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Found 13 results

  1. I have been experiencing a bug where while in a match nothing will pick up my microphone at all. When I am on the main menu it is perfectly fine when i go into a game my microphone cuts out entirely, nobody on my team can hear me nor can they hear me through third party VOIPs. When I get out of the match back to the homescreen it magically starts working again, As you could imagine this is very frustrating not being able to communicate with my teammates. I would love it very much if this bug could get fixed so that I and any other people who may be experiencing can have an even better experience playing this great game.
  2. Bug Description: Whenever I have my headset plugged in, which I consider essential to the game, I cannot use PTT to communicate with people. When I press "T" in the beginning of the game, the speaker icon will pop up for a second but never again. I know my headset mic works, I use it in discord, skype, etc. What's weird is if I unplug my headset, PTT immediately works with my built in mic. Date Seen: Last time seen was today (6/4//17) however it has been an issue for me since day 1. Server: Not on test server. Normal NA server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have messed with numerous settings in 'Sounds.' I have disabled and re-enabled everything. No matter what I do, PTT doesn't work with headset plugged in but immediately works upon unplugging it. Other Information: My headset is Plantronics GameCom 780/788 Launch Options: None. System Specifications: see attached
  3. I tried to unmute and mute, change hotkeys, go to the files change them to false or set chat to all. I still can't hear people talking, sometimes I cAn see my teammates are talking by the voice symbol, but when I talk, no one responses, and I don't see the symbol. I have no problem with other games so I think this is a bug. Please fix this, thank you!
  4. Hi, no idea how to preface this. I queued into a Group match on OC servers as a solo. I was connected perfectly and communicating fine. Suddenly I had the lag detected error or network error show up. Once reconnected, it displayed my microphone as transmitting the entire time, when I use PTT. I tried to enable/disable PTT, I changed between no voice channels/team/all and it continuously transmitted or so I assume. Though it did not show any of my team mates talking nor did it seem as though I was connected to a voice channel at all as I couldn't hear a thing. Thank you. Edit: This is not to be likened to the previous bug of voice chat not being connected at all or some people being muted. All was working perfectly until I was disconnected for whatever reason and upon rejoining my microphone remained on to my assumption with PTT. It is unknown if others could hear me, as I could no longer hear them.
  5. Bug Description: Cannot hear any kind of noise from players microphones. all game sounds work fine. Date Seen: Since the first big update. Server: Main Servers the problem is on OCE AS NA i haven't tested the others but i assume it would be the same. Troubleshooting Attempted: Tried switching channels turning it off etc etc. I believe it happened when i had it turned off and then the big update happened? just an idea. Other Information: honestly have no idea Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 System Specifications: View attached documents.
  6. Bug Description: If the player has voice muted and they adjust volume and then unmute voice the microphone will be always on regardless of previous setting Date Seen: 2017-04-21 Server: Public server. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 780 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3 @3.30GHz Ram: 16 GB
  7. Looking to build a squad for the evening. All with Mics. 18+ preferred
  8. I have noticed that when I had bound my T button I could talk while dead, in the airplane, and on the victory-screen, but when I rebound it to mouse5, it does not react, my mic-icon dont show up and the people I play with cant hear me in-game.
  9. Hey guys, Loving this game but since one week my voicechat isnt working anymore. It seems people can hear me but I do not hear anybody at all. I tried everything from changing channels from "everybody" to "team only", "mute" and back. Couple of days ago I saw a lot of topics about it and then some update followed but still I have the same problem. Is there some way I am missing the update? I'm launching my game from both Steam and desktop, but still no fix. We need the voicechat working to really enjoy this game.
  10. Hi guys, so today for some reason my mic isn't working in this game. I checked the levels in recording playback and it's active. microphone is push to talk and its unmuted. Also I can't hear anyone else in lobby and in a match. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it? Thank you
  11. The game plays perfectly for a few games. Then randomly upon entry of a new game, the VOIP ceases to exist or something. even with my settings set to chat with everyone, I didn't hear a single person on a mic in the lobby of 99, nothing but footsteps.
  12. Loving the game so far, but I would love to see an update where you can see a microphone/speaker icon above your teammates head when they are speaking. When playing squads, I have to look at the top left of my screen, figure out who is talking, and then find them on the map. This makes simple tasks like, "hey, I found a backpack if you wanna come grab it," quite tedious. It would be much easier to be able to see an icon above their player model in game. I searched to see if this has been addressed, but was unable to find anything. The search terms microphone, icon, etc. are so vague that all sorts of unrelated material popped up.
  13. Hi guys, During squad, I was trying to talk to my teammates and I thought they didn't have a mic the whole game, since I couldn't hear them. Later on when they died, all of a sudden they were talking, and told me that they've been talking the whole game and for some reason I couldn't hear them. Recently, I've never heard anyone talk on microphone, especially my teammates. Is it a problem on my end or does no one use mic in this game? My settings on push to talk and all. Also they can hear me, as they respond to my directions, but if they are talking, I can't hear them. Thank you