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Found 9 results

  1. Jukebox :)

    It's going to be a music topic If you're listening to something cool, just feel free to post a link below, so everyone can check it out. (GENRE DOES NOT MATTER) i'm gonna start
  2. I've been live-streaming and uploading to Youtube, and just got a copyright claim for "DC8 HandsOn_MINIMAL (DLR) - Didier Lean Rachou". He's a real composer, but I can't find a connection between him and the game, nor do I believe he'd have a claim for this type of use anyway. If composers could shut down game streaming, streaming wouldn't exist. Am I missing something??
  3. Hi, I would like to show you my video that captures my feelings from this game. Thanks.
  4. radio in the car

    So we all have been playing GTA and are used to listen to music in a car. since the map is on an abendon island i agree that there may not be any stations. Meanwhile every car have some cassettes inside which can be used to play music. patriotic music for the military cars like armored uaz f.E. soviet hymne, Soviet Choir - Nasha Derzhava, Farewell of Slavianka. some rock in the buggys and calssic or happy russian songs in the Lada. I would like to use the cars with the tuned on music as a bait so to attract other players to my cars;) and of course the honk and lights
  5. Music, kills and fun

    Hey guys, if you like good music in addition with some PUBG kills, feel free to watch the weekly (number 4) best of from my channel I'd like to hear your feedback and see you on the battlefield.
  6. FoxD1e - My Spot [Demo2017]

    Hey Ho, i uploaded my first Track to Youtube, feel free to share your thoughts on this.
  7. Hello PUBG Community! I am KrayzieKal, I have not been on these forums yet but I have been having a blast with this game... so much that I have put together a short movie of me and my brother playing various matches. This has been a fun little project of ours-- so after I found this community I definitely wanted to share!!! To answer some simple questions in advance: Editing/Graphics: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, OBS Instrumentals: Produced by me 8+ years ago (soundcloud link shared below if you are so inclined) We are going to take the spin-off ideas IE: 6 Million Ways to Die; and turn these into their own dedicated fan videos. Also have decided to start streaming at some point in the future based on how much I enjoy this game. All in the works thanks to PUBG All right friends.. I hope you enjoy The tracks in this video are the following: Ctownin > BlowTalez > StreetBurna > CbeatzIntro I'd love to hear any kind of feedback on this. Everyone has their own cup of tea and I hope this cup is one you like! Thanks friends please feel free to add me and ask me any kinds of questions if you do similar stuff, I'd LOVE to contribute or help community projects! Cheers! --Kal

    Guys this is a simple poll just vote and share your feelings.
  9. Please Mute game when Alt-Tabbing

    Title says it all, i really want to be able to have my game running, being in the lobby etc while alt tabbing, until i'm in the plane, I don't care what sound the game makes. Startup is already a bit long so i want to have it running in the background while gathering my friends in TS etc.