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Found 73 results

  1. Ever since a couple games ago every time I open my map there are several small little multi color spots/ dots around the border of my screen. These dots only appear when the map screen is active and when I open my inventory but they quickly disappear afterwards. Note I also played on the public test servers shortly after and also got the issue over there as well. After going back to the normal client I got this issue again. This the only screenshot I have from the test region, from the starting island: https://gyazo.com/0f013089fb013ed6fd309951d02eedca These are the screenshots from the normal client after I came back from the test server: https://gyazo.com/0765b4531d914df25d552eda0fe4f84d (above) This was the starting island, No spots at all but once I got a couple minutes into the game I noticed them. http://plays.tv/video/59796272f20d6a3383/map-bug (above) This is a video of when I first noticed the bug happening, notice the dots appearing when I open my inventory, this is how I found out it happened again. (note this was about 1-2 minutes after landing https://gyazo.com/a11c94eaec2db8e2e0c1b5a5e2189016 (above) this was about a minute or so after the video linked above, The dots are noticeably worse and there are some colored boxes around the dots. Overall this isn't a huge issue but it does bother me a fair bit, I've only noticed these dots on the bottom of my screen and on the right side, never the top or left. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Reposting this bug. Basically, friends have correct statuses when they are in the lobby, like "lobby", "party", "matching" and sometimes "ingame", but if they are in-game and you press "Refresh" they are shown as offline until they are back in the lobby. So you can see sometimes that somebody goes in-game, if you were in the lobby yourself, but you can't see it if you just opened the game or if you press "Refresh". I had this 'bug' from the start. I can invite them no problem, it is just that their status (in-game) is not displayed correctly.
  3. Tank_Califin

    Howdy, I'm Ernest or better known as Califin/Rah Rah, and I used to be pretty good at playing video games. But then I had a concussion a few years ago, and lost all of my confidence. This affected my ablitliy to play video games. By this, I mean I stopped playing games all together for almost a year. I was afraid of being a bad player. I was afraid to lose. Then PUBGS came out. I wanted to have fun, but I was still hesitant. At first I started hiding in bushes, but then I ran for the sweet safety of cabins. But even that wasn't safe enough... so I began to cower in bathrooms! But now, I'm ready to crawl out of the bathtub and fight back! And guess what? I'm going to do this all with an xbox360 controller. You'll be able to watch it happen here. Thanks for stopping by.
  4. So i have played battlegrounds for a while through family sharing and my account got merged with my friends one, i'm aware of that but im looking forward to buy the game myself are the accounts still going to be merged after i have purchased the game myself or i will be able to create a new character? if any suggestions post them down below! thanks in advance!
  5. Help Game Code dupluicate

    I Bought the game on amazon for the digital code from BlueHole, Inc provided by Amazon digital as soon as they sent me the code i put it in Steam and i get a duplicate code it is already attached to an account. Now if you go to amazon they say contact steam steam says contact retailer neither has an option to contact them about this. I have the proof i bought this code how i can i fix this. No one will help me. No one to contact i have tried everything. I am literally just screwed? Cant they void the previous code and give me a new one. I tried to contact someone at battleground no luck. I bought this today tried to use it 10 min after i bought it. Please anyone i need help and no one will help.
  6. Hi, just want to report seriously issue which my friend notice(sorry, he dont made screen). I share him my steam library and he want to check that PUBG will run on his PC, so he try game from my library(he was logged on his steam account on 100%). When lobby screen appear he spotted that he is logged into MY character, he was able to see my stats, points and play as me. I'll ask him later to reproduce issue and make screens. (If i choose wrong category just move thread please, if duplicate - trash xD)
  7. Все вы ждали скидку, получайте ее. Игра стоит 899, сет Твич прайма в открытом виде стоит около 550р, что равняет 60%(примерно). А вот сет нераскрытый около 4к, что составляет профита на 500% от стоимости игры. Хз, вещи могут как подорожать, так и подешеветь сильно. Круто придумали разрабы. Они получили: профит с продажи игр без потери(на скидки), сделали игроков довольными, получили % с продажи вещей, не оставили Габена также без профита.
  8. So, I buy PUBG to play it the next day. Turns out my father installed it while he was awake and played it before me. In turn, this made it so my account is screwed over with the name "bandidad" and no customization at all for the character. My father also said that he accidentally passed the customization screen so he just lost his chance to change stuff. Would love a way to fix this, anyone know how? I just want to start the game as if I first launched it, since my family share did it before me. UPDATE: Played 4 games and recorded them for Youtube on the profile. Sadly I feel like my progress will be lost eventually since this isn't my actual profile. I really want to fix this still. ANYONE PASSING BY, Leave your thoughts and input on the problem. Any similar problems?
  9. We need privacy options in-game. When i'm invisible on my Steam's friend list i want the option to be invisible in game too(SHOWN AS OFFLINE to my friend list on the Title Screen, pre lobby)
  10. family sharing bug

