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Found 217 results

  1. I will be on soon. Name is IrritatedJonny on steam. I am pretty new, but will play. Send a friends request and a invite. In about a half hour from now.
  2. Procura Parceiro para Duos / Squads? Deixa o seu comentário com o seu nome no jogo e/ou o link do seu profile na Steam. Vamos crescer esta comunidade ficando mais fortes!
  3. Hi there! I'm looking for a (few) motivated player(s) who wants to have a laugh and mess around in PUBG, whether it's to go for the win or just to mess around,, I'm a Dutch person myself so if you're dutch that'd be great although I am more then understandable in english so If you speak either one of these languages add me on steam! I do prefer to communicate through discord, teamspeak or whatever medium you use to make our communication while playing a lot easier. Do notice that I have just started playing, I do know my way around the game already but don't expect much of me unless, ofcourse, you're reading this a few weeks after it's been posted. I hope we'll be playing in the future! Steam:
  4. So, yeah, i would like to see an automatic suspension or ban on team killers,since the Duos queu, i faced 15 Teamkillers, its no joke, we just fall in the same spot, and in the moment they get a wepon, they use it agains me and kill me, if i get the weapon first, they try to punch me to death, maybe so i get reported for killing them (in myself defense), so, yeah an auto suspension would be great, or a secure trigger to make you inmune to team damage,and then the game proceeds to kick them orbanning them, it would be lovely to get an ingame text saying (X Player got kicked/Banned for teamkilling)
  5. team killers

    First of all sorry for my broken English, So i have a good suggestion to improve the Teamplay and Friendly Fire Mechanic in PUBG Right now there is Nothing against Teamkillers. Duo/Squad What should we Change? -If your Teammate Hits you 3 Times ( doesnt matter how much damage ) he get 20% penalty in gaining overall points when the round ends. -If your Teammate Hits you in the Injured-Stance ( needs revive ) he gets 70% penalty in gaining overall points when the round ends. -if your Teammate Kills you ( after Injured-Stance ) he gets No Points at all ! So what happends if you do this all the Time ( because Trolls ) ? -If you do this 3 Times in a row ( the above listened things ) you get 14 Days PUBG Bann , after 14 Days Bann you will have 1 Week 10% Penalty for gaining overall points when the round ends. ( Banned Penalty Phase 1) So What if someone Trolls in the First 2 Games and Plays the 3th Normal and Trolls in the 4th Game again and so on - If you Hit your Teammate for more then 10 Times in a 30 Days Period you will get 14 Days Bann ( above listed , with Bann Penalty Phase 1 ) What happends to the Players who Trolls Again After 14 Days Bann ( above listed , with Bann Penalty ) ? - Gets 30 Days Bann , after 30 Days Bann you will have 1 Week 20% Penalty for gaining overall points when the round ends. ( Banned Penalty Phase 2) ... and so on... What if i Trolled and got 14 Days Banned , and dont troll anymore in 30 Days period ? - Bann Phase will reset i hope you like the idea , Feedback is appreciated
  6. Sevgili oyuncular, Birlikte oynayacak oyuncu arıyorsanız bu sayfada dile getirebilirsiniz. Lütfen şahsi bilgi paylaşımı ve flood yapmayınız.
  7. Steam id : Looking for players to play some late night PUBG. ** 11PM-5AM Eastern time ** It's my first survival FPS and any constructive criticism is appreciated. A working microphone and discord ( or ts ) is a must.
  8. Hey just looking for a few guys or gals looking to chill and record some content. Age limit is at least 15 Steam is YT | IncepTivePlayz Add me and ill give the discord or skype
  9. SeekLast - PUBG Jouez avec les meilleurs Est un serveur Discord composé d'un BOT unique permettant de rechercher un ou plusieurs partenaires de jeu automatiquement et en fonction de ses statistiques en jeu. A votre arrivée il vous suffit de lier votre compte PUBG à votre compte Discord et vous vous verrez attribuer un rôle (Top 1000, Top 10.000, etc... ) en fonction de votre classement en jeu (#ranking). Ces statistiques sont récupérées directement depuis le jeu par le bot et rafraîchies toutes les heures! Différents channel de recherches sont ensuite mis à votre disposition : Recherche Auto Top Duo, Recherche Auto Top Squad, Recherche Auto Duo, Recherche Auto Squad. Une fois dans un de ces channels vous n'avez plus rien à faire, le Bot s'occupera de vous trouver des partenaires et de vous regrouper dans un channel dédié. Un joueur quitte la partie? Aucun problème, continuez à jouer, le Bot complétera automatiquement votre équipe! Le Bot propose bien d'autres fonctionnalités toutes aussi agréables et efficaces les unes que les autres! COMMANDES /link (nickname) permet de lier son compte Discord avec son compte PUBG. /find duo [ranked] permet d’être automatiquement basculé dans un channel duo avec une place de libre. Si personne n’est disponible, un nouveau channel est créé en attendant un last. /create duo [ranked] permet d’être automatiquement basculé dans un nouveau channel duo et d'inviter ses amis. Si activé, l’option "ranked" permet de limiter les joueurs à un niveau similaire au vôtre. /stats [player] permet de visualiser en temps réel ses statistiques en jeu et son rank. L’option player permet de les afficher pour un autre joueur. COMMUNAUTE Nous proposons un système de partenariat avec les streamers. Nous leur assignons un groupe spécifique sur discord et informons en temps réel nos membres lors du démarrage d’un live. ⇒ N'hésitez pas à venir tester par vous-même le système Seek Last - PUBG - FR déjà plus de 150 joueurs du Top 10.000 ou à simplement venir nous soutenir si vous aimez l'idée. En vous remerciant. DISCORD Site WEB Facebook Steam
  10. Hi Guys I am 25 years old from South Africa, until now I have played a little over 200 hours in PUBG and so far have only player casual. However I am tired of playing with randoms and people who doesn't care about placement on the leaderboard. I am looking for good tactical players to grind the leaderboard. I play on EU server. Core qualities i seek in a player : 1. Speak English with a working Mic for TS or Discord 2. Tactical team player 3. Be at least 21+ of age (no kids) 4. (Optional) Stream on Twitch 5. Must be HUNGRY for some CHICKEN DINNERS! Regards Wulfe
  11. Hey Leude! Hier unser neuestes Video mit 2 Epischen Runden! Schaut es euch an wenn ihr auf Action steht lol. Wie auch immer, Viel spass mit dem Video!!
  12. Hi Everyone, I am AzTruLRD I have like a month playing this game but im looking for new friends to play together. Im from Latin American so i can speak English and Spanish, i also play every day at least 2 hours per day. My Steam User is AzTruLRD
  13. Noticing a lot more people are starting to duo and squad in solo matches. Why not just play duo or squad based matches? Is PUBG going to implement penalties for this behavior? edit: Thinking about it, it's possible that these people prob really suck, so maybe trying to boost eachother's solo elo rankings??
  14. Hi girls/guys! I'm looking for friendly and skilled players to play some duo's squad games! I live in UK and speak English, POLISH and little bit Russian LOL. I'm looking for players who enjoy the game and have a laugh but also have a competitive edge to them and would prefer people with mics for better communication. I look forward to playing with you and feel free to say Hi!!!! and add me on steam!!!! Regards R.
  15. Im looking for company Greek players for duo or sq . Παιδιά καλησπέρα ψάχνω παρέα , χώρις απαιτήσεις για χαλαρό παιχνίδι . Εχω τα χρονάκια μου ( γκούχ ) , οπότε δέν ψάχνω παρέα με πιτσιρίκια αλλα ένα duo squad που θα διασκεδάζει τα βραδάκια . Ευχαριστώ για τον χρόνο σας .
  16. Hey guys, Been a couple months since I have posted. Since then our community has grown to over 110 (active) members from all over the world. We've enjoyed putting this community of (adult) players together, over the last couple of months. It's become a second family to some of us and grown at a pace that has allowed us to get to know the new members before the next joins. That being said, I've seen a lot of new faces in the forums lately. If you are looking for people to squad up with that are not dinks and spread out over multiple regions and time-zones. Come join us! The group: The Discord: Hope to see you guys in game, and community!
  17. team killers

