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Found 54 results

  1. Morning all, A group of friend an i are on the hunt for a few players to join our tight little community, we are looking for team orientated players who have some squad experience. Looking for OC Server players who are motivated to win through strategic game plays who love a good banter and can take being told to shut the hell up in serious battle situations And finally only mature ordinances may apply. We are not a clan, most of us went to school together many years ago and consider this our beer time. My steam name is SanderlanMan, feel free to add me and join in for a couple of games. Thanks, The real ColonelSanders
  2. Hey there, Holy here and i am 23 years old. Looking to oin a group for duos or squad add me on steam or discord. my username is KnightofHoliness on both
  3. Salut ! Ce Discord que j'ai créé il y'a peu, sert à réunir, à rencontrer, à jouer et à s'amuser entre joueurs, principalement des joueurs PUGB (et autres à l'occasion), pour l'instant nous ne sommes pas beaucoup, n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre ^^ ! J'aimerais vraiment créer une petite communauté sur ce superbe jeu. je voudrais créer un endroit où les gens pourront trouver d'autres joueurs avec qui jouer facilement et rapidement. Donc ajoutez moi sur steam, ou rejoignez nous directement ici : ! Nous ne sommes pas bcp, c'est le début, soyez compréhensif ! De plus, il y aura des postes modos etc plus tard ! Bisous.
  4. Hey there, Looking to build a mature, well organised, fluent English speaking squad. Queuing with randoms who have no mic, poor team-play or broken English gets tiring. Steam is my username.
  5. Hello, Just a quick question here. I have been playing pubg for a while now, and have noticed while in all chat, people communicating to each other on opposing teams, which got me wondering. My question, however, is, if team chat blocks out all communication besides your team, does it also block your voice from public chat, or does your voice still play through public chat in the game while still having everyone else muted.
  6. I played several hours ago, I go to login and the screen has me + 2 of the other 3 party members still together. I am unable to click "leave team" the 4th member is active and playing also with his partner
  7. VORT3X gaming is always looking for more casual or competitive players. We currently play a variety of games as a community but PUBG is currently #1. Future Tournaments & Giveaways are being worked out open to all members. We are also the creator of the Interactive PUBG Map Why Join? -Public DiscordServer -Website -Hosted Twitch & Youtube Channels -Guides & Tutorials -Giveaways & Tournaments -Competitive Teams -Established Community Contact Us: -Email: -Website: Contact Form -Discord -Facebook
  8. Servus! Und zwar suche ich ein Team Oder Partner Und zwar habe ich leider gesagt eine Battlegrounds sucht das spiel hat mich gepackt Ich komme mal zu mir Ich Heiße Tim Bin 16 Jahre alt (Geistige reife vorhanden) Ingame Stats Habe das spiel seit ca 4-5 tagen 50 Spielstunden Solo 1 Mal Gewonnen 18 Runden gespielt 34 Kills Duo 48 Runden 1 Mal gewonnen 86 Kills Squad 22 Runden 1 Mal gewonnen 45 Kills Auf deutsch ich habe eine Gute K/D Und auch spiel erfahrung Ich selber suche einfach leute mit den man auch mal spaß haben kann (Aber trotzdem in einer runde ernst machen :D) Ob ihr sehr viel spiel erfahrung habt oder nicht ist egal Addet mich einfach auf steam LeGeNd | Zobos Es gibt 2 mit diesen namen (Smurf) MFG LeGeNd | Zobos
  9. Looking to join a community - join the link - - Some relaxed gamers & some competitive gamers duo + squad teams being made ! join now ! anyone is welcome 16+ Mic+Discord
  10. Looking to build a squad for the evening. All with Mics. 18+ preferred
  11. Hello everybody ! So i got the game yesterday and i love it ! I am actually very new to PC gaming and the genre which is Battle Royal, learning fast and looking for an experienced player or group who doesn't mind having a laugh but also showing the new guy the tips and tricks to staying alive! Although i do say "Having a laugh" I still am very competitive but always willing to try new strategies and what not Name is Leo and i'm from Ireland aged 20. TriGunSK is my PUBG name and Steam ID. Regards TGSK
  12. Join we are looking for players to help grow the community! Check my Twitch if you want to see us in action!
  13. Region NA. I would like someone to play with that is willing to help assist me in getting better at the game, and help build off of each other. Need to try hard at the game, but at the same time be relaxed, and chill and not rage at a loss. Microphone and skype or discord needed. Reply for my steam name.
