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Found 17 results

  1. Je viens de finir la vidéo sur toutes les nouveautés que nous réserve les devs ! les rankeds et autre joyeuseté !
  2. Achievements... put in achievements that reward you skins or money or something. I my self is a achievement whore.. make some easy but make some hard and then even harder... IE. Win one battleground raward bronze crown.. win 5 get silver crown win 10 get gold win 30 get platinum. Also kill x amount of players with this gun get this skin.. so on and so forth..
  3. Wasn't sure where to put this, but this section will work. I have been seeing people with the playerunkown set for the game with the super cool bandana, coat and stuff, and was wondering how people originally got it because it is selling for like 300$ on the steam market. Is it no longer available to get naturally anymore?
  4. I come with a suggestion that I think most people will like. One thing all gamers love is to show-off both with skins and titles. So my idea is to go the way Rocket League is going with seasonal exclusive crates and titles. For example titles such as: Season 3 Finalist or Season 4 Contender, Season 1 EU Solo Champion etc. And make like 5 skins than you can get during those seasons in ranked matches. Some common, some rares and a very rare skin. Still using the in-game currency to buy crates. :-) What do you think?
  5. [I warn in advance I am French and I am not yet very good in English so I translated this text with google translation] Hi everybody I open this topic because I have a problem in the game By re-starting the game the rewards had gone up to 700 pieces while I was at the # 4 case and I had 2,500 but clicking on nothing happens so I start a game and then at the end of that game I found myself at 1300 pieces and has the 11th case which costs 7000 So I passed a cape of 7 in one shot when I received only one Has anyone ever had this problem or not? And or can we contact the developer please
  6. I did not buy the deluxe version so I do not have the best skins. Are there too many skins in the game? Can I get them playing or do I have to buy keys?
  7. DO NOT DELETE YOUR EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ORDERED THE DELUXE EDITION I know how excited a bunch of us are now that keys are being distributed, but if you've ordered the Deluxe Edition remember to KEEP you E-mail as you'll have to redeem the same code IN GAME for the skins. Just want to make this panic post before people start redeeming on Steam then deleting their email and losing their skins forever. Though on my side, makes the skins more rare and worth more.
  8. Leveling Up System/Winner Rewards Hello there, Before reading, if you think what i'm saying is either incorrect or you disagree with me please let me know, it would help give more suggestions/ideas for this game in the future, Thanks. So by the title of this post I am suggesting that there should be some sort of reward for winning a game, not just battle points. I understand you get alot more battle points for a win (around 1000) but that just doesn't feel as rewarding as some other games might be. I was suggesting something like a crate drop for every win or a free skin slot of your choice(Head piece,Body piece,Leg peace). I currently have 8 solo wins off 25 games played which to me isn't that bad as i didn't really play any other Battle Royale type of games(i played h1z1 for 100 hours total) Another thing i think should be in the game is a leveling system. Now in most games there is a leveling system like CSGO and H1Z1 but in those games leveling up doesnt really give you anything. In CSGO once you get lvl 40 you get this option to recieve a service medal showing you played in that current year. Im only level 43 in H1Z1 so i'm not sure if there is some sort of reward you get based on levels. With the idea of leveling up i was also taking Call of Duty's idea of unlocking gun's/camo's for your guns at certain levels. I no way think they should add unlocking guns at certain levels but i think there should be some sort of "Skin" or "Camo" you can add to you gun based on levels or by doing certain challenges in game, For example "Get 10 kills/headshots to unlock Winter camo" I feel it would add more reason or even just more fun to play the game instead of parachuting down into a city with 20 players then and getting maybe 4 kills and dieing(yes that has happened to me alot) so maybe i should get more of a reward based on what i did for that match, for example, Did i get alot of headshots? Did i get alot of sniper Kills? I understand the game has only been released which is exactly the reason why i am posting this as to give them more ideas for the future, Thanks to all the people who got this far in this long post, You are awesome! If you have any idea's or suggestions feel free to post them below, Thanks -PistolSwitch, The local Noob!
  9. Something my friend and I have been discussing, we've noticed the trench coat comes with a really cool hood, but what happens if we wear a helmet? Does the helmet overlap the hood or does it simply go "invisible" to keep the hood appearance?
  10. I am just curious to see if Beta Testers will receive rewards. I do not mean Pre-Order exclusives, but beta testers. Thanks
  11. Hello, i bought the Deluxe Edition of PB and didnt recieved the Email with the Key for the Early Access. Therefore i went to Xsolla and they send me an email with the key but not with the introduction how to get the Skins. Can smb help me?
