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Found 96 results

  1. I apologize in advance when some weapons have already been proposed. Here a small list of suggestions: Pistols: Glock (9 mm / .45 ACP) Colt Anaconda (.44 Magnum / .45 Colt) Light Submachine Gun: MP5 (9 mm) MP7 (4,6 x 30 mm) Light Machine Gun: M240 (7.62 mm) Rifles: Lee-Enfield (.303 British) Mosin-Nagant (7.62 mm) Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR): SVD-Dragunov (7.62 mm) M14 (7.62 mm) Sniper Rifles: M110 SASS (7.62 mm) GOL (.308 Winchester / .338 Lapua) AS50 (.50 BMG) M107 (.50 BMG) Binoculars: Rangefinder
  2. What are people's thoughts about a randomly generated map each time you join a game? Everything else is random, loot positions, which way the airplane flys over the map etc..
  3. I've been playing Arma 3 BR a lot and i have come to grown use to having the earplug option. I find it difficult to communicate with my team in lobby, in the plain and when riding in a vehicle. Especially when using the boost. In Arma 3 BR i would simply use my earplugs in these situations and honestly it's one of the things i miss the most from Arma 3 BR and i wish for it to be implemented here. Does anyone have any info about this subject?
  4. Picture this: A gamemode that has nearly identical rules to vanilla gameplay. However the 100 players are split into two teams of 50 each. The round starts normally without indication of which team a player is on. Players drop as they typically would, thus not grouping teams from the start. As players land, you receive your team designation, where half the lobby is enemy half ally. Allied players perhaps show their name above their head in blue, when in direct line of sight and do not show up on the map. (Or they do, both could be interesting, as you could see groupings.) Circle enclosed proceeds as normal, or possibly slightly slower. Players could spectate their teammates (adding more usability to the spectate function.) All players on the winning team receive a small victory bonus. Winning players who survive get slightly more. The gamemode has the benefit of allowing for larger scale defenses, assaults , and group combat I would imagine as well that this would not require especially large tweaks to the game, considering group mode and the base game already exist. The gamemode would have an especially large effect on replay ability however. Would love to hear suggestions and feedback. No cucks allowed.
  5. It would just feel weird not being able to jump in a 3rd person game, like jumping behind a tree when you really need the cover or jumping into the wall so you can instantly start swimming, it would just feel wrong not being able to jump. I know we are going to get vaulting and climbing, but removing jumping is something, for me at least, that takes away some outplay potential and quality of life moments.
  6. Hello, I bought the game yesterday (after viewing a lot of gameplays) because I felt in love with the game. My computer run it perfectly in very very low, but sometimes the game run a bit slowly because it is charging the zone where I am. My suggestion is about activate a kind of button that allows the player to download the map on his/her computer. I think that if we have the map precharged or downloaded in our computer, we will only need to charge loots, vehicles, effects (like open/close doors, broken windows...) and the players in the map. Also, I think it will be a good improvement in the game to run it faster and let the computer breathe a little more than now. What I am suggesting is delete some charge from Internet to the computer and let the computer charge some files for the game from it's hard disk, it will make the game runs better and it will requires less broadband connection at playing. I am spanish, so thanks for understand me if I didn't express my suggestion very clearly as I wanted to do. Because that, I leave you the message in spanish below that I can express myself clearlier. Hola, yo compré el juego ayer (después de ver muchos gamplays) porque me enamoré del juego. Mi ordenador ejecuta el juego perfectamente en muy muy bajo, pero a veces el juego va un poco lento porque está cargando la zona donde estoy. Mi sugerencia se trata de activar una especie de botón que permita al jugador descargar el mapa en su ordenador. Yo pienso que si nosotros tenemos el mapa precargado o descargado en nuestro ordenador, nosotros solo tenemos que cargar objetos, vehículos, efectos (como puertas abiertas/cerradas, ventanas rotas...) y los jugadores en el mapa. Además, pienso que sería una buena forma de mejorar el juego para que vaya más rápido y deje al ordenador respirar un poco mejor que ahora. Lo que sugiero es eliminar algo de carga desde Internet al ordenador y dejar que el ordenador cargue algunos archivos para el juego desde su propio disco duro, eso hará que el juego vaya mejor y que requiera menos conexión de banda ancha al jugarlo. Thanks for listen to (read) me. Greetings, OdraCyRax.
