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Found 5 results

  1. Hello mates, beside the game having huge performance issues i have some Problems with zooming / scoping. No matter if i am in first Person Mode or third Person mode, i always have to double right click, to zoom into my scope. On a single right click, the crosshair just will be smaller. What do i need to do, to change that default game setting? Ist there any config file, where i can change that? Thanks for reading and may responding
  2. A UI suggestion for the controls - Off the bat after launching the game and heading to the controls menu. Each control like on-ground and vehicle needs their own tabs like in Battlefield because they have so many key binds. This also makes it where multiple keybinds can be used and not cancel each other out. For example, having 'jump keybinded space' but then 'hand-brake keybinded to space' as well but for the vehicle does not work at the same time.
  3. I was right clicking to heal and it wouldn't allow me to heal.
  4. First: Scroll wheel - the option to set scrool wheel up and scroll wheel down as any control option/action/for any bind Second: Right-Click hold and click/toggle - The option to switch the current right click configuration to have hold right click for sights and click/toggle for shoulder aim/improved hip fire Third: Weapon Lock on slots in inventory menu view - The ability to click a little lock icon in a corner of a weapon slot, or a click and key combination like control right click, to lock a weapon in its slot so if a new weapon is dragged over that weapon is not switched for it (until the icon is clicked, or the key combination is used again, to unlock it) - e.g. i was looting a body, and pulled over a sniper to replace it for my secondary weapon and it kept replacing my main gun. This is irrirating and got me killed when i tried to loot a body quickly and then when i picked up my main gun again and a guy pushed me and i pressed 1 on the keyboard, i didnt have a loaded clip on my main gun because, in the games eyes, i had just picked it up Fourth: Dual binds - Simple, it would be nice to be able to set 2 different keys/buttons for 1/the same action Much love for this game, scarily addicted
  5. The amounts of times iv died because iv held right click for half a second to long and did a small zoom rather than going to sights is insane. PLEASE Can we get a hotkey to change or flip what right click does? Hold to sight / tap to zoom and vice versa.