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Found 145 results

  1. Hi I'm Simon. 21 from the uk looking for some people to play with. Have a mic, discord and ts3 and a pretty good game understanding.
  2. Sevgili oyuncular, Birlikte oynayacak oyuncu arıyorsanız bu sayfada dile getirebilirsiniz. Lütfen şahsi bilgi paylaşımı ve flood yapmayınız.
  3. Tj w tytule szukam ludzi do gry mam 23 lata posiadam ts/discord. Śmiało zapraszać
  4. I don't know if the devs already have talked about this topic, but I would love to see a temporary ban system like in CS:GO and other competitive games. The first problem is that many guyz leave at the 60sec timer. Some have an error or lost host connection, and instead that player would be kicked, all other members leave the squad. I ended up with a 2man team, but full 100 people have joined the match in the end. This shouldn't be the case. In other cases I got killed by my teammates because they couldn't find decent loot. Sometimes players just abandon the game because they feel like the start was not good enough for them and they give up immediatly. It would be nice to see some kind of strike system. If you kill a squad mate or abandon a game too many times, you get a temporary suspension from that game mode and only can play solo mode or join with a full premade squad of friends. Currently there is no punishment as far as I know and killing squad mates has no concequences. In CS:GO players can't join competitive matches if they kill or kick team members too often or abandon the match. This suspension has a low cooldown and the time length of suspension will rise with each offense. Killing a mate accidently mostly never happens, maybe if someone runs into your line of fire in close quarter combats. Or with driving with a car without experience :'D It would be awesome to get rid of the toxic kids and griefers this way. At the moment I find myself rejoining far too many times because of empty squad or getting abandoned/killed at the start.
  5. Hey guys, NA player looking for some duo partners or squads to run with, I play most days whenever I've got time. Add me on steam ArcherRanger if your interested!
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a duo or joining a squad. Fun and semi-serious. Steam name is- Xplicts
  7. Hello My Name Is Cpt CODYT I am looking for a squad or more players i could play with on PUBG as non of my friends have the game. Reply to this and ill hit you up on steam or join my teamspeak and say your looking for CODYT battlegrounds. Ts3 ip : Website: Thankyou & hope to win some games with people i can actually communicate with.
  8. Всем привет! Кто хочет погонять каточки с напарником добавляйтесь:White_Smoke_86 Дискорд: White_Smoke_72#5316 Steam: White_Smoke_86 WWhite_Smoke_86hite_Smoke_86 WWhite_Smoke_86hite_Smoke_86WWhite_Smoke_86hite_Smoke_86
  9. Hi I have a discord server with some people in it but still searching for more! So if you have discord, and wanna play seriously hit me up! NAME: BenteQuickSc0pern REGION: Denmark i got 3 chicken dinners, so you know
  10. Hello, I was recently playing battleground with a friend of mine and we were doing duo's we came to a house with a group in it, so we chucked a grenade and downed one. He was shortly revived by his teammate and they ran out back, they down my teammate and I down one of them as well. I got my teammate back up as they got their teammate back up, we exchanged bullets for a while and my teammate knocked one out. We were about to push when we got grenade-ed... we both died. That said, my suggestion is to make a max health cut when you get knocked down, for example, you get knocked out "once" you can only regenerate 75% of your health instead of 100% and bleeding out quicker. I think this system will become more balanced than the current increased bleeding out system, due to people being bullet sponges only to be revived and 100% back in action.
  11. Looking for a squad for NA west coast. I mostly play in the evenings as I have kids. I've got a mic, discord, and I'm pretty chill.
  12. Hallo zusammen, wir sind eine kleine Gruppe, alle mitte 30 und daddeln Abends des öfteren zusammen. Wir könnten noch einige Leute gebrauchen, die auch Spaß an dem Spiel haben. Bei uns steht SPAß deutlich vor Skill! Wir haben Spaß auch wenn wir mal nicht gewinnen! Motzer und Meckerer braucht kein Mensch. Wer das nicht ist und gerne mal ne Runde mitmachen will kann mich gerne adden. Daraufhin werde ich euch in den TS einladen und wir daddeln einfach los. Bei uns ist fast täglich Betrieb im TS. Wir sind aber kein Clan sondern widmen uns der Zockerein nur wenn wir Zeit und Lust haben. Wer also das lockere zocken ohne Verpflichtungen mit Leuten im gehobenen Alter sucht, ist bei uns richtig. Addet mich einfach Bis demnächst! [FG]_Fireball
  13. Hi there, Im 26 and form germany. Not the best player at all, but want that chicken dinner! Playing on EU most evening and searching for some nice guys to play with. You can find me on Steam: eClicks and discord: eClicks#6264
  14. Hello everyone. Matthew here. I'm a somewhat new player to PUBG but really enjoy it alot. Anywho, I have a discord with another friend of mine, and we are currently looking to expand our group. Always looking for new players. We aren't picky but we ask that you try your best every time. Join us here>>> Hope to see you soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask below. And for those wondering about stats. I have quite a few top 10 finishes in solo and duo. With my best solo being top 2.
