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Found 75 results

  1. Hey, donno, if its important to post this, but i guess so. After landing in Mylta my pal was caught in between some metal beams. Sucks to loose the match to something like this. Regards.
  2. Mylta power pipelines - stuck

    The pipelines at Mylta power, you get stuck if you jump onto them -_____- please fix, died outside of circle with supressor for AR and 4x scope because of this shit -_____-
  3. Stuck at Mylta Power plant

    I got stuck at that point (see file). tryied everything to get out: moving, jumping, crouching, proning, switching to ego, etc... hope it will be fixed for the future PS: was sitting there for 12Min and got Top10, because i had a ton of meds
  4. You can stuck here if you jump in there. But you can get out of it if you destroy this fence. My friend got stuck in there, you can see it on screenshot.
  5. Crate Glitched

    Hey Guys, Posting on reddit brought me here. I have never seen or heard about this, and looking at recent posts - can't find anything about this. Has anyone experienced the crate spawning outside of the play circle? Hit the invisible wall and the crate never came down. got stuck up in the sky. video related below. https://clips.twitch.tv/SneakyYummySpaghettiTBTacoLeft
  6. If you climb on these pipes close to the power plant and get inside the bars it is almost impossible to get out, it took me good 10 min of trying to get out before I succeeded and then the border killed me. So please make it easier to get out.
  7. Place to get stuck in Mylta Power Plant

    You can get stuck if you are going out the top of the Building across the street of the powerplant, there are invisible walls blocking the way out and the gap is too high to jump out of.
  8. I was playing earlier today and I got stuck on the tubes of Mylta Power (Warehouse). Thought I'd let you guys know there's a bug here. SKS with 8x and a bunch of first aids, feels bad.
  9. Never seen this anywhere before. The supply drop can apparently get stuck on these lamp posts. The package does not move from this position, and the parachute remains deployed forever. Un-lootable, obviously.
  10. Enemies stuck under the map

    Sometimes when you are in the final circle you find yourself alone with no enemies on the map, even though the player count says there is more. It seems they are stuck below the map where they can't be killed nor seen. The only way to win is to place yourself in the middle of the final death-circle and spam meds, as the guy who is stuck can't heal. A semi-famous youtuber, Aculite, experienced this recently. Here is a link to the video: (Watch from 35:40-39:30)
  11. Stuck Bugs

    Stuck Bugs. See on video VIDEO
  12. bike stuck

    after jumping from the tower next to the millitary base while on my bike it got stuck inside ground and i couldnt get it out
  13. stuck in doors

    what the title say's, getting stuck alot in doors lately after last months patch
  14. Noticed while playing that if you reload your revolver then cancel by, in this case, opening a door, the reload animation will continue on the revolver. The bullet wheel will keep spinning and bullet shells will keep popping out, player models doesnt do anything though. This is also observable from third person. Nothing game breaking but kinda fun to mess around with, hope it gets fixed in the future.
  15. Buffer-swap issues in Windowed mode

    After having purchased PUBG today I encountered an issue where the game would not swap the graphics buffer / "update to the next frame", this was resolved by forcing the game in to "FullscreenMode 0" through manually editing the config file(s), even after adjusting game settings the game refuses to run properly in windowed mode. Please scroll down for temporary fix. System specifications: CPU : Intel Core i5-2500K (Stock clock) GPU : (AMD) MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G (MSI clock) Memory : 2x4GB 1333MHz DDR3 off-brand (Hynix chips, unknown controller) Disks : 2x1500GB Seagate Barracuda Green ("Dynamic" RPM, tops 5900RPM) no RAID Motherboard : MSI B75MA-E33 Software information: PUBG was being run through Steam. ---- Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home N (Before "Creators Update") ---- Notable background processes: Telegram Messenger Discord VoIP Windows Defender PunkBuster Service Logitech Gaming Software Battle Net Client Battle Net Agent (presumably anti-cheat service) Waterfox (64-bit fork of Mozilla Firefox, tested with and without) (when PUBG is running) TslGame BEService (64-bit) ---- Temporary fix: Navigate to the Config folder (check below if you're not sure how to) Open GameUserSettings.ini Make the following modifications: Under [/Script/TslGame.TslGameUserSettings] ResolutionSizeX=<replace this with your desired screen width (for 1080p: 1920)> ResolutionSizeY=<replace this with your desired screen height (for 1080p: 1080)> FullscreenMode=0 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=0 PreferredFullscreenMode=0 bUseVSync=<False by default, you may try changing it to True> DesiredScreenWidth=<mimic ResolutionSizeX> DesiredScreenHeight=<mimic ResolutionSizeY> How to navigate to the Config folder: Press Windows+R Enter %appdata% into the prompt and press Enter Navigate back to "AppData" (use the address bar, or the up-arrow to the left of the address bar) Navigate to Local/TslGame/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor
  16. So I've tried Googling this as best as I can, and the closest thing I can find is an issue where alt+tabbing out of the game causes you to get stuck on spawn island. But I play with 2 other friends, and we all seem to have this issue randomly. We'll sit in the spawn for the whole minute and run around and do whatever. 80% of the time all 3 of us won't make it in to the plane. Sometimes 2 of us do, sometimes just 1, sometimes none of us make it in to the plane. We just get stuck on spawn island. As much as I love the game, it's frustrating when it takes you close to half an hour to actually be able to play. Has anyone encountered anything similar? I'd love for some sort of fix. I've tried all the launch options and everything, and none seem to help.
  17. Main menu stuck loading

