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Found 30 results

  1. Okay. One of the most frustrating things for me in this game is the revive thing. I LOVE that you have a chance to keep playing with your friend if he or you get knocked out. I dont like how stupid knockouts are in houses, Teams camp upstairs and you shoot him 3 times in the face and he gets revived over and over again. Another I dont like is, that you often die so fast if you run into people close up. Your friend might kill them, but you are still dead. I thought: Why not remove knockouts. Give a team 1-2 mins to revive a friend. If that time has passed, hes dead for good. That will give your teammate a chance to clutch it. Make the revive animation last longer. 15-20 secs. Maybe limit the amount of times this is possible. So many teams leave early cause one died. This way you will keep the momentum going in the game. Just a thought.
  2. My duo and I were playing a round and we were fighting a player in a house, I went in and got downed then my friend came in killed the guy but he couldn't revive me because I was over an UMP and 3 stacks of 9mm ammo it kept making him pick up the gun or the ammo but not me and I didn't have enough health to crawl out of any items. I don't know if this is a bug or if I should be suggesting there to be a prioritization of downed teammates over most actions but it seems unfair if my teammate was able to revive me but was not allowed because there were items under me. Thanks, Simbahart11
  3. This might be a game mechanic, but why would the revive timer go to -5 seconds? One of two teams left and died because the revive timer went negative and gas overtook us
  4. So I recently lost a match because my friend had tried to revive me after I got downed in a firefight. I thought there was an update to pause the revive timer when being picked up? Is this a bug or do later circles negate this addition to the game? Here is the clip:
  5. I think the game lacks in teamplay, not because there is no communication tools, more because the unability to split and flank by your own. "Why?! you asking, well, the answer is simple: REVIVE. The revive mechanic is not well implemented, the player sldnt be able to crawl around, and the only way to wake him up, should be using a medical item. and instead of giving us 30 seconds to revive, we should have a nice 3 minutes counter, and it CANT be put down, (i mean, is inmune in this timeframe) so we can actually help our comrade, and we are not so dependent of his company in combat (AKA be close, otherwise i dont have time to revive in the worst case scenario). If its done this way, the solo game play combat would be the same in duo, giving the players more flexibility. To counter this 3 minutes, the player that is down, should have a very blurry vision, so he cant be giving info to the other player in the meantime, and move even slower, plus the requirement of medical equipment, and a longer cast t actually revive him. About the killzone, i think player outside should have a debuff to their vision, more like H1Z1 were you cant see shit outside of it. (Always getting killed from the outside, by players that are so far, that they are actually dead already)
  6. I would love to see people to die instantly from headshots and to see some form of bleed dmg. Players should have to use bandages after being hit and leave a trail of blood to hunt them down. There are huge blood splatters which can be seen from 1000 meters away, but it just vanishes before reaching the ground It is very frustrating to headshot people behind cover, just to disable them for 20secs. Headshots should be insta death and revives after bodyshots should leave some debuffs at least. And I am not talking about hardcore servers here :> Right now the game feels like this:
  7. Can we have revive be more important than picking up items? Currently when you try to revive a teammate picking up items overrides the revive, so you end up picking up all the items first before you are able to revive your team mate. Which imo is kinda retarded, if it could be fixed that would be great.
  8. I was thinking about this for a little while, and after searching only found one reference to it which may have been missed. This was originally mentioned a month ago by Dharkan here: The concept is simple, being able to assist a downed player move to cover faster by dragging them by their casualty recovery strap on their vest (if they are wearing one). There is a good explanation of what I mean here, with some photos. My suggestion goes hand in hand with one other; Increased health loss with movement whilst downed. I.E. the more you move whilst downed, the faster your health drops. If you dont move, the speed of health loss is reduced. That means its in your teams best interest to go and help a downed team mate and move him into cover, or if they are in cover but not a good position to be safely revived, you can move them at a faster speed to a better location. Whilst in Casualty movement mode, you have limited ability to return fire, or possibly only use a sidearm if equipped. Possible settings 1. Current craw speed = 100%, Health Loss = 100% 2. Increased Health Loss due to movement = 100% (Not an increase per se) 3. Reduced Health Loss due to remaining stationary = 75% 4. Casualty Movement (Assisted) = Crawl speed + 50% (or Walking speed) 5. Health loss whilst being assisted = 75% 6. Assisting Player, Accuracy = 50% or Sidearm (Pistol) only Thoughts? Eurisko
  9. Pistols in BG are next to useless in all honesty. The only time anyone ever uses one is early game before they find a weapon. But what if in duo and squads when you get downed you can use the pistol to defend your self? Like when downed you wouldn't be able to aim in 1st or 3rd it would be like blind fire so its only useful for close range and cant be used to snipe someone, only to defend your self up close.
  10. Whenever you try to revive a teammate there is a chance it will just push your savior away and not allow him to crouch and revive.
  11. Hello again, Second post in 15 minutes but this is another thing which I feel needs to be changed, if you are playing Duo or Squad and you down someone and can't quite get the kill and they get revived, you down them again and again and again, that shouldn't be the case, I feel like if you get downed a second or third time, it should be over, no revive possibility at all as its easy to abuse the system! Lemme know if that would be better for you during a Duo or Squad!
  12. I feel like the Downed system that is in place right now is favorizing house camping way too much. So I thought about some fair changes: Mostly I am about to remove the crawl system as it is pretty strong. When you go down you just fall to the ground. You got shot 4-5 times now and you shouldnt be able to move anymore. When downed through a headshot you fall to the floor immediately. When downed through bodyshots you are able to crawl for 1.5 seconds before you fall to the ground. I have thought about the amount of time you should be able to crawl and I think that 1.5 seconds seems reasonable. When you get shot and there is cover nearby everyone would try to get to it with all his remaining power.
  13. Hey guys, I apologize if I'm not posting this thread in the current section but this seemed like the place to report this issue. Last night was the second time I've experienced this: my teammate went down, I proceeded to mow down the two rapscallions who were causing us grief. Like any good teammate I decide to help out the poor guy who's bleeding out next to me and revive him. I get close to him and the "press F to revive" message pops up. I press F and nothing happens, try again and this time I give it more time but with no success. My teammate was at ~70% health when I started trying to revive him. From that time until he finally died I tried everything, spamming F like a cro-magnon and hitting it once and giving it up to 10 seconds for it to register as well as everything in between. Like all people that play this game I occasionally encounter a bit of lag with the "F" key, doors may take an extra half a second to open but nothing has ever been even close to this bad. I wasn't lagging at that time and I went on to play that round for another ~5 minutes with no issues. I just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else has experienced this before. Thank you! Julien
  14. Bug Description: I was playing duo with my friend i had been shot and i went down, my friend came to revive me but while he was doing it the timer doesn't stop and i got killed. Date Seen: 22.04.2017 22:30 CET+1 Server: EU-Duo-normal server Troubleshooting Attempted: None Other Information: None Launch Options: None System Specifications: GTX980 i5:4690k 8GB RAM Windows 10-64bit
  15. Hi. So my friend tried to revive me but we got this. (pic) After like 16 seconds his game is crashed.
  16. Hi-ho, i think it would be great, if revive system will be reworked somehow so teammates could be revived after some time (like 30sec) with a medkit, or without it. I mean he should just lie down, and bleed, so others can't kill him or can, but only with melee combat. I saw other players suggestions about pistol, more HP, or medkit's revives, but it's another idea!) But there is a rule: if player got killed by headshot, explosion, %add_your_rule%, he can't be revived. Total game rank is given to the team, not a single team player, so i'm sure my suggestion will not harm the game balance. It's just boring to be so helpless while crouching.
