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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I was playing yesterday and for about 5-6 games in a row I was hearing my squad members. Out of the blue it just stopped working and I couldn't see the speaker icon next to my name @ the top left anymore, nor could I hear anyone. I have it set on push to talk, T, and allow teammates. This was the first time ever in 65 hours of playtime I've ever been able to heard my squad members in game other than using programs like discord. I was on the US Server. I use a HyperX Cloud headset via front panel USB. I have it enabled as my primary source of sound. Steam registers my voice in the sound settings, also I have speech recognition enabled also. Trying control T doesn't work, verifying integrity files doesn't work. It worked flawlessly then just bam stopped working. It's very frustrating as to why so many people are having problems with a simple in game voice chat. Any ideas??? thanks, Triad
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for some experienced Battlegrounds players with aggressive play styles. I've been playing since this game came out in beta stages and my stats are pretty solid for how many games I've played this season. If you are a serious player looking for a solid partner in duos or squad send me a friend request on steam. (18+ only) stats: Steam:
  3. So let's say I bind my PTT key to "B" for this game. Then let's say I bind my Discord's PTT key to "J". If I press "B" in game, the voice chat works normally. Only the game receives my voice input. Good. If I press "J" in game, both Discord AND the game receive my voice input. Bad. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to fix this problem. No combination of keys fixes it. It's incredibly annoying. If I'm trying to talk to someone on Discord, the game treats my voice as if I'm holding "B", but I am only holding "J". PUBG should not be receiving my voice at all, but it does. To make things EVEN WEIRDER, I've even gone so far as to seperate the audio routing of Discord and PUBG entirely, using two different audio cables, and by some means of magical wizardry the game STILL injected my Discord call into the game. This doesn't even make sense. This shouldn't be happening at all, but it does. Why? I am completely lost on why this happens. No other game does this. I've tested this across several games and PUBG is only one that has this issue. I've tried changing my default microphone to several different ones, and it still happens. Is the game just taking any mic input it can find and using that? Why would PUBG activate it's PTT using another seperate program's key bindings? Something is crossing wires here. I should add that I am pretty positive I am not the only person with this issue. I've actually killed players before who I think unknowingly had the same glitch occur for them, talking to their discord casually about whatever as if I couldn't hear them. Sometimes trying to even talk about hiding from me. It's kind of butts.
  4. Duo

    Just looking for a duo person
  5. First few days I could hear everyone in the game. Then it was just squad mates. Now I cannot hear anyone. Audio settings are fine, option settings are fine. Logitech G933 wireless Any quick fixes?
  6. i cant hear anyone in game, my headset is new and its working fine with csgo and other games, i tried to unmute and mute it didnt work please tell me what to do i cant play!!
  7. My user name is ImmaSuperScrub, i'm looking for 3 other mic using teammates to play with. Must use callouts and talk with group. I play daily so would be nice to have a group who can play often.
  8. Looking for someone to duo with while im bored message me on steam if you wanna duo.
  9. When I first bought the game my mic worked fine, I could hear and talk to people. I enjoyed being able to talk to people but now I can't. When I hold my voice chat key nothing happens. Looking for help. I've seen common responses for the issue but nothing has worked for me. Please offer help and take a look at the following I did ctrl+t so my mic isnt muted in game I have voice chat set to everyone My mic works on everything but Battlegrounds When I hold my chat key, there is no little voice icon next to my name I tried turning voice chat to mute then back to everyone Still my mic doesnt work
  10. Looking to build a squad for the evening. All with Mics. 18+ preferred
  11. Hello, we are 3 players that have 30-40 hours of gameplay but decently skilled. in duos, we always endup top 5 and very often top 3. we are using skype and we all have a mic. if you are interested in playing with us, please add me on skype : (hugo Martel) Thanks and happy killing!
  12. hi, im an experienced player looking for another player to duo with. must have skype or curse voice because im looking for long term teamates so we can maybe do some 4v4 later on. i speak fluent english and french. skype : comment in the topic for a curse voice link if not using skype. thanks
  13. So I got this game not too long ago and for like a week everything was going well. But I started to notice that no one was talking anymore so I just thought it was just my luck. Then I tried using my mic and it worked for one game but after that I could no longer see the mic symbol when I talk. Then I could see the mic symbol for my teammates but I couldn't hear anyone so I kept trying to mute and in-mute as well as change chat from anyone to teammates to no one but still no luck. I even followed the instructions I saw from another forum which had me check my appdata and change the mute setting (I forgot what it was called sorry) to false but it was already set on false. I would say the bug started around 4/7-4/9/17. I have not changed any launch options.
  14. I have noticed that when I had bound my T button I could talk while dead, in the airplane, and on the victory-screen, but when I rebound it to mouse5, it does not react, my mic-icon dont show up and the people I play with cant hear me in-game.
  15. I am unable to hear anyone in game, teammates or otherwise. I've tried switching between all the channels, push to talk, open mic, etc. I've even tried some of the workarounds I've seen on here about directly editing the in game audio mute settings to no avail. One time this weekend though I did get a popup (which I regretfully didn't pay too close attention to), and after I clicked ok the voice chat started working! (I could both hear people and talk). Unfortunately after I restarted the game later that day I was unable to hear anybody again and haven't seen that popup since. I think this was some sort of permission dialog asking me to give the game elevated permissions of some kind but I can't remember what exactly it was asking. Any devs or more technical people have any idea what popup this could have been and how I could make it appear again? I've tried running both the game and steam in administrator mode as well as disabling Windows Firewall with no luck. Hopefully this can get resolved before early access this weekend. Any help is appreciated! Note from the moderators: Please specify the ISP and firewall you are using in a reply if you're having the same issue.
  16. Loving the game so far, but I would love to see an update where you can see a microphone/speaker icon above your teammates head when they are speaking. When playing squads, I have to look at the top left of my screen, figure out who is talking, and then find them on the map. This makes simple tasks like, "hey, I found a backpack if you wanna come grab it," quite tedious. It would be much easier to be able to see an icon above their player model in game. I searched to see if this has been addressed, but was unable to find anything. The search terms microphone, icon, etc. are so vague that all sorts of unrelated material popped up.
  17. So i know the CTRL + T thing to mute. It is not muted. It worked the first day and now its not working? any help, my mic is fine bc i can talk in discord and everything but not in game nor hear anyone either.