    I don't know if the devs already have talked about this topic, but I would love to see a temporary ban system like in CS:GO and other competitive games. The first problem is that many guyz leave at the 60sec timer. Some have an error or lost host connection, and instead that player would be kicked, all other members leave the squad. I ended up with a 2man team, but full 100 people have joined the match in the end. This shouldn't be the case. In other cases I got killed by my teammates because they couldn't find decent loot. Sometimes players just abandon the game because they feel like the start was not good enough for them and they give up immediatly. It would be nice to see some kind of strike system. If you kill a squad mate or abandon a game too many times, you get a temporary suspension from that game mode and only can play solo mode or join with a full premade squad of friends. Currently there is no punishment as far as I know and killing squad mates has no concequences. In CS:GO players can't join competitive matches if they kill or kick team members too often or abandon the match. This suspension has a low cooldown and the time length of suspension will rise with each offense. Killing a mate accidently mostly never happens, maybe if someone runs into your line of fire in close quarter combats. Or with driving with a car without experience :'D It would be awesome to get rid of the toxic kids and griefers this way. At the moment I find myself rejoining far too many times because of empty squad or getting abandoned/killed at the start.
  18. team killers

    For the first few weeks of playing this game in squad mode, I ran into zero problems with team killing. Over the last few days, I've seen about 6 games where the premade kills the solo or duo kills duo for no reason. It's getting more and more out of hand now that people see there is no punishment and It needs attention ASAP.
  19. Hi, suche entspannte mitspieler ab 20 für gemeinsame Runden. Bis dann
  20. Hey anybody that wants to invite me to a game or start a sqaud/duo? hit me up!
  21. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has heard about teams of 3? It would be great to play with 2 of my friends (total of 3 people) and play in squads, WITHOUT BEING AT A DISADVANTAGE straight out the gate. I always felt it was strange how they skipped over TRIOs(teams of 3 players). Solo, Duo, Squad. Its like they are trolling us haha
  22. Hi all! This is Helg with Coalition Gaming, and we're a group of IRL friends that all hangout on discord most nights and play whatever. Obviously a handful of us are now into PUBG, but its a bit more varied than that across the whole group (can get up to 8-12 some nights). We also have regular seasonal LAN parties which are cool. Anyways, follow us on Twitch and Youtube. I use OBS with to stream out to youtube and Twitch simultaneously which is nice. Feel free to check out our youtube and sub up there too! Last night's stream is up on the twitch and also the youtube. Keep on survivin, and rock on my friends!
  23. How did we win this!? Trust me, we went full retard again, and we went more than ever! Enjoy!
  24. Hier findet ihr PUBG Videos und Streams Kommt neuer Stuff werden ihr Informiert^^ AMHGaming auf Youtube AHMGaming auf Twitch Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Deutsch Facebook Unser Community TS für Solo,Duo oder Squad runden: