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Found 6 results

  1. Everything is shown on screenshots
  2. I've noticed that I can see someone sitting next to a tree at roughly 500m, then if I scope in with an ACOG or 8x they fade away behind the tree, then when un scoping they fade back in front again. I'm not cheating either.
  3. I find one wall in one specific building (only one room + bathroom). In one corner is a couch. If you jump on very top of it you can see and SHOOT through wall you are close by. It has some more requirement: you have to crouch and have to be "fully aimed". It works in every house of this type. I tested it with multiple guns and multiple scopes (not all in the video) - works everytime. During testing i find it wokrs in some angles on the same wall near the door (video in 3:25). Tried throw some granades - it doesn't seems to work. And this is how it's look from outside: Test date: 9.7.2017 Tested on EU servers Spec:
  4. Hi, It's now been a number of times that I move to a barrier in a crouched position and shoot at someone on the other side (preferably when they do not know that I am there ) however bullets do not pass through the openings of the barriers. It acts as an impenetrable wall and no damage is done to the target. Now I know that I can't shoot through them, so I will have to stand up to shoot over, but that is particularly a nuisance if you want to avoid being seen. Since you can see through them, you should be able to soot through! thank you for looking into this. SuperWookie
  5. Was playing a game with my friend and we go to Pochinki and saw two guys running in the city. I started shooting at him and noticed I wasn't hitting him. I then saw I was looking at the outline of the building. I killed the poor guy , but found this bug. Took a screenshot of where I was, don't know if that will help any.
  6. https://youtu.be/-lDXUgwANGI