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Found 133 results

  1. Hi, it would be nice to add something like dead bodies (of soldiers or players) randomly spawning under trees on the map. You could go next to them and find some loot, but not like the Care Package. I think it would be cool to travel through a forest, find this dead bodies and maybe loot the First Aid kit you need or some bullets. It would also add some more depth to the "countryside" gameplay.
  2. I've been playing Arma 3 BR a lot and i have come to grown use to having the earplug option. I find it difficult to communicate with my team in lobby, in the plain and when riding in a vehicle. Especially when using the boost. In Arma 3 BR i would simply use my earplugs in these situations and honestly it's one of the things i miss the most from Arma 3 BR and i wish for it to be implemented here. Does anyone have any info about this subject?
  3. 1. Although we do have color markers per-teammate, the icons in the map are all the same color, it'd be fine if we can match those… Meaning, show the player name, marker, and player icon the same color, that way we can communicate better and faster. i.e. Calling the position of a weapon close to... See map, see color, name teammate, instead of looking around figuring out who's where 2. It'd be nice to have a way to customize the mini map, increase/decrease zoom, change size 3. To me it's a little annoying to have to open my inventory and see how much space i have left in my backpack, maybe adding a small bar under my health bar, with the carrying capacity would help 4. Round history… It just would be nice to be able and see all my past games with stats, not even talking about replays, just see my games stats. 5. Bluehole logo after game ends… Is there an actual reason why the logo has to come up after a game? I mean, can't it just go back to the lobby?
  4. Please implement a patch that makes it so you cannot shoot while outside the playable area. Players should be penalized for getting caught outside the zone. It eliminates the strategy and safety net of following the circle in and being inside the zone. I have been killed more than several times by someone who stocks up on healing items and just picks people off from sniper distance outside the playable area. This is especially annoying later in the game when you're in the top 10 and get into a perfectly good strategic spot, only to be gunned down by someone who is scrambling to get back in. You should still be able to get shot while you're trying to run back in, but that's part of the penalty for being stuck outside.
  5. plz dont use mmr systemes to try to calculate anyones skill it never worked and will never work . it only brings salt in the community and downgrading wins/kills like: "wow u won vs noobs yeah..." my suggestion is if ppl have idk over 10h gameplay just put them alltogether so reall noobs get outplayed by pros and they learn the right way from the beginning and dont have to adapt some bad strats because they maybe worked on lowest mmr tier .on the other side if a noobie/pro get a kill he will always have a good feedback he will not know ,was he a pro?, was he a noob? "no it was just a kill"! in 2000's we dont needed a mmr systeme if we wanted real competitive matches we just signed up on esl so why now all whant to implement it? i mean if a beginner cant understand that he cannot jump as a pro player in a game its not our fault.if he cant get better it isnt our fault. i hope u guys now what i mean im not a baby and i dont want a syteme acting like a babysitter. ty for ur attention sry for maybe bad gramma its not my main language
  6. I've been thinking. What is the point of using AWM in duo/quad games when it only knocks out with headshot. It should be the strongest weapon in the game but it has no purpose becouse the other snipers like the m24 have faster rate of fire and still knockout on headshot. And it doesnt even knockout on body shot. Shouldn't the the AWM headshot just be insta death?
