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Found 2 results

  1. If you spam tab (inventory), my ram slowly rises up. I'm usually at about 50-70% ram usage with 12gb of ram. When I spammed tab, my ram slowly rose up to 85-95%, and then the game crashed as my windows reported that I was running out of videomemory (crash report here: My ram rose even faster if I spammed tab + map key at the same time. Could it be possible that using tab clogs up your ram with no way to clear it besides restarting your game?
  2. Hi guys Currently having an issue with Full screen, during the beta I didn't ave this issue at all & nothing changed with my setup once I got the full game. The issue I'm having is that when I open the game, once it's fullscreen it tabs me out back to my desktop, I try to tab in but it sends me right back again, I've tried opening the game in windowed (which works fine until I try to make it fullscreen again), I also played a few nights on borderless but want to get fullscreen working, I messed around with config settings too & compared it with others, though it's not happening to them. SInce I play on a 1440p monitor I tried switching to my 1080p monitor but the issue still persists, HALLLLP! I've tried searching but no one else seems to have this issue, any help would be much appreciated.