  12. So in the Dropped Frames interview there was a brief mentioning about skins and if Player Unknown wants to go in the direction of monetizing through skins and such where he mentions; "I want to create a skin economy and there will be crates like and skins probably more like the CS:GO model. Like you've probably noticed already when you're playing the cost of the crates goes up by quite a lot and that's to put a soft limit on the amount of crates you can buy in the game so that there is an economy there, not everyone can have hundreds of crates." "We want to create like, skins being valuable and you're kind of rewarded for playing the game but we'll announce more about that over the next 6 months" Source at revelant time: So what does this mean? 1. Skins are going to be pretty costly on the steam market as the amount of skins being unboxed will be limited due to the pricing system of the crates, making the cooler skins more sought after. 2. With Skins being potentially profitable for those who like to (god forgive me for saying this) play the [steam] market, we can expect third party sites to get in on this as people will want to try and sell/cash out items. (We've seen this with CS:GO and H1Z1 with OPSkins) 3. The Devs will really have to make a lot of customisation items. Why do I say this? Because the game will be fully moddable, PlayerUnknown states that through microtransactions such as skins they potentially wouldn't have to charge money for DLC/future maps etc but why does the game being moddable effect this? Well let's look at CS:S and CS:GO as an example, if any of you guys used to play CS:S back in the day I'm sure you're familiar with FPSbana and downloading mods to make your guns look fresh and funky, where asCS:GO having as many skins as it does eliminates the need for that. Everyone can have a loadout for a pretty cheap price and for some it's easier to just but a £5 skin than learning about opening steamapps/csgo/custom/ etc. 4. Deluxe costume will be a gamble. Later on the interview, PU is asked how many keys the team had for beta in total since they all sold out which he couldn't reply with because sensitive information. We know that half, maybe even less than half were deluxe edition and the fact the game sold out so quick guarantees we've got our first limited rare item in the game. People are going to be selling the Deluxe skin almost straight away for easy profit, but if they hold on to the skin for a while, depending on how often new costumes get released this could be incredibly profitable later on down the line- I know I'll be gambling by buying a few extra deluxe skins. (If it works out well, sweet, if not, then I can give them to friends :D) 5. The game will have Fashion Players. This is a given with any game that has custom clothing, we'll be having two kinds of people; Those who dress super seriously to get as much advantage as possible (camo clothing, dark clothing etc) and those who'll dress up in the most expensive items they own to kind of show off what they have. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out, it's always interesting to see how the playerbase evolve with custom clothing, I just realy hope we don't go too jokey like H1Z1, I don't mind jokey but there's a limit to how many people walking around with pig masks I can take haha. What are you thoughts on this?
  13. I have no problem with microtransactions in the game, i'm on board for supporting the dev team as much as I can. But please, for the love of god, the game is taking a very serious tone that is attracting many people, please for the love of god don't sell out by going over the top with cosmetics, that would absolutely change the entire tone of the game for the worst. Here's what I mean by this: None of this Or this Or this AND PLEASE NONE OF THIS Overall, there's a fine line between cosmetics that belong in the game and selling out by trying to appeal to 12 year olds (who by the way probably won't have the patience for this game in the first place).
  14. I just pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition so I could have a couple friends join me for this weekend. It sent me two closed beta keys (I already have one). My question is: How are the skins distributed? Do I need to be using one of those two keys? Is it something that's linked with the purchasing account, so they'll email me another code after release?
  15. Hi, So skins is very popular right now and i think we can all see a bit into the future and accept that this game will have a lot of different skins. I wanted to dedicate this thread to discuss skins, how they work, how to trade and manage but also values and ideas. For example, i already want to complain. See my friend and i played a lot this weekend and we managed to get ourselves some boxes. Upon opening 3 boxes each i got 3 different types of items whilst my friend got two of the same pair of pants. I understand that we don't get to keep the stuff from closed beta weekends but at release it's going to feel very dull getting the same stuff over and over again while you see all these other cool fellas with different types of cool gear. Most people who play this game has tried out H1Z1 before, and many of us will be reminded of the early stages of H1Z1 KOTK where you got small bags of loot for getting in the top 5 or so - positions. Is that going to be a thing here? Will i be able to get the same skin 3-4 times in a row and just bank them? What incitement do i get as a player to farm skins if i can get dupes? I think that is just a minor issue. The biggest issue for me is when the game starts to slack on development because they make enough money from selling skins and crates. How high will the focus be on skins and crates? Daybreak has updates every week but only focusing on non-issues and skins. If i were to see that happen here, i believe i would simply lose faith in gaming. How can i obtain the coolest skins? With skill or with cash? Maybe this information is already out there and i'm just being ignorant, but i still express how much i fear the companies loss of incitement to create a good game when skins pay so much better. What do you guys thing? Are skins important? Can the money from skins maybe help the game get developed? Let's discuss the pros and cons, and everything in between.
  16. I have got the Deluxe edition of Battleground's but when I go to customise my character I only have the default. How do I get the skins?
  17. I'm just curious if the developers will release crates/cosmetic skins in the future, not that I care, just curious.