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Found 90 results

  1. Just curious if anyone else is quite as bad as me at winning but getting to the top 10? I seem to pump hard in mid game but can't do....anything except die quite well in the last 10. Out of 128 rounds so far I have 36 top 10's but only....2 wins. If you guys want to post it here, what's your top 10 vs win numbers? Can't help but feel it must be better than mine Cheers guys!
  2. Sevgili oyuncular, Birlikte oynayacak oyuncu arıyorsanız bu sayfada dile getirebilirsiniz. Lütfen şahsi bilgi paylaşımı ve flood yapmayınız.
  3. Braqueurs De Légende Survivant(e), Si tu cherches un groupe de Survivants bien structuré & avec une bonne cohésion. Tu as surement frapper à la bonne porte. Respect, Fun & Loyauté sont de mise chez nous ! Nous sommes un Groupe de Combattant unis dans ce monde fou ! Le recrutement est [ON] Nous nous limitons à 10 membres pour une meilleur cohésion & ainsi programmer des soirées de regroupement dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Les Activités : Stratégie, Course poursuite, Sécurisation d'une zone, AirDrop, Extraction d'un coéquipier ! Conditions requise pour intégrer Les Braqueurs De Légende : - Moyenne d'âge 20 - 30 ans // (20 ans ou + Aucune exception). - Présence TS obligatoire avec micro potable. - Présence exclusive sur le Serveur. - 70h minimum les 15 derniers jours.(Infos en bas de votre Profil Steam) Comportement : - L'Entraide est primordial afin de d'atteindre plus rapidement des objectifs précis. - Être mature & respectueux envers vos frères Braqueurs - Favoriser le jeu en équipe - Ne pas ragé. (Autant que possible) - Parlez un Maximum en Français, "Une bouteille vide" n'est pas une "Empty Bottle". Nous ne tolérons pas les joueurs ayant plusieurs Groupes ou jouant fréquemment avec d'autres joueurs. L'équipe est la priorité. Aucune insulte n'est toléré et encore moins ceux à caractère raciale, culturelle ou religieuse. Sous peine d'exclusion et de passage à tabac (IG). Si vous avez des questions ou que vous souhaitez intégrer notre Groupe de Survivants, je vous invite à suivre ce lien : Braqueurs De Légende Nous sommes Juste. Nous ne faisons qu'un. Nous ne Pardonnons pas. Des Survivants mais une Vie De Braqueur avant tout.
  4. Basically, I'm looking for a duo partner that is decent aim-wise and tactically sound and generally, can teamplay well. I need a fellow tryhard basically. I'm down for squads as well, provided it's gonna be organized and such. Essentially I'm not interested in casual stuff at this very moment. Any country works, as long as we can properly communicate in English pretty much.
  5. Im looking to join people who are interested in playing squad. Im from US east. I have a mic. Add me on steam: Sir Fondle
  6. Hey there, Looking to build a mature, well organised, fluent English speaking squad. Queuing with randoms who have no mic, poor team-play or broken English gets tiring. Steam is my username.
  7. I don't know if the devs already have talked about this topic, but I would love to see a temporary ban system like in CS:GO and other competitive games. The first problem is that many guyz leave at the 60sec timer. Some have an error or lost host connection, and instead that player would be kicked, all other members leave the squad. I ended up with a 2man team, but full 100 people have joined the match in the end. This shouldn't be the case. In other cases I got killed by my teammates because they couldn't find decent loot. Sometimes players just abandon the game because they feel like the start was not good enough for them and they give up immediatly. It would be nice to see some kind of strike system. If you kill a squad mate or abandon a game too many times, you get a temporary suspension from that game mode and only can play solo mode or join with a full premade squad of friends. Currently there is no punishment as far as I know and killing squad mates has no concequences. In CS:GO players can't join competitive matches if they kill or kick team members too often or abandon the match. This suspension has a low cooldown and the time length of suspension will rise with each offense. Killing a mate accidently mostly never happens, maybe if someone runs into your line of fire in close quarter combats. Or with driving with a car without experience :'D It would be awesome to get rid of the toxic kids and griefers this way. At the moment I find myself rejoining far too many times because of empty squad or getting abandoned/killed at the start.
  8. My second YouTube video on Playerunknowns Battlegrounds and we finally get that elusive squad win! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback
  9. Hey there! Any UK members on here looking for a squad ..
  10. Hallo wir sind derzeit zu 2 und würden gerne mal Squad spielen, wie bereits erwähnt steht Spaß an erster Stelle, wir nehmen das Spiel schon ernst, allerdings flamen wir nicht wenn jemand scheiße baut usw. Egal ob Anfänger oder nicht, wir freuen uns über jeden. Wir 2 sind über 18 und TS und Discord sind vorhanden. LG PornFlakes[AUT] TE | Herdo
  11. Moin, falls ihr lust habt auf paar runden PUBG in einem Duo oder Squad Team, würde ich mich über paar Mitspieler freuen. Anforderungen : 18j+ und man sollte nicht im jedem 2-3 Satz irgendwelche Schimpfwörter benutzen also falls Ihr lust habt schaut hier vorbei Gruß Nixtreffer
  12. We had the win all locked up but the game glitched out and we did not receive the win. Some clips prior to ending that show no other players are still alive: Clip 1 Clip 2: Clip 3: Clip 4:
  14. Ищем игроков в пабг и не только: возраст строго 18+ наличие хорошего микрофона иметь играбельный фпс Связь тут
  15. VORT3X gaming is always looking for more casual or competitive players. We currently play a variety of games as a community but PUBG is currently #1. Future Tournaments & Giveaways are being worked out open to all members. We are also the creator of the Interactive PUBG Map Why Join? -Public DiscordServer -Website -Hosted Twitch & Youtube Channels -Guides & Tutorials -Giveaways & Tournaments -Competitive Teams -Established Community Contact Us: -Email: -Website: Contact Form -Discord -Facebook
  16. As the above says I'm looking for a solid group to run squads with, tired of running with pug groups of terrible people. I can use discord/ts whatever really. My steam is the same as on here.
  17. Hi, I'm getting lots of fun playing this game with friends, but with all people that I talk with the final earning in Duo or Squad is quite low, and this is the reason I'm suggesting a new system. The earning for Duo and Squad should be the same as Solo BUT with point subtraction based on separate deaths: For every single death it will be subtracted 25% to ALL members of the squad based on their final points, with a threshold to understand when it is a squadfight to cause the death/s or just someone yoloing and not playing as a squad. So if there will be 2 death within the same threshold, in most cases it was caused by a squadfight, so there will be only ONE subtraction of 25%, not 50% for 2 deaths. For now I've setted the threshold based on total player still alive, around 10, so for example: if at #64 one guy of your squad dies, like in a squadfight, your squad will not be penalized if someone else of your squad dies till #54, and for instance someone else of your squad dies at #58 the threshold will resets, so the point subtraction will occur at #48. Yes I mean that the subtraction will occur at the end of the threshold because for two reasons: In the early game there will be a lot of deaths, so the refresh of threshold itself will tell if it is one guys that wanted to drop separated from the rest of the squad or just two or more of your squad that had badluck with pans vs ak (second suggestion: make pans bulletproof lol). If the first one dies at #12 and the second at #9, the last two could anyway win the game (happened quite some times to me) without getting penalized for the last chaotic moments. A threshold base on time is a no-go, it's way harder to count time from the first death to the second death, and there is no clock in game to help you track it. And a smaller threshold is not suited, because it can happen that more of two squads fight eachother in the same location and same could happen somewhere else in the same time. I hope I've made things clear, lately I can not play that often so I was in front of the decision of playing with friends or on my own to get another chest. English is not my first language and for any more infoes just ask here and I'll reply soon.
  18. Hey. I've been playing solo for a while on my other account but i made a new one under this name since i sold my old one, But thats besides the point. I want to start playing duo or Squads, thing is i dont want to run with retards so id like to give it a go with some guys. Hit me up if your interested. Steam - same as here Discord - Spectral Fox#7321
  19. Hello. I have only about 75 hours on the game. I am looking to join up with either a squad or run some dous. My steam id is chiefhalfazz. Send me message on there first. 18+ only please.
  20. Looking to join a community - join the link - - Some relaxed gamers & some competitive gamers duo + squad teams being made ! join now ! anyone is welcome 16+ Mic+Discord
  21. Hey chill NA player, trying to find anyone for duo or squad, play to win and try again, but still have fun. Send me a frnd request if interested. I also like to broadcast on steam here and there. Steam: Waywatcher Sora
  22. Looking to build a squad for the evening. All with Mics. 18+ preferred
  23. Hello, we are 3 players that have 30-40 hours of gameplay but decently skilled. in duos, we always endup top 5 and very often top 3. we are using skype and we all have a mic. if you are interested in playing with us, please add me on skype : (hugo Martel) Thanks and happy killing!
  24. Hey guys, I am Riven4s and I have been playing this game since the first week of the beta. I have climbed to be in the top 50 in solo and duo as well as the top 30 in Squad at one point, all of which since early access release. I am a huge fan of the battle royal genre and have gotten pretty darn good at it since playing since the first BR mods in arma, through H1Z1, into PUBG's. I have recently started streaming on twitch ( ). I have assembled a small community and I am wanting it to continue to grow. I really think that twitch thrives when there is an interactive community in the chat where people can talk with me as well as with each other, so I am hoping to further grow my community to further expand our group of chatters If you guys are interested go to my channel and drop a follow so you can be notified the next time I go live and you can come check out my little community. My stream schedule is typically Mon,Tues,Thurs. 5-10PM PST, Sat I could be live at any point during the day, and Sun 12-10. With some additional random streams added on. Thanks for taking the time to check out my post, feel free to reply and interact with me on this post as well. Additional info: Other streamed games but not as frequent: GTA, Overwatch, League of Legends, other random stuff..
  25. 28 year old male with zero experience looking to team up with someone to learn the game. I haven't played yet my game just finished downloading have experience in plenty of other fps games including h1z1. Will be on for next 3 hours hmu. Steam user is johnrodfl