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Found 43 results

  1. Bug Description: PUBG is currently set up on my laptop (2016 Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar A1707), I use an Apple USB-C Multiport Adapter (for USB connections) and a Logitech G403 Mouse (Wired/Wireless). Mouse functions completely normally/fine in every other application on the machine (i.e. left and right mouse clicks register every time). In game, I have "Move Forward" bound to my right mouse button (this also works fine on my desktop rig). When playing on this laptop setup, I have no idea why, but only SOME of my mouse clicks register and actually do anything, it's incredibly frustrating because moving forward is very important! I haven't been able to diagnose much else other than I know this is a problem with the game only, not the system. Date Seen: July 25, 2017 Server: North America Troubleshooting Attempted: Different mouse, using trackpad, switching to WASD, using same mouse on desktop PC, testing bad mouse in other applications on laptop. Updating drivers for the Apple USB-C adapter, and also for the Logitech mouse. Other Information: This seems to only happen in game, sometimes right clicking will work and most times it won't and I'll have to continually click RMB over and over until my character starts moving forward. Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Windows 10 Pro, running on BootCamp on a Macbook Pro (2016 Touchbar A1707/455).
  2. About three to five minutes into the game, it suddenly stopped responding to any and all inputs. I was upstairs in one of the houses in the top left village, and just got finished with some inventory management (did not have inventory open anymore). Then suddenly the light on my mouse (g500) went out, and I was unable to do anything in game. The game continued to run, albeit the sound was very choppy occasionally (partially freezing up). I heard gunshots and footsteps. Other programs on my computer (chat app on second monitor) continued to run. I could not alt-tab. I could not ALT+F4 out of the game. I could not open task manager, or ctrl+alt+delete. I tried unplugging keyboard, mouse, and xbox controller (i was not using it at the time) multiple times. When I plugged the mouse back in, the light turned on again, but only in intermittent blinking (it's steady normally). I waited until I was outside the circle, and eventually dead. The mouse cursor appeared in the center of the screen, but I was unable to do anything. I ended up resetting my computer. The mouse works fine now, but I have not yet tried to played another match. This is the first time (in about 40 games) this has happened. Has this happened to anyone else? Win7, latest nvidia drivers (updated last week). Wired keyboard / mouse.
  3. A UI suggestion for the controls - Off the bat after launching the game and heading to the controls menu. Each control like on-ground and vehicle needs their own tabs like in Battlefield because they have so many key binds. This also makes it where multiple keybinds can be used and not cancel each other out. For example, having 'jump keybinded space' but then 'hand-brake keybinded to space' as well but for the vehicle does not work at the same time.
  4. If you move your taskbar to any other side then the default (Bottom taskbar) the cursor will have an offset. Which means if you want to close the game for example you press on "Options" instead. That wouldn't be much of a problem but the error presists when launching a game and opening your inventory which means dragging things can get very messy because you need to assume where the actual (not the displayed) cursor is at Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section or anything..... The "fix" is simple just move your taskbar to the bottom side of the screen
  5. Mouse drops inputs?

    Date Seen:This bug has affected me since I started playing late June. Server: Live NA server Error Message: N/A Other Information: My mouse, and only my nice gaming mouse, occasionally drops inputs on ALL buttons on the mouse. This happens very sporadically, but is usually noticeable when trying to fire while adsing (Probably because that's what keeps getting me killed) but it also happens when trying to ads, fire in hipfire, and using rebound push to talk key. My mouse is a Steelseries rival 300*. I do not have issues dropping mouse inputs when clicking in any other game, even ones that require me to semi auto rapidly(overwatch, kotk...). When binding fire to another key, or playing with the only other mouse I own that has broken optics(can only click) I have no problem firing. Edit: I don't have issues with moving the camera, only button inputs. Troubleshooting Attempted: All steps completed Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: Nvidia 1070 CPU: Intel i7 Ram:16gb The easiest way to get this information is to hold the windows button and R to open the run dialog, then type in "dxdiag" and take a screenshot of the "System" and "Display 1" tabs as shown below: *Link to website https://steelseries.com/gaming-mice/rival-300
  6. So i got the problem that when i load the game i can click on the top right button (Reload Settigns, Leave Game) but i can´t click on anything else. So i can´t leave or create a team, can´t click on the Home, Character, Rewards etc. And i wanna make clear that this is NOT an offset problem with my taskbar/mouse. I checked it many tiems. As is said the three top right buttons work fine but anything else don´t even get highlighted. I ran this as Admin, i reinstalled this game two times now. I veryfied the cache via Steam(no problems) Windows updates and drivers are up to date My Computer: Win10 Pro Motherboard: ASRock 980DE3/U3S3 Processor: AMD FX-8320E Graphicscard: AMD R9 280 Memory: 16GB RAM Corsair XMS3
  7. Whenever you tab out of the game and reconnect while in 4:3 aspect ratio you wont be able to access the entire UI starting from Character, which also makes refreshing the UI impossible
  8. Bonjour, Since I put my taskbar on top of my PC, my cursor is offset from where it points, when I put my bar down, the bug is set, it would be cool that it is patched because it is Enough evervantant for loot, U can see the diffrence with this screenshoot : thx for this game, have a nice day,
  9. So this happens since last patch. Whenever i play pubg after alt tab or shut game off i cannot click any icons. I have to shut down the pc or logout. Also on webpages cannot click links. Specs. Win10 pro 4990 Intel i7 24gb ram Gtx970 pc Game ran Fine before. Dont know whats causing this. Happens everytime i have played pubg. No other software has been installed or removed.
  10. I have a consistent UI bug when I run the game in full screen mode while I have my Windows Taskbar in the top screen position. The mouse cursor renders an inch or so below where it should be. This makes it difficult to click buttons on the UI because the bug makes it so you need to click below where a button is located rather than clicking on the button itself. You can probably recreate this bug by moving your Windows Taskbar to the the top position. I usually play in 1920x1080 if that helps. The temporary fix is to move my taskbar to the bottom position while I am playing the game, but I'd prefer not to have to do that. You can also temporarily fix this bug by setting the resolution to a lower setting, then resetting it back to 1920x1080, but the bug re-occurs as soon as you play a game and reload back into the main menu UI.
  11. Mouse Cursor Bug

    Hello, First off, incredible game. Love it! Have great times playing with friends and solo. However, I keep having a very annoying issue while playing. Almost every round of PUBG I play, when I click to shoot, my mouse cursor will randomly click off of the screen. For instance, I see someone, I click to shoot, and I instantly cannot move(not lag). My mouse jumps off the screen. I have tested it many times randomly, and it still happens. I have attempted to re-enact this before the match begins. I click to punch repeatedly, and the cursor jumps off the screen. The mouse will jump out of the game and into windows. It will not minimize but the mouse will come up, and I have to click back into to the match. I am playing in full screen. This has happened while playing on one and two monitors(I've unplugged one to see if a double monitor setup was causing it. Happens regardless if there are two monitors). When I started playing PUBG, I noticed the bug while I was running Windows 7 Enterprise with an R9 290. I figured it might have been a Windows 7 and R9 290 bug, so I upgraded graphics cards to a GTX 1080 and Windows 10 Pro. Much better graphics and higher FPS but I still have the same issues. Please help. I will try to take a recording of this happening to post as a reply in this thread. Current PC Specs OS: Windows 10 Pro - Version 1703 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.00GHz Memory: 16.0 GB MotherBoard: Maximus VII Hero
  12. Cursor locks

    Nihao During a game the mouse cursor locks for a few seconds. Only happens to me with this game, I already probe with another mouse and it happens the same. Thank you very much for your help!
  13. Hi, For some reason I'm not able to aim or shoot while I'm pressing a key on my keyboard. It also seems to have a short delay in which I can't use my mouse while I'm not even pressing a key. It does however work when I use the mouse first and then try for example WASD. I noticed that the same happens with Microsoft Word and Gamemaker Studio 1.4, but not with the other games I have: Dying Light, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Bioshock. These are some of the things that I've tried: -Use another mouse -Use the touchpad -Reinstall PUBG -Changing delay on touchpad to 'None (Always on)' (didn't seem to change anything) -Turning off the delays because of 'Smart Sense' of the touchpad (didn't seem to change anything either) None of these things worked. I play on a HP Omen 15-ax280nd with a wireless HP mouse. I really like the game and would be really glad if someone could help me out. Sinterdwaas
  14. For some reason with my wired USB mouse after my first in-game shot the mouse and a few other usb devices go out, spare my keyboard and audio interface. A very strange occurrence, only happens with this game and with this specific mouse, other mice work fine. Was that way near release, then fixed, now all of a sudden is back. Not really sure to start with this one its so weird...
  15. The 'A' and 'D' keys default to strafing while on foot, with the mouse used to point (i.e., "steer") our character in the direction we want to move. This feels natural and intuitive. The only way I've found to steer a vehicle is with 'A' and 'D', which are all-or-nothing inputs that slam the boat/car either full left or full right. This feels awkward and imprecise. Can vehicles be steered using the mouse, and I'm just not finding it? Thanks!
  16. Bug Description: My left and right mouse buttons periodically do not work. The bug is not constant and unpredictable and typically disables my left and right mouse buttons for roughly 5 seconds (inconsistent durations). The mouse otherwise works fine, I can turn and do whatever I want. If I am zoomed in (right-clicked) when the bug strikes I cannot zoom out. It is not a lag as my clicks do not register later, they are simply void. This bug seems to happen mostly when I am attempting to kill other players, it has got me killed many times as my first or second shot will register and then there will be a period where I cannot shoot at all. I originally thought it was the mouse (despite it working perfect in other games) so I bought a new one, same issue. Date Seen: Last time seen was today (5/17/17) however it has been an issue for me since day 1. Server: Not on test server. Normal NA server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I have bought a new mouse. I have made sure all drivers are up to date. I have made sure the game is up to date. I have disabled "enhanced pointer precision." I have toyed with numerous mouse settings. Other Information: Nothing I can do to work around as far as I can tell. I play on a very nice gaming laptop and I've tried using the mouse pad while the bug is active and it still does not appear to work. Launch Options: I haven't tried any command options. System Specifications: see attached
  17. Cursor disappearing completely

    HELP... I have extensively tried to fix my cursor from disappearing, and nothing works. My taskbar is located on bottom as suggested, I have changed my native resolution to 1920, and neither of those suggestions have fixed my issue. I am not experiencing the cursor alignment issue, but its not existence. If I move my cursor off screen to my 2nd screen, it shows up just fine. What I did notice, is once the game loads in, both screen flash off and on as if the resolution is being changed. and yes, I also changed the in-game resolution to 1920 and that didn't work either.
  18. Mouse Losing Focus

    Lately during my games when I right click to use my scope, or hold shift to steady and shoot, my mouse loses focus as if something had popped up in a program behind the game. There doesn't seem to be any message indicating what that is. Has anyone had this problem or found any solutions? terribly inconvenient during fights..
  19. When I bought the game (yesterday) it worked fine, but today its not. In every match i get a sort of mouse lag. The game is running at a smooth 60fps with no part of my computer under full load. Randomly throughout the match the mouse completely stops responding for 2-5 seconds (with intervals of anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes). I am still able to use my keyboard to walk around, I still have a great ping, 60fps and I see no spikes or alike in task manager. When i finally regain controll it quickly jumps to where my character would have looked if the mouse was responding the entire time. Specs MOBO = MSI 970 Gaming CPU = AMD FX-6300 GPU = AMD Sapphire R9 390 8Gb RAM = 16Gb DDR3 I have tried Reinstalling the game Lowering the priority of the game in task manager Restarting the computer Reinstalling mouse drivers Updating Windows drivers Updating GPU drivers Updating MOBO drivers Verifying game cache Lowering in-game settings EDIT: Day 3 now and the issue mysteriously disappeared, thanks anyways <3 EDIT2: Day 4, it's back, fuck.
  20. So I accidentally discovered that your mouce accelerates really fast while standing on the motorcycle in my last round and let my mates try it out as well and they too had the problem. Here's the link to the vid
  21. Hi So whats my Problem? http://plays.tv/video/593c0208e3f35cb801/mauszeiger-bug-neuer-bug-oder-ist-das-der-auto-fire-stop-bug-?from=user http://plays.tv/video/594a549d31eccef786/mauszeiger-bug-1?from=user http://plays.tv/video/594a5534bd8fc28a9c/mauszeiger-bug-2?from=user Need help
  22. I cannot see mouse cursor in the full screen mode. I tried 1920x1080 and 4k, but I must use the windowed mode to see it. If I run the game with 4k desktop resolution and windowed mode, frame rate drops significantly. So what I'm doing every time is: change resolution to 1920x1080 > run the game > change resolution again to 4k. This is stupid... This game has been out there for a while, but it shocks me that this kind of simple but game-stopping bug is still out there. You need to fix it. And no, do not post that instruction for editing the game setting file because I tried it but it does nothing. My system spec: Windows 7 x64 i5 3570k Asrock Z77 Extreme6 DDR3 4G x 3 ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Strix O8G Gaming
  23. Mouse Input Stutter

    Bug Description: When moving the mouse from side to side at any speed the camera stutters almost as if it were locked to specific degrees. Date Seen: 4/21/2017 The first two days after the new patch ran normally. Server: This is on the regular servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: My fps does not drop at all so it is not frame lag. I have played over 50 hours previously with no problems at all. Restarting the game did not fix the problem nor does restarting the pc. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game with no luck. This behavior does not occur in normal menus or in any other game that I play. Launch Options: Default Launch Options System Specifications: Pictures Attached.
  24. I've run into a rather annoying problem, which has been plagueing me since I got this game a couple of months ago. I figured I'd see if something changed over the next few patches, but it hasn't so I gather the bug hasn't been reported. Hence this post. When I set up my control scheme only a select number of keys are saved after leaving the game. The following do not: Disarm Character movement Vehicle movement The rest are fine and can be changed and are saved after I quit the game. I run with RFDG on my movement keys and | for my disarm key. Mouse sensitivity is another thing which isn't saved between sessions. I've tried setting all settings in one go and it has no effect what so ever. Movement keys, disarm and mouse sensitivity is changed back to default no matter how I do it. I've tried the following: Deleted the appdata folder TSLGame completely Deleted the appdata folder WindowsNoEditor Verified Steam files. Uninstalled the game completely, deleted all residual files and redownloaded it. Deleted the contents of the GameUserSettings.ini file Set the GameUserSettings.ini file to not Read only When I do item 6 something strange happens with the ingame settings. Remapped keys are randomly returned to default even when I don't change anything. And if I change something the keys I do change are returned to whatever they were prior to the Read Only flag being removed.
  25. me and a friend of mine are having an issue where we are left frozen in the middle of combat because the mouse cursor is going off of the game and freezing movement completely for about 3 seconds. game is running in fullscreen mode and I have not messed with any of the settings.