  7. map

    I love Battlefield 2. It's a game I played my heart out with when I was first introduced to first person shooters. The strategic gameplay, the deadly weapons, and the destructive vehicles all made for an nostalgic gaming experience which I still miss to this day. However, I think that something definitely overlooked in BF2 that made it such a great game were the maps. In the second series of the franchise, the maps provided players with a mixture of long-range and short-range encounters. You had to play smart - go out in the open, and you'd get your head blown off by a sniper. Turn the wrong corner, and you'd be mowed down. Stay still, say hello to the grenade by your feet. This type of gameplay, when coupled with the squad-based deployment system, made for a very enjoyable and thrilling experience. You had to always be on the move, but never in the wrong place. I also love PUBG. I can honestly say that I look forward to every game, as opposed to feeling like shit when I don't do good in a round of CS:GO or even the newer BF series. With PUBG, I tap into my nostalgic BF2 experiences. I love playing squads - we have to coordinate, and move smart if we want to stand a chance at getting that chicken dinner. However, to me, the vast openness of PUBG does not do a very good job at balancing close and long range encounters, leading to less thrilling combat when you enter a fight in the open for a number of reasons: 1. Gun Variety Since we are forced to move mostly in the open, we are all accustomed to using certain weapons as opposed to using a situational loadout. Take the SKS versus the Kar98k for example - both are great weapons, but the Kar98k is favored greatly as it does far more damage than the SKS. However, in mid-range encounters, the SKS is the superior weapon due to its larger clip size, and ability to keep shooting without having to scope out. As such, I’d much rather carry an SKS as opposed to a Kar if I had an encounter in a town rather than in the open. I’ve seen countless weapons thrown out due to other guns outranking them in a similar manner. If there was a map more oriented on close-quarter combat, I’m sure we’d be seeing a lot more players rock Uzis or Vectors rather than just m16s and SCARs. 2. Lack of Skill One of the things I love about early-game PUBG encounters is the skill involved in making it out alive. With a squad, you have to listen to footsteps, mark buildings off on the minimap, and relocate to an advantageous position all while maintaining stealth. Flanking the enemy, pushing them around with grenades, and making sure not to get shot from the back are all enjoyable parts of fighting in a city that you just can’t match with the “give me a bearing and I’ll shoot” type of combat that you experience in the open. Fighting close-quarters involves different types of skills than just aiming, and for that reason, I’d love to see it a lot more. 3. Luck You grab an AWM with a 8x scope from a risky supply crate that cost you one of your squad members’ lives to get. 10 minutes later, you’re running through a field and get instantly downed by a headshot with the Kar. You’re far from the zone, and your squad is forced to leave you to die, taking multiple hits as they attempt to make it to the next circle. Although this scenario is a bit exaggerated, I’ve had many similar experiences with PUBG. They suck. As you’re forced to run through the open, a lot of times, combat is based on the luck of who is inside the circle and who is not. With a map based more on buildings and various cover points, this would not matter as much as you are less likely to be spotted if you move smart. As you’ve probably guessed, these are not problems I’ve typically had with BF2. In that game, every encounter felt like a tactical, skill-based encounter, even when I was on the move between capture points. Let’s take a look at one of the maps from BF2. This map, in my opinion, did a better job at mixing close and long-range encounters than PUBG’s current map. In places such as office, there would be a lot more opportunity for sniper kills, as opposed to somewhere near factory, where a SMGs and ARs would prove to be more powerful. I believe that a close quarter map similar to the one above would make the game far more diverse. It would let people specialize their play styles in different ways - one squad member could be a proficient sniper who would specialize in long-range kills, another could rock two ARs for most combat situations, and an SMG lover such as myself could dish out tons of damage at a close range. In addition, a map similar to the one above would give players more options on how they wish to move to the next zone. Take this image for example: If the camera were the player’s view, and the next zone was ahead, the player would have two main options of how to advance. He/she could: 1. Take the fast, but dangerous road route 2. Take the slower, but safer route through the buildings This would allow for different types of playstyles and situational weapon loadouts. For example, if the player had an AR/Sniper loadout, taking option 2 may no longer be so safe as the player would not stand a chance against SMG or Shotgun wielders. So what do I suggest? I’m no game developer or concept artist, so I have no clue. However, from my experiences, I think that a map similar to BF2’s Gulf of Oman or even the map showcased in the first image would be a great addition to the game. As I’ve heard of different PUBG maps in development, I have listed my reasons as to why a more close-range oriented map would make an amazing strategic addition to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.
  8. We are seeing a lot of streamers covering their mini map up with different things now which gives viewers a less idea of what is going on around them eg. where team mates are, where the circle is and red-zones etc. My suggestion/solution is to give options what streamers are willing to show by simplify mini map which just shows the player markers and circles etc without being able see see any grid reference or town they are in etc, i believe there is so many different mini map options that could become implemented and to give back the viewers more of an enjoyable experience without the streamer giving to much away, thanks.