  7. I think a change in the drop system, related to the drop of AFK's, is needed. Some players in Battlegrounds take advantage over the players, which are AFK, in the match. They wait until the end of the flight and then drop with the AFKs at the same spot, just to kill them and get free points and kills out of it. I think this is a design flaw and there shouldn't be strategies like this in the game. In my opinion, the only way of getting points in this game should be by playing in an honest and skillful way. You should be killed automatically when you don't drop at some point (with a death timer).
  8. If a timeout appears, block all actions and movements of the specific player after 5 seconds and unlock them once the connection comes back again. That way the kick number can be reduced as well as the exploiting incidents. That could be done the same way you see the red chain + message in ArmA / DayZ but stricter. That way you can no longer get punched mid air and die when hitting the ground, or run into the water while in lobby.
  9. suggestion

    Hi dev team, two quick suggestions, is it possible to add colorblind support to the game? If not would it be possible to make the red dot sign a slightly darker color or slightly bigger.
  10. As said in the title: Wouldn't it be useful if players were allowed to change a single wheel with the spare wheel on the UAZ's? Thoughts?
  11. Here are some things that need attention before the full game is released. Vehicles/Players need 'Grand Theft Auto-style' animations for entering and exiting. Vehicles should have moving doors. Players should spend time getting into and out of vehicles instead of teleporting. This also goes towards fixing the horrendous responsiveness of the current system. Cover mechanics while riding in vehicles. Players should be able to 'crouch down' while riding in a vehicle. This would force the camera into first person mode and restrict visible angles. The driver could also do this, with obviously dangerous consequences for not being able to see ahead. Getting out of vehicles while moving. Players should be able to exit moving vehicles without taking such severe damage. Knock-outs are reasonable above certain speeds, but the current formula for speed and damage is very messed up. Exiting a moving boat should cause little or no damage except at the highest speeds. "Tuck and Roll" animations for players who get out of moving vehicles. An additional cost of getting out of a moving vehicle should be disorientation from rolling. Physics rework, obviously. Players should not be ejected from a vehicle if they are knocked out. This is clearly just a temporary thing, right? Because it's absurd to even consider. "Johnny was buckled up, but then he got shot so his body temporarily phased through matter." Only players on motorcycles or in the back seat of a buggy should be thrown from the vehicle. Clearly the current design is intended to address problems that H1Z1 had with vehicles. For anyone who isn't aware, in H1Z1 players were able to exit vehicles traveling at any speed and take no damage because of the teleportation mechanic for (entering and) exiting. This allowed the use of a tactic my buddies called "trailer parking" wherein you boost towards a player, launching the vehicle at them, while simultaneously jumping out to shoot them. Other abusive tactics also existed, enabled by being able to get out at full speed with no penalty. I don't want to see a return of this at all, but I also think the current design is hardly an improvement. There are some simple things that could be accomplished to make this game feel tremendously great. I think these are among them. So many people have very high hopes for this game and believe it can finally be the success story above others that fell short.
  12. It would be awesome to have additional settings such as choosing which fire mode has to be selected automatically when picking up guns. Or which Zeroing has to be set when picking up scopes. Every user has their own preferences that is why I think it could be good to have the possibility to change these in the menu.
  13. I think we should implement some sort of latest game where you can see who was on your server and who killed you Because i just had a solo game where i went last player up against an other player and emptied an entire 40 round mag from M416 into the guy before he even decided it was time to kill me with a single shot Obvious hacker. his name was something w_wentworth but the names disappear to quickly so there should be a way to check afterwards so one can report a player for cheating.
  14. suggestion

    Hey there, I have noticed a lot of people discussing about the incidents of getting punched to death when parachuting. I want to clear things out before explaining my idea. DO NOT TRY TO RECREATE IT OR EVEN WORSE TO EXPLOIT IT. It is a bannable offense, so please use the "How to report a cheater" Thread and proceed from there if you have been a victim. Also try to include evidence if possible. Basically this issue has been there for over a decade and could be exploited in most multiplayer games, that’s why I also want to state that this is nothing extraordinary. What happens when you get killed in that way? Pretty simple, Player A has a very bad connection. He sometimes even has timeouts while the others can move or play normally. In Player A's eyes the time out looks like the game is still running, but with one exception. All the other players continue to do their thing in an odd way. A guy running will not stop running to his certain direction, the other one stays still while he actually is running in a stable connection. In other words, when timed out, all actions will be repeated until you get a stable connection again. That way he can move around and think that the server is down. He starts punching people in the face. Suddenly he has a connection again and all his action will be sent to the server. In result of people getting killed by an invisible one-punch-man who can teleport. The best way until a solution for this will be applied is to report the ones who abuse this. There is also another way to experience this. A sudden knock-out or death through weapons that need more than one bullet to kill. For example, getting killed by a common pistol, which is not silenced and the shots did not connect to the head. Or, you got into cover safely and suddenly you get instantly killed, without hearing steps. I am not telling you to start a witch hunt against people. Just be sure to only report if you play in a squad and every single one of you got killed by one player instantly without shots to be heard. My Suggestion: If a timeout appears, block all actions and movements of the specific player after 5 seconds and unlock them once the connection comes back again. That way the kick number can be reduced as well as the exploiting incidents. That could be done the same way you see the red chain + message in ArmA / DayZ but stricter.
  15. Hi, This is not the same entry as "Free Look Aiming vs. Sighted Aiming", nor "Shooting over Ledges". I've had this problem a few times and I think it's a design flaw, but maybe it isn't and I'm doing something wrong. When you are at the bottom of a staircase and shoot somebody that is at the top of the staircase, a few meters away, while holding the aim-button (aimed hip-fire), the bullets will go lower than expected. This is different than the issue of being able to fire over ledges. Here, the gun has all the room needed to fire, and it does. The bullet actually does traver a few meters up the staircase, but the direction of the bullet is not consistent with where you aim, because it will crash on the staircase, lower than your reticle. IMHO, it would mean that the direction the gun is pointing is not calculated to make it point the reticle (white HUD reticle, not the real gun's sights), but to make it raise of the same angle that you raised your mouse. Thus, when firering from the bottom of a stairs, that angle mismatch makes you fire the stairs. (Actually it may be the vector's origin mismatch, not the angle... You aim from your eyes but fire from your gun... still... in 3rd person view, the game should rectify and aim at where you aim). It happened to me with the S12K, and I don't know if it happens with other guns. If I'm right, it's clearly a design flaw... the reticle should show where your gun points. Again, it's not the same as firering over ledges... I think it's normal that your shots come out of your gun, but it's not the same issue here. Tell if it was already reported, or if it's intended, but I'm pretty sure it happened that way, and that it feels completely off.
  16. Title ^ Like in Arma, being able to bind as many inputs/keys to a function. LIke having a mouse button & a keyboard button to a function.
  17. I think it would be a cool idea to have a kind of wasteland mode (From Arma) that differs from just Battle Royal. Not only would this game mode bring a breath of fresh air to hours of playing Battle Royal but it could also benefit new players trying to learn gun control, bullet drop, and leading. I understand the game is still new and this suggestion could probably not be achieved at this point in time, however I do think it would be a cool idea once the game is fully functional. I think the wasteland idea is also a cool premise to try more objective type activities (like the airdrops currently in game) and to let new found friends gain the tactical communication to succeed in the Battle Royal arena. Let me know in the comments what you guys think about this idea and if you have any suggestions that would be cool in a wasteland type gamemode.