    --- Bug Description: When I start the game I see the bluehole splashscreen but when I get to where it needs to load the main menu, it sits idle and nothing happens. I have let it sit for very long periods of time. Date Seen: 7/9/2017 Server: No, I was not on a test server. Troubleshooting Attempted: I tried every possible solution I could find, especially on the Connection/Steam/Launch Issues: A Comprehensive Guide. Other Information: When I start a VPN it loads fine but for other reasons I cannot use the VPN for extended periods of time. Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -lowmemory System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Graphics Card: GTX 660 CPU: i7-920 2.66 GHz Ram: 10 GB
  18. Here are issues I have with battlegrounds. 1.You can easily get stuck in mountains.Some of them are a pain to climb up to...that should be reworked on. 2.Buildings not rendering. It used to happen to me before the June patch but I heard many are still having this issue. You can see through buildings,walk through them,floating grass and buildings. 3.Vehicles is one of my big issues.It goes flying and gets flipped so easily. I really dislike the 2 bikes.You fall off of it so easy and die from falling. 4.Bullets have travel time,sometimes for example a 4x scope I put the reticle right on the enemy running straight at me and none of the bullets hit them. 5.I think the Kar98 should get some of a nerf. It should not kill you by headshot when your health is full. 6.The blue circle should not do ton of damage or go fast. This case scenario you are spending all that time looting with your gear that makes you golden but you end up dying outside the safe zone.
  19. Getting stuck due to loot boxes

    Hey guys, I have been playing this game for a while now and other than the lack of optimization i have had no real issues with it technically. However the other day i had a game with a friend and we were hiding out it a house in the white waiting for the new circle to appear. Whilst hiding an enemy came to the only entrance of the room that we were in. We managed to kill him and his buddy at the door however we then got stuck inside the building as the loot box for the guy was in the door frame and making it almost impossible to get out the door. I managed to squeeze out by jumping and running/crouching but my friend wasn't able to and ended up being killed by the blue. This isn't a massive issue and will only really be ran into once it a blue moon however just thought i would let you guys know so then when you get around to it you can sort it out. Thanks
  20. My game is stuck on this screen. Music is playing but it won't load please fix this fast. It won't go to the main screen.
  21. Bug Description: As seen in the picture, the main menu simply will not load. The settings menu works fine, I can reset UI and exit the game, but there are no menu options. I've never had this issue before, it's only surfaced today. 160 hours with no problems until now. Date Seen: 4/07/2017 Server: Happens on BOTH main and test servers. Troubleshooting Attempted: Reset game, router and PC. Changed display settings in-game. Verified files on steam, uninstalled and reinstalled, verified files on steam again, did some CMD trickery to flush DNS and other such fixes. All to no avail. Launch Options: All launch options are default/unchanged System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 390 CPU: i5 6600k Ram: 16 GB
  22. Character Stuck L4 - E8 Broken Fence

    Character got stuck in a broken fence that faces South East in map marker E8 - L4
  23. Reloading M249 while prone.

    Hello, I was reloading an m249 while prone: Couldn't stop the reload, couldn't move, frozen in place helpless. I have the bug recorded, here is the link. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=3eg016Ef9cw&feature=share
  24. Bug Description: Occasionally, when double-clicking to aim down sight, I'll release to leave ADS, but the game will stay scoped. I have to double-click (sort of) to get back to third-person. It often ends up with me clicking a bunch of times, getting stuck in and out of ADS, third-person, and third-person zoom, and I get shot. Date Seen: Numerous times, up to and including 06/27/17 Server: North America - Live Troubleshooting Attempted: Other than clicking a bunch, nothing. Sometimes fixes, sometimes continues. Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063) Graphics Card: Asus Strix GeForce 980 CPU: 17-2600k Ram: 16GB
  25. Stuck in Lobby

    So this has never happened to me before. But i seem to be stuck in the loading screen. It just says Loading in the upper left corner. The avatar never loads inn, When i go to push the reload button you guys have mounted to quickly refresh the lobby if it's stuck i guess or if it doesent work. Well it does not work. I keep spamming it like never before but nothing happens. Hope you guys can help me. This game is a god send. Allaso bought a new 1080 because of this game. Lots of love. Norway dude.