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Found 19 results

  1. Right now I imagine a lot of the community is confused about what exactly the attachments do. A nice wishlist item for me would be to have stats for the weapons attachments in game in that they will increase/decrease stability, power, recoil etc... by X %. I suppose additionally having some kind of in game display for weapons stats would be nice too.
  2. End Game Damage Statistics

    At the end of each round, I'd like to see more stats. Ideally I'd like a kill list for that game. For me, the kill list would contain 5 columns Column 1- list of players that I damaged or who damaged me Red background - They killed me Green Background - I killed them Clear background - just damaged, no kill Yellow name - normal player Blue name - team mate Column 2 - Total actual damage that inflicted on that player (Damage before armor/helmet protection) Column 3 - Total body damage that inflicted on that player (damage that actually wounded them) Column 4 - Total actual damage that I received from that player Column 5 - Total body damage that I received from that player
  3. Okay, so I originally created this idea over on reddit .. You can see here Essentially, anyone who has played Socom 2 online knows what I am going to be getting at. In socom there was ranks based on your PERCENTILE , not experience or amount of wins, so playing a ton won't necessarily make you a higher rank and the higher your rank it shows more skill than time. I think it would be a great idea to add military symbols or insignas, small, next to players names in the kill feed when it says "you killed" or "you were killed by" etc. The rankings could vary from just a few symbols, like Socom 2 only had 5, or it could have more. But base the rank symbol on: 100%-60% Lowest Rank 59% - 40 % 39% - 20 % 19%- 10% 9% - 1% 1% Basically each percentile having its own rank so you can distinguish who is who on in the game. It would add more satisfaction to your kills if you kill a higher ranked person because currently, no one knows who is in the Top 100 let alone the Top 10.. the only people that know are very few or the ones already in the Top 10. People work so hard and play a lot just to achieve a higher # rank.. but no one will ever know what percentile they fall in.. the statistics and leaderboards currently are just for Top 10 players and players themselves to see what their statistics are... BUT if you were to add these percentile symbol rankings, EVERYONE would be more interested in their rank.. trying to move up the leaderboard to get a new symbol rank and break into the next percentile group. It would be satisfying and fun for everyone. I'm not talking about making it vibrant or outlandish looking ranks for this game, but just a simple army insignia or something to distinguish who is who . It would be great for top players so they know that other's know they are the top dogs.. but meanwhile it would be great for those of us who will never get into the top 10 or even close, it gives us something to strive for and show off! Here are what the Socom 2 rank symbols looked like , the only had 5 (the top 10 player rank was a star I believe), so Battlegrounds could do a small amount or a larger amount of symbol rankings
  4. More stats once eliminated

    Once eliminated, indicate more details regarding the players killed.
  5. HI There I was playing duo with a friend, but he crashed right after the 1 minute countdown. I decided to play the game through, and i freaking won the game. Unfortunately i cant see the win count in statistics. Checked both solo and duo, but it's not there. Luckily i have it recorded, but it's still annoying since me and my friends have a competition going on. Love the game by the way, so hope the bugs will be fixed when full release happens Thanks for reading - Ondebjarne
  6. Server Statistik

    Hallo, ich habe dazu nichts gefunden aber wird es in Zukunft nur eine Statistik geben oder weiterhin für jeden Server (NA, AS, EU,...) eigenständige?
  7. I've played 3 games and won 2. Leaderboard only shows that I have won 1 solo game. Does it take some time to update?
  8. Win not update

    I won a game last night. i have waited for more than 12 hours, but my win still not showing on my statistics,
  9. Seen the Battlegrounds twitter saying they will be resetting leaderboards end of May, does this mean it will do the whole stats too as in k/d, longest kill, etc?? Tweets below "May 31st will be our first leaderboard wipe. New leaderboards will start June 1st. We apologize for the current standings not being accurate." "After the wipe we will make previous stats available publicly sometime before June 15th so your progress will not be lost."
  10. Fantastic game, love it, huge improvement over H1Z1's Battle Royale. However, one very small feature I sorely miss from H1Z1 is being notified of how much health your enemy had when he killed you on the game over/death screen. For those unfamiliar, in H1Z1, when you were killed, on the "Game over, yow were player X/100" screen, they would also display a box with "You were killed by PLAYERNAME, who had X amount of health left." I found this feedback at the end of the game to be both helpful "ok, cool, I must have landed 4/5 shots" and cathartic "Aw MAN, so close to killing him!!" I feel like this would be a fairly simple addition that would be a pure positive to the gameplay experience. Thanks devs for the great game!
  11. Bug Description: After my 1st game, every time i die in a round, the UI to allow me to exit to lobby does not appear and thus i am forced to exit via menu->exit to lobby. This causes my round statistics not to be saved, so even though i played 5 rounds, it shows that i only played 1 round in my statistics. Kills, assists, etc ... are not saved either. I tried restarting the game multiple times, but it didn't help. Date Seen: May 13th 2017 Server: EU server Troubleshooting Attempted: Restarting and playing multiple rounds. Other Information: N/A Launch Options: Nothing changed. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050 2GB CPU: Intel Core i5-7300 HQ Ram: 8 Gb
  12. As you can see from these pictures, I have won 3 games total in solo mode. However, my stats say I have only won 2. This matters to me because at one point I was ranked within the top 500 in Solo Rating/Win Rating, but now am only within the top 3000. To top this, my game crashes nearly 1/5 of the time I play so that also has been lowering my Rating. Here is the evidence, I hope my stats get updated:
  13. Weekly/Monthly Stats

