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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, I just finished a solo game which I felt I played really well in, had to swim across the river to get to the island, and outplayed campers etc. so I got in a 1v1. I knew he was behind one of the pillars of the bridge so I ran to him, I saw him swimming! So I shot at his torse for 6-8 times and I didn't see a single blood spat, so I'm like, fine okay, I guess water REALLY slows your bullets down that they don't do damage or something.So I approached him ever move because he had to go onshore to win obviously. When I approached him (really) close range he peeked -IN- the water behind the pillar so it came down to who shot the best. I aimed at his troath region (I often do this to compensate for inaccuracy so I hit the torso, shoulders or head.) and he didn't get hit ONCE. I think this is to blame because the water surface was around his nipples (for lack of a better determination haha). And now I feel robbed of my win. I remember ARMA doing this differently, I think you could atleast shoot through 2-3 meters of water before your bullets deal no damage, long time I played the game but I can remember picking off people in water really easily. So, any thoughts about this? Please let me know if I'm just bad or if you've also witnessed this. Kind Regards, Roman
  2. Hey, yesterday (23. ‎April ‎2017, ‏‎22:30:09) I got these water bubbles the whole game. No swimming before just a parachute jump above water. Hope I can help to find the bug source. xardeus aka. Frede
  3. Hi, Yesterday we've noticed out boat was about to fly into the air after we speeded about 90KM/h. Is this a "bug" or a "feature"? Would be cool to have flying boats tho but I think this is not how it should be. Bug Description: The boat is about to lift off the water after speeding 90KM/h. Date Seen: April 23th 2017 3:50 (24HR) Server: Public server Troubleshooting Attempted: None, since this appears to be on the water. Other Information: Maybe some hidden obsticale arround the east coast? Launch Options: None. System Specifications:
  4. Bug Description: When throwing a Molotov (probably a grenade too) and going into the water, the Molotov is dropped and the trajectory path display stays stuck on. Date Seen: 22/04/2017 Server: Live Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: N/A Launch Options: N/A System Specifications: N/A
  5. Well the video shows it all . Don't know if this is specific to water world (the town submerged in water - that name is trademarked btw) or if it's all water but this is a pretty big oversight . Thanks for watching and I hope this can be resolved .
  6. I was on the ledge of the light house by the bridge and someone drove a boat into the sand between the bridge and light house they then walked into the water and they just floated there i then proceeded to fire at them with my m416 but he didnt take any damage. I kept shooting at him but he took no damage and he just swam behind a rock, i then died because i took too much time trying to kill him. fix that please
  7. stuck

    So, i was running along the waterline and was getting shot at so i thought i just found a small crack in the mountain i could hide in. Turned out to be a hole in the mountain that i fell in to and could not get out of.
  8. We knocked out some guy at the beach right next to the water and we were not able to kill him. The water was like a wall where we couldnt shoot through...
  9. Hi, i was in the watertown near Rozhok and i downed a guy in the water, but i couldn kill him. I dont know if it was the other´s players fault but i think it is just a bug. -Nudelsuppe
  10. My suggestion would be (if you create any new maps) to have a city map with accessible taller buildings spread around (Like Cherno in DayZ). However, for the map instead of having an area players have to go to perhaps have a rising water level across the map (similar to GMod Flood Mode) where players have to move up buildings to not drown and survive. Although, this may be a problem getting between buildings there could be a way between them such as Zipwires travelling through windows etc. I know it might seem unrealistic but with the flooded areas of the game being quite fun to explore I feel it might be good to extend onto the flooded areas idea, it's also a unique idea as far as I know.