    so, my brother bought a copy of this game this morning and i decided to boot it up while he was at work to see how it ran on his PC, and i didn't realise that the account i created thrrough family share would become the main account of this game on his steam profile as well, so when he signs in and launches the game it comes up with the account i created through family sharing, i want to know if it is possible to delete this account so he can create his own account. thanks in advance.
  11. My brother let me play the game while he was at work but he hadn't played it yet. So I hopped on set up the character and when he came back from work that I had named the character on his account and not the account I was playing on. I don't understand how or why this happened and obviously we are both annoyed because I can't use my desired name and nor can he. how can we fix this while there is still no name change feature?
  12. Hallo Leute, ich wollte euch heute meine Deutsche Playerunknown´s Battlegrounds Community vorstellen. Zu der Community Zählt ein Teamspeak mit 512 Slots, ein Discord Server, eine Steamgruppe sowie eine Homepage. Unser Fokus der Community ist es viele Leute zusammen zu bringen. Entstanden ist das ganze in der Closed Beta und wird seit dem immer größer. Auf dem Teamspeak sind die Leute International vertreten, auf Discord und Steam sind wir komplett Deutsch bezogen. Ich freue mich euch auf einen der genannten Platformen zu sehen. Gut Loot und viele Kills. - HazeProduktion Unser Teamspeak Server ist wie oben bereits beschrieben mit 512 Slots ausgestattet. Wir sind eine Internationale Gemeinschaft mit mittlerweile mehr als 750 verschieden Leuten aus aller Welt. Aktuell sind im schnitt um die 30 - 50 Leute Aktiv auf unserem Teamspeak unterwegs. Dieses soll sich aber ändern, denn wir wollen wachsen. Unser Server ist mit mehreren Channeln ausgestattet. Ihr findet Aktuell 5 Solo Channel, 10 Duo Channel und 25 Squad Channel. Die Channel haben eine Maximale Useranzahl sprich in Solo kann nur 1 rein während in Duo 2 und in Squad bis zu mehr als 4 Leute rein können (die Channel sind jeweils gekännzeichnet). Wir haben einen Musikbot welcher euch auch einen Temporären Channel geben kann. Ganz unten im Teamspeak findet ihr den Bereich "Userchannel". Der Bot erstellt sobald einer der Channel genutzt wird immer einen neuen in diesem Bereich. Wenn ihr einen dieser Channel Joint sendet euch der Bot (James Battlegrounds) ein Passwort für den Channel. Dieses könnt ihr dann an eure Mitspieler weitergeben. Auch haben wir ein Level System auf unseren Server welches auf eurer Teamspeak Aktivität basiert. In Zukunft sind mit diesem System Giveaways geplant für die Aktivsten Leute in der Woche bzw im Monat. Natürlich haben wir auf dem Teamspeak auch ein paar Regeln, diese sollten natürlich eingehalten werden. Am besten wenn ihr auf den Server kommt schaut ihr erstmal im Blackboard vorbei. Neben den Regeln gibt es dort auch andere Informationen wie Waffen Stats, Spawn Punkte etc. Teamspeak beitreten Unser Discord ist rein Deutsch, auch hier verfügen wir über mehrere Text und Talk Channel welche auf Duo und Squad aufgeteilt sind. Auch hier können in Duo nur 2 sowie in Squad bis zu 4 Leute in die Channel. Natürlich gelten auch auf dem Discord Server Regeln. Diese sind in der #News Sektion angepinnt und sollten unbedingt gelesen werden. Auf dem Discord Server sind Aktuell mehr als 100 Leute Aktiv. https://discord.gg/htDHMqY Unsere Steamgruppe ist wie bereits der Discord Server Deutsch Only. Mit mehr als 270 Mitgliedern ist es auch in der Steamgruppe schon gut gefüllt und somit nicht schwer einen passenden Mitspieler zu finden. In der Steamgruppe wird es Zeitlich auch bald Events und Giveaways geben. Es lohnt sich somit auch dort mal vorbei zu schauen. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pubgdeutschland
  13. Game cant play and require an update

    Hello All, I run the game as usual and the main menu prompt me to RESTART STEAM CLIENT and UPDATE TO LATEST VERSION. Which I did. I restart STEAM and there is nowhere I can find any button on update and the game is set to update automatically. So I uninstall and tried reinstall but I am having an issue with steam and message promted at 99% of installation " An error while updating PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS (Content File Locked) . D:\Steam\steamapps\common\PUG\_Commonredistwcredist\2013\installscript.vdf Could someone help me please.
  14. Why Should I buy PUBG?

