weather effect i know it miht not fit in with the current map but if any more maps get added into the game i think this would be a perfect weather effect that could tie in with a new map perfectly So moving onto my last suggestion. If the time comes and the devs think of adding new maps into the game i think it would be perfect to add a snow map into the game, this being matched with the northern lights weather effect would look amazing and having a new snow map would add in new clothes and transport into the game. making white clothes more viable on this map, for transport i think adding in a 2 man and a 4 man snowmobile would fit perfectly this one is a little bit more crazy but could be implemented rather well red zone causing a small percentage of trees to be knocked over but leaving the tree stump intact for cover and also due to the small percentage of trees that may have fallen over it would create more horizontal cover from the trunks of the trees. Thank you for reading i just wanted this to be out in the open and would love to hear any feed back from the ideas that i had, enjoy your chicken dinners!

    This has really been bugging me. What is the scaffolding/radio tower in the military zone of the south island really modelled on/supposed to be? It doesn't look like anything i've seen before and might be an interesting topic to do a youtube video on. Is it a radar tower or something? I MUST KNOW!
  25. Movement bug! Please fix it

    Hello. This is my first post in Pubg's forum. And I want to show a bug that i discovered playing. I will attach some pics. When you get in that place, you can't move, stand, or lie down . Please fix it, I lost that match because of that bug. Thanks for reading.