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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, so I have a problem. I can easily reach the top 10 placement in say 2/3 matches just using basic strats like staying on the outskirts of the play area etc. But I always seem to come up short in the top 10, my best result so far being #2. I usually die around #4 or #5 just before the last one or two zones. Can anyone help with tips for actually staying alive in the last zones?
  2. So from my experience from the CBT and Early Access release, I've learned a lot of things that I thought I'd share to the new guys. Hopefully this helps out some of you, or at the very least get your minds thinking about your own tactics. Note that I am NOT a writer and this is my first ever guide. 1. Always go into buildings expecting armed hostiles, always! Sweep the entire building thoroughly before looting up, because the second you put your guard down without checking is the second someone blows your head off with a shotgun. Also close doors behind you! 2. Hording is almost never a good thing to do, yes, make sure you keep stocked on ammo and medical supplies, but you do NOT need 400 rounds for each weapon! Once you get a good amount of ammo, medical supplies and higher tier armor should be your only priority, but never put your life in danger to do it. Looting late game is a good way for desperately low supplied hostiles or a house warmer to sneak up on you and take you out. 3. Always play as if you lack an abundance of supplies, if you are well/over stocked you and/or your team may tend to become over confident and end up getting slaughtered before putting any of it to good use. 4. Vehicles may not always be the best option. Sometimes hoofing it on foot is a better option, especially if you have a sniper rifle, or you are a good shot with a assault rifle. Vehicles are loud and often give your presence away long before you can be seen, or give people in buildings time to gear up for a fight which gives you and/or your team the disadvantage. I prefer to only use vehicles when I am far away from the safe zone, or low on supplies and use it to get to hopefully none looted area as fast as possible. 5. You and/or your team land far off from looting locations or got a bad start and have no to paltry supplies? Do NOT loose hope and play reckless. Keep calm and collected, think about where on the map people may not have been able to reach via the plane drop, if close by run to it, or if far away look for a vehicle asap. (which are usually found on the side of roads or by houses) and haul ass. If the place you go to looks like it's been gutted, don't stop and keep moving on until you find a place. If confrontation is thrown at you and/or your team mates and it is unavoidable and you are still ill equipped. Make good use of spotting the hostiles, locations, exact directions, etc... and play smart and wait for them to mess up to strike hard and quickly. Usually well equipped hostiles that realize you are ill equipped get cocky and do stupid things that you can use to drop em. 6. Rare guns don't always mean they are better. If you are good and confident with certain guns, ex: AKM and SK12. Do not drop them for a gun that you may not be as great with because it's of a higher rarity to spawn/find. Having an AWM, M416 or M249 doesn't do you much good if you can't use it as effectively as you would with your favorites and die as a result. Of course if that is all you access to by all means use whatever have to to survive. 7. If you are in the top 15 to 10 remaining, and the circle is quite small and/or out in a large open area, do NOT waste your time looting enemies you kill, unless you and/or your team is in desperate need of supplies. It is not worth getting picked off by that pesky sniper for ammo or medicals that you don't need. 8. Once the circle or match begins to get to it's final stages, and you are not able to get to the center safely, skirt the surrounding area, going cover to cover, and waiting out to the last possibly second before rushing to the next edge of the safe zone. This should be done with extreme care, as a sniper in a good spot can always pick you and/or your buddies off, or if you go to quickly, hostiles doing the same may shoot you from behind. If timed well you can usually get a few kills of people who run in to early, and hopefully getting info on the last few remaining players as they kill others. Keep in mind that at this stage, any energy drinks and painkillers you have left/collected should be used. You want to take enough of them so your boost bar is full, and try your best to keep it topped up. They give you a little sprint boost and also keep your health going up if you get shot a few times along the way to the safe zone or in combat in the small area that is left, since stopping to heal with health/med kits may not be an option again due to combat or time. Remember these are all suggestions, give them a try if you want, or keep doing your own thing, or do a blend of these and yours. If anyone wants to add anything please feel free! See you guys on the battlegrounds!
  3. So this is a quick video I recorded from my stream and also a clip I saved before of me showing you guys how to clear houses and show you your best chances to kill those campers! Subscribe to my YouTube for more and check out my Twitch streams for more tips! [YT]
  4. Hey guys, Started working on a Tactical Planning Tool for the game, will keep this thread updated as I release more features. Currently available... Map with 7 levels of zoom Co-ordinate System for shareable locations across the community Lookup and focus of an x & y location. Dynamic URL updates to include zoom level and map coords center on the middle of the currently zoomed screen. Ideal for sharing. Steam Authentication (More for coming features) Double click event on map to stamp your current location (ideal for group use - future dev) Current development functionality... Plotted Vehicle Spawn locations Ability to create groups Ability to search and join groups Ability to view a map overlay for a group or privately. Ability to quickly add locations of interest for you (or your group) Clickable points to allow you to share meet up locations or to convey enemy locations with group mates Ability to create and save "Tactics" Tools to draw and add text markers to the map (in tactic mode) Ability to save markers as a tactic for you or your group to use and select. Ability to share a location as an image Future Ideas Loot Spawns / Density Mapping Happy to consider any future ideas if anybody would like something adding. Cheers, -Xaiin PS: Hope this isn't outside the T&C's guys, I had fun making a similar map for H1Z1 (