    Hello PUBG forums, I have taken interest in PUBG, but I don't feel comfortable spending $30 on a game that is in early access. Should I wait until the game is out of the Early Access phase in order to purchase it? Why or why not? What are some of your opinions of the game (stability, player base, etc.) The only thing I'm worried about waiting is that the price will be higher once the game is out of Early access Thank you, -Enda
  15. I started PUBG today and got a message saying battleye blocked dxgi.dll. I also noticed that the Steam overlay is no longer working.
  16. Bug Description: As you might have guessed I have family share enabled on my friend's PC and I let him play my games. So today he downloaded PUBG and started playing. After a while I started up the game and noticed my stats changed. So basicly it turns out all users playing the game through a shared Steam library will see and have full control over the items and stats of the guy owning the game. Personally I don't want this and see this as a bug, as clearly it's not me doing these changes and instead it's another guy. Date Seen: July 3rd 2017 Server: Release/Not test Troubleshooting Attempted: None really, only thing I could see possible atm is removing family share permission on his pc. Other Information: As a coder I would guess it's somewhere in the API you use the force it to use the game owner always instead of the player currently playing the game which is the expected result. Launch Options: Not really sure that will work with this. System Specifications: See attach
  17. Hi everyone, Did someone know if the game will be release also outside steam ? Thx
  18. Europae guy in Dubai

    Hi guys, i am right how based in Dubai, i am from Croatia/Europe, and if someone wants to play duo/squad stuff i am very interested. I dont speak arabic, but we can speak on english. Steam acc: exodus_1 Or try: dalmacijavino
  19. CPU (processador): i7-4790K Motherboard (placa-mãe): Z97M-D3H Memória RAM: 4x4GB (16GB) Placa Gráfica: GTX 970 G1 Gaming PSU (Fonte): EVGA 600B Sistema Operativo: Windows 10 Pro Por algum motivo, a steam overlay parou de funcionar, ela tava perfeita no começo do jogo, e do NADA ela n funciona, e nem mostra os fps... Alguém sabe como ajeitar? thx bros
  20. Hi, A few months ago, I bought PUBG Premium on the official PUBG website. This gave me: a Beta Key for a friend and a key for the complete game when he's release (I did not give the friend beta key to anyone).I did not know which keys were connected to what, thus I entered both.So after the beta,when the game has been released I got this message from Steam when I tried to play: I re entered the key and I got this: And this is the email i got: I've already contacted some king of strange support a few moths ago, but they did not reply to me. So I hope someone can help me. Sorry for english
  21. Forum bug? "Error code: EX0"

    I have tried to likn steam to my forum account and it shows a mistake: "Error code: EX0" Does this mean that this feature is not avaliable yet, or is this just me who gets this message? I would appreciate the support. Thank you in advance!
  22. Hi Martyboi here

    howdy, I'm a console gamer this is the first game I owe on my PC apart from football manager. so be gentle:)) but will be on PC intill this is released on xbox

    Hello Team, I wanted to report a glitch I had today when changing my my old monitor to my new 21:9 monitor. Seems like it is caused by the shadow as it ran perfectly once I set the shadows on LOW resolution. I know that your team is already aware of this issue with AMD, however I have never seen that yellow glitch before I thought it could be helpful for the future 21:9 Resolution optimizations. PC SPECS: OS: WINDOWS 10 64BITS CPU: i7 4790k GPU: AMD Radeon 200 series RAM: 16GB Regards,
  24. Xbox Preview Program

    Sorry for an other Xbox post. This is the first game I have owned on PC, only got it after E3 trailer but really enjoying it but will be on Xbox when this title is released on console. Anyone know if this will be on Xbox preview program like Elite Dangerous, Ark Survival etc.. where released in testing stages similar to the early access on steam.
  25. Steam

    https://i.gyazo.com/ff8214d7fada6a44d05d9e5f566b2eaa.jpg Кто-то в курсе в чём проблема? Первый раз такое вижу. Решение: Запуск Steam с правами администратора.