  9. hello ive played maybe 150 games and i have some things i think might be a decent idea to add to the game, i hope the devs think there decent idea. map idea- a hill ridden heavily forested map lots of small creeks with limited building's and plane drops can be called via red smoke grenade's allowing people to either collect them or attempt to bait people in causing lots of close quarters combat . A firing range would be awesome to allow new players to see how guns fire and train your skills in normal maps allowing you to call in air drops would be awesome destruction derby mode, possibly with teams allowing you to shoot other cars but unable to get out with limited ammo i reporting function for cheaters and abusive people kind regards adrian
  10. Okay, so I originally created this idea over on reddit .. You can see here Essentially, anyone who has played Socom 2 online knows what I am going to be getting at. In socom there was ranks based on your PERCENTILE , not experience or amount of wins, so playing a ton won't necessarily make you a higher rank and the higher your rank it shows more skill than time. I think it would be a great idea to add military symbols or insignas, small, next to players names in the kill feed when it says "you killed" or "you were killed by" etc. The rankings could vary from just a few symbols, like Socom 2 only had 5, or it could have more. But base the rank symbol on: 100%-60% Lowest Rank 59% - 40 % 39% - 20 % 19%- 10% 9% - 1% 1% Basically each percentile having its own rank so you can distinguish who is who on in the game. It would add more satisfaction to your kills if you kill a higher ranked person because currently, no one knows who is in the Top 100 let alone the Top 10.. the only people that know are very few or the ones already in the Top 10. People work so hard and play a lot just to achieve a higher # rank.. but no one will ever know what percentile they fall in.. the statistics and leaderboards currently are just for Top 10 players and players themselves to see what their statistics are... BUT if you were to add these percentile symbol rankings, EVERYONE would be more interested in their rank.. trying to move up the leaderboard to get a new symbol rank and break into the next percentile group. It would be satisfying and fun for everyone. I'm not talking about making it vibrant or outlandish looking ranks for this game, but just a simple army insignia or something to distinguish who is who . It would be great for top players so they know that other's know they are the top dogs.. but meanwhile it would be great for those of us who will never get into the top 10 or even close, it gives us something to strive for and show off! Here are what the Socom 2 rank symbols looked like , the only had 5 (the top 10 player rank was a star I believe), so Battlegrounds could do a small amount or a larger amount of symbol rankings
  11. There are two small features that I wish every game (one of them doesn't suit all games) had and hopefully both will be added to PUBG. The first is an option to enable/disable sound on background AND/OR a keybind to do just enable/disable sound. As you all know, sound is an important component in a competitive FPS and as many do, I play with the sound really high. The issue is that when you are on the lobby of a game it is really annoying hearing all that noise (even with voice chat disabled) every single time. Currently I just mute my machine's sound while the game doesn't start but those options I mentioned would be even better. The second feature it is taskbar highlight which complements with the first one. Most of the time after I start a game, I just alt-tab and go on reddit while I wait for the plane to pick me up. It would be nice when the player gets on the plane if it was possible to highlight the application on the taskbar. Some games I play already do this when the round starts or when I get in combat or a few more situations and it would be nice to also have in PUBG.
  12. Greetings, Herewith I would like to submit my suggestions:- Using Guns as Melee Weapon Remember that time when you rushed into a house with another player, then he/she picked up the magazines and you picked up the gun? Then it went on to be a fist fight and a prolonged rush to find other guns / magazines. I honestly believe that I should be given an advantage even if my P1911 is empty. Since it's harder than fists. Hence, I would like to suggest the addition of a button for me to whack my smart opponent who picked up my magazines with my gun. And also at a higher damage since it's a gun. I believe this addition would enhance gameplay experience, since there may be other situations whereby it would take too long to reload or one simply ran out of bullets. And honestly I think it's funny to see in 2017 where shooting games have standoffs where they are inches from each other and both are franticly reloading. Throwing an Empty Gun at Opponent Without restricting a player's combat options, and to increase the combat fluidity, I believe one should have the option to throw their shelled out guns at their opponents to increase the amount of damage output one can perform during a brawl. The ultimate goal of a game is FUN, and I most certainly believe that this option would allow for some very fun scenarios. More Melee Weapons That Makes Sense There's always that moment where you walk into the house only to find a Pan and some guns, or some guns and no Pan. I believe that a decent household at the centre of a city should have common household items that one could be able to use as a Melee Weapon. And I can never forget this game where I dropped on a house with an opponent, and I was the lucky person who got that one and only Pan in the kitchen. If only he was given a spatula or a kitchen knife, both of us would have a fun time. But nay, he was then forced to die to brutal bashes of a frying pan from his back. Then proceed to start another game blaming RNG in his small little heart. I believe the addition of more household related melee weapons would decrease the amount of blame on RNG-sus and divert some attention to the skills in the kitchen. Also, a pot as helmet would be nice. Or the chopping knife Stephen Chow used in From Beijing with Love Lastly, the Apron to complete the look. If you may. Thank you and I look forward to the favourable patch. Best regards and may the plane bless you with a 5m care package.