  15. Hey Guys, Small Streamer here looking for people who want free chicken dinners in squads or duo's Think of it as a try out lmao all are welcome though. I'm currently live here SAY WATS UP IN CHAT IF YOU'RE INTERESTED******
  16. Hola a todos, Quería pasar por acá dejándoles nuestro servidor de discord para PUBG. Por las tardes/noches puedes encontrar al rededor de 7 squads y 4 duos jugando. PUBG Latino - Somos ya casi 200 miembros y creciendo! Todos los jugadores abiertos a jugar con nuevas personas y la gran mayoría activos todos los días. ¿Eres un streamer? Estamos buscando streamers para cooperar en el crecimiento de la comunidad y sus canales!
  17. Feel free to add me on Steam D3VIL-[st] or hacksh0t but display name is D3VIL. As you can see based on squad play on screenshots we win basically everygame. Must have Teamspeak and a mic. Be mature is a must and able to listen and be able to hit targets. Thats about all. Add me on steam if you wanna group. I have my own TS so ill give you info after we chat a bit.
  18. Am Ende wurde es wirklich sehr knapp mit der Munition. Wollte schießen, kam aber nichts mehr raus
  19. Braqueurs De Légende Survivant(e), Si tu cherches un groupe de Survivants bien structuré & avec une bonne cohésion. Tu as surement frapper à la bonne porte. Respect, Fun & Loyauté sont de mise chez nous ! Nous sommes un Groupe de Combattant unis dans ce monde fou ! Le recrutement est [ON] Nous nous limitons à 10 membres pour une meilleur cohésion & ainsi programmer des soirées de regroupement dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Les Activités : Stratégie, Course poursuite, Sécurisation d'une zone, AirDrop, Extraction d'un coéquipier ! Conditions requise pour intégrer Les Braqueurs De Légende : - Moyenne d'âge 20 - 30 ans // (20 ans ou + Aucune exception). - Présence TS obligatoire avec micro potable. - Présence exclusive sur le Serveur. - 70h minimum les 15 derniers jours.(Infos en bas de votre Profil Steam) Comportement : - L'Entraide est primordial afin de d'atteindre plus rapidement des objectifs précis. - Être mature & respectueux envers vos frères Braqueurs - Favoriser le jeu en équipe - Ne pas ragé. (Autant que possible) - Parlez un Maximum en Français, "Une bouteille vide" n'est pas une "Empty Bottle". Nous ne tolérons pas les joueurs ayant plusieurs Groupes ou jouant fréquemment avec d'autres joueurs. L'équipe est la priorité. Aucune insulte n'est toléré et encore moins ceux à caractère raciale, culturelle ou religieuse. Sous peine d'exclusion et de passage à tabac (IG). Si vous avez des questions ou que vous souhaitez intégrer notre Groupe de Survivants, je vous invite à suivre ce lien : Braqueurs De Légende Nous sommes Juste. Nous ne faisons qu'un. Nous ne Pardonnons pas. Des Survivants mais une Vie De Braqueur avant tout.
  20. How many times have you solo joined a duo server or a squad server only to have your teammates leave before the plane takes off, or even not matching up with another person at all? It's annoying because now you are either severely disadvantaged without a teammate to pick you up, or you have to quit to lobby and wait again for another match to start (not sure if it counts in your statistics as well). I suggest the developers re-pair up those who don't have a teammate just before the plane takes off. This is to ensure that there are as few solo players in the game as possible. If you want to avoid pairing up people who joined the duo server seeking to play solo by themselves (does anyone even do that?), you can add in a checkbox next to duo where they can deselect automatching to others (just like when you play squad). Thanks!
  21. seeklast

    Bonjour a tous. Nous démarrons aujourd'hui les premiers tests publics de notre outils de recherche de last. Et pour cela nous comptons sur la communauté pour nous aider a beta tester le service ainsi qu'a son amélioration. Notre objectif est avant tout d'améliorer l’expérience utilisateur autour du jeu Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Pour cela nous travaillons a l'élaboration d'un service de mise en relation automatisé des joueurs. La première version BETA du Bot PUBG-Finder est en ligne et nous cherchons des personnes pour nous aider à tester le service dans les différentes périodes de bêta. Pour consulter les commandes disponibles /help Toutes les idées d'amélioration seront bien entendu étudiées donc n'hésitez pas! En vous remerciant. Merci de votre aide et a bientôt. Cela ce passe ici : PUBG Finder.
  22. I have a mic, so you must as well. Have gotten a few wins since I started playing. HMU if anyone wants to play. Duos or Squads and w/e comms you wish to use. I'm 17 if age matters to anyone. Steam: LaMonZo™
  23. NA looking for relaxed squad that has discord. Steam name OhBehave. Discord link
  24. Hello chicos, dejo este post para la gente que quiera jugar en squad con gente de habla hispana. tenemos una pagina de facebook llamada Playeruknow battleground comunidad mexico, den like, tenemos un grupo de casi 400 personas. GO!!GO!!GO!!
  25. I would love to see people to die instantly from headshots and to see some form of bleed dmg. Players should have to use bandages after being hit and leave a trail of blood to hunt them down. There are huge blood splatters which can be seen from 1000 meters away, but it just vanishes before reaching the ground It is very frustrating to headshot people behind cover, just to disable them for 20secs. Headshots should be insta death and revives after bodyshots should leave some debuffs at least. And I am not talking about hardcore servers here :> Right now the game feels like this: