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Found 14 results

  1. xp

    Hi, could you add some sort of XP as well as the coins, so we can level up as i like games with this mechanic in and it makes it even better and feels better the more XP you get. Please add or leave feedback.
  2. My issue here is that I had already bought my first crate, which cost 700 BP, from the reward shop. When i opened the crate, the server stated "Failed to open reward crate", so now I have ZERO crates in my inventory AND my BP of 700 is GONE ENTIRELY. I WANT MY BP OR MY CRATE TO BE REPLACED, I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE MY TIME TRYING TO GET 1400 BP FOR MY 2nd CRATE IF I CANT EVEN GET MY 1st CRATE.
  3. OKE, i open the case reward. 700 and 1400 GP. and opened. VOILA, I GOT NOTHING. damn, my profile is
  4. Bought my first reward crate for 700BP and received a red t-shirt. Played some more games and bought another reward crate for 1400BP this time, but received the exact same item, a red t-shirt. So now I have 2 red t-shirts. And do they sell for anything? Sure, 20BP. So I wasted my points on the same item and can't even get the points back. Kinda lame.
  5. This has not been really helpful to me and there is no one out there to come and help the people who are victims of this kinds of bugs and problems, i have not even played a game after this bug as i refuse to make myself work double the effort for what i have already done. I hope that this bug/problem can be fixed as soon as possible if not i have just wasted my money on a game that does not even care about customer feedbacks and services.
  6. You earn money by playing matches and killing people. You can save that money for reward crates. I just purchased the $2800 crate, and received one dirty tanktop. C'mon! Can those rewards be a little better?
  7. Hey there, When you buy 2 reward boxes in a row you only receive 1. I was saving points to spend once the weekly reset came up last week, and then I bought 2 boxes right away, but I only received 1.
  8. Is it the same for everyone or the crates are bugged for me? i have to pay 7000 everytime i want to open a new crate while my friends got their crates price reseted, to 700, 1400, 2800, 4600, and reset and so on. Its so weird.
  9. So im not a good player by any means but ive managed somehow to grab a few wins in various modes, yay me. The issue i'm having is - the games are chaotic/tense/addicting, i love it, i manage to fight, steal & sneak my way to a win, my heart's pounding, my hands are sweaty but ive done it. The win was hard fought through maximum effort but it was all worth it for the......battle points? Thats it? Not even enough for a crate to get a new/dirty t-shirt, surely that cant be the only reward? It leaves me a little deflated.
  10. I recently received a reward of the crate. It would not let me open it. When I logged on today to re-try the crate was gone but it took my gold coins. Please help.
  11. Hey there, after the servers were down yesterday my reward chests were set back to the 1st one for 700 coins. I directly tried to buy it, which didn't work, therefore I tried to spam the button for some time Today after logging in I had 1 pioneer crate in my inventory but when I check reward the the reward chest now costs 7000 coins and is set to the 56th! So far I only board 4 in total therefore I would love if you could check and set it back
  12. Bug Description: yesterday getting-reward-system seems to be bugged so I got 1150 BP and crate was like 700 (even tho I opened 2 previously) so I tried to buy it in-game. It didnt work so I clicked on it many times. Today I opened the game and saw pioneer crate in my inventory so I opened it. Then I checked rewards screen and I saw that now I should buy crate for 7000 (like 7th pioneer crate), but I opened only 3 of them (2 previously and 1 today's morning). Seems to be bug Date Seen: 28.03.17 Troubleshooting Attempted: just clicked a lot yesterday on Receive button, thats all Launch Options:-malloc=system -sm4 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: win10 x64 AMD FX-6100 GTX650 2Gb 8Gb RAM, HDD
  13. Just bought the game, have played 3 games so far, it gives me the window that says how many points I have received for that match, but when I go back to main menu I have 0 Points.
  14. Bought a reward crate, was unable to open it, now its disappeared? Seriously annoying when you save up for them, and pretty much the only thing to build up and buy at the moment so when it just disappears on you.... If a dev reads this, any chance of getting it back please?