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Found 42 results

  1. YouTuber TheArgual stellt sich vor :)

    Servus Leute, ich mache aktuell nur Videos von PUBG und Mittelerde Gerne könnt ihr auch mal auf meine mKanal vorbeischauen. Hier bei dem Video habe ich meine erste DUO Runde aufgenommen, die garnicht mal sooooo schlecht war. Gruß TheArgual
  2. SKS / M416 DMG BUG

    I shot a player 3x with a sks in ~7 sec he didn't die. then he one shot me (head-shot) with a m416 when i was wearing a lvl2 helmet. Is this a dmg or visual bug?

  4. Seems as if i was de-synced or something. I don't appear to be dead and maybe the game thinks I have a teammate? Also pressing F1-F10 changes the camera to predefined places. (Not sure if this is similar in the custom game spectator mode.) Doesn't seem game breaking, just interesting. Video below
  5. Noticing a lot more people are starting to duo and squad in solo matches. Why not just play duo or squad based matches? Is PUBG going to implement penalties for this behavior? edit: Thinking about it, it's possible that these people prob really suck, so maybe trying to boost eachother's solo elo rankings??
  6. Playing now (Ger Squad/Solo)

    German Squad going for some Winner Winner Chicken Dinners right now Later Solo (back to Top 100 EU) Tune in if you like.
  7. 12 Kill Solo Win Montage EU

    Hey there, as many others I recently started a youtube channel to share some PUBG content! Today I uploaded a montage of my 12 kill solo game. Hope you enjoy it, there's more to come.
  8. Hey everybody, I would like to share with you my latest video freshly uploaded to my YouTube channel. Let me know what you guys think, if you like or hate it and perhaps ways I could improve! Yes, I know the end screen sucks, I'm working on getting it right and I don't have the patience to re-encode/re-upload the video a bunch of times until it's right. Anyways, enjoy.
  9. Squad Wipe! - SO CLOSE

    Hey guys! In this next video I end up solo squading because my teammates crash/die. Including some awesome squad wipe play. Thanks, KnightCr3W
  10. Hunger for Chicken

    Hello everyone! After many, many, many squad games, I decided to go for a solo game. And I managed to get a chicken dinner. Quite nice. Enjoy and have a great one out there!
  11. Best Solo tactic (Road Block) OP

    Hey guys, I always wanted to try setting up a roadblock in solo - but in order for it to actually work you need a minimum of two cars and a good circle. I finally had that happen and I managed to kill everyone who tries to pass. This tactic should work in duo and squad too, but will be more expected in those modes. if you get the chance of roadblocking a bridge - go for it :-) Its so much fun! i'll give you a link to the vid where i tried it.
  12. So i was playing a solo match in SA Server and 2 guys start shooting me together, they are a team, a duo on the solo mode. What a shame, look guys, at the white tree in my front, 2 guys shooting me. What you guys think about that?
  13. From reading what was said in yesterdays update's notes, it sounded as though we would still be able to see our own personal stats, number of wins/ kills etc. even if this was not publicly shown on the leader-boards. I have no issue with the leader-boards being reset at regular intervals so new people have an opportunity to get featured up there, however it would be nice for me to be able to see my total number of wins on the game in general as stated in the patch notes. Sadly I am unable to find my personal stats from last season, is it possible to like the patch notes suggested?
  14. [CHILL] 10 WINS 200+ GAMES
  15. Discord JOIN LFM is the discord join chill level system rank system for ranked playerunknown battlegrounds special badges
  16. Hello, so I started a new playlist on my channel (it's about solo play): It is in German, so turn on subtitles for a little commentary. I'm quite focused during the matches. Therefore, there is not a lot of commentary anyway. I cut all the looting and a bit of the running stuff - I hope I achieved a nice balance between cutting the boring stuff and the relevant stuff. At the end I always like to highlighten the final scene. If you liked it, feel free to check out my channel: Psychoghost Gaming There are other playlists - maybe they interest you as well. Feedback is much appreciated
  17. Looking for a constant duo partner for those free dinners! Been getting fat from solo, time to duo and squad! ****IF you're interested hit up the stream here and say waddup in chat.
  18. Hey Guys, Small Streamer here looking for people who want free chicken dinners in squads or duo's Think of it as a try out lmao all are welcome though. I'm currently live here SAY WATS UP IN CHAT IF YOU'RE INTERESTED******
  19. How many times have you solo joined a duo server or a squad server only to have your teammates leave before the plane takes off, or even not matching up with another person at all? It's annoying because now you are either severely disadvantaged without a teammate to pick you up, or you have to quit to lobby and wait again for another match to start (not sure if it counts in your statistics as well). I suggest the developers re-pair up those who don't have a teammate just before the plane takes off. This is to ensure that there are as few solo players in the game as possible. If you want to avoid pairing up people who joined the duo server seeking to play solo by themselves (does anyone even do that?), you can add in a checkbox next to duo where they can deselect automatching to others (just like when you play squad). Thanks!
  20. Welcome on my channel!!!
  21. Teaming up on solo!!!

    Huge problem has been turning up on EU servers!!! On solo there is people duoing up!!! There has to be something you guys can do! Make a report option would be greatly appreciated!!
  22. SOLO KILL Compilation Part 2

  23. Subscibe