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Found 176 results

  1. I've just gotten into PUBG recently, usually place in the top 10 in Solo matches. Have 2k + hours in Rust and Arma3. Add me on Steam or reply here. Cheers!
  2. Para evitar el SPAM en este foro, pienso que es mejor tener un TEMA por cada canal que quiera subir vídeos a esta nuestra comunidad Me presento para los que no me conozcáis... Soy DelipsoN y tengo un canal de youtube dedicado a este maravilloso juego. En el cual podréis encontrar siempre algún vídeo interesante, pretendo subir tanto como vídeo-ayudas para mejorar el rendimiento de este juego taan mal optimizado, como gameplays de partidas GANADAS y otras que NO para que no siempre sepáis que es 100%WIN (Eso creo que le da un toque de emoción a cada vídeo que veáis) ya que de esta manera sufriréis como yo cada tiro, ya que puede ser el ultimo ! Os dejo aquí mis vídeos: Espero que os guste/ayude a aprender conmigo más de este juego !!! Nos vemos en Battleground y que sobreviva EL MEJOR !
  3. Evlerin çatısındaki su depolarının altındaki lootlar alınmıyor , bugta kalmışlar , yapımcılara burdan sesleniyorum 8x scope heba oldu
  4. saved your a** T-Shirt link :
  5. Boas, para aqueles que querem jogar entre malta portuguesa, criei um servidor no discord para simplificar a criaçao de duo ou squad! Link: Não hesitem a partilhar com maximo de pessoal possivel Abraço
  6. It's late game, me and my buddy rushing down the last guy. I wanted to nade him, but then this happens: Intuitive, like in any other FPS / TPP game, I switched quickly my weapon in the heat of the battle expecting the nade to be dropped or put back in as "unused item". However, the grenade pin was already drawn from it, so I assumed that the grenade was dropped on the ground in the place where I stood, since it was already "used". I ran a little to the left to be safe...It turned out, that the character puts the disarmed grenade back in his pocket. Tis could use a fix since I had NO POSSIBILITY to live after drawing the weapon. I believe the grenade should be fixed to fall on the ground, if the pin is drawn and weapon changed.
  7. Olá, primeiro vou postar minha config e depois explicar o problema. - i7-4770 - GeForce GTX 760 - 8GB RAM - Fonte: CoolerMaster 550W - Windows 10 Bom, sempre que tento rodar o jogo meu pc reinicia após alguns segundos. O jogo abre porém ainda na tela inicial o pc reinicia sem dar tempo de fazer qualquer coisa. Isso ocorre apenas quando tento rodar o PUBG, qualquer outro jogo roda normalmente. Tentei algumas soluções básicas que procurei mas nada resolveu, e após algumas pesquisas vi que geralmente quando ocorre esse tipo de coisa o problema é a fonte, porém estou com medo de comprar outra fonte e ainda sim persistir o problema. Alguém tem alguma ideia de qual seja o problema ou de como posso detectar esse problema de maneira mais específica ?
  8. Can anyone here explain how this player kills me instantly with a headshot from an AKM while wearing a level 3 helmet at full health and boosted? I'm just floored by the situation and find it ridiculous that something like this is possible. Sure you can toss it up to lag, but out of 300+ hours, I've never experienced lag to a point where I just die instantly. Maybe there's more to this...
  9. Hi guys, I am Bubblepax, also know as Charlie, I have recently started up a gaming community for all gamers of all genders. I have a discord set up for anyone to join as they wish, and please bring your friends, here is a permanent discord server link I hope to see you soon.
  10. Looking for serious players/team to help climb back up in rating. Play with friends but their not too serious and it's hard to get them to cooperate!
  11. Greetings fellow PUBG players. This is my first time posting in the Forums. Just wanted to say hello and GL in your fights. I'm sure our paths will cross in much more hostile times on the field! Yet on the back side. Its nice to meet you. Hows your games going? Having fun? I'm really loving this game. My self. I've been playing Playerunkowns Battle Royale for Arma 3 for years. In fact it was one of the first games/mods I ever started streaming. I love the game style so much. Every play you make could be your saving grace or your demise. Its so awesome! Glad to start being a part of the community. I look forward to chatting more with you all! If your interested in saying whats up in other forums/applications stop by and say hello. I look forward to making new friends and acquaintances. Have a great weekend! TIME TO PUBG!
  12. Hey Guys! Just uploaded my 6th entry into my Squad Series playlist over on YouTube. The video features some pretty sick Silenced AWM game play! If you liked the content, please subscribe and keep me going!!! Thanks guys!
  13. Hi, im looking to play PUBG with someone, im a pro player and got 4 chicken yesterday. If you do want to play with me add me on steam, im from Norway and im 16 years old and speak english fluent. I play tactical and clean. If you want to join me then u should have teamspeak 3. Add me on steam: If you want to join teamspeak heres the IP:
  14. Hey guys, So I thought I would share some of my fails or lucky videos that was recorded. I don't record with my voice added yet as I need to get a headset (using laptop). Where I used the built-in mic, it had static... Anyways, here is a short clip showing how lucky I was to get a kill with my health on 1%: And here I missed the driver, took a bullet to my pan and still ended up dead :-( And then some fail shooting where I had the drop on a guy. Buddy behind me was just shaking his head in disappointment I am hoping to be able to compile the small cut-outs that I have somewhere in the future but can't find a free video editing program that is easy to use. I used to use iMovie on my mac which was great for this, but with windows not so easy. Any suggestions? Thanks guys, raving
  15. Hello Forum! New YouTube video here! Cant really post in the Community Forum yet, not entirely sure why. Let me know what you guys think! I'm a new you tuber looking to become successful. I also have a stream: Click Here I will be streaming for 24 hours on may 30th for cancer research! on with the video:
  16. Hi, im looking to play PUBG with someone if you do want to play with me add me on steam, im from Norway and im 16 years old and speak english fluent. I play tactical and clean. If you want to join me then u should have teamspeak 3. Add me on steam: If you want to join teamspeak heres the IP:
  17. Hey, I've done a video on the game's performance with benchmarks.
  18. Hola a todos!!! Como estan? Hice un video resumido sobre las actualizaciones futuras y tambien los clips de las nuevas animaciones!! Me llevo bastantes horas hacerlo porque no se editar mucho! Pero lo hice lo mas simple posible para que no se aburran!!! Acepto criticas y nos vemos INGAME!!! LuPower
  19. Hey guys! I'm newish to the forums and the game. I'm going to be hosting a live 24 hour twitch stream to support cancer research via Macmillans Game Heroes. I am going to be streaming leading up to the even which starts on the 30th of May 2017. This even will probably start early hours GMT (12am) I'm currently live now, it would be great if i could get a few followers ready for when i do a 24 hour stream! Thanks guys! My Live Stream:
  20. Hello, i'm new to the PUBG forum but certainly not the game. I've decided to create an account since i have recently opened up a new YouTube channel and is my first channel I'm open to feedback from you guys and certainly some followers since my content doesn't seem to be hitting off as much as i would have expected! (for some reason my name on here is Creyat, which it is not, its actually "I'm Spongie", Hopefully an admin can help me out with that ) Here's one of my latest vids
  21. Moin Moin, suche einen starken Partner um zu 2 gegen 3-4 Mann Squads zu spielen da es das Rating viel mehr erhöht,und man mehr Loot hat.
  22. Je suis le créateur d'un discord consacré a PUBG et d'autre jeux comme r6 et csgo.On tryhard pas mal le jeu avec mon pote mais on recherche des joueurs motiver pour squad. On recherche des joueurs avec minimum 15 ans et pas d'age maximum,expérimenter ou pas rien a foutre Pour nous rejoindre :
  23. HI guys i would like to desperately ask You for help. I have been having issues with this game regardless very decent specs. Multiple rebooting used to be the solution for last couple of days but it seems to no longer work . Whenever i launch the game, the black screen with BLUEHOLE logo loads up full screen, then the window shrinks once i get to main menu. I attach a screenshot explaining it all. I have only 3 basic resolution options to chose (800*600, 1024*720, 1920*1080), besides that the game seems to work as normal, but if i get into the game, my fps is horrible and game feels veeery rough - i get like 19 fps. The lower resolution i set, the smaller the window gets, outside of window stays unchanged and i can use desktop as normal without ALT TABBING the game although its set to full screen as you can see. Please guys, help as I am desperately trying to find a solution. Steps already taken: Complete Windows reinstall Game re-downloaded All drivers updated Power plan set to high performance Deleted AMD Crimson Relive Deleted AMD Raptr My specs: CPU: Intel i7 6700K SKYLAKE 4.00 GHZ GPU: AMD MSI RADEON R9 390 series 8 GDDR5 MB: MSI z170a m5 gaming RAM: Corsair Predator 16GB (8x2) SSD1 System: Kingston HyperX 240 GB SSD2 Games/Programs: Kingston HyperX 480 GB LIQUID COOLING: Corsair H100i v2 PSU: Corsair AX 860 Modular HDD 8TB STORAGE
  24. Зашел сегодня поиграть что бы записать очередную серию и вот что происходит. Тебя и еще кучу челов убивает какое то %мо, которое даже не успело спустится на землю... КАК ? Смотреть с 30 секунды (watch from 00:30).. Так обломна.. И вот что я заметил что последние недели две-две с половиной играть стало в разы тяжелее, будто все стали играть в разы лучше... Вот скрин и ник этого "ПРО"