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Found 4 results

  1. im looking for the bigger clip (this only shows 2) but summit literally sat in a bush and killed like 6 or 7 people and no one had a clue....silencers are game breaking
  2. weapon

    Hello Survivors, this thread is created to get feedback in weapon balance. i personally feel that the balance of weapons especially by looking at the sniper rifles isnt optimal. i recently made my way to some air drops during the last days and i was really excited what i found in it. it was always an awm a x8 scope an a guile suit. i was like yes man now im gonna take em out 1by1 im a ghost huehue. in the end it doesnt work that way sadly. idk but since the high quality rifles are hard to get cause u will take high risk by getting close to an drop box since there are always peapole camping it. the impact atleast for my self is not that much. stat wise the awm is the best sniper ingame but it doesnt kill with 1 bullet. and tbh i stopped aiming on the head since server performance isnt that great till now, i tried it once on a not moving target with an distance of idk 500meters or so. i take the time and aim for the head guess what i missed idk how but he doesnt die. same target same distance aim for the chest direct hit he doesnt die. idk but this seems bad u have 1 shot before ur position can get revealed and it dont kill in 1 hit. i need to move my ass after my 2 shots to get into the safezone and well i got shot from the guy who should be already dead he needed 3 shots with his sks and killed me. ffs with a level 3 kevlar. so in the end i stop taking real sniper rifles when i could take a m16 or a akm since the difference isnt that huge and i can shot multipe times in short time so my chances to kill are much higher. what do you think? anyone else got the same feeling that sniper rifles are a lil underpowered or is it just me maybe i need to git gud idk.
  3. So in the beta the kar98 was my favorite weapon, I have clip after clip after clip of me two shotting people with it. Now when I see the Kar in the game I double think about picking it up and things happen like this in the game to me so much more often now, I figure I'd share this clip because my rage is kinda funny, but I don't know what the issue is, was the gun nerfed and I didn't read it some where? Is this server lag? and please don't come in here and try tell me the Kar isn't a 2 shot weapon, I am going to ignore you for reasons I stated above. [yt]
  4. I propose a reduction in the effective range of the m16a4. This can be achieved by increasing recoil and/or damage of the bullet at long range. With the introduction of the DMR Weapon Class (SKS Patch) we now have a special class for weapons that are meant for medium range; Between Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. The issue is that the m16a4 is arguably better than the SKS at the SKS's role while also being very common.