  14. Hello! I bought the game this weekend and I must say I really do enjoy playing in a "battle royal" inspired environment. Me and my friends played literally all day long! One scenario though that was quite annoying, which applied to both squads, was that both sides hid behind cover and once one player was downed someone in their squad would review them, and we fought until all ammo and grenades had been used. To fix this it would be much better if a downed player only could be revived once every 5 minutes or so, preventing endless situations where both squads are pretty much equal in fire power and must rely on trying to depleting the other squads ammo before you do. Thanks for a cool game!
  15. Hey there community! I'm relatively new here, but I have some questions and some suggestions to make. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make a website nor do I know how to make an app, so remember that as you read through this. I used to play a fair amount of destiny back in the day, and one of my absolute favorite parts was the social aspect. I know there is Push to Talk, but what if PUBG had an LFG/Squad finder website or function? If it exists, I haven't heard about it yet, so please enlighten me. Another thing that I seem to be missing the details for is the PUBG Discord server. If it does not exist yet, I would be happy to set it up or at least be a part of it. I want to play with other people because that is when this game is at its best! Thanks, have a good one! - Eff
  16. First of all i would like to start of by saying Hello, My name is Wayne but i go by the gaming name SYCOticGamer i am 30 Years old and live in the UK and Iv had a passion for Gaming ever since i was young. About 2 months ago i moved over from Console (PS4) to PC and have met a lot of good people so far but i would like to meet new people as well to game with. I have had a lot of fun playing PUBG but would like to meet some new gamer's to team up with, If you would like to team up to play PUBG or anything else then most of my links are on my Twitch Channel which is If you are looking to team up then you can either add me on Steam or follow me on Twitter and send me a PM and il happily team up with you as long as im not in a full party already. I also stream everyday around 8-9pm GMT and sometimes during the day so if you want to stop by the stream chat then you are more then welcome to join as i need people to talk too, i would like to make a career out of streaming although its slow at the minute and i am not a massive streamer like some other people i will continue to stream as long as i can. Anyway thank you for taking the time to check out this Post and hopefully we can get some Winner Winner Chicken Dinners together. I would also like to say that i will only play with people over the age of 16 and can Speak English.
  17. Привет ребят! Заходите в нашу группу Discord, будет весело!
  18. Looking for some team players for duos and squads drop your discord and steam id's if you're interested. Steam chainsaw_beast Discord #3387 See you in the field 💪
  19. Ребят в поисках пати, Дискорд для связи, 15 лет адекватный
  20. Looking for some players who play NA that play usually when I get out of work around 6am EST. I have a TS server, or discord, and please have a mic. Add me on steam as Meridius(OD). My steam picture is freddy from scooby doo with carltons face in it.
  21. So I had a concept for a new game mode that I call Divide The concept of divide is simple. When the game starts the players are split into 2 teams (of up to 50). When one team defeats the other the remaining team splits. This keeps going until there is only 2 people left (or 2 squads). Lets say a team wins with no casualties every time, the split would be like this 1) 50 v 50 2) 25 v 25 3) 12 v 13 (odd player randomly decided) 4) 6 v 6 / 6 v 7 (odd player randomly decided) 5) 3 v 3 / 3 v 4 (odd player randomly decided) WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER I would love some feedback on this, as I really like the idea but know the community could make it better
  22. Hello everybody, I recently bought PUBG, but it gets a bit boring playing the game on my own. So I'm looking for some people to play with :)) My in game name is ViciousCroc, on steam it is 'ViciousCr0c'. add me if you need a good, well more like 'ok' squad mate My main language is Dutch, but i'm fine with talking English. thanks for reading! -Vicious
  23. Hey ich suche nach einem Mate für dueque. Ich heiße Artur bin 19 Jahre und komme aus nähe hamburg. Suche jemanden mit einem angenehmen mikrofon (keine Flugzeugturbinen im Hintergrund) bin etwas neuer also muss ich mich erstmal ein wenig eingewöhnen (erwartet kein pro :D) ts3 discord ist vorhanden
  24. The_Maverick and his 3 other buddies formed a 5 man and camped in a barn near the end, killed 3 and then suddenly 2 more were there in the smoke and shot us. They were all on the 2nd level of the barn, and they had shot out of the barn at us, there's no way they were just randomly there and not teaming.
  25. Bonjour à tous, Dans le but de faire vivre au maximum notre équipe, nous cherchons des joueurs (25-30 ans) pour s'installer sur le jeu ! Nous acceptons les débutants si ceux ci évoluent rapidement. Venez nous rejoindre directement sur notre discord :