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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, when you assign "TAB" as map key, it will open the map but won't close.
  2. all said on title, i freez every time when i press Tab for loot, and freez too when the parachute end. due to loading texture i thinks, but i put all in minimal with a 660 GTX.
  3. Hi guys Currently having an issue with Full screen, during the beta I didn't ave this issue at all & nothing changed with my setup once I got the full game. The issue I'm having is that when I open the game, once it's fullscreen it tabs me out back to my desktop, I try to tab in but it sends me right back again, I've tried opening the game in windowed (which works fine until I try to make it fullscreen again), I also played a few nights on borderless but want to get fullscreen working, I messed around with config settings too & compared it with others, though it's not happening to them. SInce I play on a 1440p monitor I tried switching to my 1080p monitor but the issue still persists, HALLLLP! I've tried searching but no one else seems to have this issue, any help would be much appreciated.