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Found 22 results

  1. Please optimise this game for amd My rig isn't that bad I can play Overwatch, GTA, Battlefield 1 on low-medium with 60+ frames but on this game I get 15-30 fps I've tried everything to push out some frames and I pushed out a extra 10fps but it's still unbearable to play. I think this topic needs a little more attention because my friends all have nvidia and intel and they can run their game butter smooth while I'm stuck here with 15-30fps it's a real shame because I would play nothing but this game if this weren't the case.
  2. Привет всем, это просто небольшая просьба к разработчикам! Очень вас прошу, не забрасывайте эту игру, вы начали раскрывать зарытый потенциал этого жанра. Очень надеюсь, что после того как вы заработали большие деньги за Ранний доступ, то вы не остановитесь на этом, и заработаете еще больше зеленых купюр, радуя своих покупателей! /// Hello everyone, this is just a small request to the developers! Very much you I ask, do not throw this game, you have started to open the buried potential of this genre. I really hope that after you have earned a lot of money for Early Access, then you will not stop there, and earn even more green bills, making your buyers happy!
  3. Hi Everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread highlighting our system specs and fps results / performance results once the new patch rolls out. Its a lot better to have the details as opposed to "I didn't see any change" or "huge improvement". Lets put some numbers against our systems which could helps devs see where / who are still struggling.
  4. I have a gtx 1070, i7 4770s, and 12 gigs of ram and the game runs horribly. I'm getting around 20-30 fps compared to other people with similar specs getting 60+. When i turn down all the settings, i get just under 60 fps. is that just how demanding this game is or is something wrong?
  5. I think i know the main problem with the Lag, Stutter and FPS issues with the game. If you notice when you die the players in the game actually disappear. That being said watch your FPS sky rocket as a result of all the players in the game disappear. Everything in the game stays Buildings, Loot, Dead players loot, Vehicles, Ect. The only thing missing is the players that are still alive. If you were playing Duo or Squad and go to spectate after you die your FPS drops way back down. 25 - 55 FPS when Alive 80 - 100 FPS when they disappear when i die.
  6. sound

    Hello, there is some sound opti can be done: Rain volume (optionnaly I add rain is going through roof even in Bunkers . I will never call the guy who made roofs to isolate mine ) Weapon mixers (You can take example on CS:GO, %installfolder%/Counter-Strike: Global Offense/csgo/scripts/soundmixers.txt) Players footsteps. I add that maybe there is a bug with footsteps because sometime I can hear people walking (on wood) when I am in the middle nowhere (forest, plain, etc...) Thanks for reading
  7. Доброго времени суток! Подскажите, пожалуйста, в чем может быть причина следующих лагов: во время игры, резких разворотов, а иногда просто во время бега (особенно в зданиях) появляются мелкие фризы, после которого тебя наоборот бросает вперед, как будто игра наверстывает упущенную пройденную дистанцию (прошу не путать с лагом на сервере, когда ты бежишь, а тебя возвращает на место по 10 раз. Это другой случай). Иногда подбегая к зданию, получается войти раза с третьего. Бросает постоянно то мимо двери, то оказывается что я уже пробежал пол комнаты. Ставил MSI Afterburner, думал увижу во время фризов какого железа не хватает, но в этот момент даже фпс якобы не проседает особо. Железо, ясное дело, уже никудышнее на сегодняшний день для подобных игр с такой оптимизацией, но хотелось бы понять, в чём основная загвоздка. AMD FX-6300, MSI 970A-G46 (MS-7693), Radeon R9 270x, 2x Goodram DDR3-1600 4096MB, SSD нету Неделю назад специально ради хоть малейшего улучшения производительности переставил винду, выиграл 10 фпс в лобби, по игре сложно заметить. Видеокарту настроил на максимум производительности, в ущерб качеству. Поставил файл подкачки на диск с игрой на 8 Гб на всякий случай. Все настройки игры для улучшения графики в файлах прописал. Параметры запуска так же включил для максимальной производительности. Пробовал Razer GameBooster, до сих пор не могу понять улучшает ли он что нибудь. Пинг на Европе 60-90. FPS в лобби 110-115, в игре в среднем 40-65. (скачки до 120 и просадку перед погрузкой в самолет до 25 не считаю) Короче говоря, что именно может вызывать эти постоянные "рывки" после микро-фризов. Возможно кто то уже сталкивался. Кардинальную смену железа пока не рассматриваю, но хотелось бы знать, из-за чего идет эта проблема. Заранее спасибо!
  8. Hello, I've been playing the game for around a week now and initially all things were fine but following an update mid week I have been running into problems, Namely the fact that when I play the game my GPU temperature goes through the roof and then the CPU shuts it down to prevent damage. I have cleaned everything out, removed dust, rewired the computer and added a fan directly cooling the GPU and re configured fan speeds to be higher at temperatures over 70c but nothing seems to help. The card is an AMD R9 290 (with 2 fans and a heat sink) which are known for running hot but this is over the top, the temperature in the menus alone is 94 Celsius on very low graphics and in game runs near 100, other games such as the Witcher 3 on high/ultra run at no more than 74 Celsius. Has anyone else experienced this problem, could it be something to do with how the games is coded because it is loading the graphics card like a test program and super heating it as a result
  9. I am worried. Now that the game has sold $30,000,000 worth of product, will the devs deliver or will PUB end up like Day-Z and ARK where optimization was promised but still not delivered 4 and 2 years later respectively. I get the feeling that this is what is going to happen and it makes me really sad. I love the game play. I just wish it were not a laggy steaming pile of joy. Devs, please don't abandon us. I want this game to be amazing, I love this game. Don't take the money and run like scum bags. Would it be possible to enact a 50% money back guarantee? If the game does not reach close to full potential, people could ask for 50% (or some other amount) of what they paid be returned to them since they never got what was promised. This could keep the devs accountable for delivering a real product. I also feel like with $30,000,000 in revenue, a temp team could be hired to fix optimization issues in a week or two... Does this seem unreasonable? How big is the Dev team? Are we talking about 5 guys sitting at home writing the game? a team of 30-50 people? All I know is that I will be really mad if I spent $30 only to get left behind and screwed by the devs like those who got Day-Z and ARK.
  10. Ya, I've just decided to stop playing this game until they fix the lag. 80-90% of the time that you die, there's nothing you can do about it. It's frustrating getting shot from 2-3 angles while running from the blue, dying from falling from a tiny hill in a vehicle, getting camped by people all day... But the almost unplayable amounts of lag just ruin it all. If someone is running close-mid range, it's just soooo skippy and laggy that it blows my mind. There's no amount of skill that can counteract the lag. Blackwake the pirate game has better gunplay, hit reg, and animations than this game.. They use muskets.. Even when I win, it feels like I got lucky in some lag duels or just camped most of the game. I know it's early access but damn. Obviously you say you're working on optimization, but I've never seen an FPS game this bad. But 110% of the focus should be fixing that.
  11. So this is my computer build: i5-2500 3.30 GHz GeForce 1050 ti x4 GAMING with 4GB 32GB Ram What graphic settings do you suggest? The problem I have is that I would love to get +60fps at least when I'm on the ground, but, no matter what I set the graphics to I can't seem to get much more than an average of like 30 fps. I just wanna hear what you think should be the best graphic settings I can put with this graphics card. I guess it's because my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, right? Any suggestions or help is appreciated :).
  12. Bug Description: Game is taxing processor and, to a lesser extent, the GPU resulting in a temperature related shutdown to prevent damage to hardware components. Even on lowest settings, the only improvement that is seen is a slightly extended amount of play time before thermal shutdown is triggered. In my individual case, CPU is triggering thermal shutdown, but based on rates of temperature increase, GPU would also do so, but is cooling itself slightly better than my CPU manages. Date Seen: 4-9-17 through 4-20-17 Server: NA - Production Server Troubleshooting Attempted: All settings except for draw distance were reduced to lowest settings, computer was opened up and compressed air was used to remove all dust, verified that all fans were spinning properly, installed a temperature monitor and monitored while using other programs to attempt to rule out possible hardware failure, computer was reseated to attempt to improve airflow, box fan was used to attempt to draw off excess heat, MSI Afterburner and Speedfan were installed and configured to set fans to maximum RPM prior to loading the game. None of them suceeded in preventing overheating to the point of thermal shutdown. This is the only application I have run into in the years since building this machine that has taxed my hardware to thermal shutdown. Other Information: The worst temperature spikes appear to occur in the initial lobby area prior to the game starting(seriously, get rid of it. It serves no point and needlessly stresses machines) and after dying while in spectator mode. Launch Options: No launch options are being used System Specifications: See attachments, I can provide further information if requested.
  13. I would like to inform you on my PC configuration, I'm having trouble with sudden drop of frames, fps drop. After the update of 20/4, only got worse. It is not possible to resize/reduce the Flora, however, there are a lot of fps drop. Modified as various tutorials and none succeeded. Therefore, I would like to check, can someone give me tips how to configure grapichs and launch options, for my setup; CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor GPU: Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics 4096 RAM: 8174 Mb DISC: SSD Hyperx Savage 240GB SATA3
  14. in the last 2 updates i'd receive this bug. From the first day (possibly 26/03) all was good and with no errors every time when i try to enter the game i have a drop (crash reproter)
  15. Hello Community, first of my pc: cpu: i7-6700k @4.5ghz gpu: evga gtx 1080 ftw ram: 16gb ddr4 2133mhz mainboard: msi z170 pro carbon (playing in 1440p) So the game runs ok for me i have around 40-110 fps, it vary´s quite alot, so sometimes im have a lag which happens everytime my fps drops from 70 to 50 for example. Yesterday i was playing and i monitored alot of stats about my cpu and my gpu and i noticed that everytime i had such an fps drop my gpu usage went down from 99% to what ever, sometimes 80% sometimes to 50% and even lower and i just thought id share this so the devs might have some use of this info. (other games run fine and dont show this gpu usage drop behaviour) have fun playing everyone i can get some screenshots later if needed.
