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Found 2 results

  1. Stun grenade stuns through walls

    This is the second time that this has happened to me in the last two days. Stun grenades will stun you through walls or closed doors. I recorded it this time, see this gfycat: The other time it happened to me, I threw a stun grenade through a window, ran to a nearby door (closed) and waited outside for it to go off. I was stunned through the door and I definitely had no line of sight to the grenade. The same can be seen in the above gif.
  2. Stun Grenade Question

    Recently I've been getting killed a few times after being stunned while waiting for someone I heard mooching around me throwing one up the stairs. I was just wondering.. do I have to be behind a solid object to avoid being stunned? or can I simply just look in the opposite direction and be fine? I have yet to be stunned ever since I thought of this but if anyone knows that would be great.