  13. Hey, i think it would be really nice if there was a quickmark buttom, so you press like (B) for example and set a marker on your crosshair so your teammates can see where you are aiming/looking. Just an idea
  14. These are some suggestions that I believe would take a step closer to a more competitive experience. This idea isn't to change the "Battle Royale" experience of the 1-4 player modes that currently exist, but rather to create an alternative mode where 4 player squads are treated as a whole, with an attempt to better emphasize communication, teamwork, and strategy. Controlled End-game End-game locations are predefined, and one of these locations are randomly chosen at the start of the game. The radius of the end game location is determined by the amount of players alive, and the countdown timer increases if the number of living players exceed a specified threshold. Additionally, the radius location stops being random during this end-game, and simply shrinks towards the center. This is done to ensure that the end-game locations are suitable for various strategies and counter-strategies; a greater allowance for cat and mouse dynamics, if you will. The dependency on players alive allows the end-game to be better fine tuned to facilitate these dynamics. The frequency of the radius shrinkage also falls under this rational, in order to offer more time for players to flank and engage enemies. The random nature of the radius is removed to diminish the luck of the draw, so to speak. Show the end-game location The end-game location is shown to the player from the very beginning of the game in the form of a flag marker. However, the loot within the end-game area is sparse, and of low level. This creates an element of risk versus reward between grabbing an advantageous position, or going after the higher tier loot. Unkillable downed players The players that are downed can no longer be killed, with exception to the bleedout timer. While downed, these players cannot move, and they're immediately put into spectator mode until they're revived. They can be completely looted while in this downed state. This is done to retain communication and teamwork throughout a match. Moving while downed is removed to punish poor positioning, and disallowing players to look around in this state punishes poor awareness. Allowing these players to be looted adds an additional risk to being downed, which does a better job in punishing the squads positioning as a whole. Notes about my rationale At the core, these three suggestions seek to diminish elements of luck, and to add a greater allowance for failure. Luck is still important, and it certainly provides unexpectency. My goal isn't to eliminate it, but merely to scale it back. This was done by showing the end-game location, and by carefully controlling the state of these locations. This allows all squads to formulate strategies around the same goal, which in turn allows all squads to begin a match on equal footing. The idea between these two ideas was to create a shift between macro and micro strategies as the game shifts into the end game. The important aspect here being the more consistent usage of pre-existing knowledge. Knowing potential paths allows the player to make more accurate predictions, as well as counter predictions against the opponents. This would make it easier for mind games to be played, as each player would have their own "prototype" strategies that they can use as a weapon or a tool. Allowance for failure is another important aspect. In most competitive shooters, one terrible mistake alone won't cost you the entire match. In Counter-Strike for example, teams are required to win 16 rounds before the match is decided. This gives a team ample opportunity to gain momentum and turn the match around. Battlegrounds isn't round-based, but there are plenty of other ways to allow for failure. The tricky aspect about this is that mistakes should still be punished, but players should be able to recover from them. If a player is downed in the open, then they've made a tremendous mistake. They're not guaranteed to be dead, but he's put his squad in a tough scenario. They could risk saving him while putting more squad members in danger, or continue onward with a sizable loss, both in the loss of a player, as well as the supplies that they held. The usage of smoke grenades or vehicles could be used to minimize this risk, but this would also consume supplies. On the flip side, if a squad member gets downed in close quarters, then both squads have have risky decisions to make. The attackers can decide to loot the player, use him as bait, run away, or hunt the rest. The defenders need to decide if they can sneak a revive, surprise the attackers, or hold their defense. In both scenarios, the defenders are put at a disadvantage, but this doesn't mean they won't make it to the end game as a full unit. Good squads can still recover, and create those exciting "come back" moments. However, each mistake takes a toll, and creates a steeper hill to climb. Interestingly, this would also place a larger amount of emphasis on medical supplies, as the allowance for damage dealt is increased. If two squads go to the end-game zone too early, then one of them will likely stay a full squad, but they may not have the momentum to compete with other squads that eventually arrive. This end-game zone would have minimal supplies of low tier, such as bandages and pistols, and so any lost momentum can't be regained in this zone. Squads need to plan out their routes accordingly to gain momentum early on, and to use that to compete in the end game. Or, in the scenario of looting and running, they may have potentially cut the opponents momentum by a quarter, and gained it themselves.
  15. Can we have a post-win squad or duo battle? Not asking for only one person on the team to get the win credit, but purely for the fun of it it could be cool to have the teams turn against each other after getting a chicken dinner.
  16. Posted a bug report yesterday. Before posting, I searched for the bug in the known bug list and on the forums. I also followed the bug report guidelines. Now today the post is removed. There is also no history in my profile of any post. I had checked the post for replies through the night so I know it was there. Would be nice for feedback on why a post is removed or maybe I found a forum bug that deletes random post I'll wait for next patch before posting about the bug again. I'll use autohotkey to fix the bug in the meantime.