  17. It would be nice if you need a first aid kit to revive a teammate, once revived health goes to 75%. If you are down and any of your teammates don't have a first aid kit, you can drop some. When you are down you can only use weapons on the slot 3 (Pistols).
  18. I feel like the health that you have upon revive should be based upon how much you had left while in a downed state. This creates more fair play so that when you're downed you have a better chance, especially when downed while the blue line is approaching because if you get downed outside the blue line or while it's approaching you might as well leave the game.
  19. Hello, twice now I have experienced not being able to revive a teammate while playing this game. I press "F" on my keyboard and instead of a timer appearing my character slightly lunges forward as if he is about to start reviving but then stops. I tried to change the key bound in order to revive him and everything and it still didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. After Playing in Multiple of each, the last squad game me and a few friends were in, we got into a fight with 2 different 4 man squads in relatively good cover at the same time. After Downing all 8, yes all 8 of them, 2 or 3 times each before finally killing all of them, and then turning around and dying to the Unholy, DiViNeWayZ <3 "Feelsbadman" And another instance of watching a team in duo's running in the Gas one teammate gets knocked down to gas, gets revived- heals, gets knocked down- revived again- heals, gets knocked down AGAIN, gets revived, heals and then makes it into the safezone. I Believe the Revive Mechanic needs Reworked, Yes, I do believe it is a Great Feature, but it needs to be limited, as it is Currently there is no real "Drawback/ Punishment" for getting downed, as Long as your in good cover, and have a Good Teammatea few Suggestions I might throw into the Air are maybe, 1.) Limiting "knockdown occurrence to 1 time Per game ONLY" 2nd knockdown is instant death2.) Doubling / Tripling the Bleedout Speed, per Knockdown 3.) permanent Reduced Health per Knockdown
  21. Hi there, first time poster Quick suggestion here. We all know that points are significantly lower in team games by default, it would be awesome if the game could reward Duo's and Squad's by offering points that encourage more team play. Currently even if you win a Squad game, the points are MUCH lower than if you were to win solo. We are getting much less BP's after a 30 min+ match finishing in the top 10 with kills than a 5 minute match in solo's finishing near the bottom... This just seems pretty lame to be honest. Points for reviving, assists etc would up this total and make team play feel more rewarding. For those of us who only play team games with friends, getting crates is a rare occasion.
  22. So I've been playing this game for well over 100 hours between the CBT and the Early Access release, and one thing I think would be interesting to see added would be the ability to use a Med-Kit to pick up a downed teammate. A couple options for it's implementation could be as such: 1. Revives teammate in half the time. 2. Revives teammate for the same time but puts them back at either full or half health. 3. A mixture of the first two. Slightly faster revive times with more starting health than normal. I think any of these options would offer some better team synergy and just better teamwork strategy in general imo. Since the Med-Kit is a rarer item, weighs a decent amount so you can't really stock pile a lot of them even if you happen to find more than one, and kinda makes sense since the design of the Med-kit has all those tools of healing in it. You can still revive them the same ol way if you so wanted to, if you are feeling greedy lol. What is everyone's thoughts on something like this?
  23. How cool would it be if you could give your dead buddy a 2nd chance? Adding a defibrillator (AED) as a super rare item or supply drop crate reward would be an awesome idea in my opinion! What do you guys think?
  24. When I was reviving my friend, he bled out mid revive and it caused me to be in a permenant crouch. I couldn't look down the crosshair but I could shoot and zoom in third person mode with no crosshair. This also made my character dead silent. My character looked like he was just hovering around.
  25. Hello. My friends and I were just playing a squad game. Two of my team mates went down, and I tried reviving one of them however; He died while I was reviving him and my character was stuck in the reviving teammate animation where you sit down and such. The issue with this was I was unable to get out of it. I tried laying down, jumping and all kinds of things. I wasn't able to aim in and every time I shot the bullets went into the ground if I wasn't aiming insanely high. Was unfortunately not able to get a video nor picture since I was in top two and died.