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Found 29 results

  1. finally we have an new update guys!! like for real, they added a new weapon and an awsome animation, where you can do flips in the air. Seems like we are going for the new gta her, uknow with all the stunt montages on youtube, people coming home from work just to have a good time doing stunts on pubg, while im sitting her waiting for the "pimp my car" pack, so i can show off my car ingame to all the stunters. okei enough of the fun and to the actuall topic of this post. why would they even use their time and money on this updates, when what we really need is an update for the dsync, lags, and the high speededcircle. they literally dont have servers that work, so instead of fixing the servers they add new weapons to the game! this doesnt really make any sense. its like have an broken engine on your car, you see the oil leaking, and instead of fixing your engine you start fixing the rims, your mirrors and the bodypaint, i mean why have an car thats fancy when you cant drive it ? I can see they are taking a beer down at the office to say it that way. anyway i will give this game a try when they fix the servers.
  2. Hey! So I just read over the patch notes for the most recent monthly update and within the notes, the servers were briefly discussed. It was mentioned that the server being used are top tier AWS servers with the most compute power. This would go to show that you guys have chosen vertical tech growth, as in you have increased compute power to handle load. However, in my work with AWS, I've learned that a mixture of vertical growth (more power) and horizontal growth (more compute nodes) is the key to ultimate performance. So while I don't know your exact infrastructure, I'm assuming you have a couple servers for each match. For simplicity, let's say you are currently using 2 x p2.16xlarge per match. That would be about 50 people per server, assuming perfect distribution and assuming its a full match. I'm thinking that it may be better to cut some of the vertical growth and increase your horizontal growth, as in cut some compute power, but add more nodes to better distribute load. Again for simplicity, this would mean instead of 2 x p2.16xlarge per match, it would be 4 x p2.8xlarge which would be near identical total compute power, but distributed across 4 instances as opposed to 2. So instead of 50 people using a server's resources, you only have 25. Obviously this is an extremely high level example, but it demonstrated the point I'm trying to make. While you may be using the most elite AWS servers, there may simply just be too much load for them to handle efficiently. Spreading that load across multiple servers per match would help distribute load evenly across more available resources. Just a thought. Again, I don't actually know the actual infrastructure.
  3. The last two games have been horrendous with lag. First one I die to a vehicle running me over 10 feet to my left. The very next game I am in a vehicle, see a running player, go to run him over, push him 10 feet which spins me out and he proceeds to kill me in my stalled vehicle. Never have I ever had such a experience with servers such as these. Before you do anything else to the game, fix the servers!
  4. I have been wondering this since the game came out, but I still haven't gotten a straight answer yet. Are there any US East servers in the game yet? I know that is an issue H1Z1 struggled with for a long time and since there is no way to show my ping in-game, I'm not sure if the latency I've been getting is due to the core engine bug the devs have been talking about or if it's also due to high ping due to no US East servers.
  5. Hi So, that's my question Is there a Latinamerican Server? Is it in Brazil or Chile? You guys, those from Argentina, how much ping/ms do you get while playing? Thx for spending your time reading / answering.
  6. I think this should be high priority right now instead of adding different colors to cars or adding new guns , i go behind a cover and in the next 2 seconds that i am behind cover they guy is still hitting me like WTF is this ? desync of the servers should be fixed ASAP before anything else.
  7. I think EU servers have more input lag then US server, i'm playing from EU but connecting to US i found the game less laggy
  8. Im sure that if you PUBG mod/devs limit the player on maps like 60-70 players,there will be almost 0 lag,so why dont try that in some day and see the feedback ?Keep up the good work,gl !
  9. Dedicated servers I would love to see dedicated servers added, it would allow for plugins, roleplay servers, higher loot, more pvp, more weapons, ect.
  10. Good Evening Dev Team First off, I want to congratulate you guys on an awesome game so far and keeping it that way, really big ups. Onto the reason for this Post and Topic... Myself and my mates are really enjoying this game and we are really putting some heavy hours into it, apart from all things considered that comes with the tag of Early Access and Alpha, there is one thing that we are becoming increasingly annoyed with and will soon be able to not handle anymore and that is the sometimes massive latency and D-Sync issue we get with playing on EU servers. Having played Dota 2 and numerous MOBAs in EU we have been able to deal with the ping difference, HOWEVER we are now continually being hindered by the difference in ping whereby emptying an entire clip into the enemy has no effect and we are then dead, this is not all of the time but most of the time to make us question whether to engage or just camp and wait till the end which is no fun at all. We DO indeed have quite a big player base as I alone have over 53 friends that play PUBG and that is excluding the 16 in my gaming clan. I understand what issues or difficulties that come with just having to make a new server for a player base, but this game is loved by so many here in South Africa and we would really and i do mean REALLY appreciate a South African server to populate. I do hope that this could be an option in the near future as I know myself and many others would love to keep playing this and continue to casually or professionally. Thanks for all the hard work so far. Regards Kyle Diffenthal
  11. Hey everyone, We've received a lot of new people who have been taking part in the beta and I hope you've all taken the time to enjoy the game and also to submit your feedback and bug reports via the forums. The more information the developers receive, the quicker they can get to work on improving the servers and the client before we hit Early Access. So the topic of this thread is "Ping Lock". This is something, which was confirmed by PlayerUnknown last week in an interview they he gave. So I just want to quickly highlight this to the new members of the community and also to people who may have been getting frustrated with people lagging all over the place ingame, even if the servers themselves were not lagging. So the Ping Lock means that anyone with a set value, set by the developers will not be able to connect to that regional server. So this means if someone in Europe has a ping of say 200 when they join the US servers, they will not connect and will receive a generic error message or one set for this kind of situation. This is of course good news because many of us who have played H1Z1 or other FPS games, if you're shooting at someone with a high ping, the bullets do not register or because of their skipping all over the place, it makes it impossible to hit them. So it means EU players will stick to the EU servers, US to the US servers, CN to the SEA servers etc etc. It's not been confirmed as to what the ping value will be for the ping lock to take affect, but at least it's something that many of us wanted to have in other games of this type and we're finally getting it in PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds
  12. PUBG utiliza los servidores de Amazon aws. En el siguiente link pulsan donde dice HTTP Ping y les arrojara el ping que tiene cada servidor de Amazon, con eso sabrán que latencia tienen en el PUBG >>> Amazon aws servers <<<
  13. Hey there Bluehole folks, I'll attempt to call the Gyeonggi-Do offices next week if this doesn't work, but I thought written word might be best to start. I would like to help you to fix your performance issues on your EU servers. For free. Because I love this game, and the last game I loved died on launch, and died again on relaunch, because their server performance was abyssal. I don't want that to happen with this game. In brief: The largest independent testing organisation in the world named me Performance Tester of the Year a few years back. Since then I worked in Big Four consultancy and started my own system administration and automation firm. Please use the E-mail account attached to this profile to contact me, I'll be happy to provide my portfolio and references, we can set a meeting, and we can get to work on solving these issues together. If the fixes work in EU, you can migrate whatever is appropriate to other regions.
  14. PUBG uses the Amazon aws servers, in the following link they have to click where it says HTTP Ping to know what latency they have on each server. >>> Amazon aws servers <<<
  15. frozen

    Yo! My friend and I have just been playing some Duo's as per, and upon healing my game froze which forced me to exit to desktop. After reloading the game, none of my Main menu buttons worked, at all and neither did my friends as he left the match we were just in. So i restarted again but I couldn't search for a match or invite anyone, it came up with "an error occurred" if I tried. And the moment I left the game to desktop, my friend received all my invites. Anyone else having a similar issue? Just literally now. Possible servers crash? **Included picture for cools, not relevant**
  16. Bug Description Hi Since this morning the 19/04/2017 I can't join any PUBG server not even the test server. It launches fine but just loads and say 'You have lost connection to the host' . Date seen 24 March 2017 Troubleshooting attempted Tried to restart the game,restarting steam,reinstalling the game,Joining only the test server,verifying cache files,update drivers Other Information My current internet speed is 35 MBPS down and 10MBPS up. Latency is 10 on average. Launch options Have tried with and without the launch mall options. System Specs i7600k @ 4.5ghz 980Ti 6Gb 16GB DDR4 Ram 2133 Power Supply Corsair RMI 750 watt
  17. Since this Wednesday, I can't get into any servers. I will always get stuck on the main black PUBG screen while loading into a server without ever getting further. I've played the game since release and it has never happened to me, now suddenly, without my changing anything, I can't play at all. No gamemodes work, I've tried verifying the files, deleting all the game folders & reinstalling to a different hard drive, disabling firewall, changing all possible ingame settings, disabling launch options--nothing. OS: W7 GPU: GTX 750Ti CPU: i5 3570 RAM: 8GB Any help will be greatly appreciated, have a nice day.
  18. I already reported it on the thread in which you report server issues. I was just wondering if it was just me or is it the actual servers... I am getting around 10-20 FPS constant... when starting a game and in the plane I get 4 FPS... Anyone else experiencing this? This is the first time it has happened since the early release came out
  19. Please use the form below to report your lag Date: Time: Server: Game Server: Context for Server is NA/EU/AS/OC/SA Game Server name can be found on the middle of your screen, at the bottom. EX: ABCDEF or 1ABC3DE
  20. Can someone post the ip adress of NA server en South amercian server to check my ping please?
  21. The south america server is very laggy now, I asked 15-20 players a while ago and everyone was having some rollbacks and general lag, I had a hard rollback three times. I think the devs underestimated the number of players in the south america region, sometimes you can't even walk because of big rollbacks
  22. I know this game if very new and that it's on Early Access. I just wanna suggest you to add South American servers, (I am from Argentina and gettin 180+ms on any American server, while i can get 40-60ms on any from Brasil) I have faith this game will grow so much. So please guys, consider south american players! I know we are many and we will keep coming! Edit: PS if you are from south america and you also want servers please leave a comment or a like! Thanks by advance! SALUDOS
  23. Just as the title says...Would be kind off nice to have servers in South Africa, seeing as it has a huge player base already here in south africa.
  24. This game is GREAT from what I have played already! BUT.... There needs to be AU/NZ server as that is a big audience to reach. I mean I can play on the Aisa servers but then I don't get to see the full potential of the game. This is what drove people of other games such as H1Z1 when it was first released. So please listen to the people down in the southern hemisphere and make a server that we can connect on with no connection loss. Thanks for reading this.
  25. Hi, I will keep things short but are you planning to block graphic settings somehow? Do separate servers for ultra and low graphic settings? Lock them and do not allow to change them? Why? I think that screens says it all. I love the game already but if I will have to play it on ultra low because someone else can see more it makes no sense. The last one I did while shooting two guys across the lake. ACROSS. THE. LAKE. or river. Imagine this.