  17. Clearly this presents challenges if it is the driver that is downed, perhaps the other players in the car can hit Ctrl+1 to start a switch seats transition that can have a time penalty, before being able to continue driving away. Another question that follows is whether the other players should be able to revive a downed teammate while moving. I believe there is another suggestion related to this in whether meds should be able to be used while driving. Whatever is decided there, should likely apply to this.
  18. Hi All, I'm a new player & am enjoying the game a lot. What I think would improve the game would be the addition of booby traps, like a clay-more and a car bomb for those careless types who like searching houses for me, or just jumping into a random car without fearing the consequences of doing so, or going after that really tempting loot stash. It seems I have a different play style to most others in that i'm more of a stealth player. I regularly get into the top 10 without having been seen by anyone else. my experience is that if i'm seen i'm dead, so goal 1 is don't get seen. I'm not one to get high kill counts but I think booby traps could make a good addition to the game and improve my odds. Door jams would be good too, to block off risky doors. Any thoughts?
  19. To reach the level of an absolut e-sport and competive game, it should be talked about the huge advantages over other players they can take by setting the graphic on low. On the Xbox when Bluehole will release it, everyone has the same settings and hardware, which allows to find a chickenwinner based on 100% skill and zone luck . My idea behind this is to get people who are able to play this game in medium/high/ultra which is really beautifull, to do it in competitiv. I feel it anyway more realistic with all the shadows in the wood and the pretty plants on higher graphic settings. But many and i also don't do it because of the huge disadvantages you got for the chickendinner currently. And maybe for the feature if crossplay is becoming more attention you could stick them grapically togehter also. For sure they would need a mouse and keyboard converter mouse > controller. There are maybe other ways to do it but here is my idea for it: First sort the relevant graphic settings, i dont think that Anti Aliasing does effect the visibility of an enemy, like the shadow and other settings does. After you got the relevant settings, rank them self in order on how much relevance they have. (Example: Shadow over textures and textures over something else etc.) The server compares the player in the queu with the existing logic and additionaly Bluehole adds the comparison of the graphic settings. How to handle it if not 90-100 players are found with the same graphic setting: 1. Example: Wait till someone is found. 2. Example: Search a time period 30s-60s after it isn't found a lot of people, create a Popup and ask the player if he would like to expande the search criterias, which can affect the gampley in a disadvantage. If no wait and ask later again or not if enough player were online with the same settings. If yes expand the graphic settings to search by, first with not so much relevance settings and later the more relevance settings, till we got a nearly exactly game experience for everyone. I would like to read your replies, have a good day.
  20. Since I saw the trailer for the new zombie mode, I hope it doesn't become something like H1Z1 or DayZ where you mindlessly shoot zombies in the head programmed to just simply chase you. It just isn't as fun as player vs player with an element of surprise. Disclaimer: If it's already been suggested, I didn't see any announcements about it being just PvP.
  21. This is just a compilation of things I'd love to see added. I'm not here to argue the point I just think it would be cool. Night Maps/Sunset Maps: Flare guns, with long flare 'air time'. Light up a huge area but at the cost of everyone's (even you) cover of darkness. You would also know that things are about to get really nutty. Night vision googles (Maybe military only? Or shorter range without a scope. 10 player squad mode: 10 Squads of 10. Faster rounds, more loot dropped and faster zone time. Gasoline Fire: Being able to use fire as a trap would be pretty hectic, especially on night maps. Smoke from fires: If someone destroys a vehicles, starts a fire this could be a beacon to other players. Snowy map: With blizzards instead of rain Gameplay: Faster grenade toss. For 'network lag' if the player affected could maybe be invincible. Some of us just have bad internet or the server experiences glitches. Not being 'downed' by the zone, just let the health trickle down to death. Honestly this game is so much fun and I would be super happy to see any or none of these suggestions implemented. Look forward to seeing everyone on the Battleground.
  22. Please add a first person FOV slider, I and many others would love to play this game in first person a lot more than we do currently. However, the FOV in first person is locked at a very small number making first person unpractical and unviable to play. Thanks. -Matt
  23. Pretty self-explanatory, but is there any way to switch shoulders so that we can minimize exposure when peaking around cover? More often than not, I find myself playing victim to the wall I pump lead into rather than shooting the enemy sitting in my cross-hair. Or, if you think that's a bit unbalanced, how about an option to set which shoulder our characters fire from?
  24. I suggest adding hostile animals in forest areas/open fields, will make players shoot more so others will hear them, as well it keeps you a bit more on edge running to a destination or sniping from a hill. Perhaps Coyotes/Wolves/Panthers maybe even bears?
  25. Like my title suggests, they should add fish swimming in the water and seaweed at the bottom to make swimming underwater more realistic.