  18. If you're on the road with your squad after looting, it would make sense to be able to trade items. However, you must currently wait until the car stops so you can do it on foot, in a more dangerous setting. My suggested solution is to give cars an inventory based on their passenger capacity. Players can deposit and withdraw items to/from a shared public inventory, essentially allowing them to trade on the move without adding any messy P2P interactions. This "trunk space" can also serve as a means for players to lighten their own load, bring backup ammo/situational weapons, store gas, etc. Vehicle inventory access could be limited to passengers inside the car, but I think it would be better to allow access via the tab screen (similar to how you can loot a dead player's stash when nearby by opening inventory, not just interacting with their box). I think this would be a big quality of life improvement. The main argument I can forsee against this is "just trade before you get in the car or right after you get out." To this I ask, how many times have you had to quickly drive off to escape the blue zone or an enemy squad? How many times has your car been ambushed? Doesn't it make sense to trade items with the person on the seat next to you?
  19. Hey everyone, This is going to be a massive suggestion, which I think a vast majority of players would agree with. If & when the plane system is changes from 3 planes to the 1 single player for all 90+ players, I would like to ask the following. Please make it so VOIP can not be used while in the plane .... please, please PLEASE! I like to use VOIP, in SOLO/DUO to say GG or having a bit of blanter between players, but the plane if just pure aids, with the racism and other crap that comes out of the immature players mouths. So I'll keep my fingers crossed that this may be possible and that I don't have to turn muting and the unmuting the VOIP each time at the start of a game. Anywho enjoy the beta everyone!! 11 days to go until Early Access!! W00t W00t
  20. Placing a marker by looking at the ground and hitting a key instead of having to use the map only would be a really nice touch to the game usability Thanks
  21. Hey there, I saw a weather system posted in the general suggestion thread but figured this is a different enough idea. Love your game. I noticed some games have rain and some don't, but I had a pretty neat idea. It would probably take a lot of work and be far down on the list of priorities, but I think it would be worth it. What if, in every game, the weather gets worse and worse as more and more players are killed off? At the beginning of the match the weather's nice and clear, and by the time it comes down to half the squads, duos or solos remaining it's storming. And by the time it gets down to two or three squads or players, the weather could have evolved into a full-on thunderstorm. I feel like that would be a fantastic way to end every match - it would dramatically increase the excitement felt. If you add more maps somewhere down the line, like a desert or snow map, imagine what it'd be like to have a light sandstorm or snowstorm halfway through the match crescendo into a full-blown blizzard or dust storm when facing your final foes! Thanks for reading the idea! I found it as a passing comment somewhere on the internet and thought I'd post it here.
  22. I think we can all agree that the pre-match island chaos is getting pretty stale. I would like to suggest that instead of having everyone just running around, two players randomly get chosen to do battle in a cage match while everyone else watches for the minute that it counts down. The cage could include various melee weapons that are included in the game and others included in the future. Metal / wooden bats wrapped in barbed wire, axes, gloved hand with razor blades attached, knives, etc. Two players enter, one leaves. This would not have an effect on you participating in the real match once the game starts, its just for fun. I'm not sure if improvised weapons are going to be included in the full game or not, but I was thinking that once sheds are fully destructible, they might leave a board with a nail in it as an improvised weapon when it breaks apart. This sort of thing could also be included in the cage, if other weapons are created from the remains of the sheds / destructible buildings. Cage match...! What do you think?
  23. I feel like I want to be me when I go into the game, especially if there are hundreds of ppl with faces the same as me. Not sure if you can, but it be nice to customize to my face on my character. Only problem I could see is longer loading times for servers due to customize heads being loaded. At least make more heads for ppl to choose from if this is not possible.
  24. I have seen so many topics where people complain about campers. I for one assume it's anything goes unless you are specificity cheating. So to counter camping it must be done through a tactic. I for one think the best approach is to add a throwable such as a grenade or flash-bang that will show heat signatures on the mini-map for X# of seconds. Even 3 seconds is fine. The idea is to flush the camper out as they will know that whomever threw that beeping throwable knows exactly where they are camping and to expect a real grenade in the next second or so. Have a limited # of these on the map. Too many and the game would be ruined. There would have to be a fine balance and would need to make them a gem to find versus any other throwable. I don't sleep at night. LOL