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Found 7 results

  1. hey guys i want to know voice chat is working? cuz i cant hear anyone and i thing noone can hear me i dont know whats wrong, my microphon is working fine and i can speak to people in other games but in this game i cant hear anybody!! anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Hello,since i started playing voice chat worked only once (was after a server restart) tried several solution (deleting #appdata files,verifying int game files on steam,disabling all other sound devices) nothing works
  3. Simple. Can someone make me a quick intro to the voip feature? Thanks
  4. So, I had this theory for quite a while now and lots of occuring situations just strengthened them immensely.Some of the lag issues many people are experiencing, especially the rubberbanding, doesn't always seem to be server related. I've seen some official responses that claimed that cars(empty ones), doors and the airdrops are 100% serversided. Just keep that little info in mind when reading further! Well, I strongly believe that in many occasions, the peer2peer based VOIP ingame is causing insane lag/rubberbanding. Even when it's not actively used. I figured out that the ingame voice is making use of peer2peer after still being able to move around on a completely crashed server, still being able to talk to other people on it (it was a solo game). So it's basicly behaving like ArmA. This should also be kept in mind when reading further, when I give and describe some examples. So, it's seems that the VOIP is peer2peer based and cars/doors/airdrops are serversided. Now we come to two examples. Example #1 (Playing Duos) Playing Duos with a friend. No lagspikes and not too much of delay when interacting with serversided entities. Then my friend got his recurring 24h forced reconnect of his internet connection (dynamic IP address included, it basicly changes with every re-connect) and huge lagspikes/rubberbanding ensued for me. He did not close his client and was still able to talk to me over ingame voice even though the server itself obviously lost connection to him (again, he now has a different IP address). I told him to close his client and just like magic, the lagspikes/rubberbanding went away as soon as he shut the game down. This should be easily reproducable. I just didn't have the time nor assets (forever alone) to do it yet. I could see the game going crazy over the fact that a client lost connection to the server, still being able to maintain a peer2peer connection due to VOIP, causing issues due to the VOIP also sending out the sound from the actual character models and their location. Causing somekind of connectivity fight. Which ends up in lagspikes/rubberbanding for all people that are close enough to recieve data from the individuals. Example #2 (Playing Squad) Same as above, playing Squad with 4 people though. One of my mates disconnects (also dynamic IP address). Rubberbanding starts for the rest of us three. Stops again in an instant as soon as the disconnected player closes his client. Example #3 (Playing Squad) Just a couple of hours ago. Playing Squad as a 3-man party. We drive about 500+ meters with a car towards some houses. Rubberbanding starts. We go into one of the houses to wait out the lag. It also gave me time to test if this was actually the server that was lagging or if a player who is either lagging or was disconnected is close to our location. The perfect opportunity. To my surprise, the doors of the house reacted with no delay whatsoever for any of us. So my conclusion was that the former applies, it's propably another playing causing it. And behold, we start to hear someone playing music via VOIP not too far from our location. Mind you, it's still rubberbanding. The music suddenly turned louder and louder because the player that was playing it, approached the house we were sitting in, with his group. A fight ensued with the musician being in a downed state. 2 seconds after we killed the last guy of that group and all of them died, the rubberbanding again stopped in an instant. I assume that it was due to one of them finally completely cutting the connection by closing his client. Doesn't mean that the guy playing music was the cause. Could have been any of them. So yeah, that's what I got so far. It's not that much and obviously, but I start to doubt that all these things were just coincidence. There were more occasions that are similar obviously and I'll add more over time. Unless the devs conclude that I'm just tripping (which is possible ). If any of this turns out to be true though, it could cause alot more issues. Due to the peer2peer nature of the ingame voice, you propably could make use of artificially causing lag (basicly lagswitching). How useful that would be remains to be seen. I'd rather pass though.
  5. The game plays perfectly for a few games. Then randomly upon entry of a new game, the VOIP ceases to exist or something. even with my settings set to chat with everyone, I didn't hear a single person on a mic in the lobby of 99, nothing but footsteps.
  6. Been playing since the 1st alpha keys were sent out and since the last patch my in game Voip usually stops working after 1-3 ish min in game. Have to relaunch game to fix. Some times I have to go into the recording device list and disable / re enable to get the entire headset mic to start working again. After a relaunch of the game I haven't seen this happen again.
  7. I am so tired of hearing these kids in the plane or starting area.......So TOXIC. Shouldn't be forced to listen to it.