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Found 13 results

  1. Just curious if anyone else is quite as bad as me at winning but getting to the top 10? I seem to pump hard in mid game but can't do....anything except die quite well in the last 10. Out of 128 rounds so far I have 36 top 10's but only....2 wins. If you guys want to post it here, what's your top 10 vs win numbers? Can't help but feel it must be better than mine Cheers guys!
  2. Hey guys, I just finished a solo game which I felt I played really well in, had to swim across the river to get to the island, and outplayed campers etc. so I got in a 1v1. I knew he was behind one of the pillars of the bridge so I ran to him, I saw him swimming! So I shot at his torse for 6-8 times and I didn't see a single blood spat, so I'm like, fine okay, I guess water REALLY slows your bullets down that they don't do damage or something.So I approached him ever move because he had to go onshore to win obviously. When I approached him (really) close range he peeked -IN- the water behind the pillar so it came down to who shot the best. I aimed at his troath region (I often do this to compensate for inaccuracy so I hit the torso, shoulders or head.) and he didn't get hit ONCE. I think this is to blame because the water surface was around his nipples (for lack of a better determination haha). And now I feel robbed of my win. I remember ARMA doing this differently, I think you could atleast shoot through 2-3 meters of water before your bullets deal no damage, long time I played the game but I can remember picking off people in water really easily. So, any thoughts about this? Please let me know if I'm just bad or if you've also witnessed this. Kind Regards, Roman
  3. Hello guys from Battleground community, i'm pintothereaper and i would like to share you some of my video from youtube. hope you'll enjoy these videos. see you all in game.
  4. twitch

    Hey guys! I enjoy streaming PUBG, and I'd enjoy an audience to stream to! I enjoy playing, talking to chat, or whoever, and maybe even if someone would like to do some Duos? I'm 17 from the US. Friendly person, sometimes funny, and for some reason I run into some weird encounters in this game pretty often... Check me out even if it's for a minute! And check out my YouTube! I'm attempting to be up and coming!
  5. Hi guys, First off, I'm aware the devs will do some tweeking with the MMR in competetive and that it will get reset after the games full release. But for the way rating is setup now, is there any typical average rank? Like a current division or tier, even a ranking percentage? I feel like my rank isn't right at the moment and I'm very curious what the high/low/averages would be? I also play on OCE and it may have fewer people on it compared to another server, therefore a higher/lower rank is less reflective than a higher pop server? Sorry about all the questions I'm just unable to find any info on it other than the dev notes. Thanks guys
  6. So last night I was playing solos and dropped in near another player, we tried punching each other and I was winning the fist fight, but then the other player started running away from me, I chased him until he tried to jump into a car and drive away. Well I was able to jump into his vehicle also before he could drive off, but then I could not kill him from the passenger seat. I oculdnt punch him or anything, and I couldn't then just jump out of the car either for fear of being run over. The other player ended up driving to the opposite of the map as the play zone and launching the vehicle off a cliff into the ocean. he gave up and started swimming out to sea into the restricted area. I was actually able to swim back to shore and find a vehicle and get back into the game, but the major issue here was the fact that I couldn't punch or kill him from the passenger seat.....wondering if they could fix this and allow you to kill other players from inside of their vehicle....
  7. Here is the link to the Official Oceanic Battlegrounds Page
  8. Just had this happen in SOLOs, Me and another player parachuted down to the same car and I hopped in first and started driving away but the kid ended up jumping in the passenger seat next to me and just was chilling along side of me while I was driving.... Unable to kick him out or anything.. Has this happened to anyone else? I ended up[ getting shot at by another person and drove to that person and faced the passenger side towards the person firing and stop the vehicle. The kid ended up getting out lol... But I would love to see this fixed...
  9. A couple of days ago me and two friends won a squad game, but all of our stats ended up on the solo leaderboard making it seem like we won a solo game rather than a squad game. My ingame nick is ChiefmangoTV, and we won on saturday evening i believe.
  10. Hey there, Stab here. Been Global Elite in cs for a long time, Royalty in h1z1 kotk for all pre-seasons, and now wanting to play PUBG, i have Teamspeak servers and discord servers we can use. Either add me and have a chat, or comment down below for any info you might need! Cheers, and fight on! -Stab
  11. Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, Boy & Girls and not forgetting Cats, Dogs & Goldish! Are you all ready for tomorrow? Just over 24 hours to go before we can all get back to shooting each other in the face, smashing each other with a frying pan and the finally the joy of running over people at high speed in a buggy!! Remember tomorrow will bring both SOLO & DUO game modes. So hopefully those of us who like SOLO, shouldn't come across any teamers *fingers crossed*. But please still make sure to report those who you see teaming in both SOLO and more than 2 people grouping together in DUO. Go make sure you stock up on snacks, beers, energy drinks, coffee, microwaveable meals or anything else, which you will need. I'll see you people ingame tomorrow <3
  12. Is this still the plan? first weekend solo 3 weekends duo and solo? Cause iam reading some conflicting information would like a dev statement on this ----- Official Answer: