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Found 22 results

  1. Hi girls/guys! I'm looking for friendly and skilled players to play some duo's squad games! I live in UK and speak English, POLISH and little bit Russian LOL. I'm looking for players who enjoy the game and have a laugh but also have a competitive edge to them and would prefer people with mics for better communication. I look forward to playing with you and feel free to say Hi!!!! and add me on steam!!!! Regards R.
  2. hey, i jusy bought the game today, and i really like it. the only problem i have is, i can't find the option how i can make the voices come though my headset instead of over my boxes. how do i change this? so the game sounds are coming through my stereo and peoples voices over my headset? it would help me alot thanks!
  3. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has heard about teams of 3? It would be great to play with 2 of my friends (total of 3 people) and play in squads, WITHOUT BEING AT A DISADVANTAGE straight out the gate. I always felt it was strange how they skipped over TRIOs(teams of 3 players). Solo, Duo, Squad. Its like they are trolling us haha
  4. Just give every player colour in squad-mod. Every player have marker of blue, green, red and yellow color, but on map everyone is blue. I don't found any thread like this, so I'm sorry if someone did it before me.
  5. Hey guys Phantom here, just wanted to inform the community that there is a new team/ community forming. We are calling ourselves Royal Gaming. Message me on here or on discord for more information. Thanks!
  6. I have looked, but not found it anywhere. When you play a game on Steam you can see which game your friends are playing. I think it could be nice to see in the PUB lobby how many people are left in the game my friends are playing. This would help me to see if I should wait for them to finish and for how long before we can play duo or squad.
  7. Hey guys. have been playing this game alone for some days now, but I really want to try out the squad play. Duo or any number of players possible. Add me on steam and send a message if you are up to. No requirements. Just want to experience the game in a new fun way. The steam name is "lancelobato". My profile pick is a velociraptor.
  8. Hey guys, We're looking for more players to join our active gaming community. PUBG is one of many games we frequently play and want more players to join. We use Teamspeak as our main source of communication. The server ip is : Upon joining server you will only be able to access public rooms 1-5. these can be used by anybody. if you wish to join an existing group / squad give an admin or VIP a message. see you all soon hopefully!
  9. Dedicated servers I would love to see dedicated servers added, it would allow for plugins, roleplay servers, higher loot, more pvp, more weapons, ect.
  10. Hey We're a bunch of peps from EU, always looking for players and members! Please join TMF on steam : see you soon EU, see you soon.... Cheers Huttz YouTube: Twitch:
  11. Looking for English speaking people to chill with, Laughs and hopefully some crates. Never know might even win here and there
  12. Looking for some chill people. ENGLISH SPEAKING. MSG me on steam treetoe98 or ON PUBG Treetoe
  13. Hello, I'm Venerated and I'm here from the PUBG Experienced Community Discord channel. We are currently a mid-sized, rapidly growing discord with around 400 members and several great staff members. As you probably assumed from the title, this Discord is mainly for the top level players in the game but everyone is welcome to join. Our Discord server is great for quickly finding lots of other top players to play with by using the roles on the side of the server or just hanging out with the great community. This is by far the best PUBG Discord server that you will find if you're a top player looking for other top players to play with. Who's ready to get some chicken dinners? For more information, join using this link:
  14. Mist Adjustments I think that the mist needs some improvements and adjustments. Improving the visibility of the mist while you are in it, and where the actual line is would be great. Maybe a very transparent but somewhat smokey effect around the boarder of the screen just to give players a heads up. Also i feel that some changes are needed to the adjustments of the mist. It is a real bitch when someone gets better RNG in the last 1 or 2 zones and your forced to charge at them or be killed near instantly. It is also a bit of a bitch, when your inside the zone and someone shoots you from inside the mist. I suggest a big higher damage in the early mist levels. to make players move quicker, and a bit lower damage for the last maybe 2 or 3 circles. Item Changes. I think items such as the ballistics mask or gas mask should have a purpose. Besides looking like a bad ass, it would be nice if these items could help you in some way. Like maybe a little less damage if your shot in the face while wearing a ballistics mask, maybe a set percent like 5%. could save you from a 1 shot by a sniper. And for gas masks, I have heard this on YouTube videos as well, a slight damage reduction form the mist if your wearing a gas mask. These would be quality of life changes to make finding some of the more rare gear feel better. Many different colors of camouflage, or clothing in general would be great. Like green, blue, orange, brown, and camouflage. The clothing seems to be very limited color wise. I'm not asking for clown costumes, but some more color choices would be great. Its hard to blend in anywhere when your wearing a blue shirt and white camouflage pants....... Similarly, the ghillie suit doesn't really camouflage you anywhere you are, it is very obvious still, even when prone. For how rare it is, it should do a better job. Thoughts and suggestions.
  15. rezistance

    Join the mayhem! Bow to no one..! Freedom is ours to take! We are a fun based international gaming clan. We've been around since 2008 where it all started when APB:Reloaded came out. Our main goal is to build up a friendly bunch of people to have fun while shooting other people in the head. We are well organized, we know when to put our game faces on and we work for one goal when it comes down to roleplay: anarchy. To be a part of the Rezistance every member must respect all fellow comrades. We work as a team and we cover each other as in brotherhood. If you are interested in joining us please keep these pointers in mind at all time. "In a world of chaos and decadence, cities are built on greed and power struggles. The common thief is no longer only a subject from the streets. He's now on parliaments, city halls, company offices and police departments. And, they are all trying to leech their share and rule with their blood money. Tired of a disrupted society, a new form of resistance is forged. The objective: to break the chains that laws have become and punish all those who stand against the beautiful anarchy that this new world could be. We bow to no one, freedom is ours to take!" Community Alignment We are looking for great and friendly assets to Rezistance! We value laid back people who are helpful and friendly, we do not aim at being the top dogs but we do aim to be a top force with good teamwork, also we want it to be an enjoyable experience with a great atmosphere no matter what the game you chose to play with Rezistance. Requirements: Mature (Age of 18+) Speak and type decent English. Devotion & Responsibility Discord and working Mic/headphones Active on the forums and game Socialize with other clan members! What you can expect of Rezistance Friendly environment A long, established and well lead clan with a long history Lots of missions, actions, funny events etc. Possibility to be part of a clan that not only plays APB but a wide spectre of games and genres. Our own voice server running 24/7! And newly on the horizon events that might involve prizes!! Send us your application today
  16. looking for EU server players 21+ for duo/team my teamspeak address :
  17. The First Cav is an 11 year old multinational gaming community that is currently recruiting for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Join us on teamspeak and say hi, we are a friendly bunch and usually have a squad or two going in the evenings. Our server address is: password is: aircav Download teamspeak for free here: join our community: Requirements: Age: We like our members to be 17+. However we have a Cadet program which will allow you to prove yourself if you are younger. Have a microphone and TeamSpeak 3, to allow effective comms between members in the group Maturity Understanding of the General Orders (found on the website) Most of all, have fun! Thankyou for reading and i hope to see you in the Battlegrounds CPL FlakMac
  18. Hi, I'm 25 and fairly new to PC gaming, after being an avid XBOX fan for 7/8 years. All my friends are console players and I'm looking for people to play with. Casual gaming tbh, around 7pm GMT sometimes later depending on work. I have discord and can drop you a link to it if want to join. Message me and let me know!
  19. Looking to build a squad for the evening. All with Mics. 18+ preferred
  20. Join the PUBG Discord chhannel to find other partner's and people to enjoy and play with! Live now! Come chat and hang!
  21. Hey it's me again. are there SEA servers now or still NA or EU type of thing.
  22. Only minor but worth a line, when people die and it shows who you have killed. Can the player name be highlighted in a different colour. Also when you go into a lobby, can we see a list of player names. Maybe with ratings etc by the side of their name. Thanks 2D