    Pretty self explanatory. Instead of just having the one lifetime stats for you character maybe a weekly/monthly statistic as well.
  14. Leaderboard/Statistics Bug

    For some reason an error occurs when I try to view any leaderboards and if I go to statistics my games that I have played do not get recorded. This happened after the recent update. By the way, my internet is fine as I do not lag when I actually play the game. Please Respond! Thanks!
  15. Match History

    Hello, I was wondering how my last match ended from yesterday. Currently I can only see overall statistics. It would be nice if there were something like a match history (last 10 matches or so) in statistics menu. Thanks, Yannici
  16. Greetings ! So im really new to this game (2 hours so far) but im REALLY loving it,because of how many tactical aspects there is,and even a player that has worse aiming (like me) can be good,because of the strategies and patience included,But anyway... In my first few games i was bad,really bad,i killed few people,and it was counting them correctly,but like 10 minutes ago i finished a game (was like 10th i believe) in which i killed 5 people,so i looked at my statistics,to see how my K/D ratio changed,and it's still the same ! I'll tell more,it says i killed 4 people overall ... Please fix this,i would love to check my statistics from time to time
  17. Hey guys, game is fun so far. I've notice my personal stats are not always being updated. There have been at least 2 rounds, maybe more, where my kills and play time have not been recorded. Since noticing the issue, I've checked my stats after each game and after at least 2 rounds my play time, rounds played, and kills have stayed the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. Customer Satisfaction

    Please excuse me if this is curt and I'm lacking a few pleases and thank yous. I needed to edit this post so it wasn't too long. Please feel free to add more ideas or critique mine. When I worked in IT we felt that customer service comprised of two parts: providing the proper service and, the part I want to focus on here, not making your customers feel stupid. Recently I've seen major developers fail at this by not providing proper feedback to their customers. This breeds a toxic community, with customers exclaiming that everything is overpowered, under powered, broken, and in need of nerfs and buffs. Six months after the release of Hearthstone, Blizzard released this article which broke down the percentages of players and their ranks. Prior to this there was a common joke among Hearthstone streamers of the "Rank 5 Player". A "Rank 5 Player" was considered to be a terrible player in the eyes of the Twitch streamers who regularly made the Legendary ranks, when according to Blizzard's statistics that player is actually in the top 2%. I have not heard that term since the release of that article, but can you imagine how the average Hearthstone player felt if they believed that you were not even average if you made it to Rank 5? I can continue with examples but I need to edit this post to a reasonable length. When I look at the Leaderboard and Statistics I feel that it appeals only to the elite players, who will comprise only a small amount of the player base. Let's not go overboard and alienate those boys. They're important to the success of the game. So keep the statistics you are already keeping. But the average player needs to know he's doing okay. There's also nothing wrong with letting players believe they are better than they are. Blizzard's statistics do not say what percentage of players are actually active. I see what you did there, Blizzard, those stats are skewed just a tad or so... but it's fine. It makes the average player feel better and does not diminish the accomplishments of the elite player. So let's make the average customer happy without making the statistics meaningless for the elite player. Here are my suggestions... Win Ratio. It's going to be zero for a lot of players. Don't have it front and center like it is now where kids are going to be looking at ZERO for a long time. They'll be looking to put the blame on some overpowered thingy. Don't get rid of that stat because the elite bros are going to want to see it. Just keep its prominence to the Leaderboard. Record More Top Tiers. Top 3, Top 20, Top 25, maybe as much as Top 50. Let them see the accumulation of these accomplishments like you are currently doing with Top 10. Many may not achieve a Top 10. Seeing that big fat ZERO will sting less if they have some Top 25s, etc. I believe this could affect the meta and I do not know what sort of meta everyone wants. Players are likely to be more aggressive as they survive to a better tier. "I got my Top 25 so I'm going to make a run for it," and so forth. I think that is the meta everyone wants. I think that will at least not harm elite players and maybe even help them if lesser players are more reckless, but I'd like to hear it from them and not assume. The Emphasis On Kills. A short anecdote. The best feeling I had while playing this game was not my highest placement. It was a game in which I had awful luck finding a weapon. Then I was pinned by a sniper so I lost even more time finding a weapon. But I was careful. I saw other players before they saw me and I stayed out of their line-of-sight. I finished in the Top 10. That. Was. AWESOME. No guns. No kills. Top 10. That felt so good that I am considering doing it again, intentionally, as a challenge run. I'm new to this genre. I have potato aim. But I can use skills from other genres to earn some Top 10s while I work on getting better at the combat. If you can acknowledge this somehow you will communicate to new players that they have more than one way to be a competent player, and hopefully they will be less likely to be complaining on the forums about combat. Keep the Kills statistics, but don't forget that there is a stealth factor to this game. You have customers out there who do not know they would like this game. They'll watch Twitch and YouTube, just see WINS and KILLS and think it's just another shooter. Put STEALTH up there too and you will pique some interest. I've heard some players call it "playing passively" or "playing cautiously" but STEALTH is your buzz word. I'm going to leave it that. You'll notice that I've made no suggestions to change the game play mechanics to help the average/casual gamer. We don't need environmental kills so your eight-year-old son/brother can win sometimes too (apparently the For Honor devs have stated that that is the actual reason why they are in the game). You've got a good game here. You are providing the proper service. I think you just need to tweak your communication to your customers so they do not feel incompetent. I think it will help reduce toxicity in the community and may even bring in customers you would not normally have.