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Found 8 results

  1. Ballistic Physics

    add wind factors when dropping for plane, furthermore you can play with wind direction or wind speed. so that no matter where a player drop he could access majority of map area if he evaluates the wind speed and direction. thanks.
  2. Subtle Movement Change

    Currently, players hit top speed as soon as they sprint in any direction. It results in a very angular and cartoony movement pattern. If an acceleration-to-maximum were implemented, this would add a great deal of realism and immersion to the game. Note that this could also slightly change playstyle.
  3. Физика в игре и есть ли она вообще? Столкнулся с такой ситуацией в многоквартирных домах около Рожка, столкнулись с противником в лестничном проеме, он сидел полностью за деревянными перилами, открыл огонь по нему, выпустил весь магазин в ПЕРИЛЫ, ни одна пуля не попала в него. Сложилось ощущение, что это бетонная стена какая то!)))Далее пришлось стрелять без препятствий. У кого какие мысли с чем это связано, почему в игре 2017 года, пуля 7,62 не пробивает дерево, кривые руки разработчиков или что то с движком? Нет разрушаемости объектов. Какие мысли о движке игры или на каком хотели бы видеть игру?
  4. Driving along on the grass: Guess I must have hit an IED:
  5. Backstory: Our squad was stuck waaaaay outside the safe zone, found one buggy, came across a lone player who promptly flipped his buggy when we started shooting at him. So now with time running out we were faced with trying to get the second buggy right-side-up. We succeeded, but only after launching the buggy high into the sky. Enjoy.
  6. Hello Community, Preface Follows - Not necessary to read I've been playing the game for a while now and I thought it would be nice of me to add my two cents on where I personally would like to see the game go. I understand that not everyone might see eye-to-eye with me on a lot of these suggestions and I think that many of my "wants" while not necessarily universally wanted by everyone can be good quality of life improvements that could be implemented in new game modes if not to the standard gamemode that everyone has come to enjoy so much. What I mention could just be used as brainstorming ideas, or a good way to start conversation amongst the fans of the game, I know that I like thinking about how the game could evolve and I hope that many of you do too, I would love to see myself playing this game for years down the road. Server Options I would love to see PUBG's have a server browser option, it would be great if Bluehole were able to setup a fair and versatile server structure that allowed fans and groups to rent a server and run the game using a number of developer chosen presets such as allowing or disallowing certain weapons, vehicles, map rotation (when new maps are added), game modes (if and when they are added), damage modifiers (2x damage servers, 0.5x damage servers?). I think I read that there are thoughts of adding ranked/casual servers - maybe have two tabs to choose from each? Gamemodes This might be controversial for some players and I'm not necessarily in love with all these ideas but I thought I'd add them in for the sake of conversation. Please feel free to spit poison in my face if you see me in the street. Standard Battleground - This is what we're familiar with already, give or take some advanced options that hopefully will become available when server options are added (fingers crossed). Arcade Battleground - A faster paced version of standard battlegrounds, maybe a smaller map size, maybe a section of the map quartered off using invisible walls or *turn back you're leaving the battle* area. This is for players that are on a time crunch and just want to knock a game out before heading to their child's baseball game or appendectomy. Land and Sea - Imagine if boats and other more dexterous vehicles were available and there were maps built around their versatility for movement (say an island based map), now think about major jumps in the play area I'm talking about the play area not just decreasing in size but switching from area to area or - as in the example island to island. I think this could encourage some really frantic action gameplay. Sudden Death - Basically the same as Standard Battlegrounds but the blue zone could be instant death. This could even be a server option added to any gamemode perhaps? HPT (High Priority Target) - I'm a little proud of this one, but at the same time I could see it being completely unreasonable. Imagine you could play with teammates, or solo and all the sudden the server decides that one of you or the entire squad is a HPT and you're all the sudden visible on the map - or maybe you're blinking or if you're standing still for too long you'll show up as a blip. The rest of the server has a task to kill you or a team member in a 2 minute timeframe in order to obtain additional bonus points. The rest of the game plays out as normal but with this one caveat. I could see big rushes of players and squads grouping together in a certain part of the map, converging all at once guns blazing - teams taking out other teams, some focusing on the HPTs some not! Calamity. Feast or Famine - Standard Battlegrounds but just a lower drop rate for loot. Death from Above - A helicopter-centric game mode? Yes I want helicopters added - kinda. Another cool idea with "Death from Above" in mind is that teams will gradually be dropped from the transport aircraft - maybe even start with gear the later you are dropped in. This will lend itself to people being shot while parachuting and or being able to shoot those on the ground when parachuting in. Warning Very Controversial Borderline Stupid Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Squad Deathmatch. I only add these because I want to hear what the community thinks of them, I am in no way fond of the idea that these game modes detract from Bluehole's progress towards the foundation of Standard Battlegrounds. I think that these game modes are played out but at the same time, if I'm giving you my laundry list of things I want from the game why not put a golden toilet in my atrium's washroom on the top floor of my beach house in Hampton. Weapons/Attachments If you're anything like me - you're not fussy with weapons or attachments in your FPS as long as they're real world weapons and not some crazy-assed laser devastator experimental weapon from the world war 2124 era. I'm happy with the way things are going, the crossbow and the Thompson are meh - doesn't really bother me, they're just sane enough not to agitate my cynicism and while I think the melee weapons need to be balanced or the mechanics need to be reworked, I think they're fine, maybe add a bat and a broken bottle or something. All that being said I have a few suggestions and I'll throw in a few weapons that I think are one-offs that might be entertaining. I'll also introduce a new class of weapons which people will probably have a problem with and I'm not necessarily hooked on the idea either. Assualt Rifles Galil Ace 23 M&P10 AN94 FN F2000 FAMAS-G2/F1 variant(?) Steyr AUG-A3 Ak-12 SAR-21 ACR G36 Tavor TAR-21 Carbines You can pick and choose the aforementioned assault rifles and swap in their carbine variant if that applies. But here are some I think are interesting: SG552 Hi-Point 995 Kel-Tec SUB-2000 L22 Carbine (My Bae) Sniper Rifles AR-50 M98B Blaser 93 C14 Timberwolf (love to my Canadians) KNT-308 SV-98 Submachine Guns Bizon (Why not?) Scorpion Evo3 (Edgy) Carl Gustav M45 MP5, MP7, UMP whatever from H&K Vector (Too edgy! I don't really want it but if they bring it I know a lot of people would be thrilled) PP-90 FN P90 (Someone wants it) 93R (Please, just for fun) TEC-DC9 (...) PP-2000 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers/Anti Tank This might be a little controversial and I'm not sure if they'd fit into the game, but I'm sure given the right balancing and the rarity they could work - they might also be fun in game modes that are more vehicle-centric if that ever ends up happening. SMAW RPG-29 RPG-7 M79 Attachments Range finder FLIR (On the fence with this one... it would be very hard to balance, maybe make it ultra rare?) Underslung Grenade launcher GP-25 (Gotta make this rare too or have some serious balancing) Bayonet (I guess...) Bipods Speed loader (kind of pointless but thought I'd throw it out there) Sling (Maybe have this increase run speed when rifle is still equipped... hey I like this idea) Slugs and or Hollowpoint (Interested to see what people think of this) Others Please take these with a grain of salt, just throwing shit at the wall seeing what sticks. Lady Pistol (just a novelty) Improvised shotgun (another novelty) Never, please never claymores please. Never. Taser Handcuffs/zip ties/cable ties .950 JDJ AA-12 Vehicles This is just spitballing as well - but I would love to see a helicopter in game as well as more variety for just civilian ground vehicles. Helicopter or Helicopters - R22 Beta, Sikorsky S-300C,MH-6, Mi-17 Motorcyles, maybe even a sidecard motorcycle? Jeep with mounted LMG Gunboat Van Hybrid car (super quiet) ATV 3-Wheeler Anyway, I'm exhausted - this ended up taking way too long my creative juices were flowing and I had the day off but I work so much this was a real drain on my time... I have more things I want to talk about, if this engages a lot of people maybe I'll do another one. Hope everyone is having a great day. Peace, love, don't be a sinner, winner winner chicken dinner.
  7. Bullet Physics

    I have read this in the FAQ, and I would like some elaboration about this: Q: Bullet physics? | A: "We are working on implementation of drag, penetration and deflection." I am not sure what you exactly mean about drag, as there is a couple different things it could mean: The farther the target is, the less damage the bullet deals The farther the target is, the slower the bullet arrives to the target (as it has a speed limit) The farther you shoot, the more gravity pulls the bullet down, so you have to aim higher. In another words, will the bullet have a trajectory, or will you implement a hitscan system. Penetration is straight forward. Deflection is also foggy as a quick google search reveals, it can mean two different things: The bullet gets deflected by wind: ( The bullet ricochets off a wall, and continues its trajectory in a deflected path: ( Can I get a clarification on these?