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Found 9 results

  1. While reloading in a vehicle, you cannot exit it, so you need finish reloading before you can exit the vehicle, which can make you die pretty easily (which happened to me), the thing should be that you can exit it, but it cancel the reload. Reload and open doors should be a fix where it get denied to reload when you're going to open a door, so you are not stuck reloading in a room
  2. had problems whit reload, did a reload whit a new gun and when it was finished it had no bullets in it
  3. since todays update (20-4-17) you need to do the reload animation twice before it actualy reloads. should be easy fix (not sure)
  4. When all 5 shots from the S1897 are expensed, and the weapon is reloaded, it does not cock the gun until the player attempts to shoot the gun. If less than 5 shells are expensed before the weapon is reloaded then it will immediately fire on the next shot. Steps to reproduce: 1. Load S1897 2. Fire all 5 shots 3. Reload weapon 4. Try to shoot. At this step instead of actually firing a shell it will instead cock the gun. I tested this in the game lobby and was able to reproduce the bug every time.
  5. Hey, Not sure if it´s a bug or but when you are reloading your weapon with only one magazine in your inventory it takes additional time to factor in the clip. Here is one clip : I think it´s not intended, so i thought id point it out.
  6. When you insert a new mag into the AWM your character does not pull back the bolt and so the gun shouldn't shoot, but does.
  7. Hey, I encountered a bug when i fall down to town and picked up a s1897 shotgun. I saw player near me and i started reloading the weapon. It begun to reload but never stopped. Magazine was 0/5 but it still continued adding bullets to weapon. I fixed it by dropping shotgun and bullets and switching to pistol and picked up shotgun again and then it worked. I have encountered this tho only 1 time on my 25hrs of playtime. And at the time i started reloading weapon i got fps drop to around 15. -Nuuskamuikkunen
  8. Bug Description: When prone, cannot move while reloading a gun. Cannot unprone in order to run. With no way to cancel the reload, reloading a sniper rifle (KAR98, AWM, etc) or the M249 can spell instant death if in a gunfight, as your character is as good as immobile. Date Seen: Today, 03/24/2017. Troubleshooting Attempted: Died after bug appeared. Checked bug in another lobby, issue still occurs. Possibly simply an overlook on the prone mechanics. Other Information: Reloading in general prevents several actions from being performed. There should be a way to cancel the current reload in order to enter doors, or enter/exit a vehicle. Launch Options: Default launch options (none). System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (build 14393) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1080 by EVGA @ 2.0 GHz CPU: Intel i5-6600k @ 4.0 GHz Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2x8GB @ 2.4 GHz Some notes: While this may not strictly be a bug, this is definitely not user-friendly behavior. Implementing a way to cancel a reload in order to perform other actions, or auto-cancelling a reload when certain actions are performed are much better than simply not being able to perform the action while reloading, especially in the case of weapons with long reload times (AWM, KAR98, M249, S1987, etc). Possible workaround (afterthought): after some experimentation, it seems that switching weapons, including when selecting Fists (X key), the active reload is cancelled. Anyone experiencing this bug should workaround it by using this method until a proper solution is implemented. Thanks for your time. Really enjoying Battlegrounds so far!
  9. I had an odd experience happen that might be a bug that restricts the reloading of guns and the switching of guns with the number keys. It happened in a Squad match today but luckily I was streaming - Warning, Strong language! Actions Performed 1) AKM in primary slot 2) Pick up 9mm ammo 3) Pick up more 9mm ammo 4) Double click on UMP (on the ground) replacing the AKM 5) (Unsure of method) Equiped AKM from ground again replacing UMP AKM now has 0 bullets In the video you will also note that I wanted to get the QuickDraw Mag (SMG) off of my Micro UZI so I did a gun swap there too. None of the number keys worked afterward too. I could only switch guns with mouse-wheel. In the video you can see some of the things we tried. 1) Dropping the guns and picking them back up. 2) Having a teammate pick up a dropped gun and reload it, then drop it back, and me pick it back up. It did somehow correct itself, but I have no idea how. Can someone see if they can replicate this? Thanks, Cmndo