  16. Hey all, So I've tried all the solutions to try to fix this problem. Set launch options, all settings on low, updating drivers, etc. But I can't seem to get above the 40-50 fps range. Whats happening to me: In game menus: 100+ fps In lobby: < 30 fps In plane: < 10 fps On ground (outside city): 40-50 fps On ground (looking/in city) 20-30 fps My rig: Radeon (TM) RX 480 AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor 16 GB 1440 x 900 Windows 8.1 (64-bit) What am I doing wrong? And is there anything else I can do? *Also, PLEASE don't delete or remove this thread. Every time I create a new thread it is either deleted or moved without notifying me. If you have to move or delete it, PLEASE notify me*
  17. Hopefully I can post YouTube links yet this bug has happened a couple of times to me and friends. Throughout the game at random points it will be if we take damage but we don't actually lose any health. Yet the sound and screen fx trigger. Here is a clip. I know it isn't great yet you can see all I am doing is standing in the open, no shots, nothing and in the menu since I just tabbed back in. Also on another note these buildings need to be optimized. Horrible frame hit whenever on screen for me and all friends And one final bug. after the game shown in the video I returned to the menu and my character was naked and all my points gone. So I had to restart.
  18. optimization

    1. The reaction rate is too slow (interaction) 1) When you open the door 2) When you pick up items 3) When changing weapons 4) When zooming in 2. Frame drop in various situations 1) Dust when driving 2) Smoke when shooting shotgun 3) When the blood splashes 4) When fighting in the city 3. Adjustable viewing distance Even if frame optimization is completed, it is a necessary function for users enjoying low-end 4. Ping / Frame Indicator 5. Disconnect / Lagging Author Specs: i7-7700k 5.0 over gtx960 ram 16 z270 In-game setting: lowest I hope BG will improve quickly. I want to enjoy in pleasant environment
  19. Hey guys, so I am a little lacking in CPU and RAM currently, and was wondering if anyone with similar specs had any optimization tips that worked for them? The only thing that I'm really really lacking in is my CPU. I'm running the game at the lowest settings and most times it runs fairly well, but a lot of the time I get either consistently low frames or just occasional freezes, when I first got into the beta the game was unplayable, but after the last beta weekend it feels like some optimization was done and it got a lot better for me, any suggestions on some things I can do for a little better performance until I can upgrade some old parts? Specs: GeForce GTX 960 AMD FX-4350 Quad Core 8.0 GB Ram Thanks for any suggestions in advance
  20. Here's a small glance into the future and what it holds for PUBG from PLAYERUNKNOWN: I now want to run through a timeline for optimization of our game. A lot of you have been asking about how and when we will optimize the game, so hopefully this post will give you a better idea of our plans over the coming months. One important thing to note. Client optimization takes time, and will not be solved in one single patch. We will be working hard over the next 6 months to ensure all players enjoy smooth gameplay with no lag or FPS drops. Initial Performance Improvements Key Objectives • To reduce the overload on the CPU, and make sure that the GPU performs to its full capability Expected Results • Frame rates will be stable even when in high-density areas • Get higher frame rates across all graphic options ETA: Apr. 14th (Expected to take roughly 5 weeks) Further Performance Improvements Step 1: Art assets optimization (Apr. 7th) • Decrease the LOD vertex for buildings seen at long distances • Decrease the total amount of vertex by adjusting the LOD on terrains Step 2: Improve the rendering performance of terrain and ocean shader (TBD) Step 3: Decrease the overload on the CPU by rearranging wall near buildings (TBD) Step 4: Decrease the usage rate of the video memory (TBD) * We have already managed to make some of the improvements in our final CBT build, decreasing video memory usage by 1 GB. You can read the full post here:
  21. First of all I want to say that the game is alrady great even on the closed beta stage. I know that u are surely have lots of great mechanic improvements on the way, but for me and lots of other players - optimization is the main request here. I have many friends who liked this game but cant play it on their PCs (configs are equal or better than minimal reqs). So I have only couple of them who took part in DUO weekend (which was awesome btw). Even I have some issues and forced to play it on very low - low settings. But my laptop looks pretty good enough (i7, gtx860, 8Gb). I have already heard that u are up to make some client improvements on the next couple of weeks, but I d like to ensure that this is ur main goal on this stage. Thank u for ur awesome job anyways.
  22. Hello, I wanted to discuss if other people noticed differences in GPU performance between the two different regions. As an EU player i recently noticed that while monitoring my GPU load that when i play on the EU server my load is at full capacities while on NA my GPU takes less load for some reason. Are the Regions optimized differently to get varying readings on the performance or are other factors coming into play here. I ask this because it obviously affects the temps and performance of the graphic card. System: Windows 10 AMD FX 6350 6-core 3,9ghz 8GB RAM XFX